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<v Robert Foxworth>Turning points often test us. <v Robert Foxworth>Confronting adversity can give strength or reveal our limits. <v Robert Foxworth>It's a process that's tough enough to face alone, but even harder when <v Robert Foxworth>your name is known around the world and millions of people will witness <v Robert Foxworth>your rise or fall. [music plays] <v Robert Foxworth>Last year, 18 year old Tiffany Chin, 1985 national figure skating champion, <v Robert Foxworth>was on top of the world, but then her mother, Marjorie, noticed a muscle imbalance <v Robert Foxworth>in Tiffany's legs and took her daughter off the ice for 8 months of special exercises. <v Robert Foxworth>Last December, Tiffany started skating again, struggling to prepare for the 1986 <v Robert Foxworth>nationals in February, a major step for her dream of Olympic gold in 1988.
<v Tiffany Chin>After the world championships, I took a couple of months off <v Tiffany Chin>just to see how I was doing physically. <v Tiffany Chin>I mean, I thought I was OK and my mom was saying, well, <v Tiffany Chin>I don't know, you know, you don't look the same, you don't jump as high. <v Tiffany Chin>And I couldn't tell. I thought, oh, everything's I feel fine. <v Tiffany Chin>And then we started doing some of the exercises that I did when I was small, <v Tiffany Chin>or when I was younger. And I found I couldn't do a lot of the things and then I then we <v Tiffany Chin>started analyzing my skating and we started she started to see <v Tiffany Chin>a lot of mistakes. And it was kind of to get <v Tiffany Chin>me to see it was like pulling teeth 'cause in many ways I did not want to see it at <v Tiffany Chin>all. <v Tiffany Chin>Mom. [laughing] Get off my leg or I'll kick you off. <v Tiffany's Mother>The immediate response from everybody is start with the therapeutic <v Tiffany's Mother>work. I went to um some therapist and have them train
<v Tiffany's Mother>me how to work with her. <v Tiffany's Mother>I helped her doing physical work if she worked 4 hours, that <v Tiffany's Mother>also means I worked 4 hours. <v Therapist>No, no. Because that's the muscle. These 2 are the ones I'm trying to get at when she comes down and pulls in, Those <v Therapist>are the ones that I'm going after. <v Tiffany's Mother>Yeah, but I'm trying to get after this. <v Therapist>Yeah. <v Tiffany's Mother>I need her, I need her on ice like this, this. <v Tiffany Chin>I moved to Denver basically to take from Don Laws. <v Tiffany Chin>I needed a change in atmosphere and I think <v Tiffany Chin>I needed a change in training philosophies and just <v Tiffany Chin>a different all around scene. <v Don Laws>Put your arms up a little bit. Come on, Tiffany.
<v Don Laws>Working with Tiffany on the ice is a new thing for me. <v Don Laws>I've trained mostly male athletes. <v Don Laws>But Tiffany is the first top lady athlete. <v Don Laws>The situation I'm having now is first getting to know her. <v Don Laws>She's easy to train, easy to work with, but uh she has <v Don Laws>a preponderance of technicalities, what we call <v Don Laws>paralysis through analysis. <v Don Laws>She's so analytical at times that she doesn't really get into motion enough. <v Don Laws>[music plays]. <v Tiffany Chin>?inaudible? What? <v Don Laws>You can't put your finger on it, totally? <v Tiffany Chin>No. The thing is I can, but why don't I ?inaudible? that I can't answer you. <v Don Laws>I know, I can't either.
<v Don Laws> <v Tiffany Chin>My feelings on going into nationals are fluctuating quite a bit. <v Tiffany Chin>You know, there are certain things are improving constantly. <v Tiffany Chin>But I don't know, you know, is it going to be in time? <v Tiffany Chin>Am I going to be consistent enough? <v Tiffany Chin>I still have a lot to prove. <v Don Laws>I wasn't on hand when the imbalance of muscles <v Don Laws>was discovered. <v Don Laws>I feel that from what I've been told of the report I've seen is that <v Don Laws>she should not have been off the ice, totally. <v Don Laws>Then she would not have been in this position. <v Tiffany's Mother>So I met a neighbor come across to me, you know, across street.
<v Tiffany's Mother>She was saying that uh, you know, people are gonna try to get you because <v Tiffany's Mother>they're going to try to blame on you that she didn't skate this year. <v Tiffany's Mother>I don't see how anybody can come over, ask me, <v Tiffany's Mother>accuse me for doing the wrong thing when I may ?stop? <v Tiffany's Mother>To Tiffany, not only dying a slow death in <v Tiffany's Mother>skating, but not having arthritis at 39, <v Tiffany's Mother>29. What right do they have to stop me from doing what I think it is <v Tiffany's Mother>to ultimate, ultimate importance for my daughter as a person? <v Tiffany's Mother>This way. Ooh no no. ?inaudible? You just didn't think. I just finishing saying this way.
<v Tiffany's Mother>Well, no, because see. <v Tiffany Chin>Well, how do you want it? <v Tiffany's Mother>How do you want? How do I want? <v Tiffany's Mother>Same way I wanted yesterday before you could. <v Tiffany's Mother>understood. Yeah. <v Tiffany's Mother>This is where we're after and right? <v Tiffany's Mother>Yeah. Good. <v Tiffany's Mother>?inaudible?. <v Tiffany Chin>Mom, I have 3 minutes. <v Tiffany's Mother>3 minutes, 3 minutes. <v Tiffany's Mother>Well, what is it? <v Tiffany's Mother>Go to ?catch?. <v Tiffany Chin>Yeah. I was only an half an hour late for the first one. <v Tiffany's Mother>I detest assumption of ?think? <v Tiffany's Mother>you are only half an hour late, but you also didn't get up early <v Tiffany's Mother>at 7 o'clock and do the exercise. The exercise only last 30 minutes today. <v Tiffany's Mother>Nobody is going to con me out of this. [music plays] <v Tiffany's Mother>The only difficulty I have is sometimes Tiffany <v Tiffany's Mother>and I work very fine in our way of giving and take,
<v Tiffany's Mother>and that may not be understood by a bystander. <v Tiffany's Mother>And they come in and try to stand in between. <v Tiffany's Mother>But we do have to give a mother daughter relation <v Tiffany's Mother>a lot more respect. <v Tiffany Chin>Has my mom been talking to you about competition and all that stuff? <v Tiffany Chin>I could I could well imagine that she'd <v Tiffany Chin>be pretty nervous at this point. <v Tiffany Chin>Because my decision, I always want to go to the competition and <v Tiffany Chin>it would be her decision to say no ?inaudible?. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays]
<v Don Laws>Tiffany has the instinct and desire to be a champion, but one thing she has <v Don Laws>to do is face it herself and alone, with the assistance <v Don Laws>and support of everyone around her. <v Don Laws>Not the ?insistence?. <v Don Laws>Yes. You've finally gotten this end part before the ?stop? <v Don Laws>Resolved. You had too much in there before. <v Don Laws>You doing the hold and the turn. That was - yes it was. <v Don Laws>It was much better. Was much better, Tiffany. Don't <v Don Laws>do that to yourself. I want to see the ending part now. <v Don Laws>[music plays] <v Tiffany Chin>It's not as if I can go in halfway, I have to be really in <v Tiffany Chin>my best form because of what everyone expects. <v Tiffany Chin>The thing is, I'm hoping that my bad days just get a little better and a little better <v Tiffany Chin>and a little better.
<v Don Laws>These days, I would say are a turning point for her in more ways than just <v Don Laws>whether she qualifies or defends her title successfully or wins a medal. <v Don Laws>This is not only the turning point, but the breaking away point so that she can become <v Don Laws>a very independent individual athlete. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays] I went to nationals because I had told my mom <v Tiffany Chin>that, you know, this is something I really want to do and a lot of people are
<v Tiffany Chin>spreading rumors and having lots of doubt in whether I'm going <v Tiffany Chin>to go, if I would chicken out and try and take the easy way out. <v Tiffany Chin>You know, what have you. And I really felt I had something to prove. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays] <v Don Laws>Her skating here is noticeably better than it was in Denver. <v Don Laws>Her friends are here. Her competitors are here. <v Don Laws>She's familiar with the atmosphere. <v Don Laws>It has brought out a natural flow of her energies and her enthusiasm. <v Don Laws>And also she's very assertive to the point of almost being aggressive. <v Tiffany's Mother>She's a fighter. She decides she come here to, she rise up <v Tiffany's Mother>to the occasion which I have seen many times before. <v Tiffany Chin>I think there was some doubt in some people's minds, you know, whether or not I could do
<v Tiffany Chin>all the things I used to do technically. <v Tiffany Chin>And then tonight I just basically proved that I could. <v Tiffany Chin>But, you know, I'm still battling against time. <v Tiffany Chin>And we'll see what happens during the competition. [music plays] <v Tiffany Chin>National competition consists of 3 major parts. <v Tiffany Chin>Compulsory ?Figures? accounts for 30 percent, and then there's a short program <v Tiffany Chin>which accounts for 20 percent and then the long program counts 50 percent so that's <v Tiffany Chin>really important. <v Don Laws>Her strongest competition comes from uh Debi Thomas, who was 5th in the Worlds. <v Don Laws>Her next competition is Caryn Kadavy, who is a rapidly rising, <v Don Laws>very talented young lady.
<v Announcer>?inaudible? <v Tiffany Chin>After figures, it was di-disappointing. <v Tiffany Chin>It just kind of opened my eyes that there are other dreams and there are other goals from <v Tiffany Chin>other people that can interfere with yours. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays] <v Announcer>United States Figure Skating Championships is the short program portion of the <v Announcer>championship ladies' competition. <v Tiffany Chin>A lot of times I would always be asked this question, do you have enough determination, <v Tiffany Chin>do have the hunger to be a winner? <v Tiffany Chin>And I would always say, no, that's not me. <v Tiffany Chin>But I don't think anyone who's been on the top can say, no, I do not want it <v Tiffany Chin>all for myself. You know, when you get out on that ice and you're all alone, you're gonna <v Tiffany Chin>be pretty selfish and you're going to want an awful lot to pull you through those 4
<v Tiffany Chin>minutes. <v Don Laws>The hardest thing for Tiffany and myself this week was training her <v Don Laws>to be a gold medalist. <v Don Laws>Knowing that she could be a silver medalist, a bronze medalist or less. <v Announcer>The next skater representing the San Diego Figure Skating ?inaudible?. <v Announcer>Please welcome Tiffany Chin. [applause] [music plays] [applause]
<v Tiffany Chin>The marks for Tiffany Chin are <v Tiffany Chin>5.6, 5.8, 5.7, 5.7, 5.7, 5.7, 5.7, 5.7, 5.7. After the marks came up and, you know, I was <v Tiffany Chin>third, I felt really bad. Again, it comes back to my past experience where <v Tiffany Chin>if ever I did well I, if nothing else I stayed, I'd never go down. <v Tiffany Chin>And I went down from second to third. <v Tiffany Chin>And, you know, it's just like shock. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays] <v Don Laws>When she knew she was third and short, she was <v Don Laws>realizing that the title was slipping. <v Tiffany Chin>It's going to harden me, I think, you know, because I've never in the past had <v Tiffany Chin>this type of a situation happened to me. <v Tiffany Chin>And I've always been kind of dependent on people always
<v Tiffany Chin>bringing me up. And, you know, this was definitely a different situation. <v Don Laws>It's definitely between the top 3 girls. <v Don Laws>Any one of them could win it now. They're all within 1 point distance of each other. <v Don Laws>Whoever wins the long program gets 1 point so that would be the winner. [applause] <v Announcer>All right, here we go. Tiffany Chin. Born in Oakland, California, <v Announcer>skating out of the San Diego Figure Skating Club now. <v Announcer>Defending her national championship. [music plays] <v Commentator>This is what she does best is her beautiful carriage on the ice. <v Commentator>Look at this beautiful camel spin the forward, outside circles into this layback. <v Commentator>Gorgeous. <v Commentator>So tight on that, isn't that marvelous? <v Commentator>Really good.
<v Commentator>She is such a precise skater, every position is really superb and her jumping <v Commentator>ability is marvelous. <v Commentator>Tiffany is skating with a lot of maturity. <v Commentator>This is her fourth season in the national competition. <v Commentator>She was fifth in <v Commentator>'82, third in '83, second in '84, and of course won last year. [applause] Wow. <v Commentator>Very nice combination. Double axel, double toe. <v Commentator>The appluase growing and that's it.
<v Tiffany Chin>When you were the champion and then you had to go down, it's, <v Tiffany Chin>you know, it feels like a very alien feeling. <v Tiffany Chin>I don't fully accept the fact that I'm third, you know, it's happened <v Tiffany Chin>too quickly. And after a while, you know, it'll sink in. <v Tiffany Chin>But I hope a part of me and I'm pretty sure I'll never really accept it. <v Tiffany Chin>Determination is always been something of an endurance problem <v Tiffany Chin>for me. I mean, I've always had these short span of concentrated <v Tiffany Chin>determination, but I think this time it might last a whole lot <v Tiffany Chin>longer because I mean, I really felt like <v Tiffany Chin>like I've grown in that I don't have to stay in that small, compact <v Tiffany Chin>little person. I've it's like I I
<v Tiffany Chin>see that there is a bigger world than my world and there are more <v Tiffany Chin>colors than just the colors in my world. <v Tiffany Chin>And there are other things to work for. <v Tiffany Chin>And this is just a stepping stone. <v Tiffany Chin>So, you know, let's make it the best I possibly can. <v Robert Foxworth>After facing the challenge of a comeback at the national championships, Tiffany Chin went <v Robert Foxworth>on to the 1986 world competition, finishing a strong third. <v Robert Foxworth>Her best performance to date. <v Tiffany Chin>These are the days that we skated, the 15th and the 16th. <v Robert Foxworth>Since then, Tiffany has continued to rebuild her career in the Goodwill Games in Moscow. <v Robert Foxworth>Her dream of Olympic gold is still alive, but those 8 months off the ice remain a <v Robert Foxworth>turning point with continuing influence on her life. <v Tiffany Chin>Well, I think nationals really kinda gave me a little kick in the <v Tiffany Chin>butt, type of, you know, it really just woke me up to
<v Tiffany Chin>a lot of things I needed to know. I mean it's a painful way of doing it, but it really <v Tiffany Chin>did the trick. <v Tiffany Chin>I hope that with a lot of training and with a lot of hard work, that next <v Tiffany Chin>year at the next coming nationals, I'll regain that title. <v Tiffany Chin>[music plays] <v Robert Foxworth>New beginnings will mark our lives as long as we live. <v Robert Foxworth>But often the earliest turning points are the ones remembered best. <v Robert Foxworth>Those are times when life is new and filled with first experiences that become <v Robert Foxworth>the foundation for all the years to come. <v Robert Foxworth>[music plays] <v Robert Foxworth>A child's first puppy can be the beginning of a new friendship. <v Robert Foxworth>But more important, it's acceptance of a new responsibility. <v Robert Foxworth>6 year old Lisa Brinegar has dreamed of having a puppy since she was 4. <v Robert Foxworth>Her parents decided to wait until they thought she was ready. <v Robert Foxworth>Now the time has come. <v Robert Foxworth>On a recent Saturday, Lisa's dream came true when she and her family paid a visit
<v Robert Foxworth>to pet orphans in Van Nuys. [music plays] <v Lisa Brinegar>And that's a tail. A tail with a spot on it. 2 spots, 3 spots. I've been drawing pictures of the puppy that I'm gonna get on Saturday. I've wanted it since I was 4 and I'm really <v Lisa Brinegar>excited because I'm getting one. And I'll ?hold? it like a lot and play with it. <v Lisa's Mother>That looks like an awfully big doggy. Do you want your doggy to be that big? <v Lisa Brinegar>No, I want to be this big. <v Lisa's Mother>As a puppy? You want it to stay that little? <v Lisa Brinegar>No.
<v Lisa's Mother>How big you want it to grow to? <v Lisa Brinegar>Big. <v Lisa's Mother>Oh. <v Lisa's Mother>Come on Lisa, ?Jeffrey?. Breakfast. <v Lisa's Mother>Well, Lisa's been wanting a puppy since she was 4. <v Lisa's Mother>So today's a real big day for her. <v Lisa's Father>We wanted to get a puppy about 2 years ago when we first moved into the house. <v Lisa's Father>At that point, we figured Lisa was a little young to really take on a lot of that <v Lisa's Father>responsibility and we decided to wait for a few years. <v Lisa's Father>And with her little baby brother, you know, she uh she learned some of that <v Lisa's Father>responsibility. So at this point, it's time we get a puppy. <v Lisa's Father>[music plays]
<v Lisa's Mother>We're taking Lisa to Pet Orphans because it's a very special place. <v Lisa's Mother>People bring their dogs that they can't take care of anymore for odd reasons, <v Lisa's Mother>you know, either they're well, you know, they're moving or or they're just, you know, for <v Lisa's Mother>family reasons, personal reasons, they just can't keep the dog anymore. <v Lisa's Mother>[dogs barking] <v Lisa's Mother>Age, you want a puppy. <v Lisa's Mother>Breed. <v Lisa Brinegar>What's that breed? What's breed mean? <v Lisa's Mother>Oh, the type of doggy. Personality, calm. <v Lisa's Mother>What is your primary reason for wanting an animal? <v Lisa's Mother>Not a guard dog. ?inaudible? <v Lisa Brinegar>Why are you giving your puppy away? <v Woman>Well, where I live right now, I can't keep her. <v Woman>So, she needs to find a good home. <v Woman>You have a backyard? <v Lisa Brinegar>Yeah. I have a big backyard. <v Woman>Yeah? She would like that. <v Lisa's Mother>Well, how big will this one get? <v Woman>This one is 10 months. <v Lisa's Mother>Does she have a name? <v Lisa's Father>But she is good at sleeping indoors?
<v Woman>Yeah. I mean, I think she's really a people dog. <v Lisa Brinegar>Jeffrey, hold that tight. <v Lisa's Father>Look at his feet, look at that. Isn't that pretty? <v Lisa's Father>Looks he's got shoes on. [laughing]. <v Lisa's Mother>This one's got every color we need. Brown and black. <v Lisa's Father>What do you think, huh? Hm? Don't know? <v Lisa's Mother>You want to look at the beagle ones? <v Lisa's Mother>Aw look at him, Lisa. <v Lisa Brinegar>That one. <v Lisa's Mother>I think she had such a hard time choosing until they brought out the Beagle. <v Lisa's Mother>And then I think right then and there, she knew that would be the one. <v Lisa's Father>Can you take care of this one, Lisa? <v Lisa's Mother>Do you think you could love this one? <v Lisa Brinegar>Yeah. [laughing]. <v Lisa's Mother>You want this one? You think so? <v Lisa's Mother>Thank you. <v Lisa's Mother>Thank you. <v Lisa's Mother>You think so? <v Lisa's Mother>Let me see you pet it, see if it feels good. Yeah. He likes you. [Song: The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson]
<v Lisa's Mother> <v Lisa's Mother>Since we got the puppy away from the dog pound, there's a big difference, not just <v Lisa's Mother>holding it on a leash, she could feel the oneness, I should say between her and the <v Lisa's Mother>puppy. That was my main reason for getting the puppy too was to have her <v Lisa's Mother>learn how to show more love. <v Lisa's Mother>So I think it's working already. [laughing] <v Lisa's Mother>Now Lisa, this is something that you're going to have to learn to do ?inaudible?, OK? <v Lisa's Mother>I just think it's important for her to learn the responsibility of feeding it and making <v Lisa's Mother>sure that she knows, you know, every day that these certain things, you know, have to be <v Lisa's Mother>done. And uh I just want her to be fond of something that much to where <v Lisa's Mother>she feels she has got to feed it and and care for it. [music plays] <v Lisa Brinegar>Mommy, how do I put down this, he's down there. [laughing] Get him!
<v Lisa Brinegar>I want to name my puppy Skunky because he has a stripe on him. [music plays] <v Lisa Brinegar>I liked him because I can chase him and 'cause he ran away <v Lisa Brinegar>and I <v Lisa Brinegar>like to catch him. <v Lisa Brinegar>[screaming]. <v Lisa's Father>It's an awfully big step in I think any kid's life to to get their first puppy. <v Lisa's Father>A lot of the things, a lot of the toys, the dolls, and things have a tendency of going in <v Lisa's Father>the toy box after a few weeks and she doesn't play with them anymore. <v Lisa's Father>So this is a commitment over a longer period of time. <v Lisa's Father>That's what we're really looking to see out of it. <v Lisa Brinegar>Daddy, can I take Skunky to school with me tomorrow?
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"'Turning Points' is a magazine format program whose mandate is to capture the 'human perspective' of contemporary Southern California. "Each 'Turning Point' segment focuses on those moments when people's lives turn in dramatic new directions. Utilizing 'cinema verite' techniques, 'Turning Points' follows people in the process of change. "Viewers experience the change, as it happened, with the people and the events telling the story without the use of a reporter. In 'Turning Points' 107 we focus on: 'A Baby and a Choice' is the story a young woman must decide if she will give up her baby for adoption, or face the uphill struggle of raising a child as an unwed mother. 'Now I Am a Man' is the story the story of one boy's transition to manhood as he celebrates his Bar Mitzvah. 'Fat Chance' is one man's attempt to lose 150 pounds by entering a medically controlled program of fasting. 'On This Ice' chronicles the attempted comeback of Olympic ice skater Tiffany Chin after an injury threatened to end her promising career. 'A Puppy for Lisa' allows viewers to share the excitement and responsibility of owning a first pet. "'Turning Points' captures the human drama of life in Southern California as experienced and told by the characters themselves."--1986 Peabody Awards entry form.
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