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i mean our marriage and eighty million in the deal that might like to do some part time workers and he's convinced i see senior from another individual noah to miami that was news they might not on the white house gets less than a month under strict how i came out of time so i set it almost felt found yes sir
people associated with them or to it and i don't believe they personally i were to recruit other presidents and we needed him well anything else that would come across as far as information via i guess classified as a bonus this is if beak any contacts and california that time really were really minimal but i believe it has to some extent yes sir
this clip to play very nice oh yeah yeah so that's right that's right
with a lock out about identifying the person and the next thing we have now that he's already introduced a period of time then was it you're welcome it was bleak absolutely no idea you see what you do with them i mean it appeared to be someone at the time i received it it was after the
florida primary i have no clear recollection of where it was distributed but i believe some reason i'm not either to be a friend of mine in chicago or perhaps someone else i have no recollection i had no idea really really well that's right i call them my associates i believe you're making this an
american preteens suggestion request and i believe that some of those are violent both i know i personally hasn't and i'm renee montagne another group of names like the family lives that i had from california surely for president delegates and that means that the president named a new art project for those oppressors as wilson
about that the real reason was a bomb threat the recess was seen by senator evan as a way of playing the roman an orderly fashion capital police report there were three phone calls or say one of the offices of the watergate committee and that when the anonymous caller said a money attempting to warn you it's scheduled to go on and forty five minutes the caucus room was sealed off until the deadline passed and then the police use dogs to search through no bomb was found in a moment we'll have more testimony only television coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a paltry station identification on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service by your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service fb is fb
from washington and that continues its coverage of
hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearing city council sam dash reasons his questioning of novels great for many will call an interrogation witness who has already given any information that is through various other people that he employed play some infiltrators in austin texas i know i believe that's correct
i understand that that the dinner which was to be attended by seventeen individuals was subsequently canceled information mr jt that's right why is a union says it it's because of the site to someone larry now
now this is this is the political correctness oh yes i mean this is a business owner seven
this is weekend edition it is i was three hundred primarily in the floor that my best guesses eight hundred two hundred and twenty five in florida perhaps a dozen or so in and around chicago i believe some were sent to an individual i knew in indiana however they were never used to my knowledge in that's that's a total did you send it to the best of my recollection i did and this was in keeping with you're sending a
couple things it with the answer your support of the mosque mr vincent and they were selling yes sir if you like and that the ones
this is npr news i mean you were on now i want to make a statement yes it has but i think in their respects
to senator jackson and so some free and center moscow against whom this letter with you i would not be fair reid the actual language of the letter and the raptor i agree yesterday said that letter is untrue i regret that the copies are that were signed would you agree with me not my reading in the records demonstrate is that it was really an especially vicious i will agree it was the skills ladder now what you read that letter i believe that twenty dollars sent it has been the june seventh happy that letter to mr chabon i believe it is and you get a response no to do all they can tell you know really see
yes there were sent there you know there were three three instances when a substance you know i recall in our ear can't good or were placed in places in bahrain center must be i understand that they did take place a new place that particular all those arriving for that is that they actually may cover that these were not it's morning
edition raising taxes wasn't you know i through a window screen you know i do it get my recollection is this green was i don't want to know when the levies something to that effect because
their definition i don't know the complete facts of what occurred there was talk after the fact that they are the substance was a place in center must be orders in the tampa area my recollection as to the details of how to put in are somewhat they i do however remember that it seems to me its green was upright open and when the lift it and was this on the primary there and i don't recall that very wealthy and if we can agree that this would be quite disruptive to the activity of that report and i very important it very loudly as you know where are
you and the president of the moment and a young man in the philadelphia area who is given a blue some of the hundred dollars on their business some of them ms ba power you recognize the voice
i do just be in the presence of them orwell is this coming from well you know it's funny you read that for us yes i was a left hand side toward just got caught says this whole article is about and by one of my people
pennsylvania voiced circulation gets is ten thousand i'm not heard this may be a student newspaper appears to be going in a paper on the surface says cairo right i do think we need to get this in print protesters counter protesters mr bleyer i carried the last name i can't pronounce its overall was one of my own judgment is names on it i get it they get this would make i didn't think that this would make the paper so i forgot to katie about it and i didn't see it until thursday night right after i talk to you that seems to be a racist
actually you're right so yes i saw that the us is caught and senator humphrey deputy press secretary tonight or not they painted demonstrators buy and people i assumed that when the center must give names places are set for an mri was reporter bob and the daily news and that our paper
hadn't received calls and letters about it he said the center had no comment for publication of this an operative word facts and they were happy and i think the campaign practices committee have been contacted his writing it might be needed to make a change for publication purposes so for us as a lot of people i think people were very disturbed and plan to complain to john english about this i
managed my knowledge oh yeah that's right that's right the us mr roberts yes you split
it at times you have a tendency to be perhaps and i feel that so i think to some extent that is the term henchmen and so forth you have ms burton yes
i did have some you know that was mean i mean i really don't make far without looking into my records the number i would guess perhaps thousands and where the i believe somewhere distribute in california might guess the number would be i'm fifty
now well i really want to characterize the emphasis which in the humphrey and all liberty imagine two candidates with center conference center must be yes he's bumper stickers primarily perhaps seventy five and i'm rene were mailed from korea delegates you're
right the power that's correct i've printed late fifties now for the white house it's cracked and you actually very much like earlier pamphlet that you identified which was against musculature from our white house and you know what the term was this or this i thought that happened i recently
relating to center must do is seen to be well done i took that pamphlet and i had and this pamphlet after the picture's a vote from time or newsweek magazine and you have a picture in the side of the oil and they have pictures nineteen sixty eight up the bombing and us immigration and this particular but again it's pretty much aligned with that was in the senate that you would be no different from the next and at an initial rate now is it was kennedy center and it's like it's pretty much a copy of the same language that was employed
to make law yes it is for democratic senate democrats against boys to know what committee was that again you that they again is a comedian and one we understand that the stage from a row i had at least three thousand something along on and where there were some distributed in northern california
i would say the numbers divided up their hundred hundred and fifty fewer male i would say the total collapse i would get suppressed three hundred twenty question then and i'm a democrat mr eugenides
about the visitation at the views them out on the campaigns over the signature the war around yes i did i know the police years yet he was a campaign worker in them the party headquarters out with it was aborted now essentially that's right or that's
correct well reviewed dozens and the baby yes essentially you know in the senate now some of their delegates and so much isn't that choosing delegates i did receive these i'm at the same time the other's mail some were addressed that intentionally know stamp was going on so that they would go back to the mccarthy headquarters renee montagne
host follow eddie report were written by blank forty four five six letters of the titans in the days before radio oh no and there is
this is alaska on the stationary that is true this is hard for me too categorizing says he misses a trip you know will set out on president
is that yes i did three of those years now the job now and in another state yes that's right all of those were your answer or not my aunt oh yes there's a
comment that he left her period time again precious people ms bee you know the parliament has been fb you'll see an advertisement
it's disgusting now you were take us out of it this particular was racing i o w a ticket out of the new york newspaper saw him some newspaper and i forgot what i was quite quite good in it that you i thought oh yes i did why is that
you're welcome these roles i don't believe that was to put the money you know well yeah people rather than
actually fighting there it might take this violation elena kagan and only the senator at the level of rhetoric are popping up in a sense it will eventually a parasite i have been visited by the fbi and i think that's a really it's a really awkward radio star and think about these activities
all that later i was instructed to see if bill has been sent to mongolia mr graham says baseball's intervention this is even more than
your house rule that says don't really record for honesty and government was an owner who it is well it wasn't i wasn't that mr thompson i think really the correct way to give you an answer i am perhaps i should explain that this gunfire was obtained probably been his decline in the miami miami area i can't recall exactly whether it was for me it came from either senator muskie or senator humphries campaign mailers people love working with him was picked that i said sequoia handsome he produced and distributed
those oh wow i don't say that he was picked up in the air is being distributed by it by those individuals was actually picked up at their headquarters i'm not an identity yes i did political operatives yes sir mr kelly attended a rally somewhere in the miami area mr kelly further this spiking up in as a souvenir after they talked senator mcgovern was getting autographs innocent person a souvenir is he went up and cinema governor signed this document
yes sir it's relatively new i agree with you no i think you are a good number of them were on a stopover appear to myself and actually an individualistic this is teeming is the calendars to think about gas and then you know some of them will there's
nothing in the world specifically you know examples minor example earlier than one point i believe the possibly mr chabon won at the democratic dinner and santas go ahead and a committee for president picket admitted to their own for forgiveness there may have been no one to another one
example sensors that that's right yes percentage i was a sitting on their records and we send them what was done them to mitigate the hebrew if you were there you go there are now mr thompson
well a pick and a clarinet is one that stands out my mind i'm sure they're years i did not write in a clear and no idea who wrote the kind of glare mark and i say you know i it was reported i believe in the large imposing and perhaps other newspapers that i was very nice spies who in the midwest you know yes i believe that came about from a story i get into the larger question posed by mr lawrence or larry young californian who was the ceo lester young was an individual that i knew that the university southern california and bleeding in mr chabon mr strouse
the worst and prosper one of their reporters went to see mr young and subsequently obtaining a story in in which it contained among other things an allegation and i was running a spy school in the midwest thank you that was in the same story you know it's very hard for me sitting here at other times i thought of that great dia y ms deanne lie ahead considered to be a very close on the edge of two major number years but the essential thing on i think part of
it was just playing politics he was a liberal democrat i guess i turned my friendships and turns a republican or a democrat perhaps the former providence korea after it after the november election he did send to my parents were here and myself a car staying in tucson some degree year elections are aware it's water under the bridge now and let's get together again i have no idea we do thank
you lots of top my head now that letter effectively said her is essentially setting visited by individuals from the worst imposed and then they were going to propose tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds that channeled through his law firm are very similar activities response at the foul line with that and the fact that it wasn't loaded at this point there is a real vote on the senate floor a concern in the federal budget and a moment fred thompson will resume is questioning public television coverage of the senate
hearings will continue after a pause for a station identification on average coverage of their hearings as being broadcast as a public service wherein local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service it's b it's been bad
it's been fb
group and pike continues its coverage of
hearings on the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings donaldson readies attorney victor sherman is about to object to a lot of question it's b and this was in the middle of the master of the recalls but the question in those initial response of a letter written explaining the reason why he told newspaper or reason to the members of the young ladies of reasons
essential elements of the story there's a difference that was the limit these in the reelection of the president nixon so i don't diminish any factual basis yes that's correct
both that's correct and at this point the ruling discusses that this does go into them
all and the question is finding in terms of resolution sixty percent of germans environmental scientist thompson there's no evidence yet that unless the question is framed within the terms of the resolution had to do with the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign and it would be irrelevant and state for the record that the new reports were shown it was certainly after the election was over and was not part of any country and does not
involve any persons in any way an investigation is needed that's right that's because of the policy and typically now
fb fb
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Part 2 of 5
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