Statement on AAPB Content, Metadata and Transcripts

The American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) team seeks to make the vast AAPB collection widely accessible. With more than 100,000 digitized programs originating from diverse locations across the United States, we regret that we are not able to fully review and catalog each individual program in the collection. We recognize that gaps and inaccuracies in metadata and transcripts can be problematic for users of the archive.

The content of the AAPB and often the descriptions in metadata records reflect the historical record at the time of a program’s production, and sometimes include language and images that may be offensive by today’s standards.

Transcripts created using speech-to-text tools often yield inaccuracies, in particular for lower quality audio, programs that contain a variety of different types of non-speech sounds, and those featuring speakers with regional or cultural accents or dialects.

If you have concerns about a program, metadata record or transcript, please contact so that we can review the material and make needed corrections.