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The presentation of zoom is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by this station and by other public television stations the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. Oh yes I'm OK. Will you get me take me
through with you.
This is a piece of string and I'm going to teach you how to do Cat's Cradle . First you take the string and on your pinky on your left hand side here your left hand side. Then you put it over your pinky and you do the say over here. Then you take your point and put it and in there and pull with this drop you bring this one over. And like damn thing you drop the pinky. Don't you go with the pink you want and then let go with the flow and you have cat. Then you take it again and this time you go over to an under one and you do the same. Then you take the
left left string and you put it over the side . Then you take this one and put it over there so you get a little triangle over here . Then you do the same over here. Then you stick your pointer in said the triangles and then you're poor and you have Jacob's Ladder. Then you take this string and then you pull and you have which is you take your pinky take your pinky and put it like this and turn it upside down and have tea cups and sauce and that's all you have. If you want to add the tells you how to do cat's cradle the send us a stamped self-addressed envelope a stamped self-addressed envelope is an envelope with a stamp your name and address on it
and we'll send you a SIM card that tells you how to do Cat's Cradle. Here's a funny Julie from Carolyn Pratt of Lewisville Kentucky and she writes funny Julie likes bubble gum but not chewing gum . You know you may think that the production numbers where we sing and dance just happen. Well they don't. Later on in the show we're going to do a Spanish cha cha. But before we could record it we had to learn the Spanish words. Now we're going to show you part of the rehearsal and put the Spanish words on the screen so that you can learn them to lose half of the masses . One two three four. Yes.
I'm all right . The world is really not the car. And then I was . OK ready for what you
want to tell us how about it. Well no. No that's the world we live now I am the father I'm very formal Now I want to free them and my family . It's finally the same with you. Yeah yeah yeah I did
my first job . One two three one two three four. Such as me I am as I am a man and man than I am I want to cling to and
you want to say I am. Here's a fatally by Mike Riddle grad a McKeesport Pennsylvania. He says that he likes crooks but not feeds it.
Can you believe that we got over 100000 letters in the 100 thousands letter we've opened. We got a fanny joy that was sent in by Karen Fisher of almost dead Falls Ohio. And she says their family dearly loves fiddles but hates violence . The good evening. This week we have new Another clean and animated film from the story by Mary Palumbo of Cranston Rhode Island. This concerns for dejected vegetables Barbie beach morning mushroom. Olivia onion and Casey Turner who find themselves in a dark cold damp garbage disposal. Each of them. Thinking back to their warm sunny days in the garden when each of them had a different goal to be achieved when he or she grew up
. These dreams however wind up in a grinding conclusion. The TIME The Present the place the kitchen sink or the wealthy Jenks family just off to dinner . You don't know I don't want any. It's no wonder the way these stuff themselves with candy and soda. Do you know I have the rule on Chase. Well delicious nutritious wings like me and here I am can see torn up and a grubby garbage disposal because of it. How do you know I don't think that my doing in here beautiful Friday got me. Oh no I know of no place lonely so Marmie. Mushroom do something. Oh Olivia I don't like this any more than you do . And well it's pretty hard to tell you but
to put it in plain English will soon be ground to mush. Oh me. How dreadful. OK it's me Casey not going on screen draw us now Bobby sit down and now let's all think about good things. Yes that's a good idea. Oh how I wish I were back in my dear sunny garden. It was such a beautiful place. My garden that is always sunny and warm and I was always kept watered you redid at the county fair I weighed in at two and a half pounds a record for Greene County. I was bought by a famous chef for $2 which was like a compliment to me. I was plopped into an old paper bag which had a slight rip in it. When I got in there my great weight made the tear bigger and out I fell unnoticed. I lay Sandusky on the ground when all was sudden one of the Jenks children gave a shriek of delight grabbed me out. I was then brought home and prepared vinegar for dinner but obviously the Jenks family is not to be
eating one because here I am. We had a pleasant garden too didn't we Olivia. You bet. Sonny boy or a dream guy and if you asked me. You see Olivia and me have been together since childhood. We shared secrets with each other along with many adventures. Yeah we were. Why didn't we buy one of the kindest humans they could ever be Joey. She was cadge and loving to everyone but Morrie and I were special pets. Oh Mr. Mori. Yes Olivia I do too. One day Joy one's mother asked her to pick the best vegetables from the garden as a surprise for Mrs. Jenks whose birthday it was that day. Yes I remember. Between sobs to win explain to us how are the prizes are for granted and will be the best gift for Misha's jeans. She even said that she wanted to keep us and give some of the other vegetables but that wouldn't be right.
We were picked from our beloved garden with trembling fingers and carried over to the Jinks and the strawberries. That was the last we ever saw of Joanne or the garden and now here we are in this blasted garbage disposal. All well Livia at least will go together. Oh Lori how about you. CASEY Well my gun was so classy as you was but it was home to me . It was taken care of by an old hig name Ocilla. I was good prose with Joel my next door to Anna but the ladybugs finished him well and harvest time. I could tell Marcella figured she'd get a good price for me . She says us up on that rickety old stand at hers and it just so happens that Mrs Jenks comes along spying on my perfection. She examines me very closely and makes her point as you should've seen the look on Marcella's recently made a sale. Your pride in pure pride
. Well when we got home Mrs. Jenks left me on the counter for me to add to her ost. Well she added me all right. Gosh I've never been baked before. Well it seems nobody has a toy in a breeder around here and so here I am. I don't want to. And so to play to the garbage disposer spinning and crashing that tore apart the four beloved vegetables will always be remembered for the tremendous amount of courage and the way they face their terrifying enemy bravely Morry . Wherever you are. I hope you are with Olivia. KC don't worry. I never tell Marcel of your dreadful fate . You were her pride and joy. Bobby you're right . The garbage disposal is no place for a lady. That's what you call yourself
. Under Livio. Don't worry. Joanne still thinks about you always. Where ever you may be . And not see end of our story . If you have a play or story that you have written. I would like to see dramatized. Please send it in. Tissue. Box 3 5 0 Boston Mass. Oshi 1 3 4. Thank you. Read about how good things are to make the show with. The best data comes from you know things you feel you want to. We take your suggestions of.
Outsold the easy to see the letters when they're ready and writing with . The children visiting the. Old and something no matter Brian I did my office a line to have these items before I assign. My draft along with stamps to send you with a card is because we can . Treat my last name. Right.
Peter van zee of Seattle Washington sends in a fanny Dooley and you're right. Does love kittens and she does say cats. TEAM AND. Your . Team that night you're playing the . Game to someone right behind you. You want to . Challenge China. And try to. Get to the goal before you .
The most important thing. People . Above . I. The big. Win over. You. When you want to shift your board in trying to make them go with you to the left and go to the right. He might go to the left and if you're home free ready to. Go home. Like it does 5 6 and you go. If you like cash in the
future. Does she really like it when you really play. It really gives you a good feeling when you play and then when you beat you when you . Make sure . You know. You
really takes. After the game and you know one thing . He did like Kathy O'Connor of Berkeley Heights New Jersey. And she says that he likes but dislikes that. Right .
Now that's not . My day. I think that . I think . That's. OK. That . Now. A scientific theory . With .
That . Fact . That.
He is a family duly sent in by Allan cost a bit of tap in New York and she writes he has some family Dooley likes and dislikes. She likes apples Berry berries and cherries and hates fruits. She likes funnies but not comics. She likes parakeets but not birds . She loves setting her hair but hates curlers. She likes hello and goodbye but this likes hi and bye. When you have figured out the solution a family duly make up one of your own and send it to zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4 0. The only way you can. I did. Was. Look around your room. You got to write it down and send for. Something . To. Write .
This down so we can stop you were calling them to people Don't you know . It's time you put it in the typewriter and if you make a mistake you can. Hide something to . Me. Well. I am. AS. I am . And. I am. I am. I am. Presentation of zone
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