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you were fb this brings back this is in black america reflections of the black experience in american society lord knows what would happen
what dish in fort jackson's it was a new show and it was going to be the very first show of the season they have a pick up for about other team's season usually lasts between twenty two and twenty four shows an epic up for half a season and this was going to be the first show that force i haven't auditioned for the five other major was really good work that when we have a guest for the week and i was doing a cameo of what they call a cameo by anti talk for a reading device johnston i'm a who was going to get the job and then of course have to give it up because another lady who worked in the building who happen to be the well says may i befriended and is jettisoned in the basement and thought that she was the main because there were many blacks lived in the building as she knew well for eleven years molly gill slits was dance and the housekeeper on the jefferson's television series today she had to start her own television series entitled
to two seventh show on nbc television to two sevens love with you new series was alive in nineteen eighty five eighty six television season he was watching the show found similarities between florida and mary rose she plays on two to seven mary to have a quick and sometimes shocked but he also has a giving a lovable side of us rarely if ever saw in florence recently molly is what the keynote speaker at the central texas sickle cell anemia associations first annual banquet our inmates i'm daniel hanson jr this week ms molly gets started television series two to seven in latin america many many many kids of course the saying i don't do windows has been attributed to me but that was really not the case
she was trying to get me to say no i don't want a job so he says do you do windows so are you windows windows and thanks to the responsibilities and i'm sure quite a few of you salam about dave's show they wrote something else for me and nine eleven show they were something else again and then they offered me a contract and when i went out to audition for this part and i was reading it did remind me of my grandmother had a seance who was also a maid in chicago and i just can't let her spirit come forth about a little you know i think he's a in passing and your breath into the satire and especially to the
kid fury say at one time you even look at them you know they know what they don't get the message to the intro and my grandmother was that kind of warm and so i i just can't let her come from far and after that i just how those sunset job with say something to madison nj and women it was also there was a major and you know what you know i've always known as a nose exactly what to say when to say and how to do it and new and how to get advice because i notice quite a few of them aids on their resumes it and giving it that's not
too good in show business nothing ventured used to success like good ward of miles advertisements to people know it better than molly gets it was a rather than positive word of mouth four years ago that motivate officials from the three major television networks to venture into los angeles black community as eunice gets into two seventh an amazing play about a busybody housewife and our family and our neighbors during the early episodes of two to seven mary was the straight woman who was always engaged in verbal wrestling matches with sondra who in a receiving most of the laughs for revenue as molly diaz was forced jackson the super sassy housekeeper on the jeff is a television series extremely tough act to follow according to mr goetz i see twelve years for two to seven recently molly gears will the keynote speaker at the central texas sickle cell anemia associations first annual banquet our inmates the following is this gives remarks people didn't seem to know
how to say they know you know there was standing by the door and the door bell would ring or someone would knock him in a state lines that i think he remains to me that the city did you do that the patient on the set and now it was eleven beautiful seasons and a lot of fun
especially question is he provided me with the joy of telling him where to go and how to get there at night even asking something to do with the dough he had used he wants when he wants to impress he wants to get the job and of course i was so into my main thing that i want to get a dog so we had one show where he was hitting someone said the room now the city for the other side and he was say man as i got to the door we just open the door so he got home and say it was when they last night and i was thinking you know you went to the door and that i was his turnaround job so
we did it and it was so hysterical that the director said well we can't do it because noise will start laughing out in the dog every minute guest and you know he's that and a look at your face is so fine if it looked so we did that at the end of that because and that's what the audience was smart right on cue they stopped and waited for the next thing to happen so it about the scene there in the mine time's well how that went so anyway then i eleven beautiful seasons thanks to you and really in when the shows come up i really what he's going to fight for you when you appreciate council really represents of respect and appreciation for all that you do that people really think about
it would be a terrible world if nobody good training most of us will go off to work we can do that is about how cells can stay intact if our children can be careful and we know a great deal of thanks we can come home and now you know that that's taking especially when you get into mental work most of the executives ago while they may not have physical work with it to a great deal of mental work which is why most of them and without attacks early this is a lot of pressure or if they don't have someone to take care of the whole fight when they come home where they can relax so you have a lot of things we also have to thank you for the sacrifices you may because you have not
had the luxury of having a locally we knew that there so you don't get a lot of you have not had the privilege of having someone take your ear just so you get back home you're faced with a lot of the lenders and children who did not understand what it is that you had to do in order to make things better for them case in flying most of the children have not understood some other hand i'm not speaking to all of them but there's a great deal happening as is evidenced by this back the spices not get along with and i heard that word maybe they should've been done it because it means so much most of them have gotten down a formal education a college education to the other things happen we educated so that they could turn around and look down on us and they didn't realize
that we did not send them out there for that we sent them out there so they could be all that they could be now some aig and that may just because there isn't so i think they are some intimate because this but there would be some people really enjoy cleaning your friends you go to italy if you go to it's a profession professions in this country without slavery and came into domestic service and because it was all that we could be we tend to look at it in a different manner but i'm here to tell you that is a beautiful profession other hotels look the way they look in we enjoy the luxuries because places cleaned and spotless because the silver in the press which has been taken care of because the mirrors
are taken care of if not you have sliced in a wasteland roach laying in all the other lay low also great deal thanks to the people who do the basic groundwork for us but ask the builder you know but some people have gotten to a level where they feel i can do these things because if i do that then now people will look at me as though i'm not invited they think that the profession has something to do with being somebody we were born to someone we were growing each of us we're going to start because guys in each and every one of us and a keen cannot
be anyplace less so if you if the balance but we're going to see the callous looking out across the street across the land that i did when jesus really didn't want that land they never did understand that what he was trying to say he did or so he says but i never stopped thinking about what else i want to do and because i'm a gym a narrow it is that the sixties at one time so that means that sell peaches one area where there's a will there's a way and we'll be on television but we never know get confused by what we think we will because so often when the destination
is so much better than where we thought we wanted to go this is so much better that i wanted to go i made it also allows being detached than seven to look in the faces of so many people so many beautiful people of all colors of all races who are saying that you know there was a time years ago when i said the word love they did not exposed if the invasive racism people identify with this it is because i myself and so beautiful because i myself and so towns in that day i feel what they feel is really the spirit of god and they identify with it and they also
know that i love them each and every one of them not just because they look at the show because each and every one of them i see god in their faces and on what color they are and they open up and they smile and i got a smile so this a very rewarding job if i didn't get into any money it would be rewarding because of all the love i get and all the encouragement i care and i want to share it with all of you because you're so beautiful and because each one of you is the stig each one of you is an individual expression it's a beautiful and my methods did they tell you how beautiful you are and that there is no one just like there are no two fingerprints that is there like there's no one quite like each and every one of you and the people that she worked for already know this when they look at you and what you bring to them there's no one
like you that's why what marketers to get rid of florence because there was no one like to have someone to try that so that we can be better than we are so i like to think i'm a georgia like that i didn't want to make him better than he was and i'm sure when i left him he missed to me because i mean there's nothing exciting about getting up and going to the day in knowing what your day is going to be a little chaos little excitement let terrorism in their right and to deal with so that you can strive and climb over and i gave him lots of things to climb over it and you were not have a job that's going to do it so i know that i speak for you when you get the news let
me say he just says so but to waco and was perceived as small a place as visible is that in big cities and there's something about being able to just reach out and just get the hospitality from the people in an attack that weighed on you they are you chicken and richardson and joe main the best i can get my clothes and regular listener made was it everything they can to get more so i don't that's the floor but everything else cooking the chicken okay because i can visit to come back for where the cost i right now we know we have some some diseases that have taken the forefront in this country in kind of put sickle
cell on the bank where we can't let that happen we do have to do something about it means we do have to do something about her is we do have to do something about the moral standing of the country because when we deal with the market morality we don't really have to work to like about these diseases strike us as another thing altogether is something we can do anything about that it takes money for research that making headway because i think children of writing that if we don't take your challenge is i don't like to call them problems aren't called challenges because there are challenges for us and now in the north end where there is to a more gathered in my name then we also and this one to have you here gathered in his name so that we can do something about sickle cell and i'm into something about aids i know we can do something about the homeless
we have to stop you know for a while i got to be doing mccain and got an individual pick of what i wanted to actually whenever we do that we have a problem we have children who were an older people who play what they are interested in here is all about that they don't recognize me and friends and other people are doing the same that's all well and good but when you want to hear something on your radio if i get here my tv at the same time you're infringing on me so you've got to put a way to do it to do new york they ll bean lapping at the same time that isn't what we need to teach the young people we need to teach them to care it always be a way that there are other people around if they're not aware that there are other people around you have a problem because it becomes getting adult lost then you have gang warfare you have crime
is only about him any knowing that someone else's rights and basically that's what is happening to the country when a hearing without hearing about the soldiers went to vietnam and came back and having a problem we say is their problems so there are the street when i can about the tone was at one time i know when i was a kid we thought the people who were homeless would bounce we said that they get a job they want to but now we see children and women on the street and we see people who went for the country on the street and still we buy bigger and better cars will do what we want to do and would never think of giving abortion and we never think you're saying there but for the grace down the street that you don't have and i don't
know what you do and i know you have your share of problems but you don't have as many problems as we are suffering from in the larger cities they actually it goes oh you know and neighbors we can all look out for each other look out for each other's children as probably we can create jobs plumbers electricians that i was speaking to a trotter about the nominee plumbers are electricians about like nest wherever i go i'm curious they're unable to function of his with losing the small businessman just like reducing the farmer idea seeing how many there are there they don't have enough work and how many are right in the same neighborhood where the need to work and don't know how to look up or we have the churches for that and if you can prevail upon your churches and support them in their weakened been outlined in the church
where you can call when you have poverty work and you've got the electric work or plumbing or whatever you need to call and say i need this and they can give a roster of the businessman just in your community who do that work in the last minute and then drain some of the older people who are out of work two apprentice it doesn't have more work than they can hand there's something to think about enabling lonergan also take it alonzo the senior citizens who dont have someone to do it i mean that message to alleviate know i can't even do it but i'm sure if one person gets the thought of that as one person gets bought and moves on then we can pretty soon eliminate a lot of unemployment a lot of games because in the meantime places to take
the children in those who don't want to be in the games are just left out there on the street and they do it because they don't have anything else to do and they're afraid not do but if they were not on the street we were taking them in as when i grew up in chicago the baptist church and although i was going to catholic school when i got home alan how about the baptist church because there were two people there pay bills to me when i thought about that quite a bit since i've been well but there wasn't and jim brown and there was a miss dates and just enjoy them in this picture it's up stairs they have acting and all an end now being in to a ring and because of that i was a tomboy i was downstairs with the boys learned basketball and ping pong in cleaning up that they cannot send and playing baseball but it was just there for us and we have a lot more than this that's why now that isn't the case the more money we have
the less we seem to be providing for the community you know mr robert take us to his house once a lot to take the girl's clothing and divisive political and play records worsen tells about history tell us about the history of the music and i listen to anything we want to know about the weights and then he'd take the boys another week and talk with them so we had that you see so many candidates come because it was old and like to see that happening again because we adapt or something i don't know what you bought us to talk about that day but i can't think about anything more important than the preservation of the seniors and a preservation of the children were going to be the seniors and if we don't greatest generation gaps so that the young people can start appreciating the seniors again and the seniors should not be afraid of young people than we're going to last
so whatever else they're talking about i don't like to read that you see that anti the right now is not employees they're in right now we have to deal with spiritual than in reality and the reality is always deep in the spirit so i'd like to say that i think you ladies have the capability and young men have the capability of continuing to struggle and asylum process as waco close so that was the nation's smallest person that it was so we had to hold onto them you know places in europe you know i am and i'm in a business but i'll say this i'm in this business thousand television
programs and they don't allow same movies because we know that we're looking at those movies accepted and watzman teach a prison hospital got so many seconds how to get a gun how to put together an ikea and how to say that most other problems are solved in violence the good guy is the fastest and most well it's it kills the most people that he's on top and that's a message that they're sending out and the children can get guns that's right everything the police have been more than we can keep up their equipment is nowhere near where the equipment is for the gangsters but we cannot sit back and have any long as a lawyer and mostly man and that quote we cannot we have to take an active step in protecting our community ms molloy gives down the nbc television
series two to seven like to thank our prize for is assistance and production of this program you have a common or suggestions asked if you jam black america problems why does the dresses in black america longhorn radio network ut austin austin texas seventy seven twelve until we meet again for him black america's technical producer of our growth i'm john l dickinson junior please join us again next week you've been listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american society in black america is produced and distributed by the center for telecommunication services at ut austin and does not necessarily reflect the views of the university of texas at austin where this station each place's the longhorn radio network fb
In Black America
Marla Gibbs, Star of The NBC Television Series "227"
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John Hanson presents a speech given by Marla Gibbs at the Central Texas Sickle Cell Anemia Association's First Banquet Honoring Maids (Domestic Workers).
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This record is part of the Film and Television section of the Souls of Black Identity special collection.
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