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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations. And by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Sue. Sue. Sue. Man. At that. Thing.
From his resume there from India
of Roanoke. Here's something that most boys can't do. Girls can see if it works for you. One other time get down on your knees and put this cup in front of you about a foot. Now with your hands behind your back them down the cup right side with your nose. When you have to straighten back up without falling over. Good luck. Look at. That from this in. Any one. You go yes. I know but what can you say it's 10 years long. I think it's going to extreme. You. Know look. Like me my mom you know I'm. Right here.
Next to last longer. I think you guys OK. Would you. Say how much you care. Yes this is we have changed. I guess it was just sort of like a.
Brand. Yeah it's weird. It sounds then it's like it's easy when you live it was like like oh you know that's only gets a little oh I know but if you put breeds at the beginning OK right now I would begin to tell you as she goes to he'll see. That would be true for me. Yes wager with the children the way I look. I know any good when you get them may. Go. And get it. Because you're going to die and. This is you. Yes.
Have you ever met a shy person. Why do you think people are shy. Afraid because a lot of people before. And. Just life might be a whole bunch of them because they scare. They're afraid that you might hurt them. They just they have no coverage to stand out from people. Because sometimes you think they're ugly. Can you think of any other reasons that people are shy. Have you ever been shy yourself. Quite soon tell us about it. Box 3 5 0 0 0 Boston Mass. Always 2 1 3 4. That. Was. My.
This all started when I was about 8 years old when they kept pestering my mother because they couldn't find anything to do she says. So that's what I did was it was a great one until I fell out and I vowed I'd never. Try again. I made learned seven out of the ground. Before and I'd learned a little bit
stronger. The first time my friends and I saw a boat here we all had to sleep on the floor. It was kind of crowded so I made these bunks. I just go to add things as I go along. I want to build some stairs on the first floor and the boards I had were too short so I put a platform under it. This can be used for a table or a chair or whatever I need it for. I wanted to make this trio's better than the others. This first one that's got the most floor space and you can stand up in every room. The hardest part is putting up the first beam. After you get the first beams up you put on a
floor and you have something to stand on to put up the walls and the roof. And then you just start going up. Where everything's going to be screwed up or Woodson it's what I want to be. My boys from tearing down buildings by the bridge. I just like building I like putting up beams and nail on boards on see what I need.
I'm going to keep working on it all summer but it'll never be finished. I never finish any of them. My dogs don't talk by Joy-Ann Kavanagh of Richmond Hill New York. At one time they were talking dogs everywhere. This one dog Charlie could never stop talking. Everybody called him Gabby Gus. One afternoon his friend told him he talked too much. He got insulted and figured to get even with him so he would talk for the whole day without stopping. The king of dogs King salami heard this and punished him by giving him a screechy voice called a bark. His friends felt sorry for him and complained to the king. So the king gave all the
dogs the same punishment of the bar. The main King Sound and from then on all the dogs could do was bark. By law only fresh air over Houston Texas today. Oh well here goes. One. So. What do you think you do when you are a poor now have any more stories to report on a jump ball rate. Would you like to join me. She. Already. Was. Yes. Thank you.
I can see. That way. What do you think you are. I'm a reporter. And I don't have any more stories to a port and I have no pins left. We're going to jump off this bridge. Would you like to join us to thank. Sure I was ready. And. Just a minute. What do you think you're doing. I am a reporter. Anymore and I have no pins left. I'm a prize fighter and there are not any more prizes left by we're going to jump off this bridge. Would you like to join us. Well a lot of folk of AC. Are you ready.
One and. I got right with you and. I can report. And I'll add any more stories to report. You know and here there is no pins left to get on the prize fund. Now we have many more pros love to fight. I'm a private eye and there are no more privates left who are really just brought this bridge would you like to join us. Well OK. Have. They Ready ready. There. Was. Really. No way stops done. Why are you jumping off this bridge. I reporter and I live anymore stories to report. And I did hear them and there's no. Hands left to handle. And I'm a prize. And there were no more prizes of I almost cried and there no more privates left. I'm a clown and I can't make anybody laugh. Well I'm just a little girl and I don't have any more my two blind as a
lollipop. So can I join you when you work. Well I was. Sued by a very young girl one time she. Was. Last Straw. If you have a story or play you'd like to see on TV right zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. Oh. Right that's. Right.
We get up really early in the morning around 5:00 or 6:00 to go ballooning because that's when the wind is the lightest. My father started ballooning around three years ago. I'll be OK. All right when I get to that with no. Forget you. It's really great to see it get bigger and bigger. Yeah I needed that. All right. You think one of them got burned up. I know. It's having. An older. More fly. Yeah. Thank you Carol. After all the equipment is out in the field we put the gas tanks into the balloon basket. I have to attach the tanks really well because it's really important that they work.
Child. The balloon is now being filled with cold air from the fan. We then use the gas tank from the border to heat up the air in the below. In the air inside the balloon gets hot. The balloon rises. Sounds really sound like. A plane is landing in your next door neighbor's yard. The phone. When you first go up in the bill you feel really scared because you feel like either the basket is going to fall or you're going to land in some trees or are you going to fall out of the
basket. When you first leave the ground in a blink. Really creepy feeling to see everybody get small and small but then after a while it's really fun. To see. All your friends houses and your own house. And everything else. Would throw. At you. The sun. The sensation that you feel when you're up in the blue and you feel like a king looking over his kingdom will you feel like a bird flying in the annual fee every you want
to. The end. You're. Home. For. A little while. Mary Kate Healy of St. mass sent us again. You
can figure out the cross sticks are here right now. Always. I know that I noticed. You know I have. Right. Right right. Yes. Yes I know I. Just came. To see me cry. And that's right. Again. You make fun of it but not. When is he angry. Right. I think Jason nobody knows what.
Good are my three crossed. Paths cross again Iam again. On a regional morning. But right now I guess. Come on. One two three. If you. Shine. You can know it has nothing to do with my new theory. All right I do no wrong wrong time wrong. He's got a losing streak like a lion to you. Why did you.
Land on me. And you know. You have again. You don't have to buy. Sense. From me. Plenty. More after this message. Job. Done. And now back to soon.
We don't. Need every death death death. We don't think that we that we don't. Know. We don't. Need a. Debbie that. Everything. We. Have. Everything. I chocolate you will resume after this important message. WB You know what there was it was the best Evers of an Abu Dhabi us Caribbean cone that puts a couple on the boat has a boat Deb of programmed to slobber over every ever ready to live pics. I.
Now bow of its stubborn rabbit. Baby I can't say. I'm Spud becoming a Bobbie about loving webpage that you haven't cover Luverne of if you know what I want tell them. Ruby Dr Bob Baer Robby you've forgotten up so the end of this I've been I've been bar level. Well if you are then other stuff am I then what do you think about what it is now the other instructions strop up there Robbie. Is that right. Double Bubble Bravo Bubba stubborn my best about to throw the full bore. Oh.
How about Robin. I want to be a busy bee rather you have a lover. Yeah but you have to have that tub above elements of it that is what about love it Domingo. Now there you have you have to have a tavern of a rabbit and have been tried by total coverage of it. I've been I've been having to watch. My By now bins up on up on the fly book. But yeah but because I know you have a coven. And.
I mean. Here's a letter of protest to the supporters of the A-B Debbie a ridge from Vincent Morello of Monmouth New Jersey. So I mean. Where crip drop zone up Sir Nick. Dornick. Up Zenin Kremen. So. Razzle frazzle. But ze me fool. We think the R be deadly language like Latin is a good grade which we sincerely hope that you will soon correct this serious error. Yours truly. Vincent you really are chairman of the joint incorporated.
Oh. I don't. Know. How to do. That. The. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation
and by public television stations. Want.
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