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graduate of the biggest examples of that we've got a job offer i'm robert levinson the average odds are good at it and i guess this is my foot in the door that my lingerie in all and i support for him at the time about live along way it was four hours four hours and i'm like no money and you say it indicates they don't really want to get into the us this year the head of a dream come true for this government republican tide a waiting
to exhale is on a new york times best sellers for seven months runaway bestseller the bow for african american women while floridians of the model i have a search for the right kind of fellow as a graduate of the university california berkeley terry mcmillan has also be awful lot of that in nineteen seventy eight and disappearing act right of which were recently purchased by india as summer television though it was the keynote speaker at the derby tv voice much of it at the annual conference of the national association of black journalists i'm jan ellison jr and welcome to another edition of in black america this week how life is changed for terry mcmillan nolan author and black america i often like to say thank you for everybody everybody in here who has the edge of our money mr brooks i am very very pleased that you like them all so you have regional also the book well to slavery to the right and the book has come out as the only way she's a novelist says this
year and i'm sure that other people here than on this unnamed but i'm not a lot of polls here right a fairly anyway when i came in here today through the mall yeah sorry people gathering in this room is still really amazes me maybe thats in collier mean it you just gave up food aisle no i'll follow the crowd and i walk in acid an ounce i said alice or like a mom also like does our body experience because it really doesn't feel like the art the lads try to take notes for that i would be a loss for words when a way it still is amazing to me that people we'd go either way or coming years anything that i have to say and this has nothing is because of the low self esteem re enactments just amazing
i still think of myself and as a young adult and you know me just be quiet to start writing at the age of seventeen and with three hundred dollars you'd say were wearing as a key plant operator terry mcmillan port huron michigan and headed for los angeles community college a class an afghan american literature changed a tattoo of los angeles for new york city to attend graduate school at columbia university she had agreed in journalism from the university of california berkeley had developed a love affair with writing well in new york she joined the harlem writers guild where while working as a word processor she began writing her first published novel entitled mama her second novel and how does the brain acts made black relationships commercially viable and publishing in a way never seen before her third novel waiting to a failed is breaking all records and the first three months it went into a temper and he sold over three hundred and thirty five thousand copies in six months
spent six months on the new york times bestsellers and she receive the second largest paper bag deal in the history of publishing terry mcmillan spoke at the national coffers of maybe jay of falling is a candid view of dealing with success and some of the subterfuge it brings to think that you know six years later seven years later whatever that all these votes would be sitting around waiting for my autograph it is still has an unbelievable on is really hard to believe it really as i know people think that you accept this you know that gracefully but this is not an easy thing for me to still accept any artwork big mouth are pretty upfront and all that but still i'll tell you something i've heard anybody since fame has its price and sixty five there was a way for me my book has sold a house on bebe moore campbell says to remove them i am i see the light rail she's dying deal the babar and last year with the law
she can eat she was a little girl you know what i want is that i want to say they happen you have any full page review your ties what does work which is a lot you know i heard it was very well received at a writer but off but i said maybe you know the thing you really want this because my entire life change on outstanding your wine believe me i'm outlining but the study does take its toll on you me i had i ended up basically getting kind of depressed because first of our it's one thing when you i think we're all most of us at least in the race by our parents to be successful i mean especially on college and those houses they'll remain as they grow up and be a responsible adult and pay your bills and make your family proudly continue his whole legacy and that's what we try to do and that's basically what i thought i was going you know what when you think about the big success for me there's all the degrees of success and my fantasy was
what finally started taking muscles seriously as a writer i guess what i don't know eight years ago and end the reason i have a device i had his baby who needed some members in the mail mr rao three months behind mr ray and eleanor was waiting for me on the front steps like a moment where it's so like i read his book and i have a male in an hour i'm not exaggerating until it's true and that's what i did and as a result i got a book contract and all that but i'm gone off there today yasser assure us write itself even get is a lot different than the way it started out being all wanted to people to do was hopefully just read more books like them at least feel identify with him again will strain about us and what we go through what our lives are like an outright paint pictures of our lives and in a lot of ways people get pissed off at me some other brothers supposedly because of the manor which are portrayed a few of them but i thought i'd sell out like that there was a certain kind
of truth are not the whole truth don't know the whole truth is by the truth and in the end what happened is you know a lot of people seem to identify with that but i never imagined nor do we used that baby two million people really know one day i'd be riding through walking through airports and people say you know i decided to stop and think was sitting in my hand you know it's like you go girl if people are going to say and it doesn't even matter where i am i mean how is that walt disney world in april in with my son at the microwave or whatever is you go girl now i am like see what is allowing last weekend white linen suit by a pool republicans
say anything and also keep a mouse yes i'll say anything but anyway so i said maybe because this way well it's a really dismal if there is a way there a hundred thousand people could've read the book which is still a whole lot of people to retire and buy hardcover book that's a lot of what is latino i'm at the major publisher yet knew that you knew you didn't pay your bills you know you get a little money for vacation and you know eventually angela major college started lisa and happy i'll be very very happy that happen and what happened instead was consulates on the books and a very short period time it was what the well understand is when you sit around the house
and you're telling is there a year you're you're really into these people me unlike assessment telling a story i'll really is hard for me to do a whole lot of things and not sitting there thinking about gee how many books are my gonna fail are more jihad appears the brothers off this time or gee how many sisters out they can really relate to this story you know and how much of my money get from our paper bag you know i can't not think about any of that stuff thought more interested in preoccupied with the people in my story it's like i have this new family and i am very much concerned about them very much concerned about the may become your family right they don't think about too much anything else and so what my concern is is how it outright understand them or and in so doing understand myself my own weaknesses and flaws archivist duggan and at the same time once you finish a story you do hope that people like it when she put it out there in the world is this is a real world you know you hope that people identify with it and appreciate your story in all their ideas didn't know
so many people we're going to identify appreciated and so what happened to me last june may really want publishers thought they had like an inside scoop and a tony diaz is a former army vet his book with donaghy of their cellar you write how you know you guys don't you know not clear why yoga you don't know this and so like any writer i think i mean something maybe rail and it would appear with their activism as a novelist even as non fiction writer a fantasy of a most of us as one day to see your name on a new york times bestsellers listening now eli across a i don't want to see my name on their ideas never knew before forty six weeks ins that fancy be alone i was like you got to see my own name up the arrow like a flame and put it on the wall and be down with a sign that friday nights seriously doubt because what happened was also kind of betting on twenty city book tour those
are like a lot because i like to laugh except when you have to do in a month and when you have a child at all who knew our home every few minutes every few days or whatever they're was usa today and the new york times and you know i hear it on oprah winfrey wants to me you know my mother sitting us a group or rocco happy hour i mean everybody sees one got off on this more time at sea log every minute you know and she was taking care of my son for me what i really don't look at it you know in seeing them everybody around us better the piano player was the day people maintain
our senior come in all the area they normally gets up you know hear a little bit when people magazine's the machine while he was alive they say they were that isn't about your mama now that man because you get you know my mother was there when you pay a liaison and i'm pulling the people magazine people's eye and say please take us to see where this car chase and forty five minutes in the backyard when the underground with my sons rent at say it isn't a marriage
law within the church and mom other cnbc in our jamaican amir but anyway there were things in a wagon almighty nelson does libya was in my son i was trying to shield him from all this because you know the last of gone it was before i know it here comes dr sawyer all these rumors about this paperback stuff the next thing i know i've sold the paperback rights for this astronomical amount of money which i still cannot believe and basically my life changed all the sudden now the world knew what was a new well look like they knew for the most part well lived they also how much money i was making waves up until that whitey had not been anybody's business and every organization that seem to add had to do with an american women gallon in the bay area every black organization and do anything has to do with chants drawings
all kinds of things some are numbered and basically set out to try and my own little way edition of family members i guess although emissions hours writes itself as i could even count because i can the house i was all teenage girl that they make you teach like dillon a wall a villain but the bottom line is that alabama rely on the german's gathering i got a regular roads act like art was still you know you go into places set every organ every organization they find you and their family members who stop speaking to me because system says because it a vonn's list is a little more money and i gave the other because yellen didn't leave you in the same position where she hangs up the phone and the face you know that you gave this one tent now the allegheny finally i
love me half as much now the city problems that of the reason i never would have dreamed that i never had to think about before being recognized on having people ask you to do everything everything my mother got from my church why now a new commission so you know it everything i guess and some from audience why ryan's you know i write that's what i do i tell stories to lie i do and hopefully get people believe it that's what i do you know people inside it turned me into the black female dot by dot the roof which are now i am no expert on relationships i am definitely not an actual relationship so they didn't they wanted to do every day was an ebony magazine not gotten in the past two months i've gotten at least
a thousand letters and i started in the beginning reading them were different people i think i say something you know to the woman who really needed you know on good and such like alice morning i'm good and i was just like so like as an outsider that is a quote you know and i guess there are people they read and say hey i've got people asking me thin our return receive requests overnight mail it would work for federal express get my name and address writing me letters i work for the post office of gas company you know because i guess the army archive the city really look last night the state finally wednesday night assistant my health club called me at home and tell got my name on the board from the dogs with the roster
money was a luster to tell me she's lost ark he gets me i get everything and i mean i can sit and they were here couldn't say it you know the city's homeless you know and last year it away she was his go out and she does the call me and i say you know i've been going back as i was like i get too quick to help with this way what is happening the planet that i cannot save the world that's what i do now in our and finally what's happened is there's this incredible amount of responsibility is placed on you i mean as deep as it is very very deep all i wanted to do was write your book tell us you're a happy to read it knows who don't like it they can write because me out they can do whatever they want to do when all this other stuff
is really something and this is like as results of almost two years on to start writing again i couldn't write you know on your big us to be everywhere all the time you want a huge astronomical amounts of money ridiculous amounts of money and my heart of course you better take them and they see now as a little baby bunnies used bought or by car you know she couldn't go out of yourself behind a no i want that will be the lexus south tower like some water at houses take care of our health as good or like a yuppie forest and field for you i think you're my family is what i do i try to enable them not take your own or just enable them and keep irs and built like isabelle asked about tibet and is like it's so you didn't do that and people asking you can you do these army outfit like a marionette
that's what i felt like for the past year and the other a very very flattered and it used to be and being recognized while now but i think part of the problem with this too as a people and they know you went back they don't they read your books and a city on it on a second vessel which character are you he may think they know all your business and commentary and here to play out but the business the mob looks ok that's what i do anyway the bottom line is this is that i like the edsel celebrated even though i like the appreciation that my readers have shown me and my work i find they're grownups treat a lot differently than quote unquote fans you know they know that you're a human being i know that you have the same time promise that they are i just recently had on own norway flynn who was now say write me a letter that only vietnam
is a second sir that's right but he wrote me a letter is a consummate wrote me a letter well friday was only as mama just an ebony magazine or an easy you know what i remember our love you remember when we used to live together twenty years ago on we may need your promise that now i say we possibly ever make a million dollars forced woodland the other on the two thousand and one percent interest and you're welcome audie i want to do is not all business when i get out legally for that in parentheses and that's what i really want to do and i think he's a good idea out on the homeless the jobless you know it's edited center of you want to put on it is what you know this is this is what my request is and he doesn't want to call them yesterday
morning i tell them if you have the audacity to ask me twenty years later from a thousand dollars you know as i have family members who need health insurance as a whole lot of other organizations out here young people were struggling who can pay their way who were on drugs for whatever reason or just things that they have but they're trying out for help them you know now when you get out you need some help in an apartment or some like that and i was thinking of four sought out a sphere is feeling but he is incarcerated men and he had the audacity it has made and he should be willing to accept the truth and i thought well at remember that are promised him twenty years ago why this one it comes first to you now but anyway the kinds of things often
that i've always had and his is just one example one example all i can say is this on my son as nine years old he is just getting to the point where on he realizes that his mom is celebrated i tried to seal this from him for the most far as much as possible our ghazal think is healthy for him i know what effect it had on me on a warm er you know on i'm arun in sicily questions about myself in my entire life i know not to again on is life is flatter area some ways that is a lot of things that you have to learn to juggle that you never had to think about before and that requires annex an inordinate amount of energy on a whole lot of energy says that when you know you people ask me so that i'd go reading annette like fifteen
other people show but the first question is where the next book we see that with the other as with emi and i don't know where i am alone what will come right next you know and it took time for me to be able to come down to learn how to relax all over again to be aware that on a pickup to read other people's books on to spend time i found your mother and optimism about the no social life that day you know i mean i used to be a law to go to a restaurant and sit by myself at dinner now why do that neither a lesbian often think you know maybe an arm they are bombarded by people especially like in places like oh well you know it's a lot of the black people and i know you are and it's really it's nice to multiple to really you know if it does go places like i used to when i not use it you know my son is like mom is that miles read your book here they come with their piano and now
he signs books now ms asay arm i write because i have to i write because i care about my family which to me is an african american one i will continue to write in that what his name's russia write a check out both said that i'm used to say when he was alive they will become federally what you make him see what he is like on our right basically as an act of discovery as i write all things honesty and things are not quite sure that they don't know about that they don't wanna find out more about always happens to be our soul mate as taken how we treat each other because i go i see films like menace to society along etc etc etc when it along these rappers allies and some of the stuff that disturbs me on that our lives for the most fighting and forty one years of their lives it really changed our car last
night a brother for my north carolina the big task of locals the charge against the plant asiatic guidelines class thomas our teeth he said you know that he lived all this like the most far forty five years some ways is saying and i asked him have things really changed in the city killing joke now so i know like how are these is here and the death of the cast are an er like we're with say no you know the long term was needed they hope she'll to take a more attention to the whole issue notion of racism and in america because you're like where the nile about it are not been accused of not dealing with that and the political aspects of our lives and models but i think that i do they always have our own little realms and i've chosen mine and i'll stick to it noah bestselling author terry mcmillan if you have a question or comment or suggestive asked
if you jam black america problems write us use and opinions expressed on his program and not necessarily those of their station or universe your taxes at austin until we have the opportunity again trim black americans technical producer dana white hair i'm john taylor hanson jr join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing in black america if that's longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one two that's in black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one is from the center for telecommunication services university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network fb
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