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When as not just seem to miss is this is that you've only got another guy they not like and they like you want to respond. Or you might call it anything. Usually other than as an IBM they mean I was given that it was a ME THE MOST HIGH SCHOOL Chad. But as a programmer when I was not just one of this is that I got into your training for the day as you know I know on a combiner that either they're not in London for miles. I thought a guess but when I ask is it in winter and in the process will they legally Sadducee or used and Mary Jane have none is so bizarre that of his you know the main as you need it he says you only yank you might be there as you have as yet no one says that I'm for Mundell so did not exceed those in opt in is what is it as if I wanted the one as much as now let alone to understand he said Mr. Black the guy in front of the Laconia has got music on it about his day. I suppose that one as well.
It's questions we're going to win as much as they were you're going to marry James Risen of his in a yank you might say that I was really mean as you know he says you know this or that is that you know that it was there and we're going to set up those I want to spit out what Imus is thing in approximately the CMB is thing in those and one of the ways that I kill Nicholas I mean is they made up even you know to go there see a boogie. But what they were they get us they the CMB is voiced Yes I was scared that they saw the American minister who's than last time he called us out a seat in the oven and so it doesn't appear the order to go to Gaza or see a key aside a lot of you can discover you have on the gavel is a process of one of the youngest personas is they as
a customs office you know I mean us you got about what was it in seven and they usually have you know I mean look at those who said you know they mean us yearning for is is they lost personas this thing. Yes in the bottom what they were there was the persona but I know that because gay Yup when a pickup is what it is about a man in the U.S. at the casino there's a sycamore that among us was of a mouse ball out of his you know their Lincoln Nebraska Yes that must have been the last up because you only get less money in them in Lincoln Nebraska than the infamous yawn and there's a good link and I would ask all of these you won't give us up because you know Stephen A and B are leading them into a Lincoln Nebraska gayest thing because it was both a Coriolis if he was a Yakima East minister lissom young unless the Gettysburg implementor the CMB is thought to be in the eye because the owner Z I guess personas were like in or stand there when they couldn't get Mandela did it come in feeling going to let us
go in those of us lead us up because it was an obvious you know is that meanwhile the same young man the sort of the victim in the Lincoln Nebraska bitterness persona's But I say what is the response was. The man that you know them in their link and I would ask you look at us with live at least where never is gay Lincoln on that very moment there which was just done in the office you know my guess is that as you look at whether a seaweed always their recent pick I would assume a lot of these you know sailing and I would ask a young fellow as it was a celibacy will they laugh because you're the one who's that was he and there were many others who were listening to single mothers because they knew that these were live or you got least voice Betto ceiling and I was there as them on the Ellen was the one that was doing the single A lot of these boys by you know at least 11 in line you. I stay in the order that me and
super same thing is there are some that are not a lot of you know to me to see you. But I love that there is even the money in the locust as was there in the ether can we just put it on us. Is there not among the less often seen as being the last one is one of the last personas Gessler that instead we seem to be met along the way in a bigger was just going to say than when they're on the run and obviously not on our own expense you don't even own the daughter yes I'm is that is in the ME BETTER me so the image of the amendment that gave us who said it or gave their will there sit in those I use on the machine for more or less up because you know it is the yet up way up because what is what it is about a man in the middle is also extends you on bottom of the was it good business I mean must quando live at the gutter so as long as him was like this young boy the money was gone. Yes the prophecy man the loss all Miska members a lot better than I thought it was evident that in those years was glad I was got I waggle about because I didn't see this image at the moment that all of us get to that.
In the list I was on the extent you know me as a casino or something but I may go to that I mean is this the one I was on the existing as but as this person is going to study but I'm equal but I can also it has been seen as openly So yeah we're going in but I've seen problemas the meanest person is going to want to study let's bottom of the listings you want yes they are a lost business because it has been just got it and I see it in that then but I get that I learned that it is there in those I use a list see celebrities seem to be middle they're not into or the other women that you know less is the most extended but me so is there just I was up again when I seen that a one year extension put it as a let me when I seen the negative is that yes the specialness that he or you have within him get it because you know he took them into Lincoln. Yes but unless he is the most out on the boss is there a group of those that get missed out of it in the book gets a little muzzle on the sea monkey. Because they need us you know. Yes they
lost it them you know like a bunya lost but a watch and their loss or sadness but honestly going back to the temple. But is it you would the moment the most in you know about his personas again you've got a lovely scene. It still has the means and the better missile even along with you know even extends your own endorsers I don't hear this list. Here's a look at a minister leaving a sister on his own the oblique any man innocent because who knows what God really is there are laws you know the list correspond This is the NBA but who has is a better man in the book is India is Moyes NCLR they like to be insincere. You want medical because then they'll be ample in we don't see is the winner but I mean I was just gala show you a lovely Siena I was going on and they become most normal group economically and in the local scene also a lot of voters because your easy thing with the Imp we see often ever since you join a little muscle milk toast but I you
know it's buns and see him learn from us you meant this but me so skin is the norm but it got a little bit on the persona savvy so the machine you get is I met a boy of low IList by East Tennessee mental vision I see me and you know the Alaska he does get Americans use mescaline often Menino even if they will see and stuck it on the uni is they be the one with us in the Army of the innocent man must be even if their buddies their nasty and only that. Is there a b then a premed number this one. Yes here it is sort of society on battle is a premed unknown but remember there is no look at even in this another lie because you are in a lot o level is on the mask give us a line in the second form the bit as in we can see it I mean let me guess you won't be there in the on the quantum bit that I need this. Their legacy and they were bought out or their cannot be made I mean this in the
program and there they meet us here. When I lived in the misty in those in the midst of a lake and so is the mother of the gunman Yakima Washington. Oh yeah be them by me and get inside. Is that one and that as this they make equal I noticed also me those w justice in bronzers this moment that you're low on us get you back on the scene you're gonna get a yes tell him in the in those that want this done which was years yacking roundest army in the city want them in Yakima Washington. Love it when that plane went down in the on the epic I don't but I saw to see an inch at the border imposes see us in your came up with 20 yucky my Washington because not one of their own that I like got out for their list our hero i.e. that I last lost that is called the cause as this is a three letter significant in on the brain that I get it in their typical office you know the Yakima seat that I
get to get on and when that you're watching to see that I get a basket in the US is a silly wants this year on an innocent but it would lower that upper window but it let up on that but I want that in more though they are almost in that I don't need all that other scene inspect your employment up or nearly lost let us say he is one of the letters going to put it in the US in his books. I want to spit on us get back got on the net at a government behind a mini gun in the midst of the norm in the US. Eight years in those is man up 180 is even up on it. So you have a poor Calexico or way is they bored at the sauna in there. So as one does not leave us Comoros even the butt of an intensive
discussions and forget been a stand up in the pursuit of since I might get it if you're not on but are still in money order or was that they're doing this inquiry's. He took hostile or a money order by the state research to meet us here or in Immigration Naturalization Service. It is to me Celia would normally a little mean look upon the enemy I saw in this experience or Mika in their money order. All he did was tell but this is a you are this big of a lot because you own and bones as you present is that on the girls experience there. But then you say that because you are the one with the little he had a lot of this e-list being anonymous in the land that I mean because you say you're going to spend a lot for the dummy and yes I mean like you know I can correspond. So it was also has had a few on a ski. OK your lives voice they are on the run and up with all of the scene that Munisteri is the let that get that they love
me senor but are good reporters who don't you see known as that get this this little me Celia. But your better video board again or get a command of the no problem us in the gayest as they would rather see your cortical a school with autism you see on board gets used those of us that Gestapo in the long years up in their civil museums to get her to see me just what we saw or saw me courtesy in the pot of money the need for total is the ECF little me seal your knowledge or not back at the community north of us I don't gamble. So why you allude to that in a school with autism you know soon but is a little hero Arlo's personas. Yeah a lot better than another C would not get stuck on us in a school with autism you assume so it is not so good in C it is the Muslims is the middle of the son of a compass that does not actually goes there
is that a lie or you know him again if you love and are looking after his brother is what I want to make you know. What you don't see the most on form on the young women Mandela because you're ok is this online Ingleborough novel ECM on the border of a boycott that he's done up with winter among the coldest day in those as well as the resort of Siebel but I thought I was in love with you know them you know either on the layoffs this I mean if we're receiving an e-book all these buzz about a scene you sort of see where the last thing they think of a lot of people call this boy is there still. But is he really a give you I get what I say by a person that was you know they meet us you and but and I suppose that even the permanent Oh yes Monday you know play you know
in movie Sina norco's don't go you know Los Angeles the girl will them and you're not a business listener you were the last but almost getting difficult because when we get those become marketable it was you know you got a boner as a little boy got that I mean someone pointed to him. Yes. I don't know you don't look it can one that is Lincoln Nebraska. See the last inning game on that go to the boardwalk the will begin also Don when this get the union because that is when the you know the yucky molasses in the Lincoln Nebraska. I don't know what Guillen ministers based on an area I could actually see than the one is not one as long
as the night I went on it. I'm waiting on him and I might see you not say a monocle. OK but I suppose a lot of us on the meek are in luck because the on. In not because you don't want to lie you know seal up also because you won't see OK in the US is minuscule I guess Bonnie though in love because you're not going to Iraq I have a problem. Look at the noise got in money order is all I mean they must look it in see
what they were OK I do this they can't get me going on back and we'll both say you got I was bigger than that because you own in the system is stay Yes but at the Newseum. In the end it's all I mean the US it would have no muscle no room now for another break o c o. C C C C but I'm not like it either. There you go a bit on your border but beyond almost this. But they feel OK is no muscle enough for them out there. They would rather see get the correspondent there not because you're because it was a lovely goes you're on you're going to release or wouldn't those assails going to Yahoo. OK not my problem. OK but all you know Melissa is yes you said
askin me for a mo voice me in but almost get an ocelot for ma used this post them B. C When I was about to get it last one the law Munden see that in LEVY So are you Monday gotta give out the negative isn't that what the what if yes. No Must you have to get one last song. But yet though now you're going to and the response orthogonal song on munch on us. I don't get it that was your muscle but I was always that one of those if you see that but OK. OK see when I got this the way you
become or whatever it was. Let me cook at the moment when the operation is winding the American people that is a hero in. But again you're nothing but honesty. So when they say a lot of us even to come on down which is one of the most solos than one on the morning notice this morning notices. OK but I get closer to the reason this is the man on the porch the sense from can
even break some for him. Good then Yankee you're not even going to talk about. We never do it on record. I don't know. He's a resident alien or temporary resident or they say employment authorization. Temporary resident. OK media is where the concert is. By us all of us in about a year a result of the rabbit a Quander First up thought about us what was it then that then brought on board. If that is us make us cry over sticks you can drain the missus apart the laughter check you Steph West at the about RACV LARUS even that important element the boss the women the way they get will bear market that evening.
OK so on the needle. But I'm going to think that Mr. Soucie sassed does that on. See if they will know the lodge and I know I mean the mess is a sea of their own organisation then where we eat to get a cola. Want to must import the get up at a public August lasting us the Emperor gave But honestly does it all of which you know that almost bought up all the text and the like than see on. So I wasn't proposing the plan because the Amazon a normal minion I was going to spit on as you're going to eat but alas there is email about it. OK. A right to a lost lost us none of those that I love mean yes. Ok not ok now I'm going to get one of those.
When it's not just when it's not just the last minute motions he says is the norm but no one in my place is the dimple not going to pass along as needing is Sycamore going on even the fact is is that I do you mean unless of course I was a bit different in the form of a if the other split got loose our last bit of sourness lot get your sea and the Arctic one gallon in which I was I was busy going to a whole new schools will know not to look at the business better than you probably must remain eat then a movie on one of motion but not at the office then a night to get him ready. I see is a step we go back or that will not mean that the US although the group of us got the R those e s stuff before though because
there are people see that I learn with us on those the S in front of the Amiga then also really get it. OK but I was there when is not going to see the US this then and probably. Is more a lot of go maundering we're not going to let the NSA not burning ning we're not that hit them. Ning one of these OK I just gave you the link and I would ask anyone I gotta look at it. OK and those US but it is much more larger. Yes let me smile this is the let me see it let me let me see the innocent all done in one another Who is this mythical I got is a lot of extern is more what the only thing for my SOON OK could be one of those
what is it when I see the ghost is the night I reckon I should have known better. Except that I would never let me know when I say I'm going to tell you to get bank of the U.S.. Government because you're a novice or is it that a man take a look at the letter like I'm going to feed here whatever marital the local America forever. Later enjoyment for a guy may be a missing piece of cake at home as a counselor for example by young healthy Ciena is the your only concern i.e. OK I mean for tomorrow it is going to get better get everything done up in a moment those young folk be only going to see
that it is the most. East chestnut avenue and coming out. Second I am document document right. They buy what I WANT WHEN I WANT YOU. Can see the falseness that I know. Getting room on your phone. And I mean let's remember you're listening. Yeah yeah I'm the only one of these OK. BLOCK And Wanda held up a note telling the router. Oh yeah oh yeah you can go to
whatever bank regulator to look for another window seat Beatles service get their way Also he'd. Get us will not go beyond the love be so he is a lobbyist but according to you when the bus they are displaced in the US or not we still get a CB OK yeah. But to me so good that I even see though it may get us you and I you know one took em in front of them. But it's the Camorra yesterday on the bundling. Right OK. You both want to. Win one of those but I'm not it's it isn't it. Or something but I don't know. But I
think the next thing you notice a little bit of myself. OK. That is a single misses a part of the life that I instead of a C will but I don't even work with them on the missile. No but it could be that it doesn't give us no one else is going to want to watch as they were going to marry King of guns in this would be sort of the law is you know they need us you want in their guns as young the Yankee money even if you those you know moms of the modern about some of the con You know one who has the most and doesn't but it's not going to something I want I think I just. I don't know much of the lady.
In me.
Thanks. This. Is just about how one is much easier when you can use the whole Someone will call Mary Jane because you know they need us you need guns. Yeah. Even if you know you know
if the monkey. Is put on the back of something when it's not she's not yet seen the ghost is then and I know you look at that and coming up close I ask. Maybe you think it yet then got me covered it came out hey you may have a pick up feel. He claimed that it can show that you don't like eating cake I wonder. I never I don't think a lot of money and I keep going to find out about a bountiful. Got a lot to question me to not be gusty on because you don't listen the most honest of on the boys demand that I'm not because the because you're going to get up in the pedal. OK I made over one fondle the last one the backing on the set of his books Jonas Not that I own
these if I want the money because they made it your karaoke in America I don't get quite upset from other men to protect them and make it OK. But I'm going to spend money and know what I've got in my case with the Yakima Mandela Iago you are not equal number but I could say the loss they took on the bottom. Give me head OK. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we had to go he go on and program Mikey we're going to see on TV that those models the U.S. will have because you know you're not ready why Lincoln Nebraska but I'm of the book is
Yakima Okay Betto see but I love the C on the Lincoln I would ask nothing in the bank you know I mean the ending cannot ask oh if a column under by You'd only buy it on the battlefield you know the Yakima on the uptick a public and audit will and it can Pendleton Oregon. Portland Oh no I don't see any penalty Republican. OK. Very good OK. Now the sea is a sea of The Economist On the bus what is it in simple minded whining going but we're not going man it's not because you know but about the seven of us you know want to see
but it must follow your gay argument. Generally I don't get caught up in the market that I can remember. If you embrace c bit o will go in for models with the models program as they went on not just again I mean us in the Lincoln Nebraska. Each one of these you see on them because the unit is sold with a month out of these you would also be seen as yes a Yankee mouthing Lincoln Nebraska. Yup and you have to play mulatto love to get him to marry a woman and then judge jury will see OK your prion to me. Ray you are yucky mauling and I would ask him to read it to you but it's a friendship only $1 yes. Under normal preparation brick feeblest going for man they'll get theirs Yassin on the
madness last Hispanics that bundle ya in Lincoln Nebraska or in Yakima or less than a must give you a lot of the one movie scene up or get a little missy look you stated that I lost they will not back in stock soon as you see them on the board quote I'm evil me senior in Yakima. Well no your lot ACMA Jordan away or that he he. Lincoln Nebraska used to know my ass is beta kill Indians who see that pork or a you. Know I don't I cannot see where you live on a that instructs you in as we see now live up at this in it better then. OK but you notice it in the lessons that when is not is when it's not.
Colonial media. OK but missile Buffalo and I mean about a. Sequel to stay up thinking about us want to see it in a bit of money and take on the yellow thing us all as it is about money and the APB less not because the winners but up we got about a better me so there is even to put money in to put us with the horse. And. Saying you aren't better me so get a CVN also so it's better me support always you're not alone neither are they fire media equivocally studies in the get some better missiles but always you're not one to stay. Also a spore sort of thing and so meager they receive in the bottom and in the is there be even less because you know that this event a bit of an independent source the horse but I can be isn't lost on me those marker this early.
See M.S. be the house there was was possible a lot of students have been in the game. When I notice it as when it's not just when I'm going to see the ghost is then moving in a different problem or doing limited I mean you know I read some of them up and I don't get it. One of them Uncle David. What are we going to take them and put on the planet and probably still be in it. OK I mean with that with with a quick look at the weather a little bit with puss Nava SIMPLEMENTE another giveaway. But I meant beautiful. Well Nelson you're not will be Steve because you put on in the US when I was in so I wouldn't get glass of the infamous you on is that one in four month or year old bully Quinn may he call it heaven but for the better See bit on their own d'Avignon do on this one is the
obvious saw Oisin on seal. They get out of the middle of all of the losses they also need those that will be a little sister also need those on the government. Bama always say I didn't extend your loved one is Gus's that I hold a salary equal us the study of the day I got that watching them. Oh they all do. From a government report isn't it a musty nor annoying most are we going to sort of get a sort of law in this does our Yes bottom of the world the key and went to the biggest backy last that last hour Marcos is Daniel means I'm going get what they were like a lot more to the law school such as the turn up at of it or not your ears genuine to hear the noise or the needle bottom of the will they so easy want to hit the scene that I was all bored again. Although the last piece goes quick or thought it better although they look up bit by me and Norton last of all we're not like Jerry go unless it
is that and one just a chop out of it. Norcal But on him the puppies got to say it is so not their view on the when are equal This is one of them but I won't back up what is US there are not places that another let me go what my get the where there's not a lot of the regulars as they also need those ot the mama standards the dentist but a man in this in those it was by then that this you're not bored of this not knowing other because it will yes it. Yes so you suppose then you can show them that you needed them and I mean. Women put them down when I'm up to them into a couple of minutes so that what you say. Yeah if people didn't think of you. When I'm on my phone the moment you put a few thousand or so I guess you know women looking thing that I guess is there
when I was not sure which is the only good thing about Africa. Your next election I'm accountable to you I don't know how you are going to put it back when they want it to be OK you know that and I haven't any at all. But under the rug they are equal but I want us to not record. OK in love all say this person is king in the US that will be in the US they want up equal but us will receive incept important but I want the last thing that I think a lot but this is one of the losses thousand they make one of us also need those. I guess we there you go. That's the question. Lock up those it is in the on the go but as soon as it is at them what on or in the in the
past the most important thing called all out is I let me go soon but I cannot do better me so that assume that the but I think like in say in that at this moment the Ealing island by east. Sea in those eye us up or never. W e when. I think that the SES the other we have is that I'm not gonna say him is the last day in line you know when. You see it there wasn't any of that but I mean he was even the best man in the book up in a suspense up become the butt of a bit of money which I don't think they're not going to win this motion.
I don't like. The Lot of all guilty ample the logical data giving I did not react. I really am going to be some remarks I'm not going to the media they are bleak about us. They yes they are going to see the who haven't already gotten the number but are going to win is not. When it launches budget studios they don't even know when you think they know me. Look at every reply and read on. No suit step then assume that hit that all their ball that we are not
about us will receive in separate a man in the Premier I mean there is a seat that said us that Pavel Morris said in that important nervous just as they are as the babble about us who receive in the bottle in tones of a God who stay but US would receive in Superman in the sea at the end is the Emperor can well see the office enough but I'd be sorry to Mico experience in law school without us. This look you know give Ah yes you know seems one of my most I guess about an easy nor does it that on gives us whether your are really what a board game what the what the standard than your own and to experience the different room are you. If there was a motor at the expense you won't. See bit or where is a study in the God of a horse that is Mrs. or gather whatever Mrs. C allowed the members get the lot of you so most when my your Ya bust out on ses Miss is get the hell out of his library someone gets on a horse he was I will I'm going to
school must be up there said that on the record. Let me know you are set on the viola in law school but that doesn't meet us you're almost there no less on the California. Yeah that's all obvious you know they meet us you only get a game of chicken you know what is your next big endeavor see a misstep that someone here made me their skin or that I goes up a little bit me solvency the noise problem up at the even even get a sad but honest also news and as it is a means up a bit amusing you know not him. OK no problem a battle started again this Monday you know you don't look at the muscle hit it out of the community all of you know that the new not just us who said. When are you not Andy Card System OK Ill put that on most in the US was that the in the Congo experience the.
Nother thing you know. He was one of those days when I want to see justice done in life. OK is the important one of what up honestly thought that one of us can be a stop because we're not Lincoln Ahmed Aska bottom of the will be. Is that in the wrong one just because the own is not the Pearl of the CCP about the government is in need of it on Mars OK. But if he be as us a leader May he go who does bins on the board of us that also wonder receive us to the other. If he does that that will not the Procopius be gunmen then the other thing that the US demand that an author of the song The author CBL us is our Sea Org is it they're all in those the buskin nor will be
this at the airport this time and may he call in Borders there but the nearer gaydar office you know they need us you don't give him a loss or see us for those who look a little icky and yeah but I mean either gay pussy thing with the ample is that they're Pergo are are you in law school with out of them you go see on your lease to put up with that I was in the Paramount in the scene also where the bottom of the were their game. In those as in YOUR they way other than the accurate it is better than us. OK OK it was a win which is what I wanted. Me. Me. So you know. OK. Unless for some other Ripley medo
OK. Youngest almost undergone this get the much bigger men who's done Odyssey than the permanently CMB pretty middle name. Yeah there's that version I learned there where they are all men that also see blue but who stars they are deceiving to put money into the OK C7 salami carissima to premier the Northwind that EPA ends of the lead I mean he can pick up the board at that as a lawmaker Obviously not but I am nothing deeper Naida see that I lost in the Pentagon. Get it is easy to get all of years of value that one you must a part of the the aperture in Simi and the lock out of the Amiga so people implement the U.S. will get them because of their insidious humidity Milanov in the U.S. or in those in those at the Windsor as the middle the entire human. OK THEN moment you know me. OK imbalances.
But I knew the middle there. OK. Is the most. Oh not a Communist Union also given us a list. They don't really know and you know they meet us you don't get live then again what the in the US I mean we're going to quote I guess on your level premade only Natal bitto is going to get off the scene. When I see you so see whether you can is there better good thing and dimple there than there look inside you can withstand man the loss not because the onus is on Monday Dick that means tell us if you see another humorless in those US as these but obviously not a Kunaal become more bottom to see what they have us love you see not here not there so this
idea that there was but then you see us in the light because one than the other Dallas they house in the skins of a quandary but often little Marceau of the north are starving in all in all they got on these all they have been see on gets under the gun possibly up with part of the residents are permanent they spit out their Stuckey whose disorders he was to see in movies you know you'll get your thing with their status as classes of the soonest. But all of that on these look at ball us what we seen us they mean us your ass in as a class and in the CC. It is that we're not but isn't there the hokey gears you say I gather you put him on also given us the fun of it all but in that moment when it doesn't is going to start inverted on the moment that you know they make all of the stops only those in those US are you know what I want to go out of mana. It was when I win again. Yeah it was the then they've been in the queue so nothing a problem under her.
OK but I'm not going to get the money come in the last can with 0 as you will see in the bit of money there's a the remit of the law in the bid alone you were going to market it is a compromise and they give the man in the least amount of it that the law is in the them but I just I mean sia these images that annoy us even they've been in the OK about us when is not going on much as you know since then in hating it. But then I wonder. I don't remember getting a kit but I'm in love. OK you got in and out because you wanted money order there ain't a single dollar so for the sake of it see if you don't and I don't want to see one look I'm your one of the most famous infamous bowling going of Aska. There's also a man ask a Guinness up because he has a Lincoln in the commander's
Solomin Oh no not for the law because the on all those doors are wider than the other less. But right now I don't know lemme know problema. OK you're to look at the superheroes get Mundus is also going up because the on ok but good guess as I'm hard to see Burnell got us done Marsal as they aren't as it is. So and then the US was you know I think that the must for those of us East almost get us in this I need to see is one might have seen this in among others. Heard from him that I never noticed. In money order to meet us again a must want to meet us you know at this point yet. Not my problem but from the minute that up another you don't have the computer to let me know.
It would also get in secular bull going on about us in the Amiga in an money order then. But you don't see in askin IBA is there they are going to learn what is in the must you say you are going to speak out because the on ice than to his yes I mean I can go to spawn the last will to see in money order the sentiment. But I've been so good luck. Get up I got to say to my local river but correct what if I get lost I wonder back you know Solomon This took to undersell status but I was there is on can blow the last photos as the mean but also also. Mandan I was also Yellowstone Amanda libretto that the evil man I want to see not good as man the author. OK OK OK guys is pretty much. I want to watch you go an estimate of the numbers that mean our program on this unfortunately is a problem when I watch Mary Jane they're going to see most guys those kind of tricky is the consent of both is the one that YOU
FOR must be on the much about backup I suppose authors One example is but I'm a whole another miracle instructing the lesser man I can't see us being mean to us is because none of them happen to behold it will be seen as they're going to live on I mean obviously not just single set on my way. Quatro Cinco see if they think Osaze or chick walk through a single space or is used as was the numerical project of the bridge to the medicine there other than a united people is who know what you see in books or to settle seen courses or going to some of these be the most I mean if you know what incentives this animus in the game for MUST BE THE MOST be analogous to going to what I was that simply got a new guy and I could possibly win a vote. Let's hope we don't expand the program and none of that a bit.
They are. And who. Are. He has a
who. Has. A who will.
When has not just seemed to me this what I was that your brother got into like in a queue when he spun or where is the you know I have it the DMV I mean it was in the end that most of the dumb ones. No no I meant they are busy but as a programmer when as much is going to stay this is the not yet but I look at their not using him for his pass and watch as this is less present as kissing went under and then the sink went on the victim and this time is most of us here since others was that issues like you know and much of these are the narrow but own PR and which shows us the scars will suffer in PC come in the Internet as his infamy that is yours but he lost or used as a student that then I will gather that was had visions like Alice the evergreen one of the PC not looking he says in Yakima one as much as Korea. One of the most that I've done the best I speak on the law is that it was likely not let responsibly I estimate was probably that he was if the program was that there was something that is part of the onus of course but I was because there was a combined but on does and he said Mr. Pletka going to am I must ask which at most he got more sick I wanted to post the crisis but is that going to solved.
Oh good. Morning to. Her. Oh my. Goodness.
They do it look good. You're. Oh oh oh you're. The.
Big guy. With a grin. That is just they way where this yes the most they got is the Evergreen. Look I saw him there to be a mini That would hand based on which a ballistic missile test they are going to say most to do but they don't and I support him. This person is going to spend almost a million is evergreen. You can see it doesn't is because you have it.
But I said to be put on a hand. I was stunned and not on the list. When I took on the responsibility that you know and Sierra one last time I had to get they pulled in there you know. I said what I answer then they ask us to seal a scene no classes creaminess No but it was you and Gus was cleaning nice economy and nobody was there that oh no I had Imus and castles and they probably lost their last going is yours you know about Hogan nobody industry has asked us Gusterson but there receive you know you live in the Granger is that notion has been missing from our so very long. Let responsibly that it was proper that the last word that is beginning as the end of that
responsibly as them in the last glee when their lives and does is was that it's good you're not dead it just their ink you know. But again I think God and this game not us think you know Stancl be actors gave us I expec idea but I laid it out in that only seeing you know us and treated as persona sex. Yes they're sick overdo it. San Quentin really then the things to do see on these merry guys who only hear excess Indica Davis directly at the event. What is your analysis Daniel. But I will respond who's going through that. But he employs that when appropriate. But yeah I mean I can't rattle you know I assume in Killeen local most a common city say about holy Don't be a resident they study Torrijos do not then there are times when IBM that veteran and then they can finesse a legal lesson does this from a handler and will then be entered about how the story has gone beyond this property and that this brutal bathroom and does his precious gift D'Andre
handle gay receiving about and the last of Boras on the stand on the bathroom and does his mysterious pass you and Parker they cast as movie lists if they look at it if they're gay after special is not the end and mingle with their rituals for him bro. And your stand last I mean us let me just gonna start there I mean there I mean on the very least it gave one step they can move if they interest me as a darling of this year. It has no prayer and their cereal for in their states they see as when a sacrifice has cost us we have a say in their own Questor Contras there yes no problem again which I have been the going there say when are you receive yet and this year. Then look at me you know I swear that when I said he was dead then and the fences were Dysart. I'll go to their buddy their friend their in their little mini car sick this ARISS legalists low mass
brother. Possibly but again a source but I'm not a very good source who's defenses for them services are a lot I'll go there and got nothing on me again and finally after 3 years. Care SS game with us. But this is I was asking such as but there was no malice persona's get under their noses in the end but I have to be one of them when you are that easy when you've been in these it is because of you and there is the thing. Does this you know the game I mean is that Don has a cause that protects you honest but her legs gave the sick you and a persona not the end game where say seem to end there so that they present their saliva and friend they're being hoisted. Yes important people. They look honestly carefully process and don't discuss it in a game I want. Get them in there. Lightly in its language. Knowing it's dealing with the apple barrel I pursue this
case on here by smearing your character in the space young men thing is lucky as well as good for a handful of police here this is not exactly meant. I you though I do that on and Castle of course as you know I will receive your own entry and I me until Sam and I would like him no no they haven't I said or stay in this mass. Yes it's me I want to do not under the law. Donnas put eyes on the no surveyor says. When I want to know is the colas only responsibly as appropriate that you want to get out and about I mean this is important to him. Sorry I missed US response I'm you know it's us
premier I meant they're smart and they're lucky that I'm When a star the movie ended but I seriously model scares me but then they are thieves and of course the game which I have to pay. DNA not just gay has a look at this to the Nell appropriate I guess said his father told us with Greg LeMond full sequel The first is that look Alice and the motor system last alluding to him blowsy I don't know when and where he said I'm probably my most papa said I was the handler that's between them and one of them was a little. But him to see I stand alone is an illusion. But they said they're going to spend less money. Here's Billy GROSS Are you still there. There's a report that there be a Marilyn. But when in the mirror I said Well no but I don't know is this is to get
started on the dividend. And Mr. Barron knows a lot and there wasn't one. When I got there is that as either the house and home and the dollars that goes into a certain thing and I'm there and on the net and when I started to lose those component pieces to this trip to Dallas come over him. But they handle work a Pulitzer believe most of them. The Mardis proceed on these but the Guardian said those already though it is us was blood us except Bill Condon Isiah CASADO I think you mean years as important people are they have a very glassy I don't know why but I went on his life he would have escaped you know in that young is the yeah but also into Indonesia responsibly that look at Bassett there he had a landing in the sea the men who want to mourn their loss and the rest of the day give me a dollar and there's a kid there most would remember her in drive and zeal on anybody
or is there a mean RCC No I don't believe it but it was the I just got I just because and we all know is resolved on it. But I just gives us a number that you want to see BOGO is no B.S. article you asked where you look at us when I say that but I have flow which I hand the Masaryk. Banyan algal Burrill. But I employ a little letter and then I receive it will receive the N C bang in the boys it don't they receive Iran well they don't have gigs because the Hyundai is appropriate that of up on their ladder and butt up on their elbows util Yeah and on this your list but it was sort of the body door link you knock on the will that mean that end game which I had done be ended a little bit in the least that they can this you know this. They're like us or bow to him. Law as they were last year away but not the any other least and with a feast. This place up rocky loss programs like gas or so probably must
starve on wander and thrive on the hand to get a standard bundle and those on the various So I'll learn they like us are here and we're lucky. When I go on the UN three out of bravado Yes my sleep was if you notice even if they then they receive your source. Contractor they rent it to me and there they they have a layer low that they really are in a coil of yours I guess if you have a sister stand novices but it was well-meant they stifle it on English better so you still feel them out there must if you see laughter and they are going to sarang whereas when I you feel me. But just ask a novelist or regular sort of the body top of Brightest Day but only be on a window sill or had they said yeah but he had a serious See your barrister ethylene arrow now. Danielle and I have a sister ask little
book once but the ample. I see no reason that SES may say survive theirs with a body though of course usko molesting him which I had the Masonic yes yes yes and probably in the last article on the list yet and I said I'll be OK. The last dying to know and so on and that is me. They have a little in the system then continue our last responsibly that is their lot another property and I think you know said I love you but I don't think you said what he said Alice. Not the end of the bushes but in Russia sucks has cost us Dannion month and there and when I started lessons door last year on this electric us they blow Mary equally facts you on the office about the VSS Oreo's property and I was put out another one and does his last proof. Yeah I guess it was your man the month analogy. Income this year is rather an odd lease QUANTRILL Freo you yeah. Proper see another spin on this
Davis who rightly so I got on a record. There are others who are gay from problematic images and that the only accept the end of class of the laughter that NTSB from us that are on about them and posting and they get a lot of stuff. Appropriate are you going to give proportionality stuff instead as you know nice and Aquinas but assuming this knock on effects you Iago So one of necessity that is rather an obvious dealers in giving us and dozens more to hang on and I struck the scene at least in the game not in they must play against me but they got the facts. Indeed yes in the course of their names which was probably most in the US and they were in the door but they'd let us film but as a great deal contra the garden and all of our of the Zebulon appropriate on the scene and the sea and look at the names were probably not going to appropriate Aereo and the elk You
know it was cost us and the elgato Latinos and also after us get a most are you that better on their own their development of equal nobody else and I saw first going to Cardinal Scola appropriate area but I am for Maliki. And lots of crappy care stuff. There was money put them there. It has there been no DCA see a lot in the order of a yard I'll go last and not a lot and get of course and if they have it then they win the hand. Manager good receiver and ilk on the other will win and loss about them and the CEO's newest And you know the start of those courses get your kid because he is Dave and I seriousness they did not know them and I said probably various Douglas Adams going south of the area in the end when appropriate that go in there not a lot out of the of the bus you only like golf. Yes the
most important thing I want to see on the persona VME they will be on the lookout for a certificate in a lot of problem a skill not unlike Alice you know they have an interruption us and if the class are illing and working at I don't know where they are and you know if a media is that you can look up with a monolith and SD is one problem. Yeah I guess it'll And we've elected the garble the M.E. when. See a certificate but it was invented there will be a lot like look. OK I asked as fearless you know this and they will call the go elsewhere then there are a speciality so young on Bleecker laundry is burn and burn their souls who ran her ass to procreate are you. Other laughter at rest your niceness a sorry yes but I mean who are on this your list in the castle. Ask them this unison than malice can not know they have been really ARCA
staring problem or where in Myanmar and with refuse you know any of it is no such as pulling most rebellious I give the Indian classes got a personas in class but I mean what is it in that they look at as lethal doses can be any the less you are inspect that like I said easy I was Bussy and throw me under the bus it is possible but as soon as it is that it that the they were the porn industry the narrow enough that they will go. That is they don't know not about the back it probably has you in his pocket. Is that a sandwich a lost cause ik is thinking on a banana but I know I'll probably tell you that. But as Eunice and I see that you know I don't know what that I was in I think a communicant about as young as I am pursuing me until
death of this kind of this gang problem or another. Abbreviate are your last misses a Doris Day or a press you on this eternium there be asking what is going on what inscrutable they see M. L.. Yeah I mean we're not going to provide an analgesic if they go. Back to the Europe or is going to begin again provided I can laugh it as you're going to feel my voice the car will not end or the end they sat on this necessary is done pronto. This place there is to be alone and in DC a brisk little in the last early last barely other cnt this way explicative gave audience a will most people say they think those men think Wattles all of us but impress our eldest daughter. Luckily facts Jaan likely
see that all are about as young the and when a suggestion but he also bought a hamper CDN inning us to keep those in the asset as anyone in the UN will be not the illiteracy that is said then by loss or US but I invested a lot of it as you on the military here either or when asked to back this Oreo important liberal press you on the head in the door for him. LS The last two for the FDA spot in place are also on the US and those lost in mass castles and losses yesterday they'd be in the US when the birther game where he said Art but that they they had a regular say that one and this year so I got on the go pretty play eat than BNC this place the ball was dead when I said that US artist is represented as York Iraq's because Los Angeles takes the cut and waiver.
They've been there a little and not going there. When a serious movie Ankiel in a play that in and of this year briskly the immediate and then they seen better ending going or end up a gallop or Underland battle already so they the body talk is over. If he is gone though ill that you know you missed necessary as me a slice of the book because it's done by am not going to cause a young either looks young. There aren't that many of us lucky about adult but us or lesser Plus you know this scene after their last local authorities out of work with Time nasty Maybe you missed that and that and thinking you know where they that are in the appropriate are you. Life is the most you know what I think you know they lost cost us the ass a lot of us you know this and this is a present this year
briskly till they win that about us in this area they have blood you will think of us as he don't see on the last two for you're the only person like it but I said Arthur on this one the wacko star your president you know you're able and I will look at Michael start it and this is the alligator but rather than the N and that oppress you don't see appropriate that you know in PSA then through their ability although to get real this way to be on the Illinois DCA corps is critical mass. Lena the NE necessary is part of that I'll take nickel and can validate a lot of but I still was able to make it. Mechanical Uggla get a person like you drive a horse eat DNA that appropriate that he'll lay that body of
service yes. This place where they do see it Al Gore study laughter but I still miss the lot and that they gather but I know what it's over Bussard that entering mess in Los aboard and the mast in those are investments what is in the belly of the need those images and those are sequester. Mr misted in Maine asked if they got there where they are Sarah Lol but I like him. They are the ONLY get out of this yes but there are these base in there on this. See El Castor they laughed at us you only snow sort of Us Or maybe you'll miss it or maybe a miss. They didn't know in PSL they're sort of us you're listening to the earlier though this little and this. When the end of the superscript the curious their
mother go to the not the US it is the most briskly to eat this place would be that of the very spot inspection that EPE where the ghostly laughter bless you in this matter reality be unsuitable I hope they let enter their mace again. If the people they represent young but if they're not know where this will get us out of I mean a lot and the men who are in the mass to let in the midst of the burial of the those images and those as pretty as a lot of those basis and the new. OK City any artist. Yes a table the problemas or C castles did they grab this one inkling of what I am for certain of them under a law court there. Whatever that there mean articulate enter there the seventh seal like a security hole asked if he
saw us he sent this and does this. So yes I had the gift. BURTON I've got a dental problem was a horse but it is OK if they live in a state of pain and they asked looking that I had the Langley Valley selectively see insists than. So I'm glad I meant they and their legal US allude Bonan. Glad I meant them to lead a less a mood or less agree that they were easy with our you know I'm a senator Plus you know my standard of burial and this and a little of that none of this year they have made that I got a cast and this year I have those problems. So yeah you're listening to Sirius now link you know where they are. A will be on the look.
But I expect you in that you know if you don't get I'm probably an idealist minister then go look at where their body tolerant that who Dora went there and does it in the NE then you're lost if you dress on the little prison than they will be on the lookout. OK I have to realize you on this. Elsewhere people in there in that much of a serious point and yet Allah s s impersonating me until their stomachs are in London will come out of the Yakima and does His will is no better way is better and yet the secretary of the court they are serious if they go and Manipal merrily in their car. Appropriate that you know when I receive you arrested in the scene where you most write letters and then they will be on the Elijah Lazarus you know is necessary yes. And I probably must not probably much better I have various courses
where they stand beside rest day and if the book is My horsey is put in your mouth and was roughly seen at this park in a social spot on us if we got of me who are going with the barrel get a persona where he must be seen and so as you can. But basically cloudy but a plane has been in the news. It was you know look I don't know if you know if I was OK. You must get on put in your mouth. HEMPEL and Yakima. I feel that if you used it just a little effort no I understand. Because you and I are also was racist and then the persona inspect your handle
and Sunnyside know so that like you know it's not the end. Do you agree with us oh yeah. But I'm not even looking a little tid bit as much as the Saudis themselves. They obviously know the evergreen trees like Alice the analyst on the phone with me that is the most profit that use the most in the ME. Ask us. And does a responsibility that is to get this person on throttle
left leg less awkward see adult then this place CEOs receive and be so impressed as political he goes after those Greg Lemond has given us a lot of them and they go to sort of us who are not us but I know them and they told us last as his property and that is bought and that in the world they had done with that and. Elusive case study in the US and the Swiss family as this goes. That being that if they stand up what I said
yesterday I spent most of my audio not political but I've seen been there a long week lot and they'll know political that I've bought a new song nobody called up or Normile federally Yes but in one of the boys it felt very sad it's great they'll come when they pose you don't call me your ex began this but NPR like I said She asked what I meant beguiled and sickened in the country. And then they disagreed on Danielle appropriate that I was just simply that us this three leper here that Brit can meet the people they molest you know in the probably and I didn't need any cash in the property and I'd get I think. Unless you're not going to throw this scene that I was wrong in the world and I'm a lot of the NCAA. And as you say it is so unless responsibly and I still mean us.
We got boarding almost on a segment on Augusta when I brought them into the den again and I'm going to rattle in his cradle. No it's a legal authority of Loki has only got the realist C L and they pose it till the end of the week and gone is gone this youngest son gotta eat and b n quando Elvira disorderly both the innovativeness and the Bush people say I'm going to get going but I have no. Then there is your caliper So I guess that I planned and they get up and surrender and that when the gas are they up the nearest US course US C-band I'll deposit on or near an A-lister they can this you know it's in the castle or anyone there and the character of those personas has done much of this is going to handle not undone and they locked us out of it.
When is it and what is it about as soon as there's a separate report the Reverend Wright No I mean is that. We're going to look at this is this a botanist as you know in our bodies credo he says do and not just look for this holy temple directly Marcus everybody whether this you know what happens when I get that and the like of them when I see is deficient in not only seeing the sea not the NASD the oyster least nobody asked us to it's begun looking as me who are keep within me who are going without a like I said see DNS. Going to that and yes just probably there is no honest us and at last he has come with us from at the end.
But in looking for a blessing I suppose he means move in the Red Sea and the land and sea in the night and the system but no easy task. Let's go in the sea on this one. They are you know bread and then they were sort of thin with the process. They've been there and they know it will not enter in Auckland as young ladies do. Yeah it seemed as Mabel will have to give up seeing you know I see being the second in a game of evidence because it is the US isn't the problem again with us and going from US withdrawal. Receiver on and this ticket is a winner. Still not back I'll add in that the Inner Game of Ashley in place the US be Ensign yank him oversee in place yes
CA is no way I can be a darling of course ass Shafik I mean like I know about us artistic so used to be and suck it up with a physic I mean they pressurize and they like us or not but I got that I propose a dollar service as they would be nice and appropriate. No political fees got probably a lot especially now if they were thinking you know us know what is going on there. It's Expo Sapphic and they will for Western you know that then they are so low but it is the biggest legal studies in Alice. See indented I meant they they they said. When appropriate. They link you know personally as they have in your model. See you're prepared. Stay calm us began this
trend I mean look at this link you know I lost I just you know it's used to think about a psychosis. So it's not an assault was when a lot gave up US or this place was thrown us place near us. So you know where they all CPS. They're debugger there be a lot and I would put that down on the ground they all go looking a lot and said as in past Sat. We communicate them under the court they have our entry guard you know 50 grand healthy any good bread and thus in a court in the US and I mean us defend their say President defense us present honest briskly. Oh very eloquent they
see NSD invented the Whigs. Well operational is when you look at others and you know there was that and if they whisked you elsewhere they open your onion source to scold us their level actually about in the court they eat them BNL with a year vinyl Shareef all then they like what they do they see our share of window SS personas. I want to get in those threads the bottom of their say and those in step whatever they already know meant they receive in and of the Sick of this icky thing will place the bottom of enemy barrel and rarely that thing go on us and I'm not a menace that a but that is a trivial case on Mr France us eat them there but our present arson present army unlike what they in this place there they asked us to see the Conoco thing but it has to be born and then surely the Quander share really.
Prepare your bread and circuses courses but then me and open that butters and that little men. Guess who's their quest but that we not and I just you know I said I sober before you any DNA Defensor So the only problem is going to be of value as my horse where it will surprise us a script that used to be a thought to all of them the end CBS russkie Saunders The Eagles but a very black and then they have a record that last and this year. S s s. If this happened in pursuing me and the awesome a.m. minute you give them a damn brunt look at us even but there is there are there any of our lives on a novel that owe us a resource like Alice but again such as by their loss vanity case and that's probably most coalitions with defense or something.
It's not just that this is someone who's down on the day this guy says was that going to be better.
This. Is just a bit of a win as much as the way where this is the house I'm going to go and when I got there was recently I was there to greet him. Over the last response a lot of products are used the minute was the last person is going to discuss this is
because rent than say I get in at the bottom line is not open them up again. You may be in muscular and I've been the recipient was one of about 11 the only body don't know this because Duke isn't as I see get to the bottom dollar as they don't let me see this I want to see a girl run in the literature they go brown the boys don't see no memory on both sides to the boys it'll be any case here. See regulars Arlo and give Natalie he said They call this your list like I said. But again very very glad. Guess I'll ask the listeners to like us on the Internet. Eat MBM this waste it in you know. I wonder how Sally like us a limp be idle. So you stand not receive a dental. They got there. See the s one I got
next because young gay appropriate audio as the body doe you read asunder so and then but I was there Danielle director there ready to receive a dollar. They pull his dough and does it as many important people came out to him. Not receiving not this place they were mace. He has no soul and will not get it. Was there a step back. Holy pinion they originated the earth although So they boarded the lady sick. Not as much as mood is not with a feast year for appropriate that you stand it. Thank you Nina because you see on the what I said as the elderly and they get a letter. The boys don't know and this is really their you know their they believe the body does you no good that I mean this is there with them. As you know that meant that this place used did not receive a severe budget or in the course or where I am and was roughly seen of it is no surprise but there was a reg'lar girl time embody your eloquent and honest back in yes but again unethical are they not the end.
They are unknowable god Danny. But I prayed and I suppose you missed know where the presenters whose destiny goes to Brevard DNA evidence here physica. After those million dollars per day it's because the story still oppose it will receive and I really mean and this is 2000 the book is on the line to the last court this menorah as if the Emperor that is the better part of Parineeta So this is to put this is a good one or one and that is if he in a condition of the gasoline and I mean that is he still is. The only party to scrutinize commissioners and impose it on toll is the minister in this only because of the cardboard. Crispin we have and they are all designs on the visual actually Rachel and what I learned all the regulars uniforms all in the lane is a parallel really that we have now is a key come of llamas and that is again. I
hand them the emotional and. He's done and he can is the beginning only as us no say in the Suburban is bigger than most because the horse with the glass like us who that is was called he was cannot be within this era of your novels follows the Internet as Gaza's income your family don't look like us alone they know they were there there was a persona for him before and we know this. What does it all mean is this when it is the income UI being the persona splined others like us. I mean more private areas sadly it is that all animals don't that in a book it is about one standard on this. See look look at York you know they see or talk and they say look on their faces they go Randall lost appropriate areas in the middle class persona scarce nothin and passes nothin and there is here. See
ya man and go beyond I look at you as a man. There mean that I thought that I would hand the Iraqi you know they're in this they're not social for they must know us know now has a rap you know better lent than men they can be our last on this young as I see not side they most on life report I'll give a sort and I stuck on that I'm not the only bust that is really on this but I did I had they gave me and i key and also it was nobody most of the near the in their assistance to ferret out but again nobody must brother. You know I ve actually got a much as Mrs. Gay I wish I had to give even I can also rope but I'll sort of but that was brigade got there see it in Augusta better than in the last you know band and moved to the metal. CA has played in the report that it's the you know sort of but I'm not that little lass VNS in I stay in with on the you know they're in there I'm yellow they can see
reported and represented in the gun. I don't mean ass who ran bordellos on the gate. When I go to gate then I see my bus haven't you and me and stiff stand the junk the Holy See Berkeley authority or rather the acid I think people there there mean a lot and the whole month a lot and reduce either loss or resource loss less and less your list below singleness then through their last nerve and that the s c and they sell it here since you're this is their interest but I think you need no nickel for me that honest there Larry but I can see the article more of Brazilians can move it around and may not think you know as they will and those who can threaten the union and does this. So use their Yamla but I see it again I could just
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stand is the last you stamp with us on the nearest way that Alice says that Alice is based on a standard under the skies as it was about the mentors I mean going in when she was their age of income usually response when asked maybe and it was about the mentors the yes the baby and all of us wanted it and I began to solving this was the nature of the last method I just come with the expert Gallo idea last year it just opened near a press release and says sorry yes there mean I live in a time in there when you're mad and we struck. Yeah. Your sister by Randall Booker got us better is just no point in this or not but I don't know that no one under the disabled has begun as a give me some advice on the standards even though the notion that Alice is that our hands you have is that when this discusses the dilemma I had ordered the last gasp of dollars on the gift that the recipient
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Buenas Noches
How to apply for permanent residency, housing tenants rights.
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KDNA (Granger, Washington)
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Episode Description
Una representante de la Oficina de Inmigración y Legalización de Yakima y Seattle, Mary Jane Hernandez, discutió los requisitos para solicitar la residencia permanente y confirmó la dirección donde se enviarán los documentos. También informó al público sobre los servicios de apoyo y las extensiones que se ofrecen a aquellos que tienen un permiso temporal que vence pronto para estar en el país. Se invitó al público a llamar y hacer preguntas al aire. Segundo episodio: Buenas Noches examina los derechos de los inquilinos y las leyes de inquilinos y propietarios. Un representante de las oficinas legales de Evergreen en Yakima enumera los diferentes tipos de inquilinos que existen para aclarar quiénes están cubiertos y quiénes no por las leyes de inquilinos y propietarios. La discusión explora una variedad de características y requisitos de las unidades de vivienda, incluidos los estatutos que garantizan la seguridad. La entrevista termina con una lista de autoridades que pueden ayudar a los inquilinos cuando los propietarios no cumplen con la ley. Este segundo segmento se cierra con los oradores señalando que, como ya existe una Asociación de Propietarios, los inquilinos deben unirse y crear una asociación de inquilinos para ayudar con la aplicación de las Leyes de inquilinos y propietarios, y apoyar la creación de leyes que protejan a todos los inquilinos.
Episode Description
A representative of the Immigration and Naturalization Office from Yakima and Seattle, Mary Jane Hernandez, discusses the requirements to apply for permanent residency. She also informs the public about support services and extensions offered to those who have expired temporary permits to be in the country. The public was invited to call and ask questions on-air. Second episode: Buenas Noches examines tenant rights and the tenant and landlord laws. A representative from the Evergreen legal offices in Yakima lists different types of tenants to clarify who is and who is not covered by the laws. The discussion explores a variety of features and requirements of housing units, including statutes that guarantee safety and security. The interview ends with a list of authorities that can help tenants when landlords do not comply with the law. This second segment closes with the speakers pointing out that, as a landlord association already exists, tenants need to unite and create a tenants association to help with enforcement of the tenant and landlord laws, and support the creation of laws that protect all tenants.
Series Description
Buenas Noches es un programa radial de servicio público que se enfoca en discutir la problemática que afecta directamente a la comunidad latina en el Estado de Washington.
Series Description
Buenas Noches is a public affairs talk show which focuses mainly on issues directly affecting the Latinx community in Washington State.
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Talk Show
Public Affairs
Spanish Language
KDNA; Officina de Immigracion en Yakima y Seattle
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Interviewee: Hernandez, Mary Jane
Interviewer: Rodriguez Faz, Ninfa
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