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fb i'm john hanson join me this week on in black america we examine a first hand report from africa with emmy award winning actor as cicely tyson in these patches cicely tyson this week on in black america no no the pay
this is ian black america reflections of the black experience in american society i mean first time humans actress as an enticement nineteen eighty five eighty six national unicef a chairperson this year marks the thirtieth annual campaign for the united nation's children fund to raise money for an underdeveloped countries emmy award winning career
spanned seven decades numerous counting world's time in chicago's who teaches and the marble columns and the whys the independence day event and the autobiography is in this thing ms tyson dc to ensure that performances determined loving mother and wife in the sound of this album at her most challenging role as national chairperson for unicef i got handsome this week a firsthand report from africa with actor cicely tyson black america i had an opportunity to see what is it
i'm just here to show your interest there is it is it me actor cicely tyson has recently returned from a fact finding mission to the ivory coast and said in central africa and the role of them it in eighty five eighty six national chairperson of the united nations children's fund unicef of the number of humanitarian programs such as water inoculation and food distribution projects since its inception in nineteen fifty unicef has raised more than eighty million dollars for the fund to help pay for emergency relief efforts is that now operates in seventeen countries ms tyson recently term for one of what will be several trips to drought stricken central african nations that to assure
that use of goals are sincere gave her more than a glimmer of hope i asked ms tyson on a recent visit to the universe of texas how she felt about the name national chairperson for unicef when i received know at someone's standing as i cannot expect that when i was at the game i think a nationwide so that i would like to suggest a sharon will lie around i want it to function in a really fascinating and i was asked me wonders house i said no i was on a fact finding mission for years
and i instantly have the kind of experience that i had they has nothing to fight that i've read by an ss us and they say it says enough i was a situation that exists and africa and i guess in a way that's a lot less than when you see a hit to be in the midst of it all snow to see it seems to be a crop
of children i do and that you know that tell us today is that a lot of the area you know you know and so the police are going in there and say the best buy and all i did was little
and just the whole i was doing is that no one in city and so it needs the help of all the other organizations they will i do get a little concerned about the possibility of a feeling of competition between the opposition's this new move that the goal is the same the goal is to save
lives specialty lines of changing insurgent who did not ask me but i have an account the goal is the same and different roads join us at now what it does is that what's what is that it was given and that in some way down i will say there are number six as i said that's a process that deal with emergency social services change projects
deal with education follow andy education is impossible to see the evidence that exists to live get your child that's ultimately what is religion selma and he does it it showed lines
and so and i had plans to deal with education sanitation she is our friends at ipsos a mother has the brain it showed some of them walking thirty miles to get a hospital let's see how to capacity
and sometimes their classes how to deal with a minor illnesses so there is tension more at he says rap caller on the line meaning
sometimes unicef is the oldest volunteer program in this country three million people participate in the program each year unicef does not enter a country without being invited by the country's government besides was as what can we do as citizens of this country to help your ization in his efforts and there's an us and you know where was started by changing the design of the sunday school children decide to raise money to help certain that in the world and they've made up seventy cents they are eighty million dollars has been raised by just how challenging need a
unicef there says one hundred and seventeen countries follow the view feat and i imagine some real reason for this because that i'm not asking to five days over the last few years by a number of organizations usaid africa ad also many of them one of mine where is it and what's happening with the supplies that sent this story isn't there and transportation i've never seen any event that is the same as her what does not exist i didn't see any i mean they use it and it was awful
i know that there are weapons really good job what was the point one thousand lies so that didn't come there were some way of supplies ideally that these kinds of people all over key that totally disorganized once you do it and contributions and that and that the medicine
wasn't working behind that can't well i was a it was again and i said oh really please just cancel it he was an animation is accelerating unidentified man who was the news this morning and saw the difference in this daily audio huge contributions so it is making a difference don't write that kind of information is yourself and it started yesterday
and it was going to be you know what i mean taste this guy because he's a talker to do something and you say to someone just know that it is
going in specially in africa at this point because that is this is weekend edition thousands of children have a last resort about dehydration because my diary basis agents and consisting of salt on the start of this trip but you want to say and i don't know what you can buy in this country contains twenty five cents of the child for an entire game one on one unionized against the period
and what we want fire against childhood diseases it's an ancient city so that just overwhelming overwhelming just came to you thank you you're welcome that gradually tell us
just the same one hundred thousand and we are for a religion that medicine our devastation on wanting me charles williams so nice we just need to continue anyways i wonder how you kick it to continue we cannot we cannot
should just come so why yes it is call it is and i use one there is hundreds of us but make sure that the volunteers that i mean that they are in the song you know is that they are giving up those sounds took on top of it
thank you human ms tyson also voiced concern about the possibility of competition among relief organizations she also stay that many organizations applying their effort programs for the long term i mean i'm sure the reason i know i speak they say has been long term goals that have not to do with the immediacy that the whole act happening in our history is actually come a long term trend
is lying that's it how so you know what what do you think and when asked the same question a partially forty thousand african children die every day from starvation
lack of medical attention in the country ms tyson went on to say that an enormous amount of ignorance about sanitation and health care exists in africa i know they said i was too he came out it's too silly there it is
thanks terry i don't know news tom stanton thanks jacki
i mean success is now alive i don't think this can stand i think it is a law you need based on the ambulances we went out
to play there was an accident and as the united states you made it to america i don't actually and he was detained it was the same
thing people he didn't get attention is to pay up to some of the people who have paid actor cicely tyson the nineteen eighty five eighty six national use of day chairperson if you have a comment like approaches a cassette copy this program write us the dresses in black america long on radio network ut austin austin texas seventy seven twelve when black america's technical producer live hargrove i'm john hansen join us next week you've been listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american society in black america is produced and distributed by the center for telecommunication services at ut austin and does not necessarily reflect the views of the university of texas at austin where this station
In Black America
Ms. Cicely Tyson's Fact-Finding Tour of Central Africa
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Emmy-Award winning actress and Chairperson for The United Nation's Childrens Fund
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