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donna corrupt practices act we don't see any violations do you and i said no not on the basis of what we have is around september fbi and otto and charles who was in charge of accounting transaction called in said henry you know were not investigating the use a violation i said no are not a violation of my not been unable to uncover the nation with these days is the faa to accurately subscribe to political statement and that's very crucial subscribe to be in violation of eighteen usc six twelve and that's what the investigations have been awful new wells for example or an item of information on not violate my now the message it was called for question before the grand jury to recall telling mr silber to limit his
investigation is ready to the civil war it isn't as character sir i didn't eat well but we were ever there was a relationship between what i misspoke twice opposite that i don't remember the confusion we've called visegrad eat we were relating to try to relate his relationships to whether or not they had any significance to the watergate they all once you're here what i knew at that time that you have some relationship to combat what many in and adults already morning and getting into the air you're thinking of prisoners there when i thought of the campaign activity and the ever
present lyrical piece in this conversation and it's been justified on page one is that we thought the fed after my conversation with it although it is an x line with confronting cigarette in i told peterson dealing with the white house it was being made by the president first latinas to come back and that he had been recruited by clicking on straw and i said that these fact that we're dealing with obviously be quite embarrassing and could cause political problems during the waning weeks of the election it certainly is well so i wanted to combine investigation authority
and those are very good does this raise questions about the names of the us that only one that like angela lansbury and now do you recall having a conversation with me responding yes but that's a very confused situation he mentioned it to me and they seem to think i would have the letter and i did not let it was and that that is also ultimately i was to consult respected letter and i don't remember that being asked me what our policy was with respect to congressional committees
foreign policy was one device that was a pending prosecutions an ordinary our relationship were good enough so that we could do that for my workout problem with the investigative committee like mcclellan maybe one and it were you aware that the committee was in fact planning to close a number of witnesses that would be above a prosecution critics and was it your position that serves a congressional committee might prejudice the federal prosecution as an ice analyze and the letter a letter with a prayer by mies van helps legal counsel listen to thing for the positions and the facts underlying any case the government has regarded as of olive hoover committee are attributable to the prosecution and that ended by resolving prejudicial publicity yes you were
that fact was beating them on that ground i understand it wasn't until now in october twenty four nineteen seventy two he recalled receiving certain documents from a declining which have been turned over to supply means by the cia today now my recollection is that there were two the situation of corporate mr jones and his counsel are used to wear their age though some reservations about potential embarrassment cia and that they were there with certain information as a result of
questions generated by mosques so far but it would not be necessary i think the information americans are related to the cia as possible wholly unrelated now in cia activity involved with the roses are subjecting we were trying to get made arrangements the aerosol route over there we won over documents we studied those photographs and we didn't we could make any sense of them at all mr pearson a victory for election for the record directly to receive a certain documents once on oct twenty four
january you know i don't remember a december january third this would actually got some documents and cia in october and some documents from the cia and the senate or rather that i could be mistaken and then in december not and it's my recollection as they were in october machel you a copy of memorandum dated december five nineteen seventy two and attached to it are as iraq's copies of photographs and see if this is the record you did receive i recognize one
which is a picture of mr levy in front of a stationary story which as one sign on sign on the windows are probably one way to organize that point i recognize a novel in which there is an address eleven nine twenty three on the building far outside i recognize another winter woods there is written in an area click on them and actually went to italy owes a reserve dr theaters are not a rocker but imagine what a good receivers iraq and that could lead to something like the xerox as i mentioned when you receive these other allegations you is to walk investigation of these photographs related so no but we were investigating the course of the activities of what libya and in california trying to figure out why once relationship toward me was
so when i sat down over these documents that we could relate to do anything later when we're cia it estimated at any descriptive that our negatives are photographs or anything that would assist us we go you aware of a special investigating unit which has been called a plumber was in the white house those are figure their motivation play any role in the investigation of the pentagon papers leaked no sir we know where the investigation that this socal investigating unit was making a doctor and when you know i think there's some evidence that this sunday's vote this referred to that you think you know about the building was those are our weather and it was related in any way or so that are receiving these documents would be fair to say that they did not working on notice ok great of the justice
department's prosecution that was we didn't relate to his documents to the yogurt case and i think the time has to prove an even connection with the overt matter and its chairman that i'd like to have the top of the memorandum of december five nineteen seventy two with the company xerox copies of photographs marked appropriately prevent occasionally to the netherlands around december twenty second nineteen seventy two in connection with hearings on the the emotions i understand concerning certain items that were taken out of the desert didn't tell you that he had given certain items while yes we have no evidence it would start around two to thirteen and which we were interviewing mr dean just a feeling
with respect to the air ms jones immediately after i think he had some part of it was a big win in his motion probably never missed on adelaide that there were two obama's vision that one out of california the island where we were trying to determine where you know they were things is that did the fbi have been feeling and we spend all afternoon interrogating those three people are anticipating that they would be called as defense witnesses on the motion to suppress we read about
it mr dean no ms davidson they'll approve any given everything that the fbi but to somebody at a given to mr gray and i said well john mccain on the one they have a related go to watergate is there actually a really nice well you know there's a question that abdullah through the raven is it really thank you were denominated watergate being reproduced in event of the city well we woke up on that no one negotiations
were undertaken with respect i know and the suggestion of prosecutors' i approve each episode of major events conspiracy count perry county is jumping out of our whole subject about twenty five years in the court was one veterans as they leave everything which they get a lower price with acceptance of the play really and i get it and in the forefront of my mind as opposed to great war than it did receive a certain documents once a feminist the worst of the great confirmation hearing in occasional call me about some point and in the course of that conversation have been very carefully he had ever received documents from gandhi for months saber
of which rhyme in the eighties and he said no jayson kamal about today april fifteenth when john being there was being debriefed by prosecutors and you really just two years there is no i will write either of sixteen seventeen april and every monday for women pounding and said he certainly that's not so but this time i was having some discussion of the present and that i'm part of this information to him and he said well i think he's going to punish us going when i left <unk> and he was not there arun i frankly didn't bother going back again we double checked with beans council on a richer and i went back and the stingray a following around the twenty fifth when he said yes
that he had received such documents that they had invited you and destroy them that he had taken him all over the weekend in the back room of her mascot and he said no he said well they just said they were politically sensitive because they did not know that every letter he said he did not know so the bird has a great website before he would connect that he doesn't have the status as i recall a statement and they never received documents he was growing up on a weekend or to make a speech not to eliminate all lead and run back in the office and pour them are even those within a near neighbor without legal without
reading about a lot of what he says without quite sometime beyond that you're given that mr greg have testified that on that that they didn't let you destroy docks that you said that you were scared and that you and the mr gray were expendable or not to say anything like that so why now i'm not sure yet that time right to us today that report that was the night before mr gray resigned it was a day in which thought of this item that were discussing was publicized and i received a call from the president has been the decline in the evening and the president has asked me whether or not i thought the mazda greywater resign and i thought i told him that i thought that a great position was untenable and he said well disgust
with the attorney general he too that toppled the attorney general of course i discussed with the attorney general and pursued the destruction of the president's instruction we as it really is and that we give me the back rows of the most fridays jobs and we discussed the situation in my conversation with the president i expressed some sympathy for mr gray that i think most highly i like remember michael the president i think is and that and the president said yes henry he said maybe apparently a lot of innocent victim for this though i didn't want to meet him we were in fact suggesting that the men resigned and windows raided mr klein is one dollar and
a present over again and i think that you know i'm scared i mean we have a constitutional confrontation here with the presidency of the strongest nation in the world teetering in the brain i don't remember saying that we were expendable moore oklahoma we're not i mean that you're on is the uniform view on april seventeen but he knows it reflection is that i would see him on the sixty percent even the united states in the following weekend check with sober beings council president and what have you and it was a tuesday that week i think and twenty one says
this new recall that sometime after the conviction of the seven where a defendant that question not that you're having lunch with his request are you aware of that line that was declining and which the question of the victim of concerning the defendants were ticket while we're on when i received a long haul for mr klein is it i'm just now leaving the white house on my way to the airport and on the way by it be downstairs right up in your work with me it's an invasion from i can face of eighty seven it was a time when was declining has gone to
boston and it was really quite an airport so we went out to the airport and he said i just had lunch with dean and ehrlichman and they raise the question of whether or not a leniency could be courted these defendants it was a country it's not a practicing dentistry at colombia to recommend specific term jail for one certainly isn't actors to read to recommend for halloween i'm going to recommend jail time for these people and beyond that if they have to they are saying we intend to go back and immunize in order to compel her testimony as to whether the other person's aren't all and if they are compilations i refuse to testify that we held in contempt but we discuss more what the procedure was ascending procedures or when to be sentenced and what have you and he finally said well then there's a bit of the white house
and goes crazy guys over there or what you just told me before they do something of this article ok wait this is not a time ago i called john been on a telephone pole and john copeland there were going to recommend the old timey people are gonna be immunized and we then discuss what immunity men with your parents are what they aren't wanted to be combinations rubio almost immediately or you can lie figure is that the government will approve it maybe a little bit of time we think what larry i spell those out for him in that an accomplished by now we'd have this time for mr klein has the finest in the givat you perhaps would be a better witness as to what occurred on april fourteen which
levels of meeting of the president what actually led to the meeting that you had with the titans so there's a camera on the fourteenth of the silver friday that made all throughout the day on the fourteenth of april i did not get home until six seven o'clock in the evening collins said of the party saying that the tigers silbert plants are the one immediately i believe some seventy miles a journey that might make him now they've launched into that they have made a breakthrough or vacation it was a significant proportion of course i remember john dean's testimony and i never receive certain information from him in the course of the negotiations
which they had agreed not to utilize unless some type of an agreement was reached they had received also testimony leisure see a scalpel fact that has to be given them and then on the basis of all these tactics included it was timbuctoo marlins recruiter mr dean were putative defendants now you have that information it was a lot of white house correspondents dinner and finally learn why did he are you
we then they'd arrangements to me at his home mr titus it was just over time o'mara one thirty or two o'clock morning and we proceeded between them and five am you give him a recitation of what we thought was in the offing and who was and talk thank you that he and former president and leaving because of the implications as was really the first information we head to the final two people instead to return home and david you were the president the decline is to agree that he was set up such a meeting with the president and recall is that he was going to have that fervor as though they're human intentions ended up on was there
an activist floyd used last sunday afternoon yesterday the valley office and i did so while there he said he was going to go see the president again three or three thirteen maybe be a good idea if i come with you and said ok i was at this time do you and finding a complete rethink of what you've learned from the prosecutors send the president a new oath of the committee what the reaction of president was about what our reaction in brazil a while concerned i remember a mark martins school and cousin in human dna was concerned and you have to understand i've seen the
president only for maloney okay to review legislation you believe that and yes the main type of a situation where he was relying solely on my advice and here i was they're recommending that two billion dollars or years because no one's reactions he understood my concerns and he appreciated my cantor and my concerns of the president saying my position was that i can guarantee you that we have a criminal case at this point to what i can guarantee you that these people are going to be a bass of sort of embarrassment of the presidency and for that reason i think that the best thing that you could do would be to get rid of them immediately the response was interesting guests but he owed them an obligation of fairness
to and the indus river that's a vitamin fed to live in those systems you got a family to take time out he's in jail he's right and serve a big surprise way i would've anticipated i think are possible and frankly in the center worker and author i think the chiefs they don't know yes i do it is being investigated
jerry west his resignation and here's the first mate in a minute walk religious and certainly doing a lot to get the impression you've been subject of reprisal because of his cooperation from people as for his resignation at this point and the president agreed to hold off until i really heard me further on that issue that carried on until about twenty sixteen twenty seventh of october and then as they were total freaks lose that these discussions over that we had raised and that was to be able to find out we had written invest in our discussions with mr bing and that i could no longer justify the prisoners for his resignation for architect of that time isn't that the recall having a discussion of the president
concerning immunity that might be afforded the witnesses could you tell us briefly about that pretty cool twenty four members of a physical problem because they didn't think any white house aide to be immunized and it didn't make much of an impression and we i didn't think anything more about a person i learned at the end of that we have this time as the game was the most conversations end of the league you know what i learned doing with walker and live a more sense of the president at the top of the president's will we remember this for about two or three days we had intervention in viewpoint force one the president of third concern and a white
actor but it seemed to me the president's concern was that from a public relations point of the uncertainty want to leave the impression that he as president was not pleasant persons who're the upper echelons of his administration to be unionized and free from liability we want to make certain that that respect no one got the impression that they were getting favored treatment wow you know i understood that that would be a consideration but i also understood that if it were in the interest of the prosecution that it might be necessary to and then i was on lifetime person explained that the president i didn't e and you get an understanding is that would make the ultimate decision on the serbian and who would be given the ultimate decision me now i'm at that the president will do concerning the minute
without question yes we going to leave without that while the president's warning merkel's in no i made it didn't say that the law his conversation with the president he thought might even play games and he had been immunized that the present life of the president that is not so we are in the process to determine whether or not you should be immunized we have made no decision as a voice for immunity is concerned only item grain after it's uncertain that's not so when i checked like kosovo and said you need to i agree david you want to hear on here because i don't want to get anything except what we're getting from john ging director
of the same that we did not like that now april sixteen did you receive a sober concerning indian health workers affected reagan and so it was that the first time you well learn to be precise how to protect them or innovative april sixteenth i think i've received and seventy a day that the first time you learned i think are of polio unintelligible this is what always on sending a memorandum what do you do when you receive a sense to that uses very heterogeneous again in check is now let me know what it is about this we have
no such information nor does the fbi was listening what i mean they did they turn up on npr the individual the name of fielding had an interview will likely that most of the photographs that we made a connection i first response is well what's new i dont we have received this information that indicated you know anything about that now was to get out of the rococo like to rephrase the question for you i can let me he it was a billion to gain you anything about anything about the greek and the president said i don't know about that that's a national security matter is they
are not your mandate is to investigate working the tunes a new memoir that he knew about dr russo i think that's a vital distinction to be to be read it when we're reporting as the president was on a waiting list and he said stay out of internet right off telephone why i call it was sobering columnist wrote you said things just over the premises they aren't it i called the us drone engine his dad and i proceeded on a situation and ideas that was the lives that the question i will or not it was predictable and it reverses the united states which holds the next goal for the curiosity made over a lot of the defense oh dual use of or if you wanted to go to anything that may lead to an acquittal for the
producers of another appalling that what goes to your innocence is produce orval and obviously the prosecution usually takes them are now one of you and under that no wonder you name it that this did not go to your innocence it was not permissible and lee there's an eye that might be true but this was or not places that i felt we tested an assorted would probably lose it and that was such a celebrated case concerning the political overtones that this type of thing would be disclosed and but korean equivalent displays every cheese watergate finally one the twenty fifth tie one on opposite findings officers a year out water or maybe you're not out over i need some help we spent most of the day talking about the baptists and he solicited some independent opinion
and concluded that i was right indeed it should be disclosed in hello president reichl with one of the president struck me to forget about that nonetheless i thought we ought to know the president he was unhappy about it would simply don't think consequences of declines agree that he went to the president the president agreed that same method that i get distressed some of the criticism for a war he made it he took a position with me and i think i think about myself as not the most senior but leaves the senior official ministration we disagree with that we were back in the violent regions i think you know the thing is that you know the right answer and i think he had every right to expect us to come back and we disagree and life in
prison only on one out of this year's event for thirty nine percent average tell us what that was about thirty seven a very important person you can tell your wife that the president has done what needed to be done and i want to thank you for what you've done he spent of that requires imagination in the course of our conversation about impressing upon the president this situation so far as i was concerned with the generator and it was widely affecting me people's confidence in the white out and i related to him a conversation that i had with my wife about this day in which he had to say do you think the president of all i really knew that the president hasn't of everything point where i think you're about that memories i like whoa but that is the lenders will also go over to the house of representatives but that what's important is that my wife was no left
wing who is raising these questions of me and that indicates to me that you have a serious problem i love the fact that when he called and this was the day that he announced the resignation sit with the women and beating from office at his request yesterday turned to another question mr alan peterson has asked about his report to president nixon and the involvement of being eloquent and haldeman public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue after a pause for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service the fb the
poor and that
continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here again correspondent robert macneil retained counsel fred thompson begins his questioning of petersen well there's no question about the real puzzle mr needham no to be good in this in the presence of that information that you haven't been told prosecutors about all americans about them awarded meyer well we had not too much on mr obama the point where we had bean statement that the continental being to deep six certain information recovered mind being wrong
we don't want it mr dean it said that early and for being an informant even month to leave the country and harboring in the car and that he testified that he had going empty these principals of one point out of the country and did not testify with respect to prevent iraq from that really basic information only information we have on that point as anything at all about punishing money to the defendants defendants' families who or what might've been re distribute for the families and i think that that was mentioned well that will be what
we can disagree with respect any specific amount of money combat was mentioned but now what many within the nature of the allegations against all of that major indices were they have allegedly told moment that there was a series of meetings three a number with john mccain with the placement of office being a tall girl there was a series on may three and now that the law with many immigrant individual president and each of these men and many of the operation it was discussed farmers being campaign information about democratic presidential contenders today victor reviews of ryan's budget proposals
prevent a million dollars second five hundred thousand the third occasion to approve reagan's budget of three hundred thousand and the operational describe what operation against all say the ability of rays with strong ritter also said the operation has promised to live at home and that was not a position say the strike actually receive the year i actually received being stated and visit a meeting with mitchell lydia mcmurtrie return to the white house reiterated all of them and the nature of the proposal are discussed onstage that we ought not to have any problem is that ultimately but i pointed out the president apparently no one put a laboring or to try and stop and i thought that was sort of a responsibility of someone like paul
river has abated and he goes to be delivered to strive for transom oklahoman summary of the intercepted conversations that information was that they interrogated and there was some indication that he might be willing to cooperate no way that would in effect it was doing possibly three witnesses against all right that was a very dire situation what i couldn't say we're in one place at the time certainly wasn't offering those notes the president asked me to reduce what i said to them and writing about those two minute i did that and sixty that's the same language we reminisce air with injection to
make it socialism a copy of it as you are i do so essentially what you have in him white house memos did in the times on the significant and i think about what what was it reaction to this situation and express particular
belief or disbelief and in an invasion or an individual you're welcome so far more than he had anticipated memoirs point burton he had an astounding to reduce both writing and setting up a campaign to do so in a family or being was unable to reduce of the writing and the president nominates a pollutant because of his involvement and that he was concerned and that writing was trying to question the validity of the information information
coming through it's a professor widely available more river ferry did not have these stated that he told the rhetoric warning never got to report on it but right at the moment though what quantities about whatever be the president the most significant problem he had anticipated out on march twenty four but what you're dealing with nobody was that after dean had failed to provide in his written report to conduct an investigation either as an investigation or do i know what it consisted of you
know it's interesting so john been when john being with other prosecutors today the president and making up his mind with respect to near future for some kind of spiritual than an hour and my only that sunday evening on april fifteen charlie chaplin mr densmore know an pleasant word mistress of atlanta they do the dean i got a call from the highway men who wanted to meet with me and request that i write i meet with mr oliver but that it would be permanently able to meet with the president that recall back and said that mr dean and sent a message back to the white house suggesting that he would be happy to meet the president on that the president told me that evening and city and receive
that message into the beat with him and i said by all means he called again to say wanted to be had been set up he called then again around i'm thirty and i'm forty five i did not know that was to being real their soviet received information that lady was waiting for some sort of signal from the white house and the president has to weather and it should be co operative or justify and the president charged me with a campaign that information to investigate identity mr tom donnelly local council for most elite as that message on to him i was there to call around midnight by justin rose principal cosgrove with the lady and i'm part of the same information namely that it literally was not operating out of any sense of these kind of loyalty to the administration or what
have you that he was misguided and the president wanting wanted him to cooperate with information and that was it we had not heard from stanley and i did not want to hear we were in a negotiation with the tv and then negotiation with predicated upon certain promises and he would be a certain disclosures to us in order for us to determine whether or not immunity should be importing upon our representation that we would not use that information directly or indirectly against him if no deal was struck i didn't want to receive information that came from this to being or any other source in order to keep that situation very difficult situation as plain as it could possibly be president of an eleven year that they provided one here
people would distrust edina oscars in into and would implicate the president and all those images of september fifteen conversation for example that a prius recall the present that matters and the president fail to act those are the actions ladies of lady is the april twenty seven viking the very certain about that twenty seven receipt of all the president who said do you have any information that would reflect on the president's assassin elevator would you come over and it went over the white house and he repeated a question i said no i don't have that type of integration and for prosperity not to be getting conveyed to me immediately and we discussed it was concerned yes the two reporters want in your time on a wire
so that wasn't quite in the way of that song the invasion of disinformation entered last year well he said well would you mind going to make what is that what information at all it was just the general is that i said yes i would call i went into the camera and they call for us over and the fall in the report that they receive a white house press office he's actually no avail then you say that on april fifteen when you discussed the fact that you've on american to be dismissed the president said in effect that seventeen be dismissed also watching the markets are likely to be like and that because of your suggestion of them present waited until april thirtieth for business again that's right he was a couple things got almost up
primarily of course you know i received a request that you do thank you judicial process that witnesses to go for when they all it will bother them available for rent to interrogate them the grand jury then turned eighteen years there they were in it oh exhilaration anyway mr
ferrell yeah an example all three groups are fights chairman course and growing and i don't believe were subpoenaed we just decided that we wanted their testimony we want it under oath and we did not use that subpoena process so to that extent there's a distinction between what we get with the stands at the outset we were impatient and ford ranger know usually it's been a battle that purpose yet so that's indistinguishable situation now that allow women to be exempted when he does that i think he's always available to visit
customers and it is in the business of the sample render every witness billed as a reason to believe and give testimony which were the border region and bassist fall and it has been about well deford's with the chairman i think that's too general you know many times we present only the minimum number of witnesses and rely on hearsay information which of them as granger like putting your agent on to implicate seven people where and call witnesses that would be necessary to trial we just called one or two ford ranger well it certainly is not sampled that rendered every with a second indictment
it's a desirable like yes that's right but you know juan when i'm trying to portray and not everyone knows and every investigation goes for grand jury indeed in most investigations of most witnesses do not go before a grand jury now i think again to be perfectly candid and honest with you you have to distinguish between the types of investigations and that are present no other cases opening shot an investigative agency has done and has no problem the aging caine you and i want to it doesn't it would be in an investigative or a grand jury where you're really out playing and in your goddamn under oath and you want a compulsion or grand jury appearance you're right prosecutors weren't available which
show that without trial martin's home and in the watergate and an aunt wonders with what race who thought whoa ho gravity of the reelection campaign which was now that matter indicating the oman very grave suspicion that the fact of the war right into the committee will elect the president but to issue this through the robot is going to get that was little we didn't have here that we really we had a ha we added only by dint of investigation i never believed that that lady was a b o n n roll but you know i'm not as assistant attorney general and
state you're welcome i really do security that's right and now and you got
the nation's attention and you have the fact that that you follow political chairman and the world was elected political dimension of the two hundred year and oh you have to you have available the testimony of poe testimony he knew the oldest living that's right as givens about a duo they also feel the room and that well yeah that's right and then there's the money well
are we just going to have it so that we had a real strong suspicions we have real got reaction we didn't believe that story but we couldn't prove that we could improve the perjury one thing really we didn't believe that recruiter porter middle east and didn't know what that money was born they gave three hundred fifty thousand dollars the linear there about what the amount was and he did find that was the story i was the reason but that was the reason that you're talking about to conduct an investigation and here's what we had my we recognize that there were there were problems in that case what all the evidence showed was that libby and hardware and work that was the reason of early date as early as november we decided one will prosecute them and to prosecute will immunize one of music listen i made some of my cat know you know
i'm special prosecutor and i think it's a reflection on me an advantage of that we were running it is wide open now we would've done in those difficult circumstances and you know what happened that case was snatched out of honduras believe at ninety percent complete senator the united states that we can't trust those guys down there i will remain decades and maybe you would've made a difference but i would have made at milan so it would've made his way we would've convicted those people we would've been denied them that we would've gotten a breakthrough i'm not minimizing what you've done on a prius or anybody else at the department of the medicaid goes senator was snatched away from us and i don't think they're resigned because at that point we did it as an
innocent question now at an artist at google in and i want to return there had man caught in the watergate plus a committee and elements that money came out of the committee made history like a perfectly made in that style now that was an exhibition of make out a call to believe that people in the committed to relent the people the murder of a war game well the fact that that is the testimony was that those bombs were made available to live in the living to conduct an intelligence operation for the committee to reelect president and lady had gone off on an imminent deal i was with stallone
had to say that what never had to say about a lot of a grand jury is really do we didn't win are you i really tried to date differently than i am to seven of the crew of the apartment i confess well you know all right melanie and you've also just bought a terrible amount of respect for the questions that didn't go well you know i respect her so much about me when he does it really mean the point it's great that
these gentlemen thank you very much mr peterson i want her long this analysis of the situation before the grand jury or the status of the ongoing investigation the efforts for prosecution along with their viewpoints there are two questions i'd like to put to you and maybe even a few observations that helped me put it in perspective to begin with there's no there is no assurance that no one is it going to be indicted now stands any number of others may be indicted as a result of the ongoing investigation of the grand jury announcement and special prosecutor there is no threat of arms that limitations of the great funder vacant but i have to say i cannot give you precise status report says is about pakistan on the matter is the fact that people have not yet then and it doesn't mean that they necessarily will be no sir that's correct i anticipate that they will be and just to keep things in perspective isn't it so that it's your duty
as a government attorney it's your duty as a member of the justice department and civil proceedings before the grand jury to go into the actual situation to determine probable cause which is the test before a grand jury is there probable cause to believe that time has been committed on the particular named individual committed that's the technical and literal granger that's her age of a greater responsibility if you're going to prosecute tested trial is not hollow it's just a trial is this man as the constitution provides is this man guilty of the alleged crime eric is played against and beyond a reasonable doubt and it's a very different things and precisely right is the practice of the justice department or is that your practice to proceed and try to compelling evidence not only get me tested probable cause to me the test as necessary to get a conviction in the case is absolutely a professional responsibility and indeed we have a rule of thumb down there but the guy returned the indictment on trial has there been
anything in the handling of this prosecution by the us attorney's office the assistant us attorneys or anyone else to know that an actor with the justice department that in your judgment mr peterson has jeopardized the possibility of showing probable cause or guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the several people that we've spoken those are you know to say that we're not perfect prosecutors and i guess if we went over again we'd do some things differently i don't know anything specific but i don't know many instances where i can say we haven't heard the investigation that the big three but we're still why grand jury has yet to act on any of the principal characters who are being investigated i just to work the german i have to disagree honestly agreeable way on the question up the appropriateness are the legality or the desirability of giving testimony outside adventure it happens agree with the
moment it's not good judgment but as we've already agreed that it is not illegal let me ask you this one point they just take the stands testimonies this particular illustration as i understand it you put it in these terms we took the stance testimony under grand jury conditions which means i take it under oath with the investigation or examination conducted by us attorneys without other people present including the absence are the witnesses a term concern that it allows the transcript the writer of that material then presented to the grand jury does it read that the grand jury that was made available to a grand jury and i was not i was reading the grand jury was there any step taken to prevent the grand jury from asking for mr stanton beer then or later there any prohibition against it now or any impediments in the way of this or any other directors are now calling you understand then that your
motivation and whether we judge it to be the right decision or the wrong decision gordon of this is that it was your motivation at the time that an investigation of the officials has a high degree of sensitivity because the potential for harm as well as the potential for justice that is if judges were made against him the story on page thirty eight and they found nothing on which they might invite an agent and significant harrison to the original characters that we heard following call ireland collars provide those for harassing step one he had been interviewed by and no we didn't we want that testimony under oath that maybe we won't but part of the problem was that that
investigation there were far too many leaks a grand jury was not functioning as the grand jury a grand jury there was not the secrecy surrounding anti you could follow the investigation on the newspaper is it generally if they eventually by witnesses now and as for the problem of muscle series begun by witnesses if they come out of a grand jury indeed stay vigilant they testify so the way well the things that we were responsible for the grand jury subject to some criticism because all this publicity surrounding it and we are all sensitive all statements that the chairman made about money today about the information that was available to you on the identity of libya and any number of other people
all that information that the chairman very properly about a purchase an integral part of this record was in general terms are maybe very literalist all represented by one witness or another to that your information here arsenault there may still be impacts on the basis of that information as you point out a jury here in your city how did your experience bittersweet you call a potential to find work well except its exception and even a surplus of the soviet rule of law would require people convicted defendant before a grand jury has simply worn a mother's right that's right and there's some talk about there's no statute that authorizes him to take testimony outside the hearing of a grander there's no statute requires the treasury there's no sir thomas pierce in your own investigation obviously
in your motives been taking stands testimony in the manner in which it was not a suspect in the eyes of some otherwise we wouldn't be environmentalists and i suppose she was know what just get something straight on the record here or your point in your present position that president nixon was president of the us are just as nineteen forty seven and how did you first receive employment under what conditions for walkin at her job at an image of them as an assistant attorney general has ever come up through the ranks oh you're registered democrat is there any reason that you can not conduct an energetic vigorous investigation calculated been nothing except to prosecute those that you could find the evidence to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in favor of that while celebrations i've interviewed a lot of jeopardize my rib cage for
anybody and no one is that immediately after this the only operate <unk> expect political pressures and it was marty be just like it sounds remarkable reputation of the reputation of the department and he did i understood her testimony would be there too to greet not to use the dean's testimony unless you could reach an agreement as soon about unity dissent is it fair to say that must have been that generally cooperate with you at that stage in the proceedings ling well i was a dean was advancing his own interests at that statement seems entirely library negotiation or never proceeded to fruition was his information literally on to that point and which he was give you information so that you could judge whether or not
there is the basis for a minute that information did not satisfy me was it a question of deciding what you're going to get worse what you're going to get that's always a consideration yes that's the general immunity question is that's still an open question yesterday our special prosecutor would have to make whether or not it's open center on a very dangerous area yes because i think it's very serious you're sent to date it has not been tremendously impressed with your forthrightness candace witness had a long distinguished career justice department came out as the president pointed to the patient the moment under those
conditions when his land who have testified yet within a very short period of time he found some of the closest confidants aids virus is spread in the united states involving can't do that under those conditions what does a land the senator i don't know you know about three years ago and the president wasn't the same redacted de very strong last night oh yeah and i've arranged a conclusion that is not because it is not sufficiently brought that ad that are going to be expended to get the loyalty to what you regard as a good
and to the extent that you hear is you which you regard it you cannot subscribe to solve the president denies that after fbi report i would assume the president of the united states a tv executive all nobody's eliminated we're serving the best interest of the united states at long time during the president of the united states said i come into sight you are statutory obligation with respect to him and the innocent and the present i debated only race the conclusion that that was my responsibility was anything in the world that he could do to take away from and you know that's a terrible thing to say but i have to say
that what i regard of my principles and six at the bottom of your bike seat badminton you persuaded him to change his mind what would you have done if he had changed his mom why it's not discussed that if the president had agreed to resign a final question is a dental assistant service of pride in the united states of people of the united states i think ninety percent of the time it does both things where there's a conflict he has to adhere to his legal and professional responsibilities with the law i
think of the larger mandate because of the people of the united states conflicts arise when seven by the united states and people will be a matter of conscience canons of ethics laws constitution and dead i think that there's certain certain obligations in the concept of loyalty that a requirement a situation i think with his income and be forthright with the president to say i disagree and give him an opportunity to replace you certain presidential appointee or whatever who happens to your more alignment than anything else i think that degree of oil to record but i think basically either no way the main event i leave the rejected the idea of a special
prosecutor well so i mean and i did reject i recommended against the first instance i reluctantly came to the conclusion that it was necessary it was necessary because of avian flu is usually the temperance and of the united states i don't have all agree with the senate's insistence on the appointment of a special prosecutor you know so whether you're a basic concept and that is if you don't watch your dirty linen about seven times he was within the founder of the station the head of those within that you're quietly and efficiently and expeditiously and the footnote and the principal point in connection with that was the importance of the people of the united states and having confidence in their long porous vegas i don't think it is do is
appoint a special prosecutor that point in time i think he could've been handled differently i think the senate committee could call the baron executive session and said what ya got let's see what kind of a job are doing so get some kind of scrutiny and i'm convinced that they were doing an amazing job and doing what to do or is whether prosecutor means that the department has a vital institution one of the oldest cabinet at one of the foremost principles of civilized society singing fighting an added to do the job at a point i think that her show that one point for those who made the decision to appoint a special prosecutor will thank you maybe i won't use that
i didn't when i went into decline they remember the sentences of the present with an r i think it's unfortunate conclusion that the latter stage of liberty told the president in a situation very much as direct i think there is this is mockingbird eleven of the department of justice that dirty linen the people of the united states has not mr butler when i say that i say greece like insects the implication being that the department of justice was incompetent to do the job that is that it was something wrong with the department of justice was responsible for these active department of professional responsibility was unable to do its job you're given only in a limited sense
the question is going to be the us has a voice who was appointed remember a meeting of the republican senators on the judiciary committee mr richardson before his confirmation proceedings customer nominated come around and president of all of france and it was the anonymous advice of the republican senators on the committee to mr richards that he wanted the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor i think i'm saying when you really didn't want to say it was a political decision and it was our prize the attorney general
of this is not this is not us it is to confirm your implication was impoverished mexico another beginning of the pilot could've that decisions in washington in may political dissent you are about to answer a big question of mr baker goes to the grand jury and you are completed a security the grand jury was not unaware of nonstop was aware that say hey that's right you do insist on calling people in the head we have a kind
of what the situation was and what the policy problem was and they understood at the time of the stands but that it has to stay in touch with the mitchel pearce of the positions that just stands with the middle ranking figures that's why and there was no substance revealed that on the record and they wanted us to say no they subpoenaed the hundreds of angry was wearing that point and they could have a trigger on something that we have reviewed or that they could've gone out and said that we're not aware of it special prosecutor
more at the parents is back home and i said i don't think we ought to have one because i think one of the things we need more than anything else is to get these people indicted and tried as soon as we can i think that's what this country needs more than anything else to clean up the watergate in the court so that people will have confidence in the system particularly the judicial system and the appointment of a special prosecutor as i said it is simply going to slow this process certainly many weeks and maybe many months because the new nominally brought to completely bridge themselves on madison and going on now for many months for an assistant attorney general in charge of the school isn't the fact that we have slow the justice by doing
this in the indictments are going to be held up and then when i got to get the justice that we should have done syria until a long time after we could've gotten is a matter fact i think that is a fag and world they reached the justice and it's going to be delayed in this incident but i have to say and i have especially since you have a different perspective but you know as i thought about this then and i certainly would've taken a position that same position with you will indeed i play fantasy summer was like the summer can you not be conducting hearings on hand twenty five the center of the united states and i thought you and i would have taken the same position wrote it shouldn't twenty twenty vision would have made different decisions that now i'm talking about but i can respect
point of the committee that there are larger interest in years ago the prosecution that is about one point zero to all of it dirty linen has come out in these hearings now we know the largest regional school fair it's probably better that we have a special prosecutor just to make sure that everybody understands that the prosecution is being independent of the administration but that wasn't the point i was making point i was making is that actually just this one of the most evil iraq if we hadn't gotten a correct answer most of it is tried to get the cia to stop the investigation of the fbi as far as much of the money was going to the extent of that conversation with me
you need to do jail media being hunted by the white house he did tell me that even contact with cia and that there were some regard in conversation even though the situation may be you didn't know anything about any time during this whole cemetery the last year of this year until of course the events of thrones roundtable event but he tried to pressure you to stop or slow down the sock out all this investigation and you're in charge of the only the only thing that could be possible casting that category would be the call with respect to stay in spain
and you know frankly that involve twenty years made a mistake or no one else the
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