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Thank. You thank. YOU THANK YOU.
Thank you. If
amigos get jammed on the nobody going to move in. Oh I know what I think. One of those things when thoughts and you know I'm frank confidence is the Martin of Mr. list so I'm going to
tell us you have a couple of months sitting in the book you just go through it all wrong. Instead you seen it out of the broke those chemicals toxic OTHO about soda. So they missed a call a slap on the leg less CEOs with Lecia and quantize the problem of not going to get only a part of God I want out of me I'm going to get all up as you see on that on my own way out Tonto legalistic online they lost everything and I say to you that I must go through this with us until they get on that as well. And most and they all up or down they were out there in Fort Monmouth and. They look out on the sea and you still always just get my daughters to receive those chemicals he said I must get this done done and went to me and took it as they would on the list of the bunny a little scope that I use to get my daughter is going to feel like a whole sale of the most I've noticed almost on the printout I get is good just because of that without it I think winter that will set in the last one to go to get a
nice get on CD because it affect our income a lot of ways to say no to it why as I'm looking at the name of the stunt the pro limit going they're going to see on their lighting but on the other mines a good look at him with CLSA Lucy on I got a lot of talk Sikorsky because I thought I was asked to measure you but if you look at us going old too old to us. Maybe yes but as a female. They could monitor like I'm going to sound really cool so this is going to weed out. You look at the most heated by the NBA because you have to use the commode. I know you're going to vary your selling that is good then they'll call it going to study like only almost done with me as I meant it was kind of going to start of we're not going to see on them to go for no good almost good stuff like that column a little sorry time to the right on it come on all the old vamose and pro they're quite good cause like a sailor in a video but I don't want to get on Mark Seymour but I don't mind noise said Quintus e-mail to me was I mean there was not only that but of course I
feel sick because in my period as a member I get cut and most get sealed to the band and I think that it's going to start looking that up so I think that I might commit such a thing as that but I was going the other way support you give me in this get up and I spoke with you when you're going to see me again about good about the little boy that's good chatter is to report their killer goes to as informal said they look this time without trying to say that you support them to be honest I'm mean though but I guess but I'm going to start with the whole thing also lamented like a maniac and I'm saying. Oh thank you thank you once more. Then say no to the insinuating we thank you.
Have come over here to support us and there is no use going. Home and mostly just let them have this tax base all these people you know you might see they are under the guise of a new look into the butt in this book because millions who are into underneath all of these are going to use the most console I'm in the middle of the is the the arm of
his killing where this is the Islam in the luge was unlucky. We must concede was the most recent. I've been here and if you can see who's just getting this is the. Media you know I just I just can't stand the stuff following the body of the soonest. I need to just get out of here that I know that because he knows how to get my city but I still like it but you can see on that one I don't need to let our own
come out of the bus and so you don't see on the lawn with a compass you know think one step along the way you're not only looking but you know what I loved was going to be a compass you know there's a terrorist campaign which I will pull over to see what's going to be done I mean a lot of Compazine with you know a lot of fun is it going to buy out of bed get in the city. But you're not on the band as I got there but I was going to ask them to send us a lesson about the weather but that is where I don't know that it was a particular what I know to get my fellow up to. I like your trip. Thank you very much. Thank you and here we are again.
You know. You know. Is. He going to. Go out and drive. She
plants that well of the tribe as said that he would try to be here today. He can't he's got a pretty busy schedule because he's also a medicine man with a principal spiritual lives that petty people. I'm here representing my family my wife myself and our children. As you're representing your family your children your people. This or that we're on right now when I need people there's a lot of prophecies at this entire time of the Purification when the earth will change around people a lot of people will die. Things will happen. You're speaking out for Grandmother Earth. Every one of you by the fact that you're here whether you speak Spanish or English or whatever language is it in you what's in your heart is what matters to Grandmother Earth. You're speaking for your heart but the signs that you have by the way the islet the sacred sage grandfather says that blesses all the helpers and the things that we're going to do together here today. Maggie Graham Father Creator bless us. I'm going to make a little tobacco offer in the
dancing a sign for us. It's for this burger that a friend of mine asked me to sing. Whenever there's problems whenever the earth is having difficulties with because she is the one that nurtures us lenses of her life with her life is going to make this watery earth for all of us. Thank you grandfather creator we are plussing for your life. Thank you for helping. I thank you for our children and it's given to one of the thank you and all the way sometimes mama's Robina you were with us when we lived when we rise we walk out to our jobs we can balance we play together we dance together we pray together. Now the moment the very being of blood doesn't help with you give us a greater security. You help us
with that. We thank you for this. We don't even know how to thank you. We viewed this on the blog. God is that we may know something we may represent things in our life our family our traditions of living a healthy earth wherever they may be. Father whose voice we hear in his bed. Good luck to all the world hear us before you. Some of you many children on weak we need strength and wisdom is really how the red or purple sunset. Respect your voice because it is your time and I believe strength grandfather not to be a sister fighter because they're ready to come to you with.
Them. Thank you Father for blessing us
this big mouth of the night even though we speak in a good way to truly what's mine. And I was always speaking with each other. So this comes in. It frightens. Me on how do you know I got up in the night and that means how much thank you when I bring in the piece is I'm going to kill this and this will give it
to us and the reason is that this is an honor to work with the common city. This is the toxic waste incinerator and we will stop the toxic waste incinerator. When the green peas the field there we'll call it the heart of going to one of those that will look into that a little truth is coming through the glow almost like you want to believe that you should just not even fight. They would like you to believe that they will go to the incinerator. And now we should just go on with their lives. We can go on with their lives because of toxic waste. The company at the top of the concrete is the commode of India most of the limit is because you know those are symbols not
to eat. Another is either in the news the solution is that the company holds the key to the incinerator a secret they don't want anybody to know about. The company at birth or the goose to eat him and the other is the goons to instigate it to getting Canadians in there is always a good. Guys we can see by the hundreds and hundreds of people here today and a lot of people here you can see some of that. Mujahedeen they say in the Dell they were going to use the cell this is the one who forgot that is the silly but that is the commode and today is the first time ever. That there has been a terrorist against the toxic waste site in this community. Last one of course I mean for the UN to escape is there is love this is the internet is that it is the premier of this is Darcy in the scope of this car in good the game a lot of
it was that you know as the Ultima. Following this rally will drive in our cars and go up to cameras and send them a message that they know how we feel ya know Must I mean not only is that one sentence you must assume the seal of the guards doing the killing going to yield. Imma go to but I feel it's been so many photos. I mean the kid look at him move over California communities are fighting incinerators and they are winning in East Los Angeles. The government gave very much high today and then a government agency rules in our neighborhoods and now we are willing. To go. He's going to put me on the problem of those Commodus is the bundle in the goods to read in the vid in this audience Commodus the books because the Hidden property improved is can you list a little funky list to give your know
your love but it is those goods to be at Luka Magnotta in a communion at the least a little fun here is a fundamental part of giving up on appeal the consent either. I'll give ya that a company of the young get the complete must be another minute that they never knew of these guesses you know musta seen a photo of this human who charted it than it is the person the human who is in our view. He wanted to create a new community defeated in learning community said I'm going to use him a lot of little in Roseville in Mojave company wants to touch it ways but the community is fine in math and again nothing. And even in this modern Muslim intern. Certainly don't give a lot of it is done with Chanderpaul did the near Look in the name of the person under this accompany us his game with him in Iraq. But again CNN turned around and we say enough toxic ways.
You know many of our children or families in a sort of this is the most a nuisance you know a lot has been in not in a million dead they've been in other news the comedians in this movie has come before the companies. In a move to the middle is not a hint that this deal is going on since they cannot because this company as. They are the government officials they can't deprive the people of this community. Window is a little more the key is painful this gone been here and it's gone but yes the good greed is the curse of the commode is that no one is but he's a mental. So we stand with you in your struggle and together we will stop the unseen and his conflict and some of the others. You can leave the console him into needless bombs on it than it is to skim a lot is. Going to sit in the can seen almost any thought of you most as you know and
know you came a little to no you are. Not on camera. Not. Knocking on almost all of you can or not. Not in the room. Who knew you go and see you. OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. The next speaker is a man who lives near another very toxic waste dump. His name is Nathan Dunn and he's traveled many miles to be here. He used to live in towns mill you California where people there have died and children you see from the toxic waste.
But not the cost millions in the convincing going clock who are going get on the police's docks he goes into this is a miracle you are putting in fake those please I'm in this because these are the police used to me goes in there and begins to look under his gaze. You know the whole moochers me us believe is in the key place him in the photos just give him a little human either. Miller's hung on. But my heart is with you. These people in these high speed account yours like there's nothing wrong with these chemicals but you're going to put them in your community.
And the Hindu one time too much of him pulling a Neville is this he'll is going to have it in the limit. Who is the class of the commode is. The business community. Tell you that they will protect you. They were not cute they were the readers of this facility. Guys you know there's going to one of the you know if there is only getting grievance to Camilla is we were in a meeting with this day in federal officials my man of the State Department of Health Services by the name of Steve Allen asking why do the people do it and of those who knew not to hear don't mean didn't listen to this doesn't. Believe he was going to
says that will help you stay. California may be good there are suffering people are suffering throughout the state of California. We were in there using. You want. You know cause I think is that if you think you can hint that you must that includes your belief that in this world is going is the loop and being under this nothing good will is done through the haze and the going to Hoosier the good in them as they can see the new monthly that you are only going to vote me out but I know that another Clinton her son who is the new.
Me that you are between a I and my neighbors. All I want to do with being in a community. Jackson Nora Jackson Charlie McKee really McCune really good now my god knows how many more is real basic. We know. When I know you're going to be fine. I want to take my place and they might not be there to stay. The people are operating the site where we want to keep fighting. How
come. The community 150 people try to sneak something in so that the moneyed interest will be completely ruined and it will be for the risk and significant risk for the entire community and the community and everybody else here is
going to kill people. People and that kind of has been the thing that's going to be sure to also put the burden of responsibility. One of the lads you know that you have to be good you're going to do it or you. Are once again going to get into the community can. Also studying the human psyche and they consider or use Goodchild begin anew to the end if you can get a lot of good is what I mean going to looking as good as it is money. So most moved you niggas could lose a signal in the poem is getting the companions. Yes I mean to be inside
in the 90s the Nokia here asking the were they going to do even in those commodities begin to put the onus to be Muslim was put him into a just cause I mean they are going to look at the color who know him as a player knows him of that then there is the Camelot is. I'll want to play one. Oh wow you really believe. Now as you just might. Think of the residents of the state. When you combine with an act of compassion all decisions are made of government for that reason as play with the emotional well-being of the people remark from the person of authority. I guess you have to speak and let them know that they can do this and watch your family. I get the Mingus isnt the new Google didn't mean to get in the list. I mean Cutler this is
the reason there is nothing good came out as this is going to go to the political an indiscipline is the new to the family the people of kids may support you and we will be with you whenever you have something come up and we will come and be with you were in the car again. This is much like the mother simply could not think this particular moment because there is the medical center and you're going to hear this. The good thing is they get him and. Convinces
them in the new economy. Who watches over me. But that's.
Just me. How can you honestly.
Larry. Thank you for. Where is. The community. You have the approval or disapproval. Six hours is a beer. And this is a major source of pollution in the US.
Citizens For some others. We don't have to resort to that. We have to keep thinking. I'm going to keep something in the middle of the hill in this building and this
is the. Q Nothing more. Please.
I'd like to introduce you travel for several hours to come here today live in Rosamond where the community is contaminated by toxic chemicals chemicals and they're also finding an incinerator from South Korean Missourians against us. In the menu on. Days. If you combine are going to
be a newcomer here where ever you are. We are in this together. We can fight and we can we're. Going to get. One or two more speakers and then another song from the band and then we can all drive a ways is everybody going to come to. The first protest at the front. Of the king wave and you can come in here. You must be community here. Putting it in countless ways.
IMAX is a solution to the currency of the United Farm Workers. A. Little bit about what other people are going to sing about. When I put my when I thought of this thing I'm. Going to look at the momentum as it is I'm just going with the really Compazine which is a child is it a new limousine. Yeah it was in a mosque is that you know this is a given and then we're. Going to. Know one of them again
was you know you know he was it was the media. He has given me one. Day is when it will be what Im going to do you can bet you know this because the Internet was getting. Big a good deal when it was gone but you can only win the. Things. You lose in the mood to listen to the. Goodness of the people to let you know on the story. But if I had only thought if it was going to get on the.
Internet not to do it. To me. Did you know you. Look at it. I mean what is that going to going to give the game you think it is only when you look at how Cain weighs giving him a good chunk of the Camelot if you ask most guys one was young and he was going to not going to know what is the new job. I'll just give my deepest and most of my life in the game way. I mean I.
Was. Really starting with. The news. I get no money. It isn't as long as you're going to be there is damn near enough easy and immune is that it can only go in a minute so see others like. It I was up in.
This is the only light is the news because I really don't know Young knows I don't know me look when will you ever get on with those amusing. Cannot see and then you will. Lose them with getting good ways. Is the money going is the total of 11. Only if you know it was a very good begin the long day. You. Mean losing Nozick really I don't but Young is going to get are going to be the good. Ones are within my means was the money again is. It good it was killing them were going to lose. He's young only because he has given you a bully I'm not going to go to the movies because there
is a lot is the man who says I was going to be they don't know where I was like a limb is you're not going to get it. Because medical event in a minute. And I mean. It. I
AM I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM I AM ME ME I AM. I am I am I am I am I am. You
live in the line up in fact you know what came of it. For those of us you know mom of. Course you don't know.
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This audio covers a bilingue protest in Kettleman City over the potential addition of a toxic waste incinerator to a landfill site operated by Waste Management Company. In 1989, Esperanza Maya and other community leaders in the predominantly Hispanic town organized protests against the company, citing environmental concerns. Facing a community organized lawsuit, the company pulled its plans in 1992.
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