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as bell like i was like he's gemini gemini apologize for being a much better known senate gave the chairmen earlier the senate was an executive session on natalie dings and one or two other questions that i understand you've indicated a willingness to discuss an executive session that we like all along that there's not this time the circumstances of that agreement was chairman i have no questions asked
to report to my understanding that very break in at the democratic headquarters was not was not a part of the ritual gemstone plan is that correct this is our land and conciliation electronic surveillance in specifics as to what place was to be at a document not at that time and the first you heard about it was one mr liddy told you in april of nineteen seventy two is the us court
to do this week yeah totally but one afternoon he was an addition that again for the judge to give you mentioned
you mentioned the second entry shows ever stay for three days he indicated that in the strongest terms that was mr mitchell rosen says the second entry still did he tell you security thank you
you got this information thank you lots of information for which he came back to me confirmation of this episode i think that was truly intelligent professional relationship and information good morning
subsequent conversations you are did you try louis ck and again they're working on june seven seventeen nineteen seventy two positions in the ems office visits and i think that's a long day i think it was
it was april fifth nineteen seventy three thank you and that was the message as your president the dc in the grand jury they don't have to be the conversation
and himself as a conversation about concerned that relates to have certainly i didn't have in my mind of the time was this piece with respect to the fact that he was writing senator i think it might be helpful or concern to play explain very briefly the circumstances leading up to the signing of myopia a bit of acting neither in the basement of the federal courthouse in consultation room and they were discussing a number of madison mr bookman produced but i just i cannot
rest of that and then asked me totally ineffective bbc version the chorus in office and the question though because it offers that cause and then being in private practice have any difficulty rejections said i'll have none and which island and so that information government agencies that's great buy the snakes that which you just like to know then there are it was arranged for humans to come in washington too remains hear
that testimony and why was it necessary to do so why was it necessary to use political funds with asperger's when you gonna make it capable of doing that that work i mean honestly well that despite your curiosity that this was being done i wasn't so this and not really give a sense of service to them a viet cong and a question to you definitely status to me that there was no
major you since june seventeenth to the president you have any conversations with anyone in the white house are any conversation communicate to an elite people through your turn to get on a successor with respect to clemency mr dean that was an email you and that the president had authorized that offer to make you and it has also intensified here previously by mystical thing that oftentimes you were communicating from hire the people who were and the white house that definitely would
be expanded to smoke or you aware of that situation and where there is added a day at one meal that day you did not receive such offers why are testifying today in his efforts to get me to record and report to the reception of executive clemency i believe an understandable signs of sandy right now the jewelry and humans for the democratic national convention in miami
the ruby rails annie during the democratic national convention in miami national convention using years well what was your mission and when did you use this is in miami by nineteen sixty nineteen sixty one the music and then i was introduced to from time to time cuban
exile who would say this is why we have been reduced human advance as eduardo to indicate a nutshell what was sure out in the area to indicate where i was and there was not an unknown part to recruit them for any specific task specific purpose thank you
so it's really common we determined that there were no files so we won't look in a different direction than seventy separate cia for a more in depth profile i don't know they can develop mr charles lying on the tabletop different social democratic national committee they had some
names are a lot of assistance office versions of wanting to become associated with a campaign and one faction or another this conversation in the interview we're running low thank you got it
two way street and as i said before we think that now is the time and move to be made sure to keep my money is not invaded my house and that's it do you i think he's always hopeful so in turn out and given that the people who look to be nico de escalation
senator jeff bingaman there's been as business bailed
we're finished question and then oppose the tax inversion arrested for the sins and specifically the question is this who on who should i asked the following question
in your opinion did this man acted reasonably in believing that the reagans legal authority to direct them or direct him in such an operation to who should i ask that question to an employment letters from the bottom up and sell homemade ones trotting out like to make another point here we are give this man in such an operation
it was just this question of participation to watergate democratic national committee reagan's your opinion that there's no mechanism in believing that those ratings are you based upon your direction such an operation that much to change and good morning in germany and perhaps it was to my last question really for the money is the favorite food and kristen bartlett
witnesses two more committees years nineteen seventy three in nineteen seventy three you write out to justice to the polls these
new ones seventy five thousand dollars in churches well when mr gooden turns seventy five thousand dollars or you what was that money for i construe sixty thousand hours in things like that and not just sixty thousand dollars it's
about restating the nation it's a hoot that were twenty four hours they might get to march twenty third senator rose i knew i had the money to cover it churches which of the moon that i had to spend as much time as i could have my job to simply didn't come up to the podium
but that money was going to be let's listen this was strange the first season five thousand dollars and that's not to say that most of the fees why replace seventy five thousand dollars in cash as a seventy five thousand dollars to invest a little remains unused land them at the discrepancy
between the version of money is julian who's committing digital hundred and fifty six thousand dollars and the version that us citizens to move gingerly two hundred and sixty six thousand dollars many questions your cell and this is a two hundred and seventeen thousand dollars to other women's us alliance account for a total of two hundred and sixty six thousand dollars look through that
in my life they're not having it fifteen
thousand dollars twenty five he says that isn't it fb the vehicle barriers in the region last week twelve thousand dollars that went to the starting this is so the committee has sustained with mrs ms mclean
in this room he's been in the fifties that's right thirty six thousand dollars forty five thousand dollars just on subsistence three thousand dollars reimbursement one thousand dollars
and the twelve thousand dollars starting as well this is beef be it is i have very limited financial transaction took place between june seventeenth
nineteen seventy two the operation he's been running these borders be and the fact is there is a discrepancy and i you know i mean to imply that discrepancy in other words this is
a result with anyone doing of this wooden saddle and they're trying to resolve in my mind different sets of figures have been given this committee and the un panel and an admittedly be received at the jail under seventy five thousand turn back to sixty thousand dollars range that the same conclusion the hundred and fifty six thousand dollars up to this point things
i just want to say that a question about iraq the chairman suggested a few minutes ago about his conversation with mr golson which there's a record here and interpretation of it now but i just want the record to show that when they want to come back here there's been another floor vote was interrupted the proceedings and one of the senators who'll return to punish their questioning of mr caught and put in more about the influence that they had not only television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after after station identification on average coverage of these hearings as being
broadcast as a public service or your local public television station this is pbs the public broadcasting service is bound to pay off by
fbi has been
ms bolger again and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again and that correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings she canceled action center and have more questions for mr that's right that's the dash i'm sorry you may you may remember the recess a few minutes ago i said that there was a question that a question that's
another one that's been given he's a robot but we would like very much do we fear that and we get an intimate <unk> given inaccurate answer so with your permission i'd like to ask the reporter to release an intelligence question and mr hans answer it's the one in which senator clinton read from page five of the transcript november nineteen seventy two conversation between mr cole where we do that
to pay the peaks boy many of the poems and of course as a mom that same time that situation three and as i said before we think that now is the time when they move to be made that it was the money is
spent there's a little mouse with you again on this month we want to ask though when someone said i think it's always with a modern so given that people look to be an obstacle for the values and so on which can remember i was going to be live on is going to be made aware that my question was thank you it was and you said if not indeed
chairman my response indicated that there was a quid pro quo for wanting that is the narrative in which he eventually fled duration another situation do you you guys we didn't know
the pinto beans but i would certainly accept your interpretation of that that senator levin the proviso that it not be further than for their payment being made in terms of science of exercise fifth amendment right by myself or any of the other defendants acting individually an advisory council you do
thanks ann well oh well those relations that's true so well creating a conversation was also the united states going to be a grand jury that we were going to be granted immunity and they are required to answer as a factor
this is about money as right you're welcome over the
during the time to investigate the day we're finding by a heavy mr feinstein yeah finally in nineteen sixty which were found are safe and which the committee has been able to hang special prosecutor out that indicated that you an election as well pentagon papers
is el nino why katie admitted there's only goes towards twelve nineteen seventy one we let me serve it you will is that he was not that the engineers say that was in the gospel says nineteen seventy one
information concerning information i mean consider this the ocean and not have so far a lot of the state that we examine the reason i'm fine any such information i recall having made such an occasion a point one another and i like the fact
that one page like the engine on october twelve nineteen seventy one and picks up again on another case which may or may not be the next page on november twelfth nineteen seventy one you're not an issue saying we cover true recovery can i say you know is seventy one now in your efforts to obtain the cia you're welcome and it did it's because being to pay
this ad is another by that on a lawyer to give information concerning the vibration of your request was a young west of a psychic a profile and i wish you could turn to as usual some were about the middle of that nature it says later on it like to you later on look there's not recognize maybe a former agency employee and we greeted cordially and it was his wish that's it i suppose
in effect or to make him the object of pity as a broken man this gentleman stated that he wished to see data of this sort that psychologists found out about barry goldwater in nineteen sixty four and well and he expressed interest in being able to refer to monopolize is edible complex orchestrations years anyway again we have heard that day i certainly of adventure would not have wanted to run their doctor over and they came into an object of pity is shuttling can customize often
expressed desire not to be marginalized in a statement quote make him the object is a broken man as being ineffective making money that was the last thing well i think this is you know and without being a big deal about the matter say that i have expressed interest in that
aspiration for years it is now and it's legitimate on the seven stages of information and the congressional investigation on an and that memorandum about it was a busy night
it is important one out there with the recent article on the precedent for al gore if the president really product number one was successful it's absolutely essential for its use in conjunction with the congressional investigation and this connection i believe that the point of view can inspire and on attacking the us should be born my family but the situation is too big to be undermined by plan at least among us we are aware of at cannes and now and of this nature to have attacking other leaks in the press and it's i had been solicited a sign the white house or people who were taking an
investigation of this notion that we have a copy of the document from which you just repeat itself lamont rejects that as long as i have interrupted could we also have a copy of this deters affidavit as to which a while ago we were asked to write a comment thank you and at this event together similarly you
and the jews a second i mean mr paskey you interviewed state department cables you were just in the publication of the unpaid bills that mean you set specifications families or csa executive profile on and you can just read it and the community
i do he recruited about ten others were involved in a cia employees who serve as a liaison with a little spying that was acting and the connection with thank you you yourself or recruited by political spying on the muskie campaign and then later on in the campaign you a plank convention security for the republican convention you apply and disruptions at the democratic convention you plan and fans gathered in the network of the democratic convention you recruited men provide security debate over piano and disrupt a peace demonstration the capital
do you i do you got it and you were requested but you navigate after the attempted assassination of the best the last and i i take it that during that time when you envision all these activities is it not true that you also were working at the moment up and i'm renee montagne
you know it has been i would appreciate to measure that actors on ray if i might and for this reason i can think of several instances off and i'd like the opportunity to study the russian traditional flowing in as much as some of these activities were intertwined with others were not necessarily performs only at the instances
of one principal perhaps i was asked one person do something for a second party it turned out for the only about a third that sort of thing and again if there's anything that you would like to you can submit to questioning i like going to day issues because i would not want to have a very good white and center without further study to the director category is to assign effectively
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Part 2 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 39 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's coverage, E. Howard Hunt testifies.
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