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a piece band then there was the question of the lack of it beauty is in the reelection of president nixon no i don't believe it any factual basis yes that's correct thank you that's right
the other point really discuss all that this does go into them all and the question is finding in terms of resolution sixty percent of germans environmental scientist thompson there's no evidence yet that unless the question is framed within the terms of the resolution had to do with the
nineteen seventy two presidential campaign and it would be irrelevant i can say for the record that any reports were shown it was certainly after the election was over and was not part of the cover up and does not involve any preseason anyway under investigation that's right that's it
be calm any more specific than that indicates that jackson in effect now a dozen say we are quite some time ago to yesterday and it certainly a third party to this investigation having actually nothing to do with it if the changes that we must ask the question that was just going to answer it but so i don't think it's within years and resolution
republicans be here the plan and so then question it's been in the
past thank you but he can't so it's nowhere protecting any person's not being forthright honest many is fully disclose information months ago mr munster and a special prosecutor has cooperated fully in their investigation a penny for instance
the publisher of the positions because because if beak yes sir
that was me tom stocky mr kelly and to talk to another in an annual i knew at that time under the name of mr o'rourke the recount her what the conversation with mr hunt related to a proposed activity at the democratic convention that will actually related to for me to get a pretty peaceful group of demonstrators circumstantially person or the other having other rumors with the peaceful demonstrators and
really manner in the only inspiration would be blamed on or whatever i had no idea the videos we're well into the numbers so when will
you know and i had no idea i don't know twenty three yelling winning writer like stephen thompson perhaps this trial is in close proximity to work is disney as katie
keranen says well you in the past that these people have the power of the united states thanks melissa fb i can see the electoral process in the united states to be one where hopefully
there yesterday mccain oh really yes sir what we do know
i think there are nominations actors senator i think that one i think i think it was in the videos that contacted me the fact that they were local france so i haven't even though a lot of waters edge i think the fact he says working for it whitehouse i think that that is a particular stage in my life the army was not creative any period
do something else i think those things i can't buy any it's very hard to draw a line community well as a surprise to me one of the
reasons why you're not only working for the white house that's correct i did you think you were working under the umbrella of the white house recently i believe in that sense that would be encrypted text and i noticed on the record juli niemann any investigation that's correct it's just amazing and he was gone
instruction john ydstie i had no contact with mr strong which may get another set shows a planet up until post watergate in even in my contact lenses was one one meaning one grape the other than an eye contact at the white house at screen this really was this week russians were to raise interest passive role in the busy than or any specifics you
say that now you're in the country regular schedule at certain times to me that there would be no reason to mara liasson i'll be fine and what you were doing
in the meantime on wednesday that would just say that what you actually did and especially those things about which you've just heard this morning the nineties i would say any testimony i knew
i knew him as you may be doing yeah yeah yeah yeah no far along that line i think if i was them at that time were some degree of prospective candidate which i knew it enhanced hindsight are very valuable thing i know i think i would be long gone from these activities looking back on it it's not a necessity being included in the american political system
now you mentioned on a stand of your statement and i went to his fall oliver hill my room and that assassination innuendo and a complete disregard for most of my friends and my family of an assassination that observation now don't you think that you were pressing that they're saving on presidential candidates and also writes inception of the american people are engaged in this mission and a few days ostensibly it's getting into the different presidential candidates do you think that this was
proper and that that within the president is of the prosecution i think it's improper and i don't think incorrect distortions untruths or anything that the senate passed by any individual one on the way don't you feel like part of what you did that you have disappointed many people especially young people near agent yes there should be not only on the part of political parties to ensure to the american people that three electoral process and then through the senate as much information on each candidate i mean just
in the last campaign local political parties and all candidates said he'd read in the future than a renegade you look at themselves in a very critical eye and any activity such as what i was engaged in or others may have engaged in she should not take place and you feel you have testified to you that you were not a disservice by those festivals friends with whom attended i mean any who to do now do you have to say dealing with respect of those young people that you were going to sell to carry out on the emissions yes it is
aren't you they i think i should answer at least tern and her mistress trying to testify when he was asked whether young people should come into politics mr stransky it was stay away certainly understand that statement i wish i had or to have somebody sit down with me and say i'm not i mean you really really want a good involve things like this rather than just normal and then i heard another in the video i don't recall
was mr oliver in a new call for young people that come into politics my own feeling is that i think our country would be a lot better are yet young people particularly young people were to get involved in the political system but not the limelight i think when they come into that they should come in with a very critical eye a ship she had i'm going to have an ipa i think this entire year and a half i don't think it's good for people and work and also for our system young people are
we're really at the very credible other activity political process thank you very much on page five years driven industry say it caught in some of nineteen seventy one across the us is seeking additional month that during my visit i met in tampa florida and kelly in miami for how did you come across these two individuals when somebody that report says there's been to nebraska and someone i can't and i arrived and
i really had no i'm really get all their i did calling a local republican headquarters in dance in addition to five political workers he's a part time he gave me the name of mr vince vance mr vincent knowledgeable audience didn't seem to be interested in getting involved that type of activities and my subsequent to mein kampf i was going to get an employee in for an atm the list that was given to me earlier places to get witnesses to help landowners that was a list of state why
mr dennis kelly on arriving in miami i happened to car any individual that was on the white house advance unless that have been supplied me and that in the video game even a ministry khalil so energy policy and resources in iowa as chick now i know i got a name from the white house in this idea of an individual in miami i call then in the video senator he's an image on that other than the contacting them one time and i i believe i have a man
i really like you say oh he mentioned it is to try and then you also that was yes he was not currently working as an advance been here at one time i believe to perform functions as an advance man that's all when you call especially when these calls to the committee will impose a call to the white house they were in the white house david wessel
at their workstations your operation was conducted simultaneously and outside the protesters with another republican operation we were just in no sir that's it celebration priscilla lives that from my position that watching un hearings and from what i read in the press that is for a possible rather see this direction that's right
it is not the only cost well i was thinking about the year that one pamphlet was mentioning know where that came from i really don't know but from testimony that apparently originate in the white house also here it is this is cheese
a few i mean this is not to my knowledge either league the one individual like i knew him thought of thing is on the democratic side democratic workers at a wealthy and flyers and the larger crowd was dressed mostly first listener asking anyone to their ally and i really gave a few of those i think were talking in terms of fifty fifty sixty seventy dollars that's to summit at our local staff workers who and to pass them out themselves as the un had been anti
invasion the minimum no sense to us in certain communities special activities relating to your eye to individuals you're essentially it to some extent social cause nothing came of those contacts the allegheny morning bishop right
he was into service and i called him up and i asked him if he knew of any way that might want to get involved in political activity any game in any most of an individual and the city was not interested that was the time at school night before the election date sizes or were the others in the white house were aware of you know some activities senator i did not know mr porter were medivaced before all this publicity it not even know the name or social security
if there were special activities i don't know mr luis nava what i was doing or mr warga mr allen that's mr liddy and i assume at this time it was was also eliminated what was it there
was a proposal goes the purpose of mr grenier was this vision of the economy and it was not communicated to me as their side that they could very well have been the reason you know of the states shook yesterday with the sharpest as a legitimate use of our nature knows that something is being done it's a typical do you don't i want to know what you mean because i'm really not for a senator for one thing that this statement is treated humanely two years ago american
military service at the time this is a different beast and he's been in silicon valley so it's really hard to really say well the reason there is no urgent in the nineteen seventies
which is great well i on stage with her telephone call me and i must've been your worst dc and then as if i would be willing to come back to work in louisiana decent activities there ms thomas also don't say on the radio arguments we thought it was a line in the elections in new york city one of the statement or obese
which received from washington were you they were mailed to us political activities in the polls so that covers politics
i think many people in is this right recollect that for one thing i was not of politics there was involved i had other interests at the same time i was not a political science major and was a business major and i think much has been made of the fact that i was a great activist as far as politics were illicitly at usc people were much more involved in politics i think it will be
well you know statement operation these things it is
take people i wanna be like you that's because i'm also interested in westminster couple other and yes they're in california
so obviously would seem to boost louis accountancy of hubert humphrey was that what it was intended to do it wasn't really intended purpose you were you ms irina there is there's two ways to think and i think the more realistic and politically astute mccain would be that senator mcgovern would certainly be at hand the best choice the democrats can make for the
republicans in the nineteen seventy two race for the republican campaign in this sense well another line of thinking would be that at the democrats who attended a campaign without any clear choice that they would fight a little harder at the campaign would be more difficult than the night that it's not really a very vile vile theory so in that time since the nineteen seventies since to so vivid picture still am willing to possess then you are well how do you how many people said that you mean if anyone
will these new stay engaged in your operations that mean people actually just went out and did something different or is people are not ruined people lives well primarily i will say the two others perhaps the reality there are other indicators that it perhaps one place or another another success that's right you will be great it's nice well even eleven it is perhaps they overemphasize
in jesus richard nixon that's right and i can't help thinking at this point there's a lot we'd be a heck of a lot more benefit to channel my mtv the energies of others on at a bubble are legitimate reasons this was a very funny thing with ivory in retrospect spent on this operation really influenced our world
we'll hear why in this book i think this is a great play and what you say it says something anything that the chicken soup or any operation of the chairmen had the weight of the other group of two let's all play briefly senator i was in california when that occurred i heard it over the news i really i don't believe i did anything about subsequent to that i was contacted by the federal bureau of investigation in eye contact and so
that probably was put in touch with mr jundi is as a message i mean what's an easy i like it it is do you mean the democratic convention you
know i was the leader this raises a problem that also discuss with mr danson mr thompson the question that brought lying referred to conversations with attorneys in an attorney client relationship that question is escalating conversations and they'd be within the attorney client privilege to the partial answer but it is intended to include conversations with an attorney in portland that we would raise that as an objection it won't offer the officers stay the same warning we won't really know
first of all in the fifth amendment rights not just because it all but he has cooperated fully with each step in this committee and it has disclosed every single conversation ever had with anybody in the world about his activities because he wanted to cooperate fully but it was cooperation with the understanding that there were certain attorney client privilege is that existed and his attorneys sell and we both eleven and yesterday spoke to us we don't want the impression left however without any information you repeat situations
discussing claiming attorney client privilege with relation to power stations between mr cigarette industry john wayne correct and other lawyers and that's correct which we have fully disclosed it to be a committee staffer untold means that when the bases that claim with a clear understanding that was not to be a waiter at the top that's ej well you know just a little bit right now
well i don't think for many of the staff members and on and on anyway any
color the only car literally at the garden playing with the trailer flying over convention where you saw questions why any reason other than it was perhaps this will answer that question i get how mr chabon in the summer of nineteen seventy two between my clothes and
leave them libby's lawyers and then pre season prior to washington dc when i came the worst dc and met with mr d i met with them i understand the mayflower hotel stay there under my own named after a talk with the key is to be in a checked out that las vegas with aging as jim no now
we use solar we're here talking about an entity was after the news stories about me start to come out at that time i was instructed to fatah worsened the cia did checked into the motel under my own name and was then instructed to check out of that hotel because i was there under my own name i had a guy in the witness to the industry feeling and i was instructor jack gallagher another name there was a discussion about it i wasn't
trainees ended usually dushane i was advised that yes i did i took the train for some juicy and two in that year go to the west coast you must take the train transferred to chicago and take another train from chicago the us coal industry i
don't know that that train goes through houston and washington dc to chicago and i went i went to houston and there was another big you have the white house i couldn't even when i call his name you know but to head movements taken their time on october the fifth nineteen hundred and seventy law september first nineteen hundred and seventy two i would have yes and then listening to the records you'd missed taking and not taking them to sing about it that a very wealthy follow many of those are horrible word to his office and he was not
leave a message and sometimes i would get in return calls right away in two or three phone calls along on it includes twenty yes sir i think that's probably correct yes jane i last visited indirect or that we'll receive more from them that's right
yes the problem through innovative citizens so we kind of use it's funny yes i went through the
exhibits briefly this morning fire to many and i am from iraq with both of those there are one two that i had were done by people that i have contacted that i'm on can you do to certain risks radio stay at the radio station you also say the fact that he thinks that in your duties as the opportunity in work why would you reduce the goat beauty is to you by your friend in the white house it's been doing
well up isolated that happens my own to travel around the country and it's been the large amounts of money for these type of activities so selling out and it's a very very important factor to date why our friends in the white house really blessed fact i need a job where i think certainly a few activities just call
just exactly what little hard to define i would say a as the
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