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it's b fb i think that's probably correct yes jane last visited in red or blue below receding mom or form is so that's
good yes the problem the ruling at some point in our interviews season yes i went through exhibits briefly this morning fire to
many and i am from a way that most of those there are wired to deny that were done by people that i have contacted that i'm familiar with are you doing yesterday it was just a huge day except in the nation most will set a fine and the second is the opportunity in working life good to have you it's been doing
what i sell it in a half tons of my own to travel around the country and it's been the large amounts of money and i certainly wouldn't win and then there are the type of activities so it's and it's a very very important factor set no date whitehouse why the lessons that need a job i think there was certainly a seventy seven page dated to activities just call or
just exactly what is the heart of mine i would say a the latest is a request you can singing two lane lines basically they say oh yes it's really it's in an animal
do you have a responsibility thank you yeah right i think before you do it human cells those are
the questions principal area of information but to continue the line it was let me let me suggest a hypothetical situation in were approached to do the same sort of job that you did in nineteen seventy one and nineteen seventy two map after these characters that are all their up and ventilation pipes and circumstances these heroes of his right arm of his experience i mean it is really it is
my experience terry her testimony before this committee has really been fixed that was a personal experience the analysts are still young and eggs here's campion services distinguished was awesome when you have no power the spear in these investigations the circumstances may on others hundred i really hope that they will and i think that's one day that this that these
hearings have accomplished we think about the possibility of these hearings there's testimony mueller tour of testimony rachel another solution instead of accepting this as the future just simply decide that i think that's a very important factor to consider and i think that's really the great dangers this committee and very very honestly i mean i feel it's a mixed in the committee that its job insofar as the terms and cleansing persistent i think it was great
i think it would create a great deal of information in the country nineteen eighties and other words i think it's a situation that's very difficult to make that decision and i don't think i am the one that you think there and he does that these centers that information sometimes i hear men and women particularly young men and women say well after all let's follow and that is the policy that is the situation and so what you get is an issue around this concept of what american politics is all about this is a bag of dirty tricks over appeared to a lot of them i think as it was explained to me i think he should be alive and i had no great actress objects practical politics
that some of these things were somewhat traditional granting that point you know i really does have some impact on my knees i wanted to write these writers and produces questions and answers the years i will in it many remain uneasy
mr levy it's very possible city instances i believe in it ms rehm is buying another piece of senate business is interrupted senator better public television coverage of the cemeteries will continue after potter station identification
on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service where local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service it's both fb
from washington
and that continues its coverage of hearings on the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and bad correspondent jim lehrer as their years and senator obama is asking his questions as best he's been doing that thank you i was at usc you know
i believe he was in three years i hate you well you enjoy it when you do well i think that's not exactly correct senator graham mr chabon was involved in politics they have one evening we were making it and this was being made are people that are going to rhyme for different offices very different viruses was going to be renters didn't buy president we were sure several people that we're going to be we're going to put on the slightest didn't say undone just said because we're sure of the names my name was put on that list i had no real campaign and i usually say in there was no arc
well you do one of those obviously are that's correct that was presidential one sector he was a man i really don't know on the duties of the job title of presidential appointments that are now law yes it is and i'm steve inskeep
i don't think he is that's correct yes you're right you know that's a question that's difficult for me to answer i believe mr strong call me give me mr tom watson into contact in newport beach california so they may be due diligence there i really don't know
why i yeah it is how to finalizing arrangements with my perspective and when i met with them all up yes well last contact with mr carlock it made financial matters who has a lot of our march nineteen seventy two now your organization we ran into the same promise in an era i think the records would we be flat were actually my recollection
i think he was making forty sometimes during the entire period do you the conversation with you yes well isolated yes they are he's a few
years i don't really recall any and those phone calls i think yeah political activities well you know yes that's you know
it is oh yeah that is right
trying to recall any specific conversation and i can do any immediate onset of commerce a yellow background and many conversations unfortunately the period i mentioned you're welcome yes
i do i'll go no sir that was never a really convey getting infected they're integrated time that i was engaged in any activities i don't think or i or others sen mcgovern win the nomination let's go this week's movie well i another example
always welcome and my question was yes sir i had wired there was a change in the miami area reprinted industry needed distributed in the california primary so that was to be given me a florida primary as billy you well it has
been he's been in the present at the peak yeah i usually do in the oil fields that's correct in the sixties
it's difficult for me to reconcile and at this time all i can pay is my intention at that time and it is true that that the way this is written in my intentions and i don't think we're as clear is a question was with costumes all to get the nomination is about what they should be valuable valuable now so it is the alliance of listen for must be
stationary and it was really really two words words must be rather than i agree you do thank you this is weekend edition while yes that i will say is that you can better
understand that this letter was not done with a great deal well and you yes you have a rare sentiment of the letter is made out of whole cloth the facts in the letter m a medical thought i intended to make his letters zarate is that nobody
really believe it one of our listeners senator i think it is a gray has made clear that it was to create dissension among the candidates and not the country we believed that that's right our intention was and that was it senator i can tell you
excuse me oh geez he's on the right thanks both the price tag is going to be relying on the state
would be successful you're welcome thanks rachel thank you that's right i talked to mr dean unintelligible mr dean i was in miami or that area at that time and he had for me and a forthcoming
article concerning me in western poland we wanted to meet with me and this is possible regarding the allegations in their article mr o'reilly right tell me why and that he was going to lie he says i have raw review processes that was the union's the vehemence on ice a day i was contacted by idly
and in television in his paintings are unique the normal routine of nose ran it in a clock meaning it can after i checked out stains to the executive office building icons duties office he told me a way where i was any oil company that feeling that means we win the energy executive office building and you know there's a checkpoint where you are to produce identification and perhaps it and i'm not sure that mr feelings did
something in effect this is really innovative lot a lot and i was alone it's hard to really guess our perhaps i was pretty exhausting i had been a real way that night in an airline and a shocking to see the way i mean that picture on the front page newspaper scientists to the post article to see what our true and untrue to all this is it
and the answer the question yes yes yes of course the same thing and there's no way to talk about meeting the conference and lightning questions previously preserving of privilege how we discuss these matters in detail with mr cash <unk> less than perfectly be willing to answer any questions on any general questions but we feel an obligation to maintain the attorney client privilege you
know and the whole thing is in egypt senator and i'm renee montagne these days
so that's also my understanding of the attorney client privilege to see a point in being present item three questions have been asked about tactical conversation and i think there was only an introduction of questions about intervention he might be willing to answer questions or no law which we know how to when i was in the conversation really what was done during this conversation
but this was a fictitious very good these conversations that decision however is whatever <unk> producers were to shield anything i have no knowledge of from this was aggressive point you know was a good faith relationship of a turning point and he reasonably believe it was an attorney client privilege in at specific conversations with mr dean ms amin because of the relationship he was representing
oh no and i think is an essential element as to whether there was was not genuinely mentally well you can ask questions
if you ask questions and of course we discuss all of those conversations in private those conversations can i can request a foundation the first lady as to whether or not there was an attorney client relationship and questions asked was killed and what did he recently went to a point thank you
i asked whether it i ask the same questions and feelings feeling like he was a lawyer yes it is i know
yesterday i saw in the los angeles area as to being with that the worst music no question at the time now that are mixed feeling that they were germans yes but they're on an actual ears yes i don't
i really don't the originator of the communication to have that respect is there's it is you ask for that assurance of privilege communication on his of assuring the legal defense on is a substance of what you're about that's typical from a cancer center baker because i got there the privileged nature of any communication would be necessary in my defense he was protecting that
information when you're sitting in court and also obviously the competition and i think the question was asked you know as missouri's the same point yesterday yes
i asked for such regulation as an example china already communicating with him and you knew it that's right he's been doing it it is he
ended yesterday thats the million i don't know if you witnessed that this testimony indicated that thank you you
know because the piano sessions and waited we're playing the tone of the testimony
i agree well yeah and when i was introduced to his knee in nineteen seventy two yeah
october nineteen nineties and into the pacific ocean it is oh yeah majeski senator up to look at i think i have to take what makes it clear that that was a discussion between the participants and in fact there was an attorney client privilege
that the firm not mistakenly to lose today and he was a gentleman law and counselor for this fall will indeed i consider this the regime has served as general counsel white house that's right
my recollection is that i have in here is made you're right as it ms bishop that's
right well i remember their names sen mccaskill easily kill me johnny johnny johnny and i asked him
he says humans bernie sanders and at one point is really important because we feel mr dean without authorization and this relationship obtain information from cigarette he and his troops were these law center's lawyer in canada where this committee so there were violations and his part in it you're forcing the witness stand certain under penalty of content if he doesn't i like to make the objections he instructed to
ask answer that was he has no choice he's sitting in his revealing he asks at that time he was an attorney client relationship with the winds because one of mr fielding unless i was told him yes it was such a relationship solely my secretary's present my office is part of the privileged communications issues an interview turning at the time what was the feeling here and now it has to
pay the station the office look at that it was the night of october the tenth place yesterday and the feeling of yourself my recollection we the post are his comedown relating to our nation's ministry under mr dean read true get to me a paragraph by paragraph and we discussed the truth or falsity i'll know at
thirty and then every time there's a brief discussion about to be making a statement a writing out a statement to be considered the next day for release act i mean myself feeling was in the car over today a hotel a motel in crystal city here in washington and at which time i went and checked and under another name and they wait in the car oh it again and then i went back down the levee and higher monthly iron next morning was just fine the next morning i heard a brief statement
the feeling came by he had prepared us a violently allegations something was said to be effective he was taken back in the whole life and he was in foreign policy it's time pressure and
i remember standing in corrections i'm fine well this thing is it something to the effect that the media people decided that things will die on their own volition rather than making whatsoever and there was a reason just a few years prior to the discussion he's
been fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 5
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 41 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, Donald Segretti testifies.
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