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ms ba so it record on this program is dated november eighteenth nineteen seventy two and ashton read the narrative that is contained on page four the above grade
subjects and i should define some pictures from a news report of juveniles of suspects raise indefinable the above three subjects forced entry into the star city distributors for corn i'm more protection committee we're going with this question during the commission's a burger said that number one jenkins started a fire in the business office to cover of fingerprints been a subject one jenkins apparently got caught in acquiring perish before the fire before the investigating officer heather the c subject identified at the la county morgue for latent prints on identification started checking friends and associates for other suspects there is an investigation that's been offered in a five to others involved arrested them and receive a full confession the skin out and made a full recovery are properly taken from star city distributors petitions were filed on the celtics won into the murder arson and robbery crimes clear virus
what does the report indicated that was taken from the nixon options the only thing that was reported by the representative from that it's not says was twenty five dollars in miscellaneous its currency meditation exploring over the transcript indicated that the hollywood nixon office was quote while all quote any indication in the report that i almost exploded at the office of the volga loser the show and i have no further question that would like their city documents that the committee has testified romney entered into the record leo and that we commonly received as a division pro so it is in less than an hour
right now in comedy the sum total that i believe that those four hundred and one sworn officers and twenty four civilians were killed one point by police armed personnel you make of a week before an astute the possibility to the potential for raw confrontation is or what are very rich what i was after having some meetings with the demonstrators was that there was a good likelihood that we would experience a peaceful demonstrations all over we were in the of integration is going to be spent support here the sun jian back commanding officer in a case that this event had the potential of becoming a major confrontation the bit for
us are the proposals or were you will dr no as you say that was a while and i couldn't do more specific problem all those to my knowledge no real destruction of property not an extended integrate the bill is across the street from ongoing market some ten thousand it was at that time just a large vacant field today that there is a large entertainment center so that when the officers nineteen sixty seven move forward to make arrests people were allowed to disperse large baking feels an aunt various streets there was no real danger of a large amount of property damage and
to my knowledge there was a large amount of their words numerous attacks on police officers in part demonstrators a rock and roll and other objects into bottles sticks there was during the arrests processes that took place later on numerous physical confrontations between police officers and demonstrators were and the people in charge of this demonstration well the people in charge of the country and i think seventy two or three of the victims but unlike his solo levant also torino which began fourteen demonstrators so yes professor kailash takes credit for being one of the prime movers behind the nineteen sixty seven demonstration and i don't recall his name being mentioned prominently during that period of time and he did indicate to me that there would be many people present at the nineteen seventy two demonstration who were there in nineteen sixty seven
he also advised me that it was certainly not their wishes to repeat nineteen sixty seven james gosling with a vicious or another and a government governs support or assistance and sometimes foolish i never solicited and that sort of information you don't volunteer on many occasions for our conversations this demonstration was not there's a problem he indicated that many of the people there would actually be in favor of governor over nixon but they did not want to do anything in this demonstration that would be counterproductive to mcgovern's effort and the voice her concern many times he pointed out that the issue stock awards topics in their words in the minds of many people be associated with this river do
you recall now for a montana are one arm and trying to control the nineteen sixty seven demonstration no sir i have no access to a mission or you were president would you say that there were more restless ocean and send to them change in nineteen sixty seven well because of the demonstration or intelligence information sixty seven the nineteen sixty seven the opposite because we had every reason to believe it was going to be a violent confrontation on intelligence information that indicated that book was like and ej
the initiative nelson one thing though indicating that in a lot of connected with a political campaign of them i hadn't planned to do with it mr livingstone reserves the testimony of michael mcmahon away otherwise known as a venture to race for the second day in row so crucial and some very gray issues involve and how to gather political intelligence information now to discuss some of them now at howard enoch it a professor of government at american university here in washington and a specialist in the american presidency in public and for a public administration as as well as a matter of political reporting what did you think of the runaways point about the need for a more open exchange of information about
political strategy news the way senator of untreated the two political parties he kept making analogies to nations and espionage as if it was a contest between united states and russia what's really at stake here is a democratic election in a free and open society secrecy is incompatible with under those circumstances is out or emissions are political parties information should pass freely between the opponents the republicans' great aaron all of this but especially in the watergate is the fact that there's a covert information was more important than the kind of information they might gather by reading the new york times the cia in particular they'll tell you the opposite covert information is not as reliable check it out and get the republicans seem to have an infatuation with collecting covert information for that reason playstations in the campaign headquarters it would seem to have the democratic candidates are running in primaries though that as a practical matter now a year let's say you're running one campaign and i'm runnin another and you come to me and say
they have a lot of america and all its local funds to do service for an open process won't you tell me where you're going to zing the next day and won't you tell me where you got all your money in town we were curious what your man's gonna do all that and you expect me to say ok you go out your ears the whole bailout often go for you know pieces that really realistic in terms of american politics that's really the challenge for the senate now is to try and write a law that would force candidates to do that i don't think they can personally i think all of the tendencies in modern politics or rather in the opposite direction it can unsettle become more isolated because of the threat of assassination because of mass demonstrations not just tackling but the real disruptions speeches and the availability of television was much more easier for candidates to prepare campaign strategy and secretive based upon television going there was video tape it to the relatively secure atmosphere and then present this package product for the public is much easier for the candidate i don't know how the senate could overcome that
especially when you have lots of bills which would make television more open to the camera it's a real dilemma for the senate floor that some of a suggestion i don't think he was making an out in a certain concrete wave hitting dramatically senator baker suggested that what we made it a lot of felony to to do it you did the laws are twenty seven miles that's not the problem the problem is really to pass laws that remove the need for espionage and that gets back to the problem of providing opposition candidates were the strategies of their opponents if you don't believe that would covertly one word or another major graden with mcclellan at mcmurdo i said girl an answer to senator baker that you couldn't have one without the other that if you cast a lot like a felony then you better also tested positive the woods somewhere requires this exchange of prisoners or it'll just go underground you just have the espionage and perhaps people find out about it
perhaps a lot's been going on for a long time haven't really been going on for a long time candidate wants to win it has got to have some sort of intelligence gathering apparatus to find out what his opponent is doing sometimes the border on illegal most the time they consistently a so called truth squad before and after that will finally opponent around note the regularity is of his campaign activities and try and provide the original person with information on what the candidates saying any possible contradictions in his positions that's not illegal placing someone inside the campaign staff was a double agent that borders on the illegal obviously wiretaps are i take it rule your answers here that you don't share senator ervin's outrage at what mr mcmahon away tears at as anna faris assessment of europe is senator mcconnell's show every day and that show was the outrageously the moral outrage saying he expects most of the witnesses
too especially ones that have been granted immunity to common say that they were sorry to publicly apologize to re interpret the motives that lead them into these acts and i think the senator baker one point apparently they found that just a little bit too much and although i don't always agree with what they did i'm kind of hard and when summer witness a standup the center of at least makes the carrot more unrest i let sir i think we'd be remiss if we didn't particularly for two reasons first of all that happened today the resignation of the vice president and second of all are you are the ticker expertise in addition to your own or many other areas of expertise particular expertise malaria the presidency and a way in its relationship with congress etc press the wall it's painted on watergate though what effect do you think say at an event like this the resignation of the vice president united states will have on these hearings in terms of how they proceed in terms of how they are perceived by the public and others
i think it's going to increase now they've caused the vice president indirectly to resign one wonders if this carries over to the presidency now you write you feel that the dissenters of course the vice president to resign i don't understand that i think raising of the largest sets of campaign finance of investigations into activities government officials whether they were former county executive governor of maryland or president united states all of this has become an open field one could raise these issues for five years ago one could even raising issues as the governor during the campaign in the one witness but now when someone makes an accusation oh you pretty well that a grand jury gets much more easy to get a hearing for these accusations now and i think that at the watergate never happen again probably would not have been invited across that the limitations had run out on oct twenty thirty didn't quite make it underneath the bridge that could've gotten for conspiracy and income tax evasion she pleaded no contest and it would effectively when
you think about some of the thesis is that have already been offered a sense the sap are known in the announcement of the vice president's resignation that possibly as result of watergate that the senate and the house also been much more vigorous in their cross examination under questioning of a president nixon's nomination to be for vice president you this it doesn't make sense he says as well first look at him that whoever nixon nominates if he follows his previous pattern in nominations for domestic activities of will be confirmed by either the house or the senate i'm not quite sure how the past the book that for people to remember first full now that if anything should happen the president next speaker house carl albert will become president united states now this can be difficult for democrats in the house who are in the majority to affect vote against carl albert and remove him from the line of succession they may do that in the senate well the senators have become very experience in turning down nominations or at least having those nominations withdraw ainsworth carswell gray and others that the president nixon has proposed using the very difficult time they getting
any nominee through the senate or the house we're going to give you a great opportunity to show your true wisdom you want to get with a name as the movie may select well the only thing i predict would be that robert is will be relatively unknown to spirit once it won't be a household word i think if you look at the appointments that president nixon has made in domestic affairs remembering the vice president duties as vice president are essentially myriad domestic affairs or as the president wants to use it if you look at these appointments than you'll find that the president is not tended to appoint people would have in the panda base is a political power is not tended to point politicians with national reputation as he tended a rich fairly low into the american political scene sometimes outside of politics and to make his selections therefore i would doubt than any of the leading candidates that are mentioned connolly another's a reagan hersey concluded there would be nominated i think it'll be a big surprise i don't think it'll be a household word and another which are reckless and what is not normal it will be ours i don't know the names of those on a household whether back to watergate
you eliminate then senator howard baker has been mixed none of your questions as an independent political power and nixon in dealing with those cabinet members which he pointed to nineteen sixty eight nineteen sixty nine didn't like governor is for example like a goal or romney who have independent basis of how nixon very much a manager in the sense that he likes an organizational he i think he's gonna walk vice president has to be a member of that organization or the arts or thank you very much i will be back to work tomorrow is the committee continues its investigation of dirty tricks and improper campaign activities in american politics and tell them for our guest tonight dr mccurdy and for impact on jim lehrer thank you and goodnight from washington you've been watching gavel to gavel videotape coverage of the hearing of the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities this program was made possible by grants from the corporation for public broadcasting and the ford foundation is a production of unpack that a vision of a greater washington educational telecommunications association
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 6 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 44 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Michael McMinoway, Fred Taugher and Lt. Kenneth Hickman testify.
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