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street go into great art has to because of the hazards and the color is usually sung little kitten to be pampered and you close ups was a man who didn't really control as we were pulling stabler was the champ to keep each individual member of the stable in the current competition and competitive spirit here and in particular questions about that
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pittsburgh has been crazy lately well the point he's really sick with an inactivated seeds and women's and
moving it isn't gilbert and i think he's been treated as a young man and as a victim of this race is when society that that makes possible and the history boys that makes possible that washington the inside is and i think that what we need to do it we really aimed at young women in the city tilt tapping or let him play we can only go down
prostitution would legalize that the top echelon pinch would do well because they didn't have the experience and the expertise necessary to do all the mayors they told them housing is what it would do it all so it would mean that recruitment would be much easier for parents it would mean that the hazards now i'm going to turn on the street wallace with housing you say opening and me do it would mean that there would have to be comprehensive training our restaurant today
and the cv and a march to be working in a puzzle and one the duis know how to live there no one left you say which is not a big lightning streaked across the line has gotten between the bootstraps in the street the death threats in the street for a prostitute how life and the life in boston is filled with tension and the pressure the three men against you that may linger cannot show as you've got a seal seal issues like a plant back straight sets in on the back of us you know the one i'm most of questions about no wonder that control the
notoriety the natural almond i'm very poisonous and charisma and they lived in my reflected glory seeds in sensitive poems the most moving patients illiterate low iq people who owned horses you know the intricacies of psychology has always been much more experienced teams in those days in the face of the kind of thing that has currently in black america says malcolm x you find our enemies i should say and i am invisible within and without and the
fbi has been discharged thank you and we haven't heard a lot of young girls to become well the campaigns how do you feel about the fact that an autobiography and destroyed my life the book i think it's very unfortunate that they have been in a misguided young black man who should know better who knows that the whole message in the book and that was the that was a pretty bright guy and and yet
and nothing good came to me except industry ben and misery and complete waste of my life and it's just incredible that the book was up when history poison a youngster reason reasonable and you rationalize is easy we must have already know the stupidity and when he sounds do before scott and dancers so that would that had invested so they rest was all this is good job bobby cooley you know
said to do this right has more access and some libyans to do though is as important and la where we were having a lesson and it just haunts of youngsters approach me on the street and they try to pick my brain called the hidden treasures they think of their inside my skull and i always slept there is clear and what i tried to persuade them but that history poison only just been born in new england beat the pure stupidity a something for nothing i still drive because of an inattention will suffer when we know
what happens to the band's look is bombs finals don't think that many of them than joint ventures the women they become lesbians and enlisting them at or below operators patients in mental hospitals as well you know
in the eighties the political equation the provenance
of these blasts his name will be at the pit to you about the project and here's another generational you a well individual white of the street point that put me into the kind of position were brutalized
realizing that when you're deployed you own can that you are in effect our listeners that you are hobbling incredible struggle like people for freedom and dignity crusade against what he called native plan encourages young black brothers to take as a stop a chord giving is not worth that the crime
who has been the polls but thank you a man identified as h rap brown by the new york police department has been booked on charges of attempted murder robbery and possession of dangerous work official sources claim he was shot by policemen falling on robbery and gun battle a twenty eight year old black man alleged recently that the past eight years he has been a los angeles area police
and that the police department in that city uses a complex intelligence network to provoke arrest and in track militants according to the washington post october sixteenth edition i confess my list that would charge that the police in los angeles and other parts of the state knew of planning that culminated in the escape attempts at marin county courthouse a year ago and at san quentin last august but did nothing to stop angela davis says since been charged in connection with a marine county incident that a special investigative section of the police department assigned him to make an anonymous phone call that sparked a raid on a black muslim mosque in nineteen sixty five that he had sat in on meetings were plans were made to disrupt the upcoming nineteen seventy two san diego republican convention and blame it on political left its it delivered money analyst ron karenga chairman of the west coast based us organization to quote take care of the growing black panther organization in southern california that the nineteen sixty nine los angeles police department raid on the black man but what
was in that city was planned long in advance with the ada a black panther nolan cotton smith described as the number three man in the organization that he sat would had a free hand to do what he wanted committing robberies and murder in exchange we spy services crystal was a lie detector expert referred to tack would as quote an opportunist who would work for the highest price set after carefully examining him in a story that he is convinced that would stack statements have considerable validity exhaustive research by washington post correspondent roy errands planes attack would had been in many of the places at the time he said he had been the police acknowledge that that word was an informer but they quickly ridicule all those accusations said los angeles police chief edward davis well i'm surprised to hear los angeles reporter's listening to it he calls the san diego republican convention allegation the work of quote a bolshevik
recognizing the need for equal opportunities in the field ready on television for blacks or where the association of wives of announcers and ready to executives would organize this year they hope that their efforts will improve working conditions of minorities and encourage a balanced interpretation of the new as a benefit dinner is scheduled in washington dc on november nineteenth to aid them in making their goals a reality it will be called the aware of prayer and all proceeds will go to the preparation of quote our painfully necessary goal is dr joseph see page director of the dc cooperated extension service and dean of community education a federal city college in washington has announced that the colleges extension service will offer a new course this fall using the bike journal series as a study guide the courts is titled the black journal of black experience and media it will be taught throughout washington dc as a part of the federal city college's outside degree program
forty five years ago on november fifth nineteen twenty six carter g woodson a black historian initiated the first black history week this year's celebration odd blacks are celebrating their unity and self awareness across the country with the third annual observances of national black solidarity day the solidarity day celebration was kicked off sunday in new york city with a rally the main speakers congressman charles rangel annie manuel rocca hear the committee for unified new ark where for unity among blacks as the first step to freedom the president and representatives of the south west african people's organisation of an amphibian visited ohio last week as part of a cross continent campaign to enlist the help of black people formally called southwest africa under german rule namibia was taken over by the apartheid south african government since then they're freedom fighters have engaged in a continual struggle the world court and the united nations general assembly have ruled the south african takeover illegal and it is currently the subject of a un security council
debate send your letters and requests for free teach brochure the black journal ten columbus circle new york next week three leading black economists will discuss black economics and economic racism until next week as they add a v wainwright in the
crime are a labor day and at bain and daisy saw oh yeah you know in nam
noon et
Black Journal
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The Black Pimp
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WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
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Library of Congress (Washington, District of Columbia)
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Episode Description
A black ex-pimp renounces his days of "negative glamour" and the "brutalization of black womanhood" when Black Journal focuses on the underworld of the pimp and prostitute. He is Robert Beck, better known as "Iceberg Slim," author of "Pimp: The Autobiography of My Life." The Black Journal episode illustrates the destructive forces of pimping through Beck's revelations and through dramatic sequences performed by Chicago's Kuumba Workshop. It provides as intimate view of the mental and physical anguish of the black pimp and prostitute, whom he calls "victims of the white racist society." "I am free of the street poison that put me into the position where I brutalized and exploited our black queens," says Beck, as he addresses Malcolm X College students in Chicago. "You have to have a realization that when you exploit your own kind, that you are in effect counter-revolutionary," lectures Beck, warning black youth of the potential "street poison." After more than 25 years as a pimp, Slim now says "Pimps and whores are anachronisms - since Malcolm X defined our enemy and our enemies are both within and without - (he) spoke with great passion about the vice in our black communities and the disastrous effect it was having on our progress, dignity and out image." On the life of the prostitute, he says: "It's got to be holy hell - there are boobie traps and death in the streets." Black Journal is on hand when Beck and a former member of "his stable" discuss the pitfalls. The black pimp commits unspeakable atrocities to the black woman, attests Beck. In fact, he once viewed himself as a "black evil Svengali." "Black Journal," a production of NET Division, Educational Broadcasting Corporation. (Description adapted from documents in the NET Microfiche)
Series Description
Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and - to a large extent - by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1071 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called "Grapevine." Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
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Race and Ethnicity
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Director: Gaddis, William L.
Editor: Gaddis, William L.
Executive Producer: Brown, Tony
Guest: Beck, Robert
Producer: Gaddis, William L.
Producing Organization: WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)
Writer: Gaddis, William L.
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