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it's b now state sen tolman clandestine operations to donate unofficial name is that that's one lesson like this search engine compartment issue activities and to support the need to
know basis so you see it now billy connolly accidental an issue and then tried to photograph this morning's ms jiang did you know at that time dealing with the fact that members john bartlett is the fact that he was in fact the director of the office of inspection oh you do
today the injured as jack jack no no no i mean you can pay for them what was the nature of your relationship
an accommodation sometimes tradition my office was living in to both the white house and to the committee for the reelection of president mr williams and kind of education systems they chose turned over to me and that the us has continued we each and occasionally meaning world establishing a location steve i'm standing
thank you do do do and many of the films did they say there's a financial loser you know i want something one reason that james mcquivey at the time
and after the fact checker gas to be reimbursed at our next meeting which is going to come out the next number of days and that was a long time that i knew the exact some money to be turned over is that relationship changing i would say use then since that time there's a consensus and then living as direct an operation that sentiment he was no longer a viable candidate
thank you that's right was that first time you have that in your relationship with the us are having a relationship with him since it was actually attention paid for their statements yesterday at an apple we do
we're going to the patients mr baker right and the commentators the piece be
if buildings be mccain has been that the government and the discovery of the evidence against the words they intend to introduce against me at that time i no to the tumultuous week recruiters goes to private luncheon races one that among nature's missing items that have been highly significant terms possible offensive line park you know there is right now
a week before this committee yeah has testified that he destroyed a certain that the mix of firm saves electricity and destroy them later date certain documents about to my attention either by this committee staff in conjunction with the grand jury proceedings which admitted to the government have in fact but ocean and the other materials that could have been useful in my defense is not among the church at the time of the discovery took place you receiving any family support
center those are now one final question i'd like as i'm impressed the ground in the united states may be on to colleges in the united states of america you show the country honorably in office of strategic services to that not spending two men lots of that time would you get involved in clandestine activities in the issues of violence i would have to enter into the activities of the close and we had to sanction
a second my twenties if you're a conservative this country a disappointment to accept instructions really without question see if i'm forced to justify means second law duty to obey so just a bit it's good as
mingus and thank you i was not pursuing a question directly with us and probably switch and went ahead with this activity versions father was on conjunction with oranges my participation in the watergate was an activity often within the power of the president united states could you welcome at what you mean by that a new statement also your answer to some of the cars in yesterday's
understanding my perception of fuel from november nineteen seventy one on one time and the with the recession it is intelligence and a discussion with a new instrument
it wasn't used it campaign director of the campaign and really was nixon's and the actions he's close he was taking it that the intelligence agencies in the united states initially no sir let's go back to face contact in nineteen seventy one by mr liddy says regulation can because our time is limited to
say that there's really a huge and the need to have the attorney general the attorney general wanted to become the general counsel for the committee to re elect the president to that would be an insulated even more important job connected with that half a million dollars and cooperation live from miami others previously in conjunction with the us for years that's it
you know as well over time the attorney general of posing as driven found themselves avenged to impose to consent to a close and begin flushing out foreign language spoken he does i think surveillance and collection of things
sir so managed the conventional methods of intelligence collection and counterintelligence there's the protection of the conventions and the convention center the convention and during treatment discussing this the attorney general
no peace planning stages in january it's both that
meeting understanding some are planning to do anyway with the exception of me and me what was your contribution to the plan specifically mentioned human resources our intelligence and what specifically the insurgents that was
crazy have a candidate mr khalsa i have a question well i mean yes steve that occurred prior to the presentation by mr levey to most of the ritual of the demon
which was on january twenty seven call me and justice he knew yes sir i believe that if not for the preface are long lines i assume that you know what i mean they didn't have to do the eighties and intelligence present
principals are doing yes thank you intelligence gathering there has been some confusion
i think so mm hmm nice job is that you which is i don't know
they don't serve but if i may be permitted to amplify and a standing committee that it was a price tag of shocked and horrified well you know well i don't know that i'm robert details of the more about certain that mr libby had it you know the full details on the plan as it was presented by luciano january twenty twelve church i can go
buy jeans and line items construction based on the dose of thousands of pushing the giant and substantially right now
that's right fitch ratings senate might i set the scene for redemption ii died in denver that probably nine or ten o'clock at night on a contact with her physician took some time to get in from the airport i probably got to have that set know like that night i introduced her myself under a pseudonym at the un agreed on and under which you're reducing having that have averaged who were counting my bona fides choose a mission i'm very suspicious also believed that she was under sedation was not grasping the situation
or i had a number of questions to to her she was reluctant to answer than that first became a time shortly after the action for twenty or thirty minutes monday her physicians in terms of either suggest that i step into quote i did he indicated that he wanted to administer oxygen or some sort of i chose that and the idea of a telephone and report that timothy childs questioning at his home telephone which i didn't i just thought was damaged this is a pattern that occurs throughout the night for perhaps until perhaps has three songwriting questions
i wouldn't call back and of course it's on to mike reports it further instructions which i want them to act on that and most exciting session with her so that one could say that i did then withdrew from seven o'clock at night to welcome three in the morning not all that time as i can write and direct face to face privately to discuss for many years and discussion i had also my possession of that time a memoir which had been provided to me by the officer that was jazz i questions in my visitation
with her at the same time monitoring telephone conversations because and i we see other questions in which i would mimic consultations and then taken back to that sect you suggested was that she should most of them suggestions to speak with her could be categorized going to grab headlines at nineteen she left russian area and in effect isolated herself in that particular hospital and before a jury my recollection
of the year he indicated to me and again my memorandum be the best evidence this impression i now have mrs bridge recollections and i want to stress is you seem to be under heavy sedation well we were conferring wasn't he was quite sure that she had not written schools and to get at the end to have this bird was your idea was this your idea our listeners it's been to pj i don't know i think that the questions in the early on the things you an action group within the white
house had been set up to deal with if i can put it that way the deeper beard itt controversy and that i was brought in to the affair as an agent of the crisis i do on a second meeting to discuss a oneness of information from view or some assistance to look at what that this is a good at lyle about the economy if confidence in one would not speak out not specifically
monster factory ask me i don't think he had that moment it particularly churches to trader joe's or the man standing that with the florida primary is upon us that you need the services of a printer and connection before the primaries isn't that something i'm not necessarily senator i believe we have to speculate on that particular the taliban regime officially a security conscious city would not as
samples of his work alone to people who might be hostile to the future that it produces you were chosen on distribute false invitation from moscow as for the jamaican artists and the suggestions of this is to get a technical center the actual cell or an occasion of that that particular meeting which shows and pensions committee reagan mister surveyed his attention to a newsweek article which was in effect a reprint of a fan where daily which consisted of a factual interview witnesses edmund muskie
and it was my suggestion that usually mr sugar sure that newsweek group a division of distribution than i am a piece in the white house has some major political action committee i don't think the public became the time seventy eight the problem of penetration by specter democrat infiltrate the headquarters of several republican state headquarters in these tensions
engines in charlotte i think one three such as the committee for the reelection of the president kennedy was averted an internal openly shown few days lapsed <unk> dozens of ad that offends afghans dan simmons and in fact for the republicans
have been taken republican groups around the country and he asked specifically to run the sounds so that in miami and evaluate him as a person and be in terms of a professional contributions considered to be the campaign that fowlkes motel in miami beach has found a similar impression that should read a seventies martin in nature and could decide and democrats and to the republicans the russian invasion
sanctions list and to help them when possible trouble he had no non monetary financial responsibility for them not that we have any operational connections it who was supposed to share their juiciest vices and i think that in miami
and in that i'm jennifer mr apuzzo who's been a total you know associate says the advances of an opponent you know when you see it i'm getting calls to see a package from which he gets some commendation richard that he hadn't was closed so
i'm just going to access to various government agencies and we discuss the cia cia their sentences thank you from the state department to be a referee to be accurate to the senator i had happened to me on stage those kinds
of uc i would have to estimate well over two hundred somewhere in the nation's attention for these cables reselling the hands of the government and that they had common assertion want to be made you're welcome steve amelia you just arrested and she is not that same contract that history yesterday was one point five to establish to the state of an archival extract it was a blow one that reproduced stack them on the desk working
and they didn't come close and if you have a date the news that that was safe but i will say you know isn't something that concept that state revolution as dan you state thank you nina you know
i think this isn't secretary of state deputy assistant secretary of state from station question that i'd be granted access to the security council dr jack a cash infusion says the measure and he contacted when the cameras in here and it was just a common set up the conditions by which you could accomplish the trappings of these clips mentioned you know having to get to the bottom of justice information information information cross my desk
that didn't surprise to marty into others and upset and this is at the head of the internal security division pleasure the sailors that's his say any information related to work best way to refer you said principally what other leagues is did this relationship continue to invest in yourself after mr martin left the department of justice
this relationship now relative to what is commonly known as the kissinger tax seventeen passage of effort to impress girls were at any time did you have access to the information do you have access to the information you're welcome thank you
you know of his mission and i must have sounded out mr blocker well some days prior to august twenty fifth which was the date when that you made in i think it was closed to make a feasibility study in the thousands and i say that because i think that you want to know beforehand whether or not an entry treat an intriguing could be formed from my cuban
foundation initialed feasibility study and prior to that they can i would place them to at the end of august so like i'd recommend a los angeles yes sir as for me i see a huge and given a second most of the nation and that time in los angeles a request for a change a little more complicated than that a lady and i return home los angeles on about august wilson's findings to detail study which included photographs which have been developed
by the cia both internal and external photographs i was waiting for the conclusion of the mortgage than others say others who the question then and the question now considering the report and as much as our findings were a security could be made in fact was then the sleet turned to washington this week
ruby in los angeles at the beverly hilton hotel a date certain where we would converge and i would give them details of the operation which they did not have that point in addition there was a question of money and financing certain budget had been drawn up we reached point one has to live in a waiting room sixteen for the funds for the operation could produce and on the executive officer and that they handed a number ultimately and said okay has been going actually took the money we left taxi
went to the airport flown to chicago major know photographic purchases are going on in chicago and the mourning flew to the man from miami many many things and collaboration today that's right well in the actual rate in itself
rather after the quake and did you meet with mr diego and merchandise in the hotel and it was about the hotel which they were going to do the sales of the victim i think i had a communications center sen duggan shows didn't understand the full details at the hotel zhu says the church of the privilege and subsequent to that and in time you discuss with mr barber the possibility that a similar motion to be carried out this time director dr
feelings was because of the failure to achieve any success mine mine mine i present within that mr libby's mind and my mind and we reduce those two memorandum from within the white house as a suggestion that he returned the detention today forget about it
now that your recollection is perhaps there you're questioning in the secret sessions with his staff and with his committee in light of what has developed or do you feel that you were let down by people in the white house and the committee to reelect president i do in what manner he's twenty seven fees what do you say in the white house
do you had some kind of responsibility to reciprocate to you and the other defendants the and well as you mentioned the white house imagine my mountains not likely to say what their own sister the committee that the second and really carried out loud when you mention that workers say does that imply that he was involved in some of the way
that's right one hundred percent knowledge and understanding you might have thought that rate is without any specificity as too i came to the united states transcripts of the questions and answers with a single session of the staff
mr begg yes you are following and you respond and as i worry these days to ninety six day mr danish a new state as clearly as you can what you in your own mind believed or what wavelength you were on with mr colson when you understood him to indicate that he knew what you're doing mr liddy yes he knew that i was working with mr libby and covert operations and would be working with this lady in the covert operation for the duration of the campaign mr beck and that as you indicated and that as you indicated he knew that this administration will yes
yes you stated i believe that he was aware that you were considering used human hazards of his job as i think i mentioned that to him because i had used than previously and he has to take political sounding in the miami area then on page three ninety seven on this very question the following question again so he was fully aware of euro and you use of those lessons that time at the time subsequent to the bacon but at the time of his discussion with you concerning the frog yes mr dale now heating up again with that in mind how long by the way were you in communication with his pickles and during the period of say january two of them were but i don't think i saw more than three or four times and down below that was in their way that
i saw him in january i saw him in general i know i get a new year's reading shortly after the new year i don't think we had very much to say that he was a man who is perhaps one of the busiest man in the white house now mr deshawn bey singing it ain't a new place than about land was in january not sure we said january that you have this kind of special interest to polls or you might indicate that you're going to be doing work with mr libby was it at that man indicated he understood that your job what you're doing yes that was the month of january and you know when in the month i would place a tornado of january they and subsequent they are your statement your opening statement indicated on page five
as i have read it before and i'm not for you my participation in the watergate was an activity authorized within the power of the president of the united states the and my participation was not authorized i justify justify we believed that while now why do you say that they're the participation was within there was an activity authorize within the power of the president of the united states anyone in the white house might have indicated that to you might've indicative of those subjective judgments to inform us senator the berkeley something the survey said i'm i do believe that micheletti was speaking in behalf of the attorney general of the united
states mr mitchell when he secured my corporation enterprise but in effect that you are a man with respect to this operation to in touch with the white house level was mr golson lamented what are the only man in the white house and i want you in touch with with respect to this operation was much and that's true i gather from the transcript which was taken by mr olson of the telephone conversation with you in november of nineteen seventy two that message across and try very hard to exculpate himself from any involvement and you are as you were beginning to open watergate conversation thank you
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 4 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 39 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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