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OK. Was. He a a. Yeah a her. A. Joy. He is older fish and some democracy. If we move tonight and carefully say that that is not the way. I do it. The way we'll make a night that we fight last night that he. Was basically made it illegal for. Me. To. Come because we have to stay that way.
We have in Carlow and where the right of them back with yeah from where you are because your last at our show you are here you know my day out with my satellite dish. We have seven million in Arcadia and it wasn't a week that will. Yeah I am I. Ok I am. Oh ok I am oh I am. OK. Oh. Yeah I am
ever OK. I am oh I am I am. This says emancipate hope and joy I am will have been a day of the same tired old bin Laden since its inception. We were brought into being by completely intransigent and recalcitrant city commission which were used in every way to consider just grievances of a group of its citizens and made no attempt to redress these grievances. They even refused to accept Supreme Court rulings desegregating buses bus terminals railroads and train station temples and it was their refusal to allow. And as a matter of fact an attempt to circumvent these freedoms which brought
about the mass terrorists numbering some seven hundred thirty seven The largest number ever anywhere in the United States of America. My name is Charles Iraq. I came here October talking. Along with the friend from Tennessee we can not talk. We first came to Albany the people were indifferent people who were afraid really afraid. Sometimes we walked on the streets and the little kids would call us freedom riders and people walking in the same direction on the same side of the street to go across the street from us because they were afraid they didn't want to be connected with us in any way. They were afraid and we got an office in Albany
for voter registration. It was a great step for some people even to come into our office and once a drunker came in the drunk he made some sense. He said the people here in Albany have been treated like dogs. He said Do I look like a dog. I'm not a dog and I should not have some rights. That. Was Then. Los Lobos. The movement progressed as students started to talk among students
and we went to the upper class out in the Cross Society in Albany. We frequented the nightclubs and talked with people at the nine tables. We went just about everywhere people gather trash gathering Sunday school. It took a long time for us to own enslaved their minds this was the first task. You coming here coming here. What they did was two men direction and you form an expression to a negro community's discontent. This was the first task we went to the ministerial source nations. They voted that they were fully behind us but at the same time many of the ministers were afraid to let us use the churches. Fraid that the churches would be bombed. Afraid homes would be stark. I was feeling there. And if we were to progress we knew that we must cut through that fear
and the problem was how are we going to cut through that fear you thought we thought the students would answer. We eat. Was. Started on campus one day. Many of the students weren't satisfied myself. Saturday I wanted to fight for freedom. First first
experience said the bus station the First Team Six to one. I would ask out of the bus station by the chief of police here no. And because I was asked out of the bus station team steam was going to stake out as ask me to school just withdraw from the reason that I say it was a protection because you know the right people would probably kill me if they saw me and think I did not withdraw. It was. The. Way a
man on a stool asked to withdraw from school but Stu's be allowed that they hadn't done anything. The little he did not do their. Next time around attempted to go into the room that is known for waiting room alone lonely right way and was arrested a man trying to warm here who seemed a little from feeling Steve and I will still speak from school and meet him in the submerging dismiss as many students from school as he did because they were trying to exercise the very thing that they told him and school stand up for your rights. Try to be men and women of courage of the Dignity has to be weak. So he has been weak because one week he wouldn't care so much but his job would have more sense of decency. Mark testified against me. I was found guilty.
Can it change anything. No moment. To her system is predicated. Keep the black man down. Women hate that black man come up with her. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We had mass media. They were small but at the second rest. They. Grew. Until now. We have a
mass meeting. We have to use two churches styles are still standing all the streets. Hanging over the balconies in the one those trying to listen to the leaders of the album. As an Eagle Scout. Yes. Oh yeah your credit right away. So let it be. That's my interpretation of this. That is probably the prettiest killing to look into this. We're hearing you say you can't say British. This is rubbish. Nothing is of demarkation at all. You know because that's what I was yes. Now do you know that is an
actual fact in this. Well you have. Yeah yeah. We're trying to experience this change or this you know marriage or if you are in the United States but this thing is worldwide. Right up the scripture. Yes rare use of the legal story when there is a mother because the restless when it's time for the yard to take their way right away. You know some democracy here some solace. There. There you go. Bill's with us our former
baseball on the way. PERRY Well we need very strong when it's time for the little ones to get our That yes that oh you mother you go down and pull those dollars up in the left and the left side of the LOL. Yeah we saw somewhere out there with the microscope that will fire the fact that our goal here in Jordan that was online that we're going to last year and try to get a situation where we will stand face up and I mean here is and that. And way too many buyers that they need then is now our
CNN fire idea will make a heavy price to be a. Great way. To meet our. Usual America. Reza Sayah for example pointed out Joel. You know sometimes there is a mission out there that needs to be done for the sake of glass case in the case of Joe Miller was on the brink of a trade rules are actually needed was somebody to go out and fire away to say that the guys are all we're all we're sorry he was older break a rule nobody thought now you will you yeah I feel that a commission of downtown
offices should buy you a Miami the city you all know I knew that they would take no for a sale that powerless a warm day in a row. For a while on the range of problems she gotta be a hard guy with that kind of high. So caught on I took the. Part that the guy where I. Will enjoy your day without doing a Danish It will do him for. Guarding the way out using cruel to a great extent to have sailed this way I know that I try to tell a kid is all wrong. He's having to apologize for the military that was made during all day
but what will come when when just this well known to America's us they will see anything where the wind lost the people of this where people look out like that and in a few months they know you know of it and let out any doubt I make a lot of places. If you can kill them you cannot speak to our. Will. Even in that very great fish they are having to say I'm sure after a day in the shower that LOL I'm with you always were a little sunshine. People become whatever they tell us that it was pretty satisfied that Rick Perry was right to the extent that a soul cry out really
you know. Jesus was so startled by the sin that he said that this happened. This race here. Already reality and everything shines evenly. You may be called upon to bear to keep the water so that it can't go downtown to get it because I cooperate with them. We want you to realize there is a fine Parish
which you will kill yourself but kill yourself in that light if you will and the light is coming from the callous perish of everything by air until the sun is but it's a rapid rate of speed. Harry and even you will be all the little bit we have to be saved. That was me. OK thank you ok. But kill say that illegal. OK do. The Tivo can stack up so you can pick out the guy ask a girl if they are OK. But here. People. Go. OK. OK.
OK. OK OK. OK OK OK a k k. K. K A. K.
We got the rest. It was the greatest in the history of the Civil War was during this week that population poor and into jail on the first day it was watched within calling us. They kneeled on the top of the steps and they prayed. They hear about the both of them in a way the American flag behind them stood policemen in blue with their bellies drawn and their guns on a side. These people one afraid and there were people from all walks of life the professional man the preacher and the man on the street the nurse the housewife the busboy the shoeshine boy the camel Yeah. From the courthouse today hears about praying to Almighty God that justice would come to Albany Georgia.
Now who's counting me. About three or four hours later another group marched on the courthouse about 250 people led by the policeman but they were not of us lost around city block. Back to Churchill. Yeah I waited about 600 more people and there was a third watch that scene at about 5 o'clock. Three hundred people marched back to the courthouse lawn 300 people arrested that day and the next day about three o'clock was another much less time. About 100 more people were arrested. Then there was a great
newspaper debate on whether Oh Martin Luther King would be a benefit or not a benefit. Marching with the people of Albany. But this was not adopted in the minds of the people in Albany and that day Dr. Martin Luther King. Marched with Alida Dr. Doug easy Anderson through the streets of Albany. Love their kids Hi there on the line a policeman cross the street to a coral to herd the people into a back entrance to the jail to pick promptly without any hesitation walked into the last line e.g. eat eat eat there's. Yes yes.
Where could he go to turned on the water were to drink to cook that oh there were boyish refuse. Yes sir no sir. Slapped kicked and all this happened you know in states new 262 and the FBI has a better day much of what take these cases. We marched this man's the priest for Farmington and was transferred carroty to Canal enjoyed paragraph for magistrate. You want to pray and pray and fang every.
Day was taken. Taint I. Can't judge. Supposed to be a bad place. People are molested another now. We were all religious and been there for a just cause we felt that we should sing and pray and talk about the reason for our hate so one day about 10 o'clock we started to sing he shall overcome. Michael old abodes woke up this morning with mild feeling. We prayed and all of a sudden the South open in the world. Sure for the county and three other men. So we walked over to us and told us to line up across the cells. They came closer to us.
I don't want no damn singing you know praying here I'm the boss. You come a magic pill you lose all your rights. I'm the boss and you do what I say. When he had finished turn to walk away I spoke to one sheriff. Could I ask your question please. So he turned around and looked at me quite quite surprised. It seems that. What is this. Is this nothing. Asked Tell me your question. I'm the sheriff and I had my say. You know that sort of thing. But he turned around and the henchmen who were with him pointed me. So they encountered walked toward me again. And he stood away within arm's reach of me
face to face. So I asked him would it be all right if we would just pray twice a day. He went across his speech again. No doubt I'm saying you know to how bright it is that all you can pray to yourself. Then he went down his speech again. And then I said but we are still human beings and Christians. And when I said that he came down on me it is right here. He struck me and knocked me back. And I came back in the same place for one see it slapped me. And I repeated to him but we are still Christians. And human beings. And at that point the three other men took me out of the cell. Into a
back room and on my left there stood a fellow of about fifty in uniform. All right there stood another uniformed officer. In front of me I was the shooter and behind me there was a focus another desk with a little on a stick. He began again the same speech that he told me in the presence of 20 people who saw him slap me as a present. He was quickly behind me and I heard him chant you know what I have been in pine boxes every day in a river flare in my head it was that. Then the share of stock pointed questions at me. Asked me who I was. Asked me where was I from who sent me. To whom I was working on voter registration in Albany at that time as a representative of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and it went on to tell me about how not negroes doing anything they
want to do. And he reminded me that that I was in the south. And if I thought that I was going to change anything now here I was mistaken. Then he reiterated about my being a prisoner. He said you know you're not going to do anything now you aren't going to get anything accomplished. And I said yes but. And when I said yes but. A. Young officer on my right hand side. Came down on me with a blow across my face. They took me back and the 20 fellows looked at me and I said that my face was bruised and they said that my lip was a bust. Then about 10 minutes later we talked with each other and we said what we would do. Well that evening we saying I would not say. And for the days to come we stared right there he said that no matter what happens. We would sing. We would pray if we want to be
real Christian. Then we just have to suffer the consequences of being a real Christian. Week doctors and lawyers and teachers and domestics work together in the jail. You got to know each other in the sales as they sat next to each other and fell breathed and slept the passion that they had about their lives and be free. But more than that they came to know each other as people and not as classes not as a doctor not as a doctor's wife. Not as a domestic but as a person
in the sales that some 700 of all the fish to get rich is careful opening anything you know they were there. Unifying yourself one getting to know each other and we come back to community and it's not the same anymore. You find people walking together talking together people they think they will never speak to desperation and that person. Ah the Logie a deal over the. End and. The people are together solidly in line and it's. Killing these people. Well the streets they were looking at the family in one thing respect for themselves.
Every time we have a mass meeting now he's trying to unite people on something that's. New. We haven't caught the eye of the Marquess yet fun while you are watching our show you are in love with my wife Sally and we shall meet. Oracle when this call that I'm going to talk with you for a reply from the commission. OK in that reply it was compared to a small tax that a Negro paid
for somebody especially where some say when they asked her what she was doing the question she said why can't say the question is quit right yeah I guess we're OK with this small businesses are we not attached to our security. You actually fail a little spiral of that. If there were large and the anchor they have to carry that. Diary my day I'm sure that what are the reasons why we're up attack here that we want to get. Pointed out in the second place that really that is a question you know the psychological
make a mess that segregation appears upon our plays a part in the cry that we commit and that that will save the sheep and the reason why I want to get ready. So here you go we have to get getting some that was our way I was treated. It was again the question. This is a shame. Great for here was
about something for which response. Male Male We're not told by their fathers or that far back all that was humanly possible to destroy our family. That rolled through the system. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah mothers fathers children from the mothers. Not when you hear all that the UK has crashed father did he come to power.
I want to ask me and so I want to say that we have to withdraw our weapons to fight we are with only our pick for your paper. That's the part that's a great weapon to fight with and it's really tough poll that we have out here. Way back and say that you were doing that equally as well if you were doing this with holding that way you will in all be any of the credit who is eligible to vote and can go down and regulate the status quo when you get that. Yeah. I want you to get very cold war ship the weapons we have.
They say. I want you to pray I will be ok ok ok. OK you forgot you were below the Mississippi top of the real world you. Will see that the white man with the bat in the back row and enable this guy to remove you. Anyway you are a light hearted man. I am
God and I am God I am going to crack down on that one thing I want to match yours or am I actually got to take control now. I am. Going to where no my God it was the air now. Yeah Hey yeah. And now. When we have a new movement was formed in define its goals. They were in the desegregation of train bus stations parks lappers hospitals city busses and private enterprises that cater to nickel train. Sensed the movement has started and going on we have so far successfully accomplished the desegregation of the train and bus station. The separate and segregated voting lists and booze have been distributed through another in the federal courts and the masses of people having stopped use of the
Walk to Freedom
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An audio documentary on the Albany Movement in Albany, Georgia, as a collaboration between local activists, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). It became the first major initiative of the civil rights movement to try to desegregate an entire city. The program features field recordings made by Guy Carawan and Alan Lomax. The documentary includes commentary by Charles Sherrod, a leader of the movement, a sermon by Rev. Ben Gay, and testimony by students and others who took part in the demonstrations, interspersed with freedom songs recorded on-site. Although the Albany Movement failed to achieve its goals by the time it disbanded in 1962, historians cite its influence on later movement actions in Georgia. The documentary was issued on LP as Freedom in the Air: A Documentary on Albany, Georgia, 1961-1962 by SNCC. For information on the Albany Movement, see Stephen G. N. Tuck, Beyond Atlanta: The Struggle for Racial Equality in Georgia, 1940-1980 (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2001).
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