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move for a state their hand oh i said ah formulaic get a poli sci of public buildings that we can take into account our all of the motivation laws that are mined our everyday life in puerto rico are made by a form parliament the parliament of the united states united states
congress is the same type of colonialism they have in the united states and seventy and seventy five in the sixteenth century set of the puerto ricans were trained to be afraid of the english putting it in the seventeenth century to be afraid of the dutch more in the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century to be afraid of the new popular democratic ideas coming out of the american revolution and in the twentieth century to be afraid of the ideas of common isn't coming out of cuba i really came out of curiosity because at that time the land to rescue them was very very big in puerto rico and a lot of propaganda was being given to it and i wanted to know i want to go to want to see what it was like four points of
view not the same but similar each dealing with an aspect of the concept of independence for the island of puerto rico and tony bennett we try to make this program reflect the way we see the world a mix of cultures an interface on this edition of our program we thought we'd take a look at the status of the independence movement in puerto rico so we went there and talked to an assortment of people one of them was a young woman you just saw because of puerto rican she is born on the isle and take it as a child in new york city and has now returned to puerto rico searching for her roots she was in your memory that a settlement of squatters just outside so on our report begins there well
and if the united states and i started getting involved with anti poverty programs are i get very heavily involved with the black consciousness movement and i realized when i when i get involved with that i was asked the blackberry what you've likely white and i started realizing that i was puerto rican and what that meant when i started trying to find out what that meant i realize that i have to come back here to my roots to know about me that i was learning about my people and so it would require a whole year and
it's been the governments say is that they're going to give us the slanderous that was very cheaply that's openly gay right now nothing has really happened with it what they are doing is as well as they can be electricity agency is officially what they do
others what we expect to have really good teachers some high priced hotel the title indians gold is now indelibly stamped with a spanish language and culture is the tropical atmosphere of the island oddly masks some of the glaring social problems of today's third world societies modern buildings going to lose much of what is negative we have come to know as colonies court in the kind of economic political and social imperialism imposed by a dominant mother perjury in this case the united states in an economy that he's a highly dependent on the us because we have what you might call it to be like now we can see all over ninety
percent of what we consume and because of the fall of the gospel by it is because of the mouth because of war or before the jury the coalition is not possible for us to break that dependence now that dependency mean right now for example we're in the midst of an inflation and then when you have a call on a lot of political whenever prices go up in these days ago ups more he lied because for example we are on overseas go and already boots after the chessboard allen the price rises in trouble in wisconsin and the price of his job for patient might also rises that you have a lot of that was the rice in the overseas transportation critics of puerto rico's current political identity as a colony of the united states confront a daily by realities which support their call for change although most puerto ricans are poor by american standards many
islanders and hard and exhibit the kind of conspicuous consumption accelerated by the tens of thousands of american manufacturing goods that are imported daily for the united states critics of the puerto rican economic and political relationship to the united states also say that because america controls the resources of puerto rican society united states is able to impose conceptions of the good wife which best coincide with american interests and not puerto rican the oreos situation for the record that gives rise and it was quick to file a purpose in nineteen ninety eight a cool economy imperialism by lars united states investors in puerto rico a for example last year a day american companies in puerto rico paying a very very low wages which they could never pay in the united states today from puerto rico reported earnings of seven hundred and sixty two million dollars a pop is at the same time that we have
around thirty percent unemployment in puerto rico and when we have vast squalid long so long island and one world champion mental sickness even a quick glance but tourist reveals the kinds of inequities that critics of the president ordered the system say exist on the island trademarks of big business american style are scattered along the highways leading to someone in corporate giants bag of the skyline with their monuments let's listen professor jose the onion is director of the school of planning at the university of puerto rico is one of the leading authorities on the economic state of puerto rico's colonial relationship with america we as the united states in each puerto rico
money that's been spent for maintenance which don't really solve the long run as a condition of the people that maintain son of a subsistence level to its attentions down here but it's not a long run solution or critical for example now we're going to have a massive inflow money and to rally effect sixty percent of the population that were not released the long run problem someone in mind in under a skewed distribution so let's look at the possible for delegate support itself it seems to me that independence is low violent in the long run says it's necessary to be able to develop a rational humane society the population of the island is about two and half million people most of looking at any given moment those who
may be employed number between four hundred and eight hundred thousand this federal grant president of united workers movement as union organization representing around a hundred and fifty thousand workers in over fifty unions it's b it's a
real word the almond difficult political for the economy and it's good for the good deal for him even eat at the couple at last several city i can come in it's unlikely that idea in mali and that one thing is a lot of colombian city ah heat it up out of anything to the political environment that you know a lot of this in the end and remarkably valley
wages we were told this thank you the quest for puerto rican independence has occasionally turn toward
violence like this attack on blair house and the united states senate in washington in the early nineteen fifties recently there have been bombings in new york city what puerto rican militants like juan murray brass leader of the puerto rican socialist party distinguish between the use of armed struggle for defensive purposes from random terror tactics such as the recent new york city bombings when armstrong now he's certainly not the animal rights of both for people struggling for national defense and eventually it goes a necessity when the imperialist power tries to suppress expression of the people so that's why we have firmly in the sixties for working in the city we all slowed preparing ourselves for the eventuality of
armstrong of however we are not say worry these kind of indiscriminate been isolated terrorism that the police were used to sing to illustrate recently is completely foreign to the erosion of the movement like that innocent people and people that our delinquency ratio ice fall across them another enemies list more loyalty oaths eagerness that explain our country functions us maintain
or so the system they keep the social tensions get to a point where people can't subsist and at any stage which does not want to say oh oh oh the point is that we've created a type of society in which at very high proportion of the investments known by outside firms in which form this investor's owns most of a ghostly return which is really at the mercy of what else sen ruben burritos is a member of the puerto rican legislature and the puerto rican independence party or ios feels that the major reason for independence is to solve the island's economic problems each day the united states government is one dollar and it would eliminate takes away from the mosul is this company which a difference in puerto rico this is the new business and the race for american companies and companies on the eyes visible and will be a tv movie to their convenience and the law has ever argued that
america into this awful a lot of people bought one nationwide elder in anywhere in the world is for the benefit of the quote isolation that's the mall's up certainly that was ever ever developing the hotel in the area most of the garment is a casting director do or the slum dwellers importantly i mean for coupons i mean all sorts of very small things for the wrestler going to open these things for people is not like the light of the houses one week before election day and they
say it's a course that led us to have the influence that puerto rico by these type of woven both photo and the puerto rican woman sees them to get some sense of how an outside observer sees problems in puerto rico we talk with gordon who is a historian spoke puerto rico freedom and power in the caribbean is the most authoritative history of the island professor louis sees the development of a national independence in puerto rico as a hopeful course for the future but lewis has some reservations dr new independently is the movement in puerto rico in the last few years i've been radically transformed india launched its leading component now is marxism leninism as a marxist myself i accept the two cardinal postulates of marxism as applied to the puerto rican conditions one that the motor force of change for independence must be organized work and careers and two but in the long run that can
only be resolved by armed revolution the american academic albion including the santa domingo intervention of nineteen sixty five means eyes are unique to lack a lot but you know at a staged reading plans will not accept an independent porn illegal but his marxist leninist in its character having said that much of the same time i am i can be honest and since marxism grew up in nineteenth century industrial england there are a number of aspects of caribbean life that necessarily it did not examine lot of those in the first place marks was the archbishop of industrial technology that has meant in the caribbean a disastrous neglected agriculture i do not see why we could not have a viable rice production on agricultural sector in puerto rico therefore i want to see a new
balance between the life of the open town and the life of the countryside in the second place marks i never got in any way with a poem called lasers cabbie and society is overwhelmingly of racially and culturally mixed society here in puerto rico days and mythology shared by most puerto rico's that they as non race prejudice and political days and it is about a dozen don't close a black scholar has recently written on exports at all the latest tragedies that is shared by many puerto ricans included many independently still men and women the third problem ignored by marc spears out mainly on the woman question puerto rico psychological is still a
society poisoned by the euro matches small and you will find that there are again many independent stores we suffer from that disease although many of them have been cured of it by the day in congo with their return in puerto rico and was lived in the black ghettos of the northern industrial cities now if we were to put the leadership all the puerto rican revolution into the hands albeit assay still and all of the match or whether they independently still are not from my viewpoint that would be tantamount to putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank i wanted to go into the future but we have to be honest we conceive of the possibilities which we have people we receive the limitations which we haven't for feeling those inspirations for the
coalition is very difficult for the classic idol they won their testing maybe not the object of conditions book by the longest estimate either the ideological fight and i think the point the last hundred years ago when gas bubbles dave davies host stand up and fight for people who are oppressed who are working who are on the verge of society but seeing that something bad economy of thing can't let it regularly the process they they fall and fight for their for their leader i think they do definitely there's no doubt in my mind are asked to that would definitely stay here and it's going to be a community for a long time but it's not going to be what we thought was going to happen here at the beginning to be just another community in any other area puerto rico an island awakening an independent puerto
rican independence or continued existence as a commonwealth a colony will be watching for the romans only puerto rican independence question both here at home and on the island is that another edition of interface tom foley that and see bob in the
so i don't know
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