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And so you know if you have to go court and either go into another but if somebody's been believed. By NSA went up but then to be stuck on you know sort of concise. From the start but the kind of person I'm only important in. Westie on your plot begun to press you on billing with Camilo. Bet it's been easy but meant to be luck and by that I mean egged on Silas skin. As soon I will that all get that I have evergreen legal services and that is that going to leak or their router Monday
more that Washington D.C. is a soap and the old woman so ah that's interest and it's been you know you have known has been your best done to bring the Nazi because you know his history where Walter Mondale has done and has been you know if he saw that an idea was what was unethical. It's been a perilous one to hamper the U.S. game which was math to stand up and an honest penny into his propaganda had been in the commune so I cannot respond as parking a boy or a protest by me and it's important important here like I said been English but I've got a list by now but are now put under them a couple of UMass extenso are pretty low as low e Mastercam peons give us you notice that I made it into the center of a you know sort of sense and Yellow Sea has cleared
this area. There are as familiar as nursery at least it was going to be most people that are most important opportunity. As much as basis spotted senility on the innocent. They'll decide pro you are less likely to be an important Piccolo's Paris participant. Yeah you wouldn't put on a sort of going to say most intimate account of said K.. Last a square less so let's get into your response I really they're going to start a sponsor. He kicks in his a c don't program a Dan don't like a second when I squeal of Guinness I use this Arianna's tell your mom I have a pair of I don't care who meant to care look a woman is likely to get in as the Washington program advances your own case as well. Look at Curious today so looking look at their repeal look at I came into New York most of you
see and they skate Primero last plea made a sign of the square and there are no in the manual. Historia Mathematica CNC has the story at the top because principality Lucasian it gave me and I stand to a studio look at say yama niyama ESL normal and the same in English. Will this approach you and this young gal point or kick on CNN Calista the antipathy that somebody say so I meant any less valid than they have losses to us and there are no easy guys to say. Solo earning less. Ask a fewer let's point out your problem ask your you know the landless as well as no put on your list are you a list by anyone so I consent but I see one millimeter they yes most remembered about those soulless criminals. So you know I
like to hear your skinny secure as a complainer saw in the street as well as your Washington and had it in movie pockets look at this. They are sensing en Espanol. See good A.P.M. sign yours. See my there my sister's going out some quality calves meisters can also dealing with salesmen as most get attendance on all the RC stand this cannot be an intern or me into space and punters know I only eat while I get a very very good A.P.M. sign us in turn to be made I knew you were still a seahorse dn then I get out at the last. And I cited this in a premade I knew the end then is to turn it up at all which I thought their program will either get out of us. Yeah intercepting comments outside it can Mr. C was silent in a square less complaint than you know say that you and yes put in those pre-made sign your snotty CNN app or your program
and receive my van carrier present experiences of your own it is clearly not one house district was as quiet as a mouse one and on there I am pro there so. Some of that will inevitably going to square off in one day. Under our current system I look at you and I'm building where there's a dossier on him for City and Brownsville house in via the Rio Grande the mess is so unique to us called Brownsville out I values me sort of press and it gets done I hate tandoor Baracus implementing programa their way and my gal and Senate members the NSA director us and Raymond Villarreal come in Hyland second book up Ocwen SS You are so sure that I have for you so the day has passed and so the California kind of California
that California when I last met her this and where you are but I'm not just proclaim I stand be any gas you see and be a pain the the young politique I think I'll go halfway down the sissy and they said respect that I master Petunia in San Antonio and then a very artistic area here on a fairly cope area hospital lameness in their system and billing where you put a sort of a Muslim class or yeah if any of you in the face to the most. So Lucy and I don't pass or displays them fire they like their plan as PCL and they're never given someone a sort of moocher locus of Tracy. Did you know where the complex complete the necessity I complete Donna saw me last yr on. You can ask a temper over Santos a stern economic comment.
He saw an opponent as you have as our orders. No not a caller number one. And look at our professionalism Francisco Kevin sometimes who has Caribbean lived or upon the endo said he learned the press or announcement or encounter some really serious Richard rather your schizo come your Sunanda disregard of an operator. So you're my say Richard. Look at if you're this who filed I can see and hear you sue filed their respect of course was probably a story and it's only without them being any less because he and the hunger of memory get out of your I fear I should look at where and by say and we're still going to see an open air cell actually and I feel I said to be the only the odd out the stammer and gaunt and with appropriate comment. Gary Sick ale is down the Horde.
Can be out soon on the window they said shall see the Yama can assert that I was going to almost consider they had gone to the thoughtless with us and with a counter. OK so in a negative than an opportunity. They were going to put any particular OK they must get into a restaurant that had nothing and I said to you oh yes compliments O'Connor thought that I just you know straight NTA broken up I want an attorney a few minutes a C on Korean and stop me I cannot handle the way they are. They complained that they were lower than low because you're building with a mentor there Richard Rodriguez Eskay necessary I mean by a system by really here. So place your nose and if they buy this DNA case a last e-mail RCN. Europeans are good and we like that idea.
Paris This is an argument OK say I say sorry. They see me lad. He stands as you can with most westerners no matter stand going to see end of years BND own a company there and if you don't defend the comal and waster for a Sunday the armor they call literally here on the suspect or desk a key component to it or not so most and facile mentee I see me lad lis hold up bios and use me noisy and those bank this. They laugh and say I see me but again I'm blank or sport get Anderson a hunting tutor a Los Angles been a struggle to those defending the steel I saw a bit of either. Nope stand to comedy who accompanied OK I know that no plan to move on but I must pull your sorry even as I say give somebody end up again in a month or so
and the quote of the finest Purcell's continuous low charm of women as well as pretty two or more in particular animal generally not only my most their parents. The minister at the hint of our compass in that bed. Sorry I'm scared to go there by land and almost you haven't noticed that by using 20 M was that it will move despite appearances can be of no stock or money that law my earlier notice Compazine as has hinted to me could which isn't going to sustain a hundred it does on the new gravel ground there's no matter both countries know Miles Granderson with us. He some from media cement their love my arrears was nearly as soon as they came. Mr. Record I mean Mrs. querulous. Plainly see I was Paris gets on them. And not Dan and sue the money hourly that
someone has hinted can enable the rituals. Martin he said to me important political Get off your ass so I got to Superman my little sister Ausonius I said yes. Mr. FORD. Give us your dose.
I want to. If you. Want to.
Buy me on this one you know. Look at the people.
People. Can get one. More concept. In an hour but if
you're not. But I even learned a lot more guess unless the dentist to a woman's comment that it was for mayor to 6 but inches over can look it up another who went to the home and do the best. Look at him building going to look at us at the moment and which I can forsee and in winter who into the know I put a quilt paddler but it isn't a system either got to you. There was quite a Sony your cell in the exact is democratic systemic You know stuff you cannot see the either as much as this is nearer to us but in a sort of as means most. But again no outer system I've got to you know Westerners by Lauriston with her would do and was really on the lookout most or second look at the ending when I sort of see on my Higa mascot to get on a scam of Guinness almost to get promotional king of gun BMOC OK
but it honestly Yama but to not us on Earth and when I discovered it. Look at some of you by my side I see you didn't melt that though in that it was you want to in order and it I'm home and I've either been invited. Get by your some of those missiles some of those Kaohsiung BRANDIS But I see how you seem to explode pal your premier UK solo record OCN though it's a kimono where they enter in a circle of bombers up a super doubtless. Come up with them outside the model of the classroom building where. Re-inforce the north type for the next time we just cannot learn by not butting in but what to not worry or they pay us on. Didn't appy though especially on. Business I would not be allowed to call more lost by this but that's who you are. He said that he was getting there that.
He doesn't get all the airplane up and that it's by no said pencils and more the. Little boy at the level of the Decepticon along with us. Me got Medicare no good for your Plan A Plan authorizes member attended but the last bad as last Paris plane said this if he was in the gossip when I said I can me who gets the last Paris lost three medals meisters writers are killing your yellow square. So no spot is worth a look in a sentence and you know stand there the keenest animals you calculate by Islam I say important there was a lesson that I was a little squirrel last time and not coming up with a prayer spur economic comment. He he said content of mathematical pabulum I mean him but our higher Perales was locked by him again the president and I were called Lord television about him cried Oh my God my prayer list. I
believe that and it's up I mean the Permian probably thought it was the end of the Internet or sorcerer. No school group or switches and if a dentist Raymondville Texas on that our scientists and trainers. I'm going to hamper him on Bilko. Oh thank my mom and popular kids are caught off guard when group because the center of the low the rim invoke I'm going to die but I want a problem us in a square less look and invent Taoism program about a hoe and a student they live in L.A. than going in Sydney and so they list decide they're going to see me into their life. Been sad for looking after school as there Raymond will know our natural gas that's when I saw Lucy and which I should like a mini at the AK but if you're not a lesser square less but I can respond then yeah I look at her and I said but I'm the important western Oregon and sadness you brought us a square that's not going up on their list of U.S.A.. They control it was to throw PSA hands he asked us to
see honest better get us out of the game of comedy from a parental Washington come specific I meant to set that off on Evergreen Legal Services is a resource like that is the evergreen get in office unison when achey Yaki and Granger act on Silas kind of homely important tacky and calm inside but I could go north got quite a sense was that it was OK to attack United then I hinted they Granger that invite you to start right here in Seattle going to swear so by their friend their lot that it was an uncomfortable question you know when I came on as some sort of you know they're my height I'm not that good time. It happened that I guess I look at that Evergreen legal territory research Lady Alice evergreen and the last year and I thought that your comment I mean was that it was because he was trained in a physical life was the most annoying to spend hours and hours but it was the last
part of this and in the interim assume bilingual is a tacky get a Mother said a couple of Emma's but I was punished by the sit on exams but I settled on most Distrito scoreline is one way as I am Problem is better older Corsicana says it is a ghost savin most programmers a O'Steen in most meanings of the most solemn and when those Yemeni grapevine in a circus it is more important a part of it is the net loss and east. I might just get that are on the run and I can see the bins and can overlap Annapolis and I must be sent down into that deadly modern service. Because I was innocent. Worst guess some of them learn and therefore to know that knows me knows that I don't give a s the matter most don't. Viva sails better than the Arabs. But at the question.
Give them a 10 years ago sir. Evergreen. Total of our get then the most likely at least those but are you that the mother said. But again if this is true but as this is good and the most obvious enough and when that's in yeah come in. Granger took out soon enough to make a sort of mentor there by doing this in the event that I mean they kept their heads so that you can soon. Affect their learning or spun as dumb as a keeper but I give up. People are going to matter in a single minute those cases but I conclude this because your guests are not here Martin you know really since you have a crummy lot better skin think went on at the start of their Washington program and Nasional guess it but I was given a bit of a system program at the
CIA. To analyse equal $2 and Mr hand there would of course certainly cause another star for nearly half an hour to most of our presses are meant to cross through a building where the line port side across your own pattern with the receivers he mistrusts he has an assist not element in his brother's pretty medicine or the laws without the medals last decade I do and he says continuous where the question and not the relevant. My thought process. I see him with our last person on your Maui coming on us so the letterpress are milling with at this point to scream as soon as the telephone or the evergreen legal services series is legal is the evergreen and when Archie is say safe dose say. Been through you know I know you could give some time on the single most most wanted most normal and somewhat distant as said before they got to the Evergreen
Everly green legal services even go inside as it is and I will die. And one idea that I had to get oh yeah they can quite get Probably not unless you're not going out of gas or that obviously you know the cities of late night is the evergreen evergreen legal services market there or me by Bell it up or yeah that's part of their yes that is that when he dies. I followed that I would then knows that it has a no grass yarn either no guys here in the New England he could get in with the north of where we're going through and dealing with when I don't even get it. But then with three of you on my you to spend with her would do it and he defended it so he said You gotta learn to put again and you see good eyes as if you see and they you know spotted them mucho chemical money but upper Pro their side. Is to pull them off way but as you know but somebody in the Middle East or the
Buenas Noches
Educacion Bilingue
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KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Episode Description
This program explains the importance of practicing, writing, reading, and communicating in two languages. Speaking Spanish and English opens a lot of doors, and guests Héctor González and Camilo Pérez comment about "the transition program" that some students go through. The program consists of taking classes in their mother tongue and then perfecting that second language so that they can have more opportunities in their future.
Episode Description
Desarrollar habilidades en español e inglés es de suma importancia, es por esto que este programa explica la importancia de practicar, escribir, leer y comunicarse en dos idiomas. Hablar español e inglés abre muchas puertas y los invitados. Héctor González y Camilo Pérez comentan sobre el programa de transición por el cual pasan algunos estudiantes. El programa consiste en tomar clases en su lengua materna y luego ir perfeccionado ese segundo leguaje para que puedan tener más oportunidades en su futuro.
Series Description
Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
Series Description
Buenas Noches es un programa radial de servicio público que se enfoca en discutir la problemática que afecta directamente a la comunidad latina en el Estado de Washington.
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Talk Show
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KDNA; Dimenciones
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Guest: Martinez, Gabriel
Guest: Gonzalez, Hector
Guest: Perez, Camilo
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