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that's right comedian and actor jamie foxx last september jamie foxx return to network television starring in the second season of his own sitcom for jamie foxx show on the warner brothers television network fox plays jamie king and then manic of the hollywood sea the big time but the big timers were going for his room and board at the king's towers the agent was famous photo all buyers not teller co created and produced by jamie still was the highest rated program on the wb network was also thought was funny character or trails on the hit tv show in living color he also has a recurring role as a character crazy george on the fox television series raw i'm daniel hanson jr and welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's pro forma was happening start a wood the way nelson an actor comedian jamie foxx in black america
i didn't really think that they are and that they couldn't really with a rare and i think they made people he's not just dying in his own television program is not just a leading man on the silver screen is that even just a multi talented standup comedian singer writer or a producer he's all that and more one in dallas texas jamie foxx is the housing hit television says the cars the show in just one year the jamie foxx show has it has all of expectations the size of four day work week with his own shell boxes found the time to start columbia pictures booty call the truth about cats and dogs and twentieth century fox is the great white hype in addition to his them and television career i wasn't established himself as a cessna recording artist and a standup comedian
by the waist and a classical piano as a chow in music while in college next year on the silver screen most are in the feature failed the player's club the directorial debut for ice cube we say of black america spoke with this multi talented performer and then is it and as dangerous as their new study classical music yet at the end of the piano and i love the
moment they have been paying for that also head to and the mainland they have to compete the idea of indian immigrants and the unknown <unk> in action without even in an ad
this team of writers and then we'll come back in the work that i do know people go look at the hole anyway go with their vote and they care this is the end make sense well we first became known of you through a living color have to happen to get a spiral
and go weren't you is is yes let's do
it and say it also you kid in colombia pitches booty call our essay letter from marie to do you will and also you play those goddamn boxing manager and the great white hype there a character that you well that role after someone here we go as lachaise as much made of the end being in a big head but as jamie foxx still jamie foxx if they have given five year
old you are you know you never do in that one movement you know just use news he says you know it divides wham it's wayne you'll be on state is aiming at the paramount theater in austin texas but a standup comedian actor doing a television program
and also of doing movies with a caveat in trouble you know and stan yeah the standup special is real straight from the fog so how did you enjoy doing that though lessons a little
mm hmm these cells and can you give us any insight says only a bag of episodes we believe in we have a man played by faith in the us and more than men in the bottom have a
lot of fire what is it you can get a bit different called end game away from a now i know i know you like the war but actually just laying bag and chilling out enjoying this a sensitivity i think so and i'm always kind of grown man i can't believe it and to me you know the audition and i sang of the government and you know the
comedians they don't really the right phone the right thing and to reflect how important tool for you to surround herself with professional people who you're booking agent to promises that you have respect for well i think i think the most important thing to do a thing for a pleasure to and that ambiguity and that they're really bad day and i think that they paid people to use at liz is
it involved in developing a new town either for your particular program or a standup comedians an accent we will return to the kremlin and they loved them and i had been before one people in and they have a couple of months what is and the things that would simply concern you as a young african american male yes are like her and in the world confederate he really likes to another dog per year and nancy come in and they in
a big part on an important detail to keep pushing and in the end we're now performing what are some of your hobbies and enjoys its elected to spend yes it is comedian singer actor jamie foxx some years ago they went away nelson starting to abc television series was happening and what's happening
now as an attentive over twenty years nelson began his career as a tactic at the age of five he has appeared in more than thirty national television commercials and roles in several feature films currently holds the position of executive vice president music lake incorporate it also he is active in youth and pretty anti drug programs in new york recently of black america spoke with the way what's happening is the key theory of the movie cooley high has written by playwright eric monte and at the thomas held on broadway over the plate call it titled the gardner you and about that i would that norman lear on me and brought me out but republicans and red new me bernadette bennett reading get down to the last few days the capitol in la and then when i got back i realized that i had not that normally get about was enraged in the final how about the broadway from his duties and go to work in who was a plan
at one time partner of a moment we're contemplating me and i cannot read for your e grady and i got a grant from a greater problem isn't with the male degrade updated grant them on the show and we weren't like that we thought were canceled and at that time that our mail came up to me at the last you know i think you need to know about the what you go you know what you check it out and i flew back to new york and i read for collie i was very excited about politically how the voting you know i grew up he gave you and i came out and read for it and gotten a return rebecca la and what north korea i became what's happening to a lot of different legalities of issues and production a pilot and for a place that sells was a devoted to hand valued family tulane chant to grow into young adulthood and enter and
being a television star i was much is too much said about that but i won't diminish in any way there's a lot of concern you know and a lot a responsibility toward our young person there are a great many good proportion of views of the loop younger individual explode again the individual student talk about a place in their own family in july confirmed that economic growth economic <unk> so much money so quickly to allow you to materialize and if confirmed i think for me i never viewed it being a star in his job it's what i've been doing all my life i come from an entertainment family from the music side uses what i did and i had to do with the school it got a field of brought into my school work and what i liked working with a too tightly get together have about it won't want to study and weekend that he believed that the other students at my school
here in new york were doing it i would like in norway without being isolated for my regular appears on a preferential academic treatment and then it came time to get away from school and technical to me so they are way i think apart from the game or just the fact that i wanted to do for the normal things like hanging out with the boys i was a mahmoud more cross racer i'm a brother in iraq and you're in a long island and your kitty more costly and by my god look at is huge i couldn't compete and i could've been in the hunt and everything i went to tokyo wanted to win latino and camping with your uncle things like that that i really love fishing with my father you could go to those things and there was a way to make up for you know continue to work six months a year and ethics without a banjo and i when i got home angela
divide up the day a good sign to have yet to be on a set with a certain time that he had to be with a tour right for hours amid a minimum a day of education from afar the day however the director broken up we had to be in the graduate a tumor and had to be completed by so you know we go and what have you learned i believe you and again of jackie dr amr well it was difficult for you to maintain a fresh air with individual that which you were with they away for six months so that they look at you differently once you became a fixture on television we'll talk it you know i have a plan along with regard to europe
together with cool enough i'm painting planting came back and you know i mean they'll eat together you know and then i would be pulled away rather be that i'm in the choir and had new edition in manhattan developer long island i had to be pulled out a clever one o'clock show i could make it to see a competition without permission to do with the disruptive a profitable that you and i may be planted with the group after school but those plans be broken you know when i had to go for the audition because that might be vigilant and then i had to leave to go shoot you already knew there were actually work ultimately they understood but they disrupt i came back hollywood without wannabe hollywood
now want to be at work to hollywood but you know again it's a little workout straight up through there i didn't come back with any kind of blown out blown out of proportion views of the shelf and ej you agree within a week usually go back to normal you know how does one hand though the cast and recognition once they go out into the real world i'm not sure everyone had an athlete on it okay set jimmy you know atomic many different periods of my life are we talking about when it first occurred pursued after being on the futuristic to use a row now that anonymous here yet i have this great recognize ability your name and face recognition and having a resurgence of my acting career my production career i mean it deals with three different types of gambling for me and everything is coming up i'd love to have a phone number
that would not be gay i took the popularity because it'll be meek the fact that aid quickly get them upright he became a big issue and of what i lived you know a mile of my own own home with my daughter my cot my hero am i want to i would anonymously permitted to the atlanta became a nation want but what about privacy that faith with goodbye just keeping a crucial attention on every time i re something i waited for the benefit of my keep it private i'm little i was in college i didn't have time to deal providing care you know people recognized lot and your it shows a lot that preceded by recognition you on immediately because you know proper respect that my work and that got generated but i would to be the video and i was like you know i appreciate it do a good jockey could feed your life to get you to pick out
i really couldn't do it that would have been tolerated really no place for me to be sitting in a play for the drilling and production you know directing the field deceitful and having to stop from directing a good do you think you have accommodations for many about going to norway to happen it's better for the bottom line and if you want to up to me after hours in the right now we do a production got back to which you have to get done and do what i have to do that to the point where it now you don't build a couple companies the communication company called music like that work which would be putting online right now i have a fourth film and television distribution company the farm market which is growing rapidly at you right now in recognizing how valuable it is that people even after so many years and i never had a bit of bad it's never been negative
for many companies are we do something of love and i think part of it i appreciate their ability their mutual i really appreciate that they're now i take the comedy people talk only i'm going to turn down and you know if the whole thing and all the film that i catch an uncommon to talk to the communications i'm loving it you know we'll send him a crew of your salad music going out and that's the end exactly what does that do if they got very passionately committed to it an opportunity to make good on all my education school for architecture for little engineering and i work in telecommunications for quite a few years and he i think at core are back
to doing my family and i'm going to apply my education i really wanted to do something that dealt with wide scale telecommunications online services and computer services but for the entertainment industry army and i think he can give away even thinking about what to do but of my michael williams in the music industry here and your ideas recordings do you approach a recording of the call micro economy in california look at ideas a territory down to me over till it made absolute else the end john cheers and your research and development in the industry and they didn't even have the digital equipment corporation that all the people know if they're how you actually you know do that kind of a large
multi media project have put together a ar fifteen which is a communications device on the computer for music professionals heywood the way nelson former star of the abc television series was happening and what's happening now is you have a question or comment or suggestions as if you jam black america programs write us also let us know what radio station you heard is over the views and opinions expressed on his program are not necessarily those of the station or other universe your texas at austin and do we have the opportunity again for i be a technical producer david alvarez i'm jan ellison jr thank you for joining us today and please join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing in black america cassettes communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to ask in black america cassettes communication at
In Black America
Jamie Foxx and Haywood "Dwayne" Nelson
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