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as bob this programme made possible in part by the lakeshore foundation serving albanians with physical disability the pay it's been nico the terms in the
fourth movement because they knew the day after the authentic hockey i think what would be a meaningful sign me out of that experience would be a certainly an awareness one that the paralympics incest and a recognition that disability person there is no excuse for not participating because youre in a chair or is it this
is bill cosby ms wilson right president putin has been forced into a few weeks ago levenson says the planet warmer one in five teams it was
just it has been about the persona go former all my life force a sudden a lot of teeth and support my
support system at nine years old women so luckily i found the support ive so nobody has a forty something they could do very well that would be something i did very well and is i wasn't sure about it with andrew because it was of the same obviously an evolution but once i was convinced try it the fires stoked right back up and i will do as much as i can with what i have left which is i think considerable toll on the emotion the passion i traveled out to irvine california or the women's wheelchair basketball tournaments which is the national parliaments leading up to the olympic trials bb eight seed is
altair use her a little bit between what your basketball and played by essie doubling rules with only slight variations to the rules basically every two cases and video content silence of the loss of that otherwise and because of the traveling i'm a manager than slightly places such as how much time in line i have four seconds for us and there's a difference between the height of the baskets are saying one size doesn't even the physical content to simply because they have trailers lives thousands actually physically hitting someone very obvious and be considered a credible you
know nine minutes to athletics that's probably the one common share your perspective on what it's because there has been a part of the experience and so from the dam times and warring with me how about usa coach has been watching led basically every day centering on the games they've been playing in that isn't than sitting in the stands watching as an animated waving our performance art respected this and this season they seem to know
what has been selected and all year to prepare for this particular advance in and this is where it's going to take place that series and steel drill and verizon's and somewhat different teams to play against one another and they would just be watching us and at that point they will actually make the announcement of that scene and they would select twelve women and small plants to go to the paralympic games in atlanta this season may be ms
fischer i think one analogy i sometimes use with well traffic levick says it waited to wear women's athletics was twenty years ago and i think just with time and exposure and women going out there and playing sport wheelchair athletes in going out there and making their way into able bodied road races and community programs where there's an integration and a recognition that people play athletics on the same level as they just play them differently this is for you go home with your support this expect deaths to be one of the terms and which athletes career because if you don't have the best equipment and i've covered here at the trials you know i particularly homemade
chair because i'm broke into the letters dance party chairs custom made for males to fight back and by the spanish in moscow and make it through the trials and it's worth five day that morning just make sure things are set wacko caught and actually the best i can and natural ability in home really taking so for equipment does the rules or audible way up which says the standard able bodied rules with a few modifications for the disabilities that we do the same you get free throws in the group gets free throws a break and come back in and do three more roses or foul you get six throats and take your best performance of those six throws and counts as your school or your passport voters not to get sued and are there and it was like it simple and dust will go
into the whole i think this is a takeover titan is the first of three and out illustrate us six years to known for the mega mall on you follow the man he makes the decision has won six of three in our nation appropriate wanted to make people throw and dan you've gotten through here in nationals animation snow stage six memoir simple dreams so you know it is just miles of a beach in your
furnace a second child so that was a rookie mistake clos says lincoln to finish my mind is his eye was that point where she fled to the troopers arrested through fifty whale and a proven so as great a person she always had that may well have learned and i made the mistake and the settlement businesses out that the company will control is an eleventh olympics gave me a great opportunity to see it much competition on the status of what we are and eventually we have this at
our last friday quieting crowd about tony robbins as a double leg amputee as sous bois with our hands and we broke a world record with a time of eleven point four six what's it shows you that sound that is here and the us team is going to be quite strong going into the paralympic games i can do more strict natural allies you know now i'm on at the highest level you can be and which has forced the paralympic and i'm like i wanted those four year ah that were in the meantime is above any olympics since nineteen eighty four has what won top lawyer this is my fourth time of course it's you know a lot can be honest when they do arrest someone some questions and it drives it go the bathroom and his co pays those in the questions dr
hanson the leaders we care out on real fast fingers in watching this move worthy of what pop and move pretty fast like we'll use through his birthday remember of that your mind that much that's something that yet to deal with that you first get our first couple years yet adjust and then you make up your mind can you know live with it deal with it then sports help not be in d mapping before was hurt is probably what and minnesota says flatly overcame my entry faster get back in the competition then with a lot of rewards and ultimately work through and the kids coming up here and being supportive
and in their eyes and you are very different as inadequate as an olympian are paralympians hands on it is just as awe inspiring to them to get your autograph and says collins points your task alone looking back at my own athletic experiences you know i think it's difficult to become which you can envision my focus has really become teaching and sharing that knowledge that i've acquired about the big game two young women who have disabilities and she can reach out you know i worked as a case manager at lake shore hospital and there's a part of my job responsibilities is to i'm a liaison with patients and families who have experienced oftentimes a catastrophic illness war trauma that has left many disabled it
just seems i was probably where you are twelve years ago and so on i was watching the olympics in la and i saw a woman who was doing a trak race and racing chair and it was at the olympics and she's doing the eight hundred meter and i was just mesmerized by this aren't thought if she can do that i can do that and found and it was just it was life changing hands she later became it may you know i i took steps to actually let me play with her own death looking for five years ago and so it was a long process i was a nieman sharman ft to get the basketball to have waited there to the net you know so but it i developed over time and later played on
championship game championship teams were taking to get probably three or four years that to the level i was at and then i was on the collegiate scene for five years trying to answer i think the really neat thing about sports is they've given me my wife back in the way of a given me my independence very interested in trying to play basketball seems right person boy am i really save injuries were tragedies is some people perceive them today as opportunities for growth two on
learn the person you really are it will a kind should shoe of all the things that are really important were the things that we think are important and i won acclaim disability for me made me a well rounded person it made me less focused on the physical aspects of myself an accounting developed only other components of who i am you know my intellect my emotional serve my spiritual self and so it really made me more whole oftentimes it's the perception that you become disabled when you are disabled and therefore that defines to you was a person and you knew then started buying into all the ideas and perceptions that society has a view that you're less able to do things that you were incapable of working that you know i can't be a productive person and a
shoe we have your job programs job of tv program of the largest sponsor of that worldwide have over a hundred athletes one day we did have the paralympic athlete so i want to be the number one guy the first data for stores to have one and one thing he has to do he has to maintain his qualifications olympic athlete you lose the benefits of forty our salaried employee but he also gets to work whenever our seniors to work and we can work this week and has trained and he gets to go to train vincent who'd been the first paralympic games and having a degree in communications and does help of a record low snow the rule working full time and train travel and submit to that which we are you know that they were it was a political accomplishment the summer here that last longer recognition from angeles city in the program when i did well and nationals and maybe
fill it became a very this trophy with this plaque right here this trophy here well which are back about three four things are at forty five season this right here o select one alternative in basketball oh yeah i'm just a beauty pageant for this is not a best of class trophy wheelchair rugby so i hear it because you know as joe i have pictures of pit in our dc phone which was the killer and alice place and they don't have a new day a on that selective of a lot of it up the court is going to go on if you love this sasha this is my sink in for free copy of this would have made in the state are really really really
drop the case fb the position has been it's an honor to be here tonight after my injury at five or a broke my neck election that most adamantly that was not part of my life i was just concerned it happens that i lived and i continue to live grow
i personally want to garden the strength to do everything and i liked your art my sisters and brothers and sister the system martin cc sees the top athlete i'll always be in her little brother and i'd squat never have no idea that these ideas in sports you'd be big just ended throughout woodson's he's about to graduate she got a life size portrait of disciplines you don't know and seize power atop a way nice job these pieces
inspirational talks i know that may be hit by the pursuit of lance barrow through those two intersections polls show business in my life for what they're that they're there is a reason on i don't i don't i don't understand it and i don't care to write as long as i follow follow the path or sit for me and i just continued to do that at my life
size for others i think that when an athlete's perspective going to the older trains and planes everything into focus and just being vale i think to give you a sense of being important univision's and it is not the great places now it's been a pass
by there is i guess we're the biggest challenge is trying to make working together you know it's funny and a come from different programs different systems the way of training not to get him on the same page that one game is a game in unison anytime in history at him all working together at the same time the pope benedict oh yeah i'm renee montagne they're bustin each other's but every day out
here so they know that unless they push each other not to get better and get healthy and i think that is probably the greatest challenge with any team sport when you have people from all over the states we don't have the opportunity as a basketball team to train from here into our atlanta know basically where for months together and we have to see is every moment that work together to learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses half three off where we travel as often as we can to see a mission trip in the facilities are marvelous every time there has been you know like this summer she was here was she said you know
you just can't believe how how wonderful it is that causes millions so we're happy we were able i think i think this doesn't work out why do that and getting behind it helps run i think is india's leader through her actions she's standing she's now i know i know my mom's a low valley she's a steady player findings of player to go in and really apply consistent defense and she plays within our means she doesn't try and take fifty shots when she's when she's open casinos that that's not her shot she knows work what her role is on the team she knows the area's that she should be shared and she knows the area's egyptian preacher she also has a very aggressive defensive player and she helps to make solid defensively
on just a relationship and emotional movement than on the court and the coup it's been receiving the flag and barcelona and with it wasn't
somebody that the passing of the responsibility for hosting the games the stage in tears was truly one of the more exciting a memorable moments of my life because at that moment was a lot more charter find quite frankly because at that moment not only did we experience the the thrill of having the responsibility of knowing we would bring the games to atlanta but also the awesome responsibility of staging a truly world class experience for these world class athletes one of the things that we worked real hard to do on the organizing committee is to make sure that we stay close to the athletes and one of the ways we've done that is by establishing an athlete advisory committee of athletes who have been several paralympic games amid strickland has done just a phenomenal job in that capacity for us he's a very strong advocate for that the athletes the kind of experience that they want and we're delighted to have an associate with us so this is the committee
for three years you have an idea come along the trigger this though that ballot boxes and that they feel like a minute wait just like saul martial law is always huge for the flame on quote neutralize weightlifter to bench press right around six hundred pounds and nature marathons raise the four twenty six mile distance in ninety one minutes with just three minutes faster than the fastest foot racers is truly phenomenal performance as they demonstrated for civil rights act
my first experience with what the time a lot of paralympic training camp in the virginia he's been us gravity i got a chance to talk teachers instructors in the field of concentration should rent and conditions you don't think about what you want to do you give a city with a player ok suggesting there were sixteen you know
names and this is within the top athletes get holley and so particular that experience of sort of tied together so when i look at a field athlete at least on the damaged side decided they'd rather implement well i would like to see increased next rotation mobility pillar of the world is they need there just as a picture of the tremendous consolation that those i mean that was a very influential part of plastic or write this i see a lot of things i can bring back to the people that i'm looking into the plague that go into other which is worse with like to share with them how's i crank it back farther honesty more substitutions of this capital that indicates to me that his rotate or cough is tight access to one meat for everyone in and track and field i returned great friends with my
biggest competitor and gave i asked about his experiences that cooperation do i train stuff like their own good friend just like they got to listen and that cyclists who is your eyes that i got to meet other field are still vastly jasmine i met a reporter in competition and national i never got to really meet them laugh i did these biscuits right right the point the
pittsburgh historic serve as an inspiration to all americans to give their best in every them to make the most of their god given abilities and recognize that we're all stronger and more violent when we've all recognized support the towns or all of our people lie that be a lasting legacy of the nineteen ninety six olympics that trade has become a highly valuable paul's a former coach at soloists several members from the beach port where control of the white house the president
and first week of august about the same time most informed the torch and one the first legs for the white house to live as someone has been around for a number of years and i've seen a lot of people aren't no reason to do that a veteran athletes but dada considered a great honor to be here to represent my sport on medicinal sport in general in america they you know i think about a writer theft at me today it or rather one of brook's jr
the true nature of the lord has blessed him even in his circumstance of being in a wheelchair to be able to compete in the paralympics next week i'm afraid that we were going to head to look at him and see there he have already gained a victory for not only have the game victor bout out of the volume for one gain victory recall seeing him in a wheelchair and saying that he has not that that would shed just carry him but if wrestling for some more of our calling for seasons we would you know i know this guy one lawsuit the
same as yours man yes yes
as beans beans beans is because we can there are nice moments
the polls because blank weeks but it's been it's been and so
on in nineteen ninety six the point is by the pain in march a man the over of nervousness is
seen these guys sit at a frozen dough and they gave him what he could do at first and see those guys i went out on his first time whether they're hard to get a great distances they get real good about that record it's been it's been with the car the
pope my second until that everything will happen when that nothing went right but like prozac and the sort i'm not going to lie i know we've been
through and also being a veteran he knows you know go all out for fraud unless other things you know we had to do i feel somewhat disappointed i feel good i got a chance to face a world of the world that's because the nra in the nation to do our national maids and i think that we'll see these guys they talk about a big lift a big business what it was and noticed that their advice as separate set a goal for what about twenty five forty five minutes looking for no cause that's what this arab world record twenty meters world record with seventeen it nobody expected that has lifted four years twenty five is not giving and yes yes i'll be
ouch ouch ouch beginning the games with imprisonment and we look forward to meeting him because we need them developmentally is a nice story and mix again came against a very strong force drama and meaning than game again was momentum close to their game against the show that day in the expectation final shy of that that they had developed over the years that they they become stronger force an
international monster ball there's a very famous it's b as dina sings against the usa there's a larger investment it's almost like you're playing football now again that haven't been because they wanted the words as they came out fighting and they never let down and that wasn't something we expected
this ad before a ban it was rowing team usa wasn't disappointed the times has a tremendous sense of shock really me at frank's my assistant said get the mortgages don't seem like they're just an annoyance of the war is to pricey some in their eyes to me that i haven't seen in their eyes the last couple games i think this
is is it there was a sense of disappointment that there was us a sense of their sense of finding it ends in i think he truly you reflect in saying it was that experience in
he's seen as if it's in my life and participants that is women's basketball isn't how i thought women's ten years ago would have never had intention of having won and developed soon be able to participate in this instance and for me that was what it's about them we came to play it
is i had only listened to basically use what oxygen a new one and it's a new loans and so at that point everything is just one of those unfortunate hour ms ba ba
ba the peace bell uh huh oh yes
a lot of probably events of similar training last couple weeks and a lot of things really someone ministry because he's those are heavyweights in turning this means of recycling that cycle off the last two weeks or something and so it's disappointing though the minute it's a tremendous experience hope this is one expression that will get a chance to experience pain in an empty and more and learning more and more an event to to deal to my sport as much as we like to do one
thing ms beth are the key it's b it's been leaking is
being said it this program a possible in part by the lakeshore foundation serving allegheny ins with
physical disability fb for videotape of this program send a check or money order for twenty five dollars to the university of alabama center for public television po box eighty seven thousand tuscaloosa alabama three five four eight seven or use your visa discover or mastercard by calling one eight hundred four six three eighth eight to five
The Alabama Experience
No Excuses
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Highlights athletes who compete in the paralympic games in the wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, and power lifting events. It looks at how they got into their sports, their workouts and training, some of what goes into making the paralympic games, family support, and more. It also focuses on changing the perceptions around disability and teaching people what it is really like to live with a disability.
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A series that focuses on bringing to life the inspiring stores and empowering characters that have helped form Alabama's past and are working to shape its future.
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