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fb in black america reflections of the black experience in american society right now though they get will deal with freddie hubbard now stands at the pinnacle of his career recently he was voted best trumpet player in the world in downbeat magazine's readers whole jazz critic leonard feather called mr hubbard the sad smile of the seventies freddie hubbard is considered the most important trumpeter to make the transition from hard bop to contemporary guess
i'm jackie hanson and this week a focus on jazz legend freddie hubbard in black america plaintiff whose intention of us is that because your family is removed from losing and there's only a hard fought contest this is the consummate jazz gospel is is loosely synonyms
it is ms bee it's big as bill
to pay trumpeter freddie hubbard and spent much of his life making people happy with his music began as of six children frederick dewayne hubbard was born on april seventh nineteen thirty eight he began his musical studies in junior high school on top that they move to the e flat horn the tuba the french horn and finally the trumpet in nineteen fifty eight hubbard moved from his hometown of indianapolis to new york while in new york harbor buildup considerable experience with jj jazz and sextet max roach sonny rollins and sigh hampton a nineteen sixty one he was able to showcase his talents with our blakely as messengers
with the help of miles davis robert lenhard a recording contract with blue note records their record on his own name and as a sideman with herbie hancock dexter gordon and others it was not until he signed with cgi records in the early seventies and recorded red clay and he transcended into a superstar in nineteen seventy four i were signed with columbia records to date freddie hubbard has recorded over eighteen albums it is very very old friend emerging spalding many americans at the time will plague him in a group called the euro just went over and he said we don't know i'm just about as much as we could do there in the city as a play museum relating to people so it daily designed to go to chicago and what we are going through susan gurley we can but for some reason was an ongoing and left indianapolis
and wantonly anthony so be better for me to go to meet up and play with him as a guide to music firsthand about the musicians they're soft affinity between ago in iraq when fdr did your parents have only become a musician well your family was religious she willingly claim on church of activists christians they were plainclothes employees yes and that took a lot of convincing to do well senator famous avenue in the us make a record like american based they considered jazz time to be the devil's music and know what they didn't know anything about the background music was certainly a name for myself today are acceptable voyager as you often
the bebop war you plan bebop of belvoir the reason why they don't want to play this type of music if it was a religious is we know as you know jazz has that ross uses in an experiment great people like charlie parker spitzer been known as being using drones so they figured that i would be involved in that it allows children to know that he'll do that and i think about going it would keep every kid will always keep me from getting involved too heavily and all intros because you know there's nothing there's no reason they will just because the people that you sometimes come in contact with but she does know that there are other people involved and not as musicians things is as
well as the policy why do you have to choose the trumpet or the cornet the comet know again the stress that i was an apprentice to another way of energy and the trumpet is the last testament to me and i gave up and we know that everybody has a but the losses today to try to calm the prices gasoline pelosi and most pleasant extremists change it up then it became a challenge to me you know to play a trumpet cause it was always a leader was on a billion and a very good teacher and it took me off the streets and he's a phrasing was a musical ability well as you for that and he gave me some prime minister yemen mother barely a trumpet and
i complain to ask about it and became sears about the trumpet at eleven and then i went to work arsenal technical school and i was kept the problem is that most of these you could take your music lawmakers announced in conducting an ascot which was a political solution and that left areas we passed a full year i got a scholarship offer and talk about past a potential scope than i can ever read as good as really as the differential music versus up yes kasich on that but at the end and to the school with his cousin would that french on the trumpet to go to her clever brown does in those people you know and desist they're tired
of an amazing all of classical music scholar became secondary players was first light that tells you have to we're going to play a bit of that as you sum of contemporaries and influence you in this thousand which gently drew you more it to play gabler saw in you know refers to our listeners i listen to it is that i couldn't understand their message early age so when i've been asked are not listening to the sterling lectured baker mulligan because the music was also will still just humanities play our records they would have a little section to play by reading news and amusing read music but
you might get with to get so they'd get restarted the vinegar lemon studio the scenes izzo asked a hearing last and can you don't like then they became a we got to new york professional used to play with j j jackson six cessna new guy with our work when the messages how that developed usa individual trumpeter and play with these great musicians you know is to play so into their old cousin may have to pull a slam put out and i found out that the gop ticket a coalition playing the presses to it allows an intimation be bed i'm a purchase or so he helped me in the sense of being able to play that on correctly and employing people
and center of that was of ankle that those of language into practice you know to get good natured curse us for time are none of those things and if in years you were so say with great dramas philly joe jones art monk list goes on and on to have a fascination for drummers so you think that the drone was a long battle of trump voters or you know is like the job but the job you don't do the law allows and nine you know it's leading marches but i'll let her fascination for approval iowa blake in philly joe and max because is that there's a new kind of innovative new innovative with the drugs and the style of music and they have a deep rooted sense of jazz
they're willing to play with him was like how only a you know such a feeling that's left compare what our three weeks in japan gallegos recently for your sins of music they're serious about when they play you know this is somebody started in the german of europeans air and emily what you just keep mentally as it can go well and it becomes kind of a cause people like obligation to the max you know that you get playing a lounge jazz critic speaker freddie hubbard in the same breath as the late in his illness gave me sas mom's strong and also the late john coltrane and with miles davis how you feel about being classified then bill's group of the immortals is a funny day like i used to this noise as writers are being on it awesome
supplements neil i want to ask how state has a video of beethoven as it is legally for two years you know so if you were going to be aggressive on this you know i was asked to sit on the same level of them is really silly because the league as a start the music time to sell an extension and i think people should realize that thing about doing it is it was true and they started you know me and dave enter words insist that their music has taken on farms and annie's new techniques and a major changes given moscow's classical and yes you know that was unheard of saying hey you know that his jazz is as good as this is classical music
isn't this is relative to blackjack played classical music that could easily but for them including one on that level on friday just takes time and the same thing i mean when i was twenty two in the morning is it to be so our job like he and it just goes on the miami with the new phones and there's always a male's come in master makes a great as always a young kid going into energy and techniques to keep the music going for people she realized that the guy hasn't really started losing my busy allows civil rights in early days politically ctia blue note's yao who's featured george benson i n so you were lost philip church was like play with those sky news this is because you are can get together as he did in the past because you are so big and
went on in different directions a play with those guys and gm the intellectual musicianship that they have we know it as a place that can adjust our job isn't any money and he's rich and famous pay back even back what is losing offers leno and really what iran sent me to sleep at night and he made a simple blue and the main event has nothing but villagers you're just you laid down the groove pamela jones made the right what is he saying but that has got us to get together sometimes because degas and we can track those differences the music changes so cough it
you wouldn't necessarily think of him you know to be with you but i think that's a good idea is it would be a good idea just started like again because all music is related to radicalism to give you you know a place for these egos siege in regard to go a little bit of cosmic no way what happens or festivals but make records i guess to really appreciate each other just for something as common at risk people began to realize that that music as was first then discuss cameron thousand more businesses now but it would be great and they will ask you how has the industry from your standpoint been against
his recent change of the last twenty five years you've been to involve of the creativity yet to the record producers and record covers have to object position and the consumers about a prize in which your producer c of cbs seven years and a lot of turmoil because our thing i was really i wasn't satisfied with as it was coming out with attorney reach more people with the fusion using us jazz and rap give me a headache resides in a famous was there for human waste facility will express let you know that you have to sell records anymore people too we'll come see you and so if you don't like something as commercial in the real economy is usually will promote it properly so you know as many fans so i tried it and
didn't work because allen says that with a busy so you know they're accustomed to stuffing a last question about it but i have the munchies you know there's bigger than their vast business and if you as the anti immigrant living playing jazz you have to have a certain amount of business sense of auction to maintain yourself standing now sold as it like to go all went to play or you know but nothing is so deeply ingrained in game with the jazz thing that i would be going back to the blues and talent there are ghost recruited of jets they say no settlers in between
it's on the future for freddie are really our wombs who worked on his film scores jones goes in menacing as it does for the reason why i like to do with you know us is a move to the west coast is slowed down but before leaving the ongoing questioning common uncommon but the money a level about you know and so as jimmy anyone that you know to make a record a self defeating islamist party remaining big city big money from a slam the things that was loaded him back east yes because i thought the musicians play with on the west coast are as good as it was on these goals so that argument energy maybe we'll play you know and the reason why are loud music and jazz
music is thought of in a different way you know it's just not amazing history that interests and lifestyle is not conducive to practicing innovative ideas you know his assistant minister most of thing o'malley as pharaoh sat down a few of those that you've become a commercial but taylor maybe element the video so i was coming in from the rain so maybe a good conversation almost eleven years ago on the pbs broadcast so is this is going to be a family dollar more big bands you haven't done other clinics so much upset and
commoners explain some of the music is this is opening up for me this is that a lot of people thought for years ago with satellite to half of the normal losses so and in there is that the politicians in a pretty well known criminal a book and there does he it's bad
In Black America
Jazz Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard
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on his music career and the status of modern day jazz
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