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it's been a day then after the following question again so he was fully aware of euro and use of those lessons that time at the time subsequent to the break in but at the time of his discussion with you concerning the sword yes they're now leaning up then with that in mind along by the way were you in communication with mr paulson during a period of say january through if they were but i don't think i saw more than three or four times and down below that was in their way that i saw him in january i saw in january i know i got here new year's reading shortly after the
new year i don't think we had very much to say that he was a man who is perhaps one of the busiest man in the white house now mr deshawn bey three nih a new place then about when was it genuine not sure we said january that you had this an especially mystical or you might indicate that you're going to be doing work with mr libby was in at that time indicated he understood what you were going to what you were doing yes that was the month of january and you know when in the month i would place a tornado of january they and subsequent they are your statement your opening statement indicated on page five as i read it to you before her
ordeal you my participation in the watergate was an activity authorized within the power of the president of the united states the and if my participation was not authorized i'm justifying justify we believed that while now why do you say that the participation was within there was an activity authorize within the power of the president of the united states anyone in the white house might have indicated that to you might have indicated that those subjective judgments are women for government run center that the nation and my little beliefs that micheletti was speaking in behalf of the attorney general of the united states mr mitchell when he secured my corporation enterprise but in effect that you are a man with
respect to this operation to in touch with at the white house level was mr golson lamented what are the only man at the white house level to in touch with with respect to this operation was mr golson well i gather from the transcript which was taken by mr golson bobby telephone conversation with you in november of nineteen seventy two that mr paulson tried very hard to exculpate himself from any involvement and you are as you were beginning to open watergate conversation it is quite a few olson's repeat it should
i do what is that civilians themselves for them right now when did you first realize that it was a self serving did you know anything about it we're having conversations the carnegie address that does not reflect that did you tell him anything about the day your suspicion that you were being set up in this conversation or did you indicated to anyone else before so the conversations are two of these that russia had no idea i was your first date with respect
to be is that was made before this committee today isn't it so that if i may interject i don't think it was clear that was the contest to date before which you were asking him whether that state i'll repeat the question did you ever make a statement to anyone in this community that was your belief that you're being set up of course i'm doing this telephone conversation yet to whom to jamaica i made a habit before the day before that now in the end you know when the conversation used eighty two mr golson then i will eventually convinced that
well that's fine but we're protecting the guys who are really responsible but now that's that and of course that's a continuing require but at the same time this is a two way street and as i said before we think that now is the time to move to be made to ensure that she is cannot be available is mine what did you need that that's unlikely to meet with respect to my mom and that chemical and jumping you know rules or one initially had in that you have no sir and what do you need
were you thinking there that song was a saying within the clandestine services voted this way that there is no such thing as an expendable human being a human resources are not expendable money is an expandable resource commodity cheap knowing how human he was and missteps and nine interview with those movies and you see a dead now mr hahn that the second rate and now the dnc take place in the context of messages these existence
and certain i would have been to john mccain i don't think that the mood in jordan for three days it's bleak there you go i do
well this information that's going to not let certain to be a demonstrator receiving that in populations are being made from what i've researched mr millan yeah this
week both these provisions i don't think that's any reflection in the justice department that was given the information that somebody was to yesterday who was he given information is getting active to measures to grow younger living and they were going to work and then the white house yesterday and i mean it
was president of them for the committed real like the senate i believe that might have to do with the timeframe that the nomination well to my knowledge well you know state department but that principle an effort to discredit the possibility that
no black candidate might be accountable construction oh geez this is disgusting
oh that was to get information you know any information about their suggestions a puppy in this budget deal there's not a lot of
competition and i'll go back to locate in time and which became known for me and television was sixteen and falling back to the final delivery of the last installment of the stolen documents the new york times and other portions of the media on his psychiatrist that was not the feeling and communicated him to him in the fact that it's such a great relief and he had a blast down this sixteen i may have not may not have covered this before the previously i can't recall that session with his canadian grand jury chanting sandy and
others continuing debate within the white house itself justice concerning the prosecutor but he had given a reason or a motivation for his access to people mr martin others who are there specifically in the prosecution that lineup of indictments because this done at the same time it question the rationale i could not comprehend a decade ellsberg moment for having done it that sang and it occurred to me that the lengthy and very trying to process in prosecuting than a man who was by now a national figure and running the risk of my liking him
that we really should explore every avenue possible determining what was at the base of his motivation you know this is in the richer let's do it the highest level official i was doing the goal ensure that i know that there was a genuine whitehouse input into the case i think he you know how this is going to do will go
there's no question you know that's a question concerning the motivation for me and korean defector feelings and cooperation i was on the one hand the legal argument that is going on among lawyers in the white house and judges concerning the nature of the indictments that have been withdrawn
against al gore i found a public relations point of view of the psychological warfare you will hutton fast case could be made better in the prosecution to proceed on grounds which i proceed to view of shaky and my perception was based on comments made the unit concerning the indictments himself and that really occurred to me based upon my family so say extensive experience in the current of the night dr ivor to lose contact with four nationals particularly for women during his years in saigon during his vision of absence which took him to europe all of this sort of thing created to me a pattern of bizarre content that
i thought the savvy and so at the very least would be quick to take note of that to about this time we received within the plumbers to the fact that the savvy embassy more savvy agents head in their hands hurt the delivery of the pentagon papers to the new york times based say oh i can't be more specific shouldn't say that reasons for doing it now i think the filling
ok good that is was that when we assumed by the scope and that will certainly not be something within the actor's fledgling his files that would reflect a longstanding this psychological drama if you will standing ovation it's i think it might be the kind of it had been produced it with invective within back by his head in because they would wittingly or unwittingly as an atm for the soviet union oh god i just
baucus radio foundation of these investigations unit within the traditional investigative agency had been inadequate over the radio that the cia and they'll be out here in the answer is
closer than the ridiculous yes sir he's been sales oh yeah when the cheese and on the twenty four of june
mr jackson was so i mean he took up with only my most urgent problem which was that of the tank cars will not want to be construed as a fugitive a fugitive in the sense that certain things go to a recent years about billy i asked him yesterday about that day he said were working and then he said that everything was going to be taking care of just like the company a company i understood and that means a cia as i ventured terms but who in effect the asian challenge now is the action office right now the initial white house and as of this morning
now you know that this really has been and the power station you're welcome
completely new and the conversation with seventeen million ms parkinson well so one of the council one of them is to relate the president in an estimate which show was that the
intimate history of that they're willing to really be in the venice immediate is now in agreement without question the ingenious or the security situation but hasn't made it which is anxious to avoid that is implicated in the defense of the people who are in the indictments it doesn't matter
as business jesus is tony nomination it was a few days late
the prestigious but it's been good i have cash on the internet as i do think it would be less guns presidency if it were possible to finish today assuming he cares about it right now right now
the a moment's rest were also going to take a short break public television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after a pause for a station identification on average coverage of these hearings is being broadcast as a public service or your local public television station this is pbs the public broadcasting service fb
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 3 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 39 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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