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years before oh no i mean you're you know
a half hour if it's really true that that wasn't says the civil war omar this is very nice most years later he says it is a tie and hughes says
felt as those one was that the south was the little boy and it's one of the real complaints against john stones was fourteen years back and now people like this that into positions of leadership and some point is whatever was rationed the emancipation of slaves was now accepted as a fundamental constants on the phone to you so you cannot let the white south african americans back into condition so seamlessly and this is why ms alsop it
does pretty nice right now i'm john ydstie are republicans they are willing to support a new department reconstruction on the basis that people are not succeed that the reconstruction of work half of what we see this i think many sellers whites is senior researcher as a horrible disaster they think that this is now
because you're a politician i think this is a serious business very very few whites a barrier to stand up and say okay we've got on this is that you know the situation say is inevitable houses now got to the success and results between lobbyists the morass and then you get to land so you know that's a that's a recent census as the finals yes it
is what's that congress at sixty six or early sixty seven lessons that was the stream of the port's pilots less violence against the organs johnson government's been able or willing to put this stalemate create militias which eventually opened fire units still loyal run of rain fall prey on the radio full slates the army is a very minor presence is so military application is still remain in south asia to maintain order this jobs bill they said
any decision to maintain order in the society passes no one comes in johnson's impeachment votes that will level how it happens in one action well he is why patents jon says he thought he's trying to delay his trial that his governments to continue our strike started last year by police use its power as an energy
minister in this oil prices were to do a job and as he's trying to do we get more or in the process of the debate last week a secretary of war stanton who was about the republican caucuses this was actually transacted and i was just moving in jobs bill and that is a tasty the big vote that the house of representatives to impeach the president and top of each one of them is the junior at what i mean just in the sense that you know the president just isn't president was and i
think in a way it's the result of the accumulative in the last congress of jobs johnson pulls the levees that way he approves of the continent so their own races the problem is the cost of this conference as president it is possible that once because he had such a giant columns but yesterday at sixty thousand feet but eventually removed set into celestial the problem was that the president requires passengers to high crimes of this leader's it wasn't quite clear what crimes justify community this was a
violation this is what you're doing the idea was there was very closely lately that they deserve where they were later the law of the land and their families and soul of our land loss they really forced the only the airport
as compensation they should get some of the sunlight they also promised land sure it has to be led in south georgia that last session with freelance european market he says bopp hat right right so it was a law congress that it was before this is the last year when they do it is the american
this is true this bill but they don't win win but that will change those so that's the thing to do when let's talk about an intruder who's in these people who talk emissions are in time and what do
you think is at the top there are a whole variety of people they want a free election before the force once was it was a big day for a lot of these decisions you know i'm not going to be any kind of labor that's the gentleman was licensed it lacks a lot more if unless they are satan's the er in the first place lawyers so congress who survives the transition from slightly different levels of over these last instruction wasn't thinking about later when the freedom and they would give you still see just brute force let's say you know freeman region work are needed as a as a slate quiet and moore
says that after unrelenting later a decision on a benefit for us we educate you know they were caught up in the work that's the that's the us forces were so they said as lois last saturday press than actually don't want the south and more as if really a sign of a sleeveless we're coming out with it will the free world
your questions most diverse portfolio work what's the problem we were caught isolation we don't support ourselves a supporter of mrs was just for yourselves as a review of the new film do want action now and the divisions like maliki was that liz prevent the lack of what they tell us at the aspirations of the white house
in indian constraint limited freedom that likes acquired the definition of like freedom they're trying to implement is the most restrictive definition pastrana twenty four slaves back into positions close to slavery as possible while still legally speaking the three individuals had so many lawyers concluded that the wine that casals was in the white south and the freemen in legislating about isolationism and given that there were new musician except the full the full consequences obviously so the white house mr paulson this president johnson's experiment and so dozens or one of them
mrs bean you know this is big he is yeah this is an older generation police this cast of characters former slaves for slave owners' northern politicians former generals friedman security agents all these different types of people each with their own
sort of agenda of their own ideas about what should happen now that this lady rizo recent wars over there or try to construct and now the situation is and there's a sign and they really feel it so they're struggling it is many's aspirations that's why there are so much
violence and because of the construction the desires for slaves are quite often the four slave owners want to see happen it's so so tiny a parrot we know how it's perceived by the scene and trying to figure what what does the us need to then run an interview with the
treatment his hands so this is a beautiful view you're right you don't land in conservation and a nation and the writer ross losses says it's because solar cities have treatment so this is tremendous you're
absolutely right and yet he says he is so going off so you write about this year is the end of the year a year that has seen the morning and sees the bay you
know that is bad the complex slavery in of all places but very rarely if ever and for slate so you have such a large share of them you know liberal policies the common with the franchise in more than three four seasons mostly with the agency very hot hovering qualifications he was so this really was a moral leader the law for world history as the first more serious the seasons isn't anywhere
and for african americans is very very serious dave davies host this is the act that is the greatest you're right mr francis you're supposed to be doing unable to participate in life the science of the medieval was full of these for sale is a recognition that they would no longer have signs of them this
is a tremendously exciting and moving they seriously see pictures of the graves of people attending a political needs registered to vote standing on still very reasonably say ninety percent of those eligible because this was the fundamental change in their relationships with american society it's been so quiet for what
well i think these you know usa is african american farmers say they heard the rhetoric has favored investors a major political speeches they were legal well now who was it reflect on those that means that you're roasting it needs the usa shows who comes around a recipe in these the usa and the legislators who was a member of the lactose legislators justice
ginsburg and right this isn't worth it he's saying this most of the seas is so you please do so in some ways and
so austerity policies the reason he says right away uses and mr obama says if you are the foreign minister stays the reason it says is this
in the elections that these are possible conventions it's estimated that message are no so why once at the stations most of his life i think the forces of the right in those days his favorite writers tennessee louisiana very close even you know so they were so white southern has lost a lot of wealth room while the notion
that oh this is that justices don't want physical and investor losses thank you it just works it at sixty seven most will stay still visible on your last in most states only use certain when the fifty states some white southerners in houston a lot because you are causing last authority on the south we will not step in the door and there was the
northern whites consumer uses your last one percent of the population but they were they were not at a wrong way you know he uses for political power and say so but i'm going to do it hostility to my support was still very widespread in american society you know so it's fitting that decision last operation in the south even though it didn't exist was no was based on a bike stations a combination of moments political expediency
mississippi the protection of those this is right was it as far as the interest of the nation the the failure of the previous reconstruction is a combination of moments that this president an experiment in international markets where they just ran with it into summer this is
going for roy is one of those places and they did it but the great majority of the black population lives in rural areas the plantations now the summer sessions republican party decision to get political speeches deletions organize all around places local areas than the law's opponents umass seeds it's a position frost willis example in the political in the political realm and they're doing and it's really a very exciting moment one
state places thank you yeah yeah commentator still politicians it really was so you were
drake it was there was the fact is that this john waters ladies that were running again for it says is that you know this is the way the house that is the case that's the estimate well planned operations but once those
videos do you go into politics sometimes they successfully siegel but they're really not that different from people who moved to abraham lincoln was born in kentucky get a major distributor what was your history sms delayed us border was comedy senate wert says it's a second from the form but only those boilers vegas al qaeda always supported aggressive last name was just so there's one ch
why why you know it is so it's a long line and white republicans and he's in places where basic questions about the nature of all what is the nature of democracy voters reelected what is this and you know the details of liberation this also be a kind of liberation going on what's politically in those areas not support of the confederacy
for the last kansas will receive a sentence yeah poll me
there's bees oh geez we're going to do as benji well tomorrow things going on seventy seven sixty eight is the emergence of nowhere and they lacked a little plastic group of men little years ago elected to office for the first time in american history before the civil war they went to black soldiers in their
sixty one was a local official in ohio and one in massachusetts so black soldiers one no in america's wars member states curator what is it but some of those militias you know mrs no
surprise and he says so it's classic politician it stinks why man thank you we're the necessities in there
less is it african americans or is uncertainty going on in the world of civil rights their supporters and this was the nation's patience which is why some people are living in the midst of a colossal transformation a lot of sweat every year of a president's rhetoric in a year well it's
because it is this point is not a social top job the leaders of their civil allegations your supporters but still misses were high why the slaves there's human condition and religious sensibilities or sawdust or christianity based on the wall webster says uc he says
just occasionally are still religious set aside very good right yeah and he is was a collision the numbers vary is a state line curators hit
the wires mr osbourne services it's more like an assistant that but he's very skeptical about last one says it and in many ways the democrats tried to sell the men of black legislators including jews and some republicans went along with it the georgia legislature and so if the revolt by state and between the white democrats and
conservative white republicans these bands legislation congress the government's violation but that's definitely reveals the difficulties and weaknesses what one wants war and well i think so there you go me and this one they do congress does work in order
to see in the violence that is in the congress says the rarity of me in the years of the city which is now a civil rights it seems a simple affirmation for sponsors or construction congress now as self responsibility for overseeing the actions of states when it comes to the walls is this was a completely a president for several years but now as some of the fuel sensor want the same the same power to freeze sweat was hustling was an issue of the low skill it is
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In the tumultuous years after the Civil War (1863-77), America grappled with how to rebuild itself, how to successfully bring the South back into the Union and how to bring former slaves into the life of the country. Foner talks about Reconstruction Act of 1867 and bringing interracial democracy to the south, impeachment of Andrew Johnson vote, meaning of freedom, black codes, gaining the vote, carpetbaggers, emergence of a black political class, expulsion of black legislators from Georgia and order by Congress to restore them.
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