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ah yeah this program was made possible by the seattle artist commissions issued those who support public television he he recognized me as a nice you know and he always has although we know we're fairly any way alike while she and it is it is it is really important and he respected when i was doing they realize all in retrospect i realize how important these ideas were any ideas yet pertaining to the creative process that was a wonderful think as larry really spent you of oh you know i got i have i live internet thank you
he says very very honorable service that's it it's kind of like to get the big deal you know i'm being complimented doing something that i love and i would've done anyway do you lose your you work you continue to work i never really thought about it you know because that was the main object of listening audience back
in february nineteen sixty one what pursued for nearly two decades that jacob lawrence the top news in the united states juxtaposing the intellectual and the emotional simple in a complex with a deep commitment to social change is portrayed mankind leverage to achieve dignity justice most critics think that he has portrayed the black experience with greater force them to a certain point i was in that is the average i don't know how many of us knew and maybe sixty years of being a nice that he's still acting as you have to realize how many people who were in the acts who are well known and no longer a well known the station's owners
he'd call them the patients i was so thankful carried a place that wherever they go they are still informed by their whole base that i can take a book that the
window right now is susan boyle and he sees harlem and then the person says visits london if you see him in his studio which was in their home and you destroy the documents the whole course they got it the other work that he did pass on the walls and out the window is lawrence began meeting in new york's harlem teenager during the nineteen thirties federally funded arts workshops helps sustain the marlins long established artistic vitality during the depression jacob large first met a man who would become a major and charles also making a living by teaching he quickly recognized young talents over the next few years will become a major source of american citizens and that legacy that's left
behind because of this has made america one of the great creative sentence of the world they where playwrights reporters writers it is film makers they came to see what we were going in harlem including jacob lawrence and many intellectual figures where they also fundamental isn't necessarily the us your success so we all got to know each other because we were the sole interest we never work again i was just a friend i surely noticed her
i had gotten under that bpa art project citing to know them because he was working in one of the studio's and he was it was dedicated ideas i have there and saying that he would get their lawyer and wind leapt to light oh yes usually an investigation he's been very aggressive
he was interested in history intelligence doggies and i'm not at all but lost thinking and talking about things i couldn't discuss and so she gave me she gave me quite a bit sometimes people think that i want to compete and i really know i said of all of the flow jacobs' season but the hunt team certainly in response to color and this point of shapes i think weigh in order this family the mall to the year when she doesn't talk about that could only i think she sees more what's in that person rather than they'd still known features and i think that's what comes school they're both wonderful observers but she was more or a person who painted from what she
observed and jake is it in observe sends all the time and then he bruce's observation to his work has an ongoing narrative in his work and sell his work kind of unfolds like this is real this one's saying i can tell you have to get involved lay the phillies since the air with quinn she has an intrinsic interest in an object or a model and she wants to find out what's inside of that object oh she's working with a new technique that she hasn't used before
likening techniques insights about something i enjoy doing see this is a lot of chinese versailles and pain can put it on the canvas this way and take it out and don't know exactly have been there was no question of song you know the community these things
this is a circus they'll be about twelve words you can look at it and think of the old story that was seen as holding here that an experience and pool unlike you experience when you butcher of staunton so you doing anything like what you know feeling about this i know that he has never ever stop working for knowing only are so we introduced something new i don't think he probably would know how not to give his artwork is it is for him like speaking so our first for some unknown to work on a paper and not preparing to do the work i am involved in the work
right from the beginning he's it's like a philosopher and he's able to project and it is true the beauty of these were banned and i'm not sure that all art is to that we had felt very few and only and sometimes it takes you know it takes more than one person it takes about two people and that i don't think your post in the athletic in line i don't think so i don't remember that when we decided to divide that night in nineteen forty one side imagine that we decided that we forget that he had his own studio band he says
well i i guess i became more involved in being supportive not only funds it was for me too for family the corporate owner of the prestigious downtown gallery of become interested in fostering black artists singing where henie did we decided to give him a one man show making him the first black artist to be represented by a major new york guy is she want to come out and help people that was not the reason for the biggest really important to emphasize this she was a very enterprising woman so we were very fortunate actually date of the very fortunate and i don't know anybody else whose career that let just like that the migration series as a result of that she saw towards the
sixty panels thirty which he sold to resume on a map you know flirtatious so the pope's moral power in washington tension outside of the black community in terms of the arab world kelly say how very fortunate than for whatever's happened very very fortunate to do this and in a way it makes it sound as though it just happened that it was eerily response on of course you live and strings are asking how it become famous he he would say well luck has a lot to do so think of voters they have to import a you know actually that negative people is to have been purchased and
appreciated by over twenty five museums in the united states alone and i don't think he ever felt completely comfortable with what is such are overwhelming the response to his work with the un this week and the next week as a pressure valve that about other artists were moving more into the abstract expressionist there was less attention now to his words but i think it happens often too young to success to sue and they can't and it was quite wonderful that you there was a way at that he was getting into some kind of ignition <unk> and assure donors have questions of land at his side he just himself realized the
pain which is very close hi karen of things in the face i like bass strings here i was working for miles into different because they are surprises me if i would do this this model here for my head i wouldn't
know royally interesting things that happens with the money and with the light you really have what you know in your head that you can imagine because light makes it different and faces a felony if i don't get a feeling that you feel that on the paper something that you can live with in that despite its vote fraud such as salads which means we got a number of years and people the same people of annoying us both unbearably they will ask about how smart were going to put in a word for the coins were people the audience i don't think i am as i was not aware of the landscaping a paycheck and then one day it in just in a conversation she mentioned something in case has said sit down and i
think things i wanted to see when she gave and that was quite impressed i've played for seattle in seattle people are more willing to look at it is that they haven't heard about and i think that's really than test like francine asked me to show some of my things they are they had that hadn't happened in new york city and that about seattle is really a fantastic thing links mentioned thank you and at that time everybody was painting
abstract expressionism we were soaking tennis balls and pay to knock him again soon wall yet somehow all his work just sort of jumped out as being beautifully designed in a very very moving most of us were so young and social out there we were thinking of role models were just trying to make it through the class but one of the things i think that jacob had was a real reputation for on being able to get the criticism without worldcom duty which is a pity he came as a visitor to the university of washington for one quarter band and it worked out that he was then offered a position nobody studied them it reaches whole life songs that way
withdrawn i never sensed that completely living in the house maybe i was that they look like this situation here with dollars backyard now they lived in apartment several labs or you refinance it was before and there is well known and still he was different he was somebody who was not just sort of coming here to retire but someone who was sort of writing this try
and immediately at least yet from the university standpoint he became a focus of attention and i'm working on that nielsen so very geometric structures so as a contrast i tried to design run bureau of organic way neither does it nice moving around seeing not only changes you're welcome scott welcome i would come in contact with before i was during the time of the universe to washington you're bringing a lot of world renowned
professors and then scholars and black and african american subjects took campus transformation became because he was interested in teaching jacob could say one thing to me once during their credit i was doing a painting and had some common pattern in that pattern and the hecklers like squishy in there and it looked it looked at him he looked at me and he looked at the piece of research you know if you don't know other people now so what he was saying is that you just can't fake it that there aren't any shortcuts well the beginning of for showing chick from the reaction of screens and i think they went two hundred dollars at the time and i saw as he cleans and that was tough sale although it was it should be named in new york he was not really known in the notes waste you heard sort of whispers
of this great artist that really was their retrospective in seattle art museum skull and i didn't realize how much attention as we should that night at the opening was it was really so satisfying to watch this where there were lines of people just waiting their turn to just go and say oh wow is
it so we were able to fire but she had that one which is a software job one that she had done it and the two of them were at the very end next to one another it means our communities a much richer place before the speech the main object was to do something there we enjoyed the land that people could relate to in some way i begin to have a sense of obligation i just thought that i had my age that i'm able to continue grove it says are still pushing the antelope
i think when you get older you have this town's so what we do is what we do whenever i feel it because they see a huge studio and it's got all of the duo dives that jacob had been working in these little tiny rooms in their house and it just reminded me that project didn't win that you can do a monumental work in a very non monumental space and then you could have a minute why does have a very normal format it takes a lot of energy to seem to me to be something out for you i'm actually he is
it is so this program was made possible by the seattle art commissions bond issues and those who support public television man
Without Pretense
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Half-hour documentary exploring the art of Black painters Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence.
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