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our it's been it's been statistics be after the peace but
it's been the whole that pitch arabica you certainly can argue going my way don't rightly know what where you headed i'm going to ask how did you say that that's going to end us it's not hard to say i just not know how to save lives brown has climbed as cars gourmet nuts to see very hard to say what is it will say is born out in athens costs will ruin us that's a
band name hop no not at all what kind of places where ask only does art well i taped a very special kind of play on do you think they have any jobs there of an alumni i certainly hope so well what can you do oh wah wah wah doo wah ah ah but that ranch hand i can i can do almost anything that are out are you planning to stay in this class go rule lend us all i think of a while well i think cause they are while to work that was very interesting to me that when i didn't tell you my name i know you didn't go my name's when we end up what's your worst i've missed work but now don't tell me you think that don't know your part as he got his
new year's well you know i will ways
they can and the idea that i met at a hand at it again that will move jobs family is a little just he and his mother sometimes they go to the park and race most of the time his mother lives and they sure have a lot of final journeys family has begun there's
family his older brother takes care insurance altogether that's intelligence family there's always a lot of work to do her mother cooks and her sister nora takes care of their big brother the dishes it passed house she and her sisters sleep in the same bed as cousin comes to visit sleep together this thing and the guy likes best about sleeping together is playing hide and seek under the covers and telling the pillows
until then it gets home from work sometimes she takes them to get hamburgers or dad is the potter he's teaching bob how to work with claiming he can't do things as well as his father yet but someday he'll be able to do things like suggested having a family party everybody comes over her aunts uncles cousins and her grandparents how big is your family
we got it oh me guys it's been i'm
renee montagne it's been i mean i was i thought i what's your name name once that maine what's your name that you have you know nine eleven and i don't even know the name is well well so you i don't know a lot of people can't you know they don't call me anything well everybody has a mane they do what's your name my name is you will tell me
and then oh why i like that you call me and i'll answer are and i still don't know why i am but you know who you are i sure do i'm a marionette i am i guessing marionette there is a marionette theater a marionette too i could you know do you really white oh i want to i want to go i don't think i can dance i don't even know like these
and i don't think i'll be able to what do i do this is bad as he's been he's been it's
b do you have a name and to you know who you are on our ideals and going you'll sit or noodles and bills ah ah i'm an equal it that you know an equal do you i'm katie it was dying that you are are are awarded idea pursue school one day they died as they lived more than i need you less a new idea in the us or new york
this is a poem lately
this speaking greek has been the boston post which has done this she goes by half but the piece most us forces
alone i'm happy though this is all high level are you also find out on people you know i'm fine thank you and good do you want to come home for lunch who plays ds or white when we've only way i thought we had some back he does it look like when you only come right now or i'll be right over five you later ok bye bye and there is he was don't don't ms moore it's more seasons
it is as passengers it's because it was made is that you know where are you yes i can find in novels don't you know the exact address new author but they ask you all are back though the exact address of my houses ten lincoln avenue usually repeated so you commemorate ten lincoln avenue the house
was that from here on washington street near the school well let me see now i only guess do you know where the river is it is the new river yes it's near the river my house is between a church and a grocery store near the river between the church in a grocery store that's right by the people well i'm getting hungry just things that tickles people remember the next time get all the information you need before you start looking for some nice house exact addresses are very important right now i mean this is northern border
says or are our goal will always are on the arm that it did oh yeah and it is not the way you played chinese checkers on now not all be better now
the map now eighty two yeah i'm not yet i guess it's the marble gate worrying of the two little ones now the way you play it is i know i know i mean that close but no
no but we do know that nate the head
head to head a head oh yeah yet and we're already been on an on and get on get on
a secret and you have the sense and bob ney and a highway you have now don't you uh huh la la la nice job yeah yeah
why is that they you know no money
kelly oh this boom in math with school limits more limits on the way and that is that he would not get the hays was it out i really double bogey bill clinton was in a league he was eighty i mean they don't get emails and the latter is the ummah that this boom in that all want in that one where people even more than the lithium weighs the yeah the app or at
our window the minute i am et me me yeah they want this law was that it that way and i went oh i see i see a bagel wayne you know
me these do i have ask millionaires glasgow in that seat and ask the role mosul believe in one thing gospel in that battle dollars in gasoline that's you stay with me and see your dandy in gospel in that oil heiress a mano singing fuzzy you will a theory haskell in that the uk when they fear of haskell and that's all over her
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