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aggressively reporting solely through the conspiracy one against the war young socialists alliance student mobilization committee and no churn up his campaign pentagon papers bradlee citizens research investigating committee was that the school was that his committee set the date as as well as various religious groups and george mcgovern campaign as one of mayor daley's groups lawyer with a number of them by name one of the assistant minority council's several weeks ago described that article to me on the basis of the information that the representatives from our campaign gave me an army and on the bases demonstrate the actual
demonstration took place on five playing find it difficult to believe that that's dave clark county who was the best of them counting and you know about a vote isn't concerned yes certainly would have if if i had known for sure or had any reason to believe that some of the organizations was that there had been at the organizational meeting i would not have planned the assistant campaign i don't want the assistance of the campaign because i was reasonably certain on the basis of the information that i had that it would be a peaceful demonstration they want to avoid because of a history of violent activity
in the previous election plan no that was not growing at a campaign of nineteen sixties against president johnson had also proposed a war yes there was there was a lot of demonstration i did not participate in it i was a guest at dinner in that evening and i was inside the hotel i did not see any of the demonstrators my soul when i read the news accounts and so joe lloyd's coverage york's of the demonstration from that experience like i was certain that precautions were taken then and precautions
taken again this time to protect the president and all gets the hotel so i was not concerned that extent of it the demonstration that you just referred to nineteen sixty seven was five years prior to the one that we're speaking about here involving overtime and won individuals and so i saw no reason to think that because the nineteen sixty seven there was a demonstration over the same issue at the same location that there would be any reason to conclude that we would want to be in violent activity you what you call happened in nineteen fifty seven episode requests are calling specific say and others were pushing and shoving and some demonstrators were jailed and i don't think so although an article for
sure there was another mineral insane on the street with demonstrators entered the hotel it was absolutely not activity you can see how that would further are causing any way to do anyone any him why hasn't it ms joseph biederman what we get as to what wimps she was so one demonstration where she named for me and some other groups and each of the groups' financial ones that i recognized to be responsible groups here we discuss the monitoring system whereby iran would be great marshals the parade route we discussed that there would be an official
liaison with the los angeles police department and why you get the chance but we're not and i don't think that's quite accurate the constellation was going to take place or whether we participated in or not one you were the provision of our communities and so some of the same way as
simple as that they foment nation's refining on the nature of it because you took a chance that it would not no there is always a risk when there's any sort of group activity i think that there will be violence and so my answer would be yes we did take a chance what profession would you personally i did not take a direct action myself that i did not consider a demonstration to be on a campaign activity the biggest question was about this would help the campaign can rekindle the interest them wow they're trying to deal with a successful
demonstration on that issue would be a benefit to the campaign what we should do with our campaign resources you're going to let the newsroom do all that i think of all that's what you are to distribute large extent where when i would be so the activists say that while the demonstration of the strength of the top one hundred i would guess probably big up to about fifty reporter officers in any chance johnston was probably no more than fifteen or twenty flyers those fifty officers i think a number of flyers that were distributed by our campaign was a
very small percentage probably involve florida's true having only fifty fifty because it was not our intention to massively distributed fliers was your intention simply too put the flyers on a table of literature near the door so that people coming into the headquarters for one reason or another would be made aware of the demonstration in an attentive if they wish to do so we did not want to take any of it our reporters have been distributed that shopping centers reported or anything that's sort of the normal number of was an importer yes it would wasted printing to reporters in
the front door when we did not like heavy traffic was nervous when that this is going to go the use of it campaign headquarters of the campaign would be wasted well you know i suppose that decision is properly there's there was in my judgment though a danger that if i'm if we distributed in excessive number of flyers to one of our reporters the personnel and their headquarters were taken upon themselves to take time away from their voter registration activities and begin to distribute those flyers on their own he was
while on the headquarters the corporate lobby to do it if we have to manage a living you're welcome to convert a little bit you know one thing people i think it's likely we're number of people participating thank you what i say on the basis of our conversations
with the nineteen seventy two demonstration says those steps will mean follow through on it you know change your opinion three thousand egyptian cotton the joke and you know i think it was my decision within
that organization has i think there's always things that there is no way to absolutely guarantee a non violent activity you can slide in polls when he's a little bit greater likelihood of our states with another example no i don't think i don't think the location of the fact that there's a similar location was a factor at all because i think that are similar in some of the same individuals have participated in the nineteen sixty seven demonstration would likely participating in any demonstration anywhere church and
i think that will change nothing to do it didn't want right now in the new orleans isn't the only other route and diversion after that you could have been it really didn't a demonstration reasonably sure that there would be no point part
of the point and i'm steve inskeep professor courtney right or you can do you can do better in egypt well as for things going well or being in that in one and two the run campaigns and while they do have to have a sitcom about
a state lawyer communications director for the campaign asked you to think on the thinking of the same information again today who was the last thing you told them that you have a meeting in the two discuss to improve it after that poverty oppression during the campaign the reporting is the one campaign frequently and fielded questions from reporters
all the reporters on the edge two thousand in order and one of the sort of the profit company you an african nation would even you just have to pay i'm going to go with their communities or go on the opening thoughts on and told him to stop the thing to and for or going to
hell the official version of things do you think i disagree also low that the story which is a story written after a reporter asked for texting questions and
education so i think it's probably sort of direct inquiries to him and the neighbors on the poor village of awards eleven of representing the government position and don't want to misrepresent my position or you wanted the past essentially yes all those roles that what responsibility about ric flair you were responsible for that did you get into the massive theft
device that really rich kern has been meeting where we discussed the course of the hour i felt that the use of those things he was no longer in the state at the time that these press was not and i think i've talked to him any more about who was better not close the menu anyway they trace of false report with her birthday and seth of reporting not for certain to the official mccone county california campaign to not a republican judge but the demonstrators have been
official lou house acknowledged that the earth is the phone when we found out about it we stopped immediately the question of opinion the phones were stopped or even a reason that such threats appeared that appears from the official word that one out mr goings i think that both the
real and that is when we found out about it with immigration i don't know if we could have a discussion on the road that's true i'm in the picture with them the person
thank you i think it might've been kept apart fifteen witnesses no no for people who are
different after that point with it originated from and two others one of arizona
one very vivid kung fu a thousand digit number of the war have about comedy well sure it both of indigenous if the river that question state immigration in connection with so all
was on in september nineteen seventy two male we know what they'll look which of president nixon was to make a speech and for the eu two of the patients we did upgrading an invitation to double regressive grievance the official demonstration now moyers yeah although
steve the demonstrators the way that you were confined to the white house thank you ratings and i think most people on both over all of the majority of those raters peacefully demonstrating and the british and the president
anonymously but it certainly is in the nineteen seventies your decision to marry it was just that we need the steps that the organizers of the demonstration would take in order to prevent violence of war orphans host of switch on i'm not sure of all the most actually year they were
going to appoint grave markers a very very high number right marchers pouring in from a particular connection with the los angeles police and detention system the demonstrations in st paul minnesota yes yes but that kind of confrontation that and after
that only to the extent that that i was i was told so many people that i use judgment i trust that we are satisfied the police department was so in your mind you is the whole sermon gary smith it's big there was a demonstration a violent and nonviolent peaceful vote to describe this i did not attend the demonstration was all the
reports that i have demonstration very peaceful demonstration that question but for many people the new estimate for the record what are your thought thing i wouldn't expect over twenty five that's roben a
couple with a sense of has a problem with thorny question witnesses i mean like an individual but as a political activity against another you consider a proper another foreign political campaign says the store buying against us i think it is the pope very proper four campaign between peacefully demonstrate one of his relatives
for sure the port deepening and i think because i think it interferes with a person's free speech thing about ten thousand people sometimes will have other for fourteen and fifteen and that is particularly demonstration complete with it
i think it's actually opposed to interfering with the freedom to think proper desirable political campaign activity forty thousand and that material actually local musician to have assisted in some way the demonstrators were inside the government and the witch a demonstration i think it is the committee to reelect him straight and which unfortunately a handful of people i think we need to reward of improper
activities responsible foreign language spoken purposely put together a demonstration in which the purpose of which would be a candidate or signs to do anything that nature i think that the very proper just consider for a moment that would not be resolved in the us through these are normally would not be you know the saints earned insights and one i think we are pursuing that the majority leader would be the point
both but i mean i'm steve inskeep with winners but for others the demonstration that would be oh yeah the american
troops to create the color in september nineteen seventy were the mcgovern people that actually are uncertain if anything over the fact that demonstrating well i suppose and fifty nine days and fear of it a demonstration against the president whether or not
surgeon think the public would like to make some assumptions made a lot of instances the porter committing your character's you know all things are concerned too nina and especially with the world and fifth
torture center with a portrait political heat demonstrations political climate and energy speaking about that i suppose i would fear that an insecure situation a demonstration that would reflect on us whether we participated in it if it were violent even though we have nothing to do with it it would reflect
on the other hand if it were a poorly attended demonstrations and we have nothing to do with it if people didn't really think it thought it a public apology it you can take it and fight and fight the state
department's report but thatcher ruthie the thing about the thing that mr cavett through which your thing and when i'm writing
tradition with the los angeles police force and thousand of the community relations officer in west los angeles to visit and on the day of the supplement for seven nineteen seventy two thousand a demonstration the publication of the population and that was it thank you
right at the point where you were i mean the party committees that's right that's a sixteenth what was the purpose of that
that's the kind of inspiration there's no particular religion good for you yes probably thank you
think this report will support he's reported for inspiration now do i have to work with the latest demonstration and he was referred to a committee kwok
wrote about five minutes after the demonstration actually get on the ucla campus of approximately forty and we begin with a rally at the campus you have been treated for it things are particularly good demonstrations you know so many people who have a lot of chanting slogans as a
sensation people local puerto rican representatives of the various atheist groups and they form sort of a command post angry demonstrators i don't primarily built with articulation of the other people whether a sedative my sense of the lives that there's at least the first incident occurred when i was three three fifty nine i'm renee montagne he's a particular have to bring in uniform options to disperse the group about twenty of those
monitors prostate circulated through the crowd and then these monitors and surround them tonight that was another nixon supporters came out of a hotel is for the end of the demonstration but republicans believe the president needs i'm michele norris
an insipid prostrate land across great wives' numbers of the first responses was also station entrance was approximately swaths of the uniformed officers that's going to be one of the options that theologian at the demonstration was a group from a bit of the traditional this people
and members of the vietnam veterans now assimilate in the demonstration perhaps more call proteins that you could take the responsibility to provoke a violent confrontation possible that position you know and and with one stellar leak and fifties making and they only problem with inspiration
that we have to spend their content but that the demonstration have been arrests there were three arrests made for two of us were made by the los angeles police officer position for legal recognition of vindication for that vision and kept in his testimony before the committee describe the century plaza incident as an example of a new violent demonstrations three ninth president of the united states that illustration about your knowledge of the demonstration
denied participate in the program the prawns for that or you were that on september seventeenth nineteen seventy two nixon campaign office in fairfax having suffered from five am et as the person to investigate this incident most heavy duty police reports on this incident would you have voted it several reports
reporters we don't report referenced the world is reports of seven to dash six five one six three pointers for an individual by the name of jenkins david harris a receipt and in this case in los angeles there are three pages narrative that this report there's the follow up report this visit an unnamed deceased as well as two other suspects were subsequently investigators all of this several of the
victims one of which is the democrats' election headquarters located at the same address his list the property that was taken and in this book from various weapons than they are three law says property worked with various items of property that were subsequently recovered and losses was broadcast booth but i'd like to leave a couple of relief portions of the report into the record and i'd like to focus your attention focused on the report that set of it liking seventy two mr jd that is well that page story of this report and i would appreciate it if you would translate the abbreviations that i'm not sure that they'll clear rural
and page three recording persons they did you walk on security disability that thirteen billion dollars on september sixteenth nineteen seventy two and zero to forty hours officers received a radio call quote parson suspects just left them for fifteen or the perfect suspects were five male negroes last seen running from a location for silkwood avenue officers arrived in observe the fire department putting out a fire officers check the area for the suspects that they were rival mobsters investigation revealed that a known suspect using a possible title private past all of the haskell says that in private as bold or directly to the will of the building they ransacked that portion of the building and remove the unknown items suspects then went back into the main part of the building the land set
to this and then remove the top or like disconnecting with suspects than one point the front of the building suspects and using and an uncle punched the hole in the face of the time more with the protestors us authorities suspect an attempted us intersection with a magazine that only magazine one suspects that is impossible tyrant when people try to board away from the wall and entered the other half of the building is being rented by the next until president kennedy says but then went to the rear upstairs portion of the building and set afire suspects them of the building by that point of entry focus your attention only follow up report on this recording dated november eighteen nineteen seventy two the national
media narrative that is contained and at one point the subjects of defiance of the county's referred to suspect news fargo three subjects forced entry into the star city distributors or where we're going with mustard during the commission's of buggers of that number one they can start a fire to cover fingerprints think a subject one tank fire in paris before the fire the city and with this particular ecology more broadly this investigation has been offered an article is and all the rest of them and receive a full confession the spinoff and metaphorical rapoport taken from scarcity distributors
what does this report indicate that was taken from the nixon options the only thing that was recorded one a representative from the next house is worth twenty five dollars and muscling its currency and that indicated that the hollywood makes in office was quote on quote any indication in the report that i almost exploded at the office with the whole newsroom the gemini and over the question that would like their set the documents that it is justified romney entered into the record leo and that we only received as a good
example of the numbers so it is in his file and the men aren't according to a portal for about two hundred low point five male who had and wove malone dominate the some feel that i believe that those four hundred and one sworn officers and twenty four civilians were killed four point what was our personal you make of a week before an astute the possibility to lure potential of our confrontation this or what are they wish why valuations after having several meetings with the demonstrators was that there was a good likelihood that we would experience a peaceful demonstration however we were in the of integration is going
to order that sun jian back commanding officer in case that this event had the potential of becoming a major confrontation with us are the proposals or were you will if you'd rather mr saylors a while and i couldn't do more specific problem all there was to my knowledge no real destruction of property not an extended integrate the bill is across the street from outgoing majority of the people got the assumption i was at that time just a large vacant field today that there is a large entertainment center so that when the officers nineteen sixty seven
move forward to make arrests that people ought to disperse large bakery built in on chris reeves was no real danger of a large amount of property damage and my knowledge there was more to moan about the family level
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