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you were fb you're listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american society
gil scott heron musician poet and novelist is of a very special breed then at the rhetoric of academia with drink talk at the heartbeat rhythms of jazz and folk the result is music that's more often than not lose as parents and brain waves as well as the field born in chicago and raised in tennessee gil scott heron spent much of his early adult life in new york city having tried and then somewhat successful and the new forms of communication is written two novels make a factory and straight talk and twenty fifth at lenox hill has been drawn towards music to express is police believe that music is one of our natural resources i'm jackie hanson this week focuses on you in black america
let's go the peak
is these pieces gil scott heron has been strongly influenced by poet langston hughes to music has not been widely reported by other artists for reasons i can only speculate upon his music is hard to find almost radio stations yes that is awesome floors my bike people and their life situations past present and future to what appears on the front pages of any daily newspaper
has also been criticized whereas two former government officials are these caravans of white supremacy and of avoiding an accusing finger blacks in sales as the sources of their problems i recently spoke with the us can do a cost to it and promotion of his latest album r as direct it's entitled the best of gil scott heron of uncertainty about this is that where johnson says that how you live is the year that our government to move on some of the song or where you bought really and i need to make a decision to become a musician osborne's chicago and our moral maze in tennessee so and it's only the first heard blues music aren't made on now mooney new york and on the cause of that system rockets
quite a bit player would've advanced as sutter record back in nineteen seventy thousand songs called fine doesn't and iss do some record ramallah store and have been now i head into those of when she relented year they give full language ong why this as a necessary to write songs imposes some of the high school when i was nineteen when i'm first book published side is that until that time i had always suspected the other was an innocent arab emirates are finished the book until actually i open the discipline necessary to finish a book and then and take no way through stuff again a published on the sides of me that there might be some so some future than either developed in the book do well know didn't <unk> on you and who even homer low but they're the great deal to my arm to my knowledge of the language and how to handle it and go through the songwriting which we would
perform or so so i know the same us over the new one they'll have been an artist and it can take at any number of different directions that come from a background an animus and the songs in the music of the songs another giant yellow number it work in getting recognition of the right among their first break as far as being a musician putting your particular work on record aug well defined as a minimum and on august is the job of the songwriters of assad syria anna fulton mr theo and his office isn't an abortion right amount of hours and suggested that while we were trying to subdue do songs that we do now pushing and saw first of course more talk on to it for three minutes was based on a book report about the same name came out in nineteen seventy and seventy one a piece of a man with enormous amounts of us and it is our close friends say the chosen most of his camera
and from there we did in the law will find us women won on call when america was fairly used a system where this is gil scott as radical as it was in the sixties seventies are there's this interesting question i always the justices ruled pretty rare that are known for going away our i know a consumer so while consumer so for someone who would rather who'd rather speak of principles then to claim they have them without speaking and so standing up for zulu is is radical ideas so all out assault in america lowenthal you think people still perceive being pro black is anti white i have no idea whether to pursue oftentimes i don't think that they do and i think that the communication are but if you are concerned about what you see as you first one asked them and then as i was you want to do a lot of years of your own volition and because we believe that you do in an elevator
what musicians or writers influenced you on langston hughes as a as a as a writer because langston hughes had a say so close to search for the vessel doesn't have insurance while follow someone who are essential to touch a comedy and i want you only on john coltrane's <unk> church says this was due mostly mozart as anybody who's even close as you are you know like yeah i like john coltrane don't like johnny cash available to me and i would like to do more things there is the musicians artists as we treat your particular news of esther philips did we'll bail you ever take your sentiments about the passing of esther phillips our schools low on muscle for a long time with some difficulties that she'll she she still in
our shoes socks dollars you know you make an individual portion you heard her you knew if you knew music where was those are the sorts of people who who become greater than them than product which typically american musical your product you know as though you were caught as a huge slices and he recently wrote his new movie is the new front row like you're a software or hardware and our best the fullest because she was a local has such a unique voice and says unique sound became an individual and create something and come alive in the business like ours is not is not easy to do so i'd mile for what you doing presently i assume so well i mean now is the skull buster deals governor hopefully no time to redo our conversation they will have to record the owners of a mutual is called green on all that concerns itself with the world the second
plan will be moving i think it had been a difficult time in getting gil scott heron rivers played on the radio format similar ones in the bebop you know they are the film howl would compress it was a good play become harmful emissions are criminal are we did a dozen years ago and disco but the kid was going to somehow say who are you playing this for yourself or the kids who we've ever yourself and your own personal taste or the taste as you fuel for the soul in a certain need in the community and i think a lot of you are all across the studio and i just happen to be a radio station that played and plays music and listened to by the community i don't think there's any other connection to an ass always try to do the best for them and then we try to get into the community with
a radius of us stations support in record numbers were possible well without unnecessary you know as director for great number of years to a future that longevity to iran there's a sense of this oh oh aw no worries about us is it draws and we were supposed to do way whales sustainably than that that the law professor and that we bring the sale that we ranked the detainees that we generate on trial and the fact that we are in an odd noises <unk> staff or having all the consumer's in fact that we are all also on the last you know a moment ago to what do you have to be your longevity and this music industry over the years it's a vessel record of results at this level real problem and promise of unpublished over so records
and we sew concerts so i think that that that that essentially allows anyone as long as they want to see you know fuel and given an opportunity what'd it mean to you being a part of the historic march on washington in nineteen eighty three us i live in washington have to go across country might go to do so yeah i didn't have a show that was close to all too a video all the marches intellectual treasury didn't just to connect dots against all but in a solid involved they are the night that they had the celebration this past january and after leno or kasich did talk about twenty thousand strong well we were all i mean a lot of the detainees are in them because we will play it to show a filament like based on law having then still use the city
for something or were good long care tab through circumstances when there was very little support and then a lot of support i mean and finally helena and the diplomats are the life of the tall steve very happy for him and for them so the blues sometimes was another on on low this is that some of the president i think that those two things are worth on set you like to go through and producing an album well as elliot we originally the city's finances is as a us a guess you know some of those of us solos in unnecessary rest of the ones that we get the most questions about in more and more sales are from so crowded bus so well thirty years ago that long ago as the military you have an outlaw only exception you have islam out called the signature because they you get
different orders from different phases of different styles that we root for him along where johnny we will we will pulling all week handsome sum so overall fade and we want to have those songs all time to maintain my secrets was well alan and solemn about things that a lot of people on talk about that you rarely hear anything about allies and working conditions for coal miners good solid on in angola louisiana got away but he would shoot around fences your song mccain the double standards in the values of madison avenue and you know things are crucial is every song on now i'm just about tied in with the words secret as though they were things that typically hear about her lessons about what nobody ever run out and the office
fb it's b
all right as bases or is it
nice jennifer
the loser teacher annie
and it's been like for me so our largest group is a black entertainer to take a walk as a black italian do you see yourself as having a debt to the black community well i think that the artists like it if it's if communities family that everyone in the nfl likes to go into some money you know i go to the family and when you win you go on to something fruitful and do things to the people in your family is not like a gift though is that like a burden
but we're not as an elevator with humans and communities are that we feel them would they would enjoy and i this year would make him feel more problems of more album solo oh so they we do and we don't have vote of the dead you know household finance as a sort of thing that we should do in the mood of the community that were broadly what does this guy like to do besides being anonymous at any <unk> them are you know i've got a restaurant hours and played some places and boys being ill bet him a democrat someone else's mouth follows professional soccer player i've always been very interested in sports art have a daughter who's sneezes his foreign faces a lot more grown in at any minute so i have that are allied to recruit i think it's very private concert by sitting around writing is not something that you do to get into
the mood freeway as a source of things that the only caucasian clause solid double the movements of oregon arana going to necessarily nowadays fast lane from retired in conservative the almeida says nineteen eighty well ron hallway inside the fall of the stone such force in the country and it doesn't agree with me she'd come back to come west is talking about has said unaccompanied welcomes jordan are used for stacey i saw maliki was the war go from some friends to rouse group the soul searchers on drums and great gavin from southeast dc their that our phone so we know we have a good band owned a big crew and with us and some people that we really have enjoyed the minimalist producers of the show
oh yeah paul there is the abortion still the same
i do now possible moment ben rose is a poet a novelist you have a comment like to produce a cassette cabbages
program write us interest is in black america long on radio network ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to win black america's technical producer david alvarez i'm jackie hanson join us next week you've been listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american society in black america is produced and distributed by the center for telecommunication services at ut austin and does not necessarily reflect the views of the university of texas in austin or the station
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