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the pick the system particularly judicial system and he appointed a special prosecutor is i says the process certainly many ways and maybe many months because the minimum and intimately brought him to completely breathes themselves on madison been going on over many months with her and i like their skill as the assistant attorney general in charge of the school isn't the fact that we have so that justice by doing this in the indictments are going to be held up and then when i'm going to get the justice that we should've done siri until a long time after we could've gotten a lot of that i think that is a fag and world they recently justice and it's going to be delayed in this incident but i have to say
so you really do have a different perspective but you know as i thought about this and i certainly would've taken a position the same position with you will indeed i plan to congress the summer was like the summer do not conduct hearings on one hand but if i had the center of the united states and that it's a lot fewer that i would have taken the same position wrote uncertain twenty twenty vision would have made different decisions but now i'm talking about but i can respect the point of the committee that there are larger interest in years ago the prosecution that is about one now that all of it dirty linen as commodities here and now that we know what should we do about this whole affair it's probably better that we have a special prosecutor just to make sure that everybody understands
that the prosecution is being independent of the administration but that wasn't the point i was like i understand what i was making is that actually justice would've been mostly to iraq if we hadn't gotten a correct answer did you know at any time the rest of it is in the column on and being we're trying to get the cia to stop the investigation of the fbi's current so much the money was great want a job you need my the white house he did tell me that even contact with cia and yet there were some regard a conversation even those situations maybe
you didn't know anything about justice any time during this whole set of very village here of this year until of course the events of thrones roundtable did anybody try to pressure you to stop or slow down the stalk out all this investigation and you're in charge of the only the only thing that could be possible casting that category would be the call with respect to stay in spain and you know frankly their involvement just made a mistake but no one else gets indicted now the indictment out there one event out by september first we couldn't do that on september first we couldn't do it until september fifteen that didn't
care investigation we really go to trial in november let me inquire about a contract you have with the president united states entity lawyer shows a great many phone calls as well as some meetings of course you have covered so were those four phone calls which the president initiated to you after your afternoon meeting with them on april fifteenth what was about first was ninety yes the second was a meeting even set up the third was in that he's not totally clear that any sense of has gotten maybe this abuse order to that effect was vehemently basically what he told you and now
because i know you generally what was the president calling you about during his character reports status report in india the overt display of his bronze testimony it's not like these things the president as you may have been a complete memory about everything you have allied health personnel records to be made and finite as we had previously agreed with the president i cannot produce on that other nations grand jury
information that we had previously the united nations in one one some question here then all of this investigation and trials and everything that you do it anytime suspect that there was a cover up going on watergate have a feeling of this reaction to say the words i and the prosecution of crime to know what he actually innocent you couldn't translate there was an overriding concern there was there were no where things were destroyed innocent people innocent people is a fire what you wanna know it was not like it was a visceral reaction yet know that's a really resilience is that the va because they didn't die down the sentence and then in the nineties mccollum
parishioners hearings and confirmations we'd have been there in the last year and especially the great confirmation hearings have been concerned about the status of the fbi are suggestions of the majors one of those and others setting up the agency justice as one who probably about as much experience with the fbi over the years at least and preparation evidence for criminal cases what would be your own opinion this
is a compromise officials even possible i think that may be so you might have a more efficient investigative agency if you separated them on the final friday i think they'll be subject to some degree political control you say as restrained senator bill would be formidable and it was criticized for his independent they're not independent enough i think you point out something very important but the independent more completely different and i think the answer is that this long investigative agency i think i think that he was not only a presidential advisor i think he
thought to be the attorney general united states in charge of that again the government is in charge of investigating but i don't think he ought to be either medical or legal advisor to read or have another wave like that perhaps the dangers of political supervision less than a totally independent investigating agency i think like images in that song in the cooperation of the mysterious g gordon liddy of the subject of center and always questions and just the moment public television's coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after a pause for station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service of the member stations of pbs a public broadcasting service fb it's
brainwashing and fact continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities you again
correspondent jim lehrer senator illinois now as peterson about gordon liddy is cooperation in the investigation it's bright political committees state attorney and former president that are absolutely would agree to cooperate with the president would meet with libby's lawyers and give the signal that video is a problem waiting for this also happened all about the fifteenth of april even stayed a while the president picked up the telephone call it a simple and the other ladies laura want to see him to get a signal that the president was willing to do this all he remembers a conference call the question was not that the president was agreeable to sing ladies lawyer and deviant suggested that i would recommend against that i don't believe
that the president of the united states and be involved in the law enforcement business what the president said well if he's waiting for a signal from the obama white house that he should cooperate i want that signal give in and you get the panthers lawyers immediately that it was like i called mr john canally an eye toward hear that the president's probably didn't touch with mr libby's account i had requested they advise mr levy the president expected everybody to cooperate in this investigation so you've made an information a long time frame the general's called me at twelve fifteen at night to confirm that information i confirmed it for him and he assured me would convey that information was really this afternoon to justify the un or prosecutors would not
believe especially a story about wanting mr iyer that's right if that's the case and i wanted to put him on the stand as a government witness because we couldn't this or we have a visceral reaction when i will call for boys and girls you know in effect what they were saying well you know you are these things operate here we have thirty or forty billion dollar global campaign three hundred fifty thousand dollars and let your babies internet and then the government has really no sir that week well i just said that we didn't win well that's right we didn't have any evidence to suggest that
he didn't own standalone story goes toward a grander we couldn't reviewed i didn't like the story but i didn't have any evidence or i could say it doesn't add up ms vivian an a statement a force commanded the court to happen as to members appeared before the grand jury in seventy two because it's a gig if workers to private esq columnist and with his testimony and you were supposed to respond to that mr mcgrew had made it through by boat by the skin of its teeth that occur conversation very well i didn't know the intuit being called identical so i did call also and so it's a lot of young man he made good if you're good with listeners only get but nobody believes a story about the money but they know the grand jury
teenagers they would again that overstates it but they were uncomprehendingly how such a large someone wanting to be given to a man and he had no requirement of our workers are now ordering five years how's that and that is a statement that it has to be money and i was destroyed have you following the rules appear before the grand jury and received a call from eddie requesting information for all the ministers are done before the grand jury have subsequently call must years and was that he would find out and call me by peterson called back and said he had made it through but as you know steve i called harlem and so inform and then subsequently information and i was very pleased because this meant that the investigation would not go beyond living
i am confident to the upstart was thousand minnesota was we enlighten witnesses integrate that's the problem with what the forthcoming on their own and joy in nineteen seventy two and soon after the break and mr bowen what's in the hotel i believe and why's the prosecutors that only the thirtieth two wells had been placed in the democratic national committee and water and now after the arrest they find one that larry o'brien still just a quote winner norah why do prosecutors that the other one was in
mr spencer analysts though some reason that apple was not search on september third agency of the telecom company made a sweep and found this about and a few days later vice president of the united states and the attorney general suggests that the us had been placed in there by democrats to convince the republicans neither prosecutors into the tube why when the fbi people the concern at that second round five dollars upfront we went back to the fbi director to fossil justice reflecting on this moment of the list so quickly there's nothing there and that investigation was proceeding on the ground that it may have been installed on labor day or by someone of a committee to yesterday the situation
we did not want to prove that was and we in particular and europe to be sure to make certain that they knew what they were talking about a mattress or and frankly i think they know that and they don't want to admit that or it's both in this interview with disabilities mr klein said yourself that this meeting was discussed that although he had no direct evidence he was afraid that this money would lead directly to the president of the episodes and i think that that was the chinese
that obviously there's a thing and the ramifications and the only thing that could be done would be for the drama just as veronica and the president puerto rico is because we might otherwise be before this committee for the president's statement of april thirtieth nineteen seventy three energy state
as it was on march twenty one i personally assume responsibility for coordinating intensive new entries into the matter and i personally ordered those conducting investigations to get all the facts and to record them directly to me right here in this office and my question to you is a march twenty first or thereabouts you receive any such orders from fresno state i'm standing on the inquiry mr feinberg the question i personally will be investigations
and our committee has received testimony that mr obama's order to conduct investigation want grace denied that the fbi recently that you were just climbing says neither the attorney general he received any orders fewer than it received any orders exactly who was in the city of washington was ordered on march twenty first conduct investigations they were fifty at least and so for years this committee has been able to develop the evidence to show the earliest point in time was march thirtieth at the wreckage of the general agreement that really have nine days between the twenty first on this new information came to the president and the thirtieth which is literally just a medium for committees to win any investigations were conducted his larger concern your investigation commenced on the fifteenth of april no i mean you know it doesn't put you in charge
of this matter and that that might be for duty job when i was in baghdad there are now a couple questions that came to mind is i kept on reading the statement the statement was made on april thirteen and then the references to new information and what's the twenty first there's no reference of all april fifteenth which i consider to be a rather significant date in so far as the information given to the president released information by ewan klein attorney general findings by now the invention or in here is mentioned that you're conducting the investigation as of april fifteenth could you give me any reason reverse all that in all prior to this statement being a neighbor thirties they be able to run camp
david working on something that i was not being reported you were going to put in charge of the investigation as of april fifteenth that's right but if i had been requested i think i would have been her i didn't regard it is my obligation to well you talk about complex i didn't want be what it said about the caravan ride in one of these and they're advising the attorney general or the president with respect to what type of statement chicken i'm a white out i won three and to run the investigation that was prepared by counsel the white house now in the course of that investigation the course of your findings even before you were officially put in charge it didn't come as a surprise to the attorney general was a
parade with alton sterling's to be there and i was very disappointed the president's actions that regard india as a matter of fact it is an army on april fifteenth and raise the question of whether or not he thought he was refusing himself he should resign and we discussed i recommended against the prison and recommended against it so i will consider you know you indicate that on april twenty six returns to talk with you in the trade journal that you had talked to the president as a tactic and we have evidence of mine is the morning that he
talked to the president during the course of that meeting and yet when the meeting's over with a physician juan williams' conversation and in that conversation really every day and again and yeah well
you get together with pat gray recalled that falls and he was just about to leave we ran down bring back their research discusses the situation not to slow and to the conclusion that the climate without war without to make one that was they were left with no decision mr gray would resign going to think it over he would think it over so when he called me the next morning and told me an actor and i thought he cited and he had no other alternative i would not last that you did you mention in testimony before the committee who's just slip prime minister
sure that i understood the context but the president take to the president call on april eighteen nineteen conversation on april fifteen as johnny rose he have i don't agree with it i really want to hear it rejected a prosecutor and silver said no and it will go back and check with his work that is that they believe are going now to talk about that day at the white house though the president said they cannot his recollections
of me whether it was a conversation or not i don't know on the polls and think that the president made his own recollection one of the answers and so this law center west point i mean the last time the president got the war evident in the tape recorder and record i see two of those conversations which i mean this conversation about this conversation with richard russo that's a more questions on september thirteen seventy two
september thirty which they going to get you know what i could do it like professionally for about a minute that did you receive a summary memorandum from <unk> which indicated that there might have been others higher than lillian hunt walk in the watergate matter in september of seventy two when i think of that or did you get some ways from justice over no more important so the investigation as the program usually on a daily basis there was a written recommendation with respect to seven
or now second week in september and was there any indication bit more might be and all the leslie less question i've indicated with some promise and i can blame you that i go i carry a professional manner when the medicines or lack of confidence on the part of the senate in new members of the justice department will step over that because it could do that maybe the lack of confidence did not exist in you that in the end you know i like to think that they're going to be everything i know this
is something that as looked upon executive mansion think that's true to yourself your visit to shepherd swing between you and i for years budget don't you find it very peculiar that the president offered to play this particular tape with respect thing and he refuses and he gave to the prosecutor downtown and to this committee why i think that
we are getting there we didn't want everything on the other side with the defense lawyer now the president obviously thinks that this is the other side least in terms of the executive vs judicial or secular versus legislative work i don't think it's necessarily any concessions and that point of that when he considered me down by executive privilege and he told me that when he's at work and need to their set with mr cox i don't know i i hesitate to comment on what he could do
as one of the very unusual that's a very interesting and i don't think well i wouldn't you think that day the president got the tapes through him on the executive privilege bases that <unk> talks went on at that church i know you you and those do him any good information they can use and you were in the department of justice said discuss the year a significant keeping the tapes in the sanctuary over executive privilege the real significance one senator discussed it with anyone and given some thought what can avoid having given
over is no i'm not at all presumably united state records conversations whether or not the selective about it there's something else running in fact that he didn't he does not as well to go to disclose i think we put everybody on where you might have some lack of candor on a party divided i think is terribly important for the head of state it is that is validation were alive somewhere i don't know what about the evidentiary significance of the tapes with respect to defendants' rights of the defendants rights in america the question is in this far will not the failure to produce today julie to some cases possibly be dismissed says the information on the
tapes could be claimed to be exculpatory in nature fb well senator i really don't know the answer of that money going to come up in another context comes up in the context of this committee comes up in the context of what is now the jackson has won the questions it was only live down there we in the committee we're investigating geithner and interviewing some of the same witnesses they take statements from those with a question are they produce of all they're certainly not predictable as the senate passes a resolution of the senate doesn't pass a resolution as our case now i don't know if the teacher my question i don't know the answer given
the same problem with that one is in business a map as a year as a white that mr neely why not because of a white versus the united states is that the supreme court partially two years polls that consensual eavesdropping is not illegal and you mean to tell me that they're there in the court in this land that would dismiss a case against the defendant if exculpatory information was contained in pay under the umbrella of executive privilege and a storage in the white house or bad is an issue that concerns of exculpatory information is given to another branch of government and the department of justice as the aging of the executive brain brings a case it's very conceivable that the congress of the united states or the president or the court or somebody else may be required to
produce exculpatory information under court order that's certainly possible that we can win it sure it's just your comment if a court would order the production of those cases it would be to protect the rights of defendants and on the context of the words if it was exculpatory information it the court held that there was no privilege and the court held that it was principle and that the court held that the government was the modeling and the department of justice was responsible for the presidency and the congress it's conceivable that they will throw the case out we didn't produce and even though wasn't under our control yes sir i know i will ask you about the earlier testimony before the committee in private i have eyewitness summary here which indicates his follow and this is in
testimony sometime after the watergate break in peterson and dean had more extensive contacts because of complaints from the fbi or the prosecutors about white house but writing religion that were available or you write they would go back to their own devices the meeting would be set up it would be canceled or the would say we would set about when he would be so in getting back to that accountability on foot dragging a vibrator be overcome and say no remembering my
husband and what you need to tell me i really don't know i don't understand i don't know what he's saying i think i want to again return in a matter of the opposition political party law by persons who were gonna finally committed a reelected president in an election year and i thought that was it was a political consequences of a president a lot of really jump out
and you now in our own race of this investigation didn't become obvious to you it was conspiracy this time was very sad i think yeah and though i'm alive i don't want to spend my question to this is the breakup like it was a very difficult case to write for this committee indicated that if all of manhattan because they didn't leave mothers and that had a lot of self interests with them
to private concealing and then the light logo custom only way we have received festival and the songs among them approximately four hundred thousand dollars at least oh the reason the fairness of that council members and interest might be wrong that will plague you keep a silence so i don't think it's a very easy to break and out i do think that i mean you think that set the defense at all i was in all the watch list to make a complete picture of the committee and i want to take this occasion to thank you on behalf of medical records and and they're at a restaurant mr chairman i have a number of other questions about the collateral to the main points that have been made them as leaders and members of the committee a liter of those except
say that i too which to night vision for sport or raise inflation for the players' expression or our ability to gain insight into how the investigation proceeded are grateful for that vote rigging won't like india polio cooperation will stand in recess until to come clean quietly almost all and italy the first round of these historic hearings ended today use it washington bureau
chief and columnist for time magazine and jack murphy at georgetown university law center or worse when the gavel came down and i'm going to ask them a couple of impossible questions beginning with jack murphy jack and what is your overall view of state of the evidence at this point why i don't tarnish the great public image which the station's project that provides public service by all for having done it and the phrase once or not gonna go any particular detail and what my judgments are in general ivo diaz reserve introduces a kind of the two of these things give you some sense of where we are without really uprising audience was my secret there was a lot of it is we are now on the stand as others were not yet sure who was responsible for rio we know of course nobody would know the crp was in some way connected with that we know of the cover up we know we have delays that work kazan by various activities and white house the abuse you see
it there's others oppressive details emerge but who's responsible for that remains very much in question john dean's testimony is probable couple dollars and he has neither been discredited nor probably so far much of his testimony has been confirmed in general detail and the great disagreements arise interpretation of what actually was meant by that meeting or the cell phone call or that particular phraseology you have in defense of the administration and of individuals up to the pros well for the life of the bureaucracy is hectic multifaceted were doing thousands of things all the time we couldn't know necessarily what was going on therefore you must understand the context in which these things were happening they were separate desperate independent and didn't form a kind of cohesive broken spiritual image the other side you have people saying you can't miss an elephant in the living room it was right there it is impossible to believe that only one or two a three man
responsible for this past have gone higher caste have been more conspiracy we can't accept the notion that vermont we are very much oh you about another trial of analysis people saying the effort has been for the administration to pin this sunday and the ruger and mitchell and to save coleman our ambulance can be weighed in that in that fashion i certainly have a final judgment matters so in general we we don't have any kind of legal basis for accusing anybody of any thousand true today by mr peterson's indication that there would be many more indictments of some of the people we've been discussing and just as those indictments have not come down from the grand jury and neither won four from the lips of this water but i'm sure we share i share with many other citizens suspension their job could not have carried off of this promotion the question appears all those fuels in america at you well you've been in washington for seventeen years
professionally of serving presidents of the united states and actually let me ask you after thirty seven days of these hearings how to analyze the state of the presidency i think we are entering a very serious times now for this nation and also the condition of the presidency very delicate time i suspect that people will go off to the beaches or wherever they go at this time a year and they will wait presumably not only this evidence the estimates of rebuttal which is expected soon they weigh all of this in their hearts in their minds and i think there's a try to do and what goes beyond simply the courts of the senate caucus room and that is the matter of how each person feels about his presence in his heart he's so i think this points to nixon stands diminish i don't believe it has much to do with direct implication whether people who violated what last it has to do with the sheer weight of the spectacle we've seen all these people
integrate across the spring we've seen the perjury the burglary of the attempts to support the system as we have known i don't believe mr nixon and separate himself from them so i believe that he's a man that people have to finish out his term indeed if he's allowed to wear that prospect there are other factors too that that must be weighed i think outside of france may have some effect on the impact of these weeks on people i mean i mean maybe the economy we've seen recently the polls show that businessmen in particular in wall street and the stock market the value of the dollar has affected all of these great great concern because it's hip right home very hard the price of meat pork chops hamburgers whatever did i think that all of this is going to kind of come together kind of a last summer analysis by the american people an interesting statement hidden evidence we don't see or some land planted mr nixon
as i wouldn't him to be quite diminished in and is old but what do you think gary mentions his coming rebuttal to that effect at this point to overcompensate or diminishment of the president's visit but i don't see much that he could perhaps there's a surprise we course through these last months with a suggestion from some that mr nixon was a great to catch ma'am he came up with this surprising maneuver but on each time that we've expected that he's come up with one of the old style things out of me all that i get is the invocation of national security that sort of thing so i have real doubts willie come in and dump the tapes on the table and say oh i play them and they'll show that he's exonerated well he produced the records and they would show that the other people will live in his beet you're right i can't predict on that but i have my doubts about and i have real doubts whether at this point in time with
so much evidence here of wrongdoing with it within his administration but she can't separate himself from really i doubt that he can overcome this to some degree will always leave the door open a little is always that chance for america i think like sam irvin most of those private there is some miracle of the dozens every self and we can get on with the business of this country we can write it again but i seriously doubt it gentlemen thank you very much or beyond these cosmic an implantable questions of guilt and innocence which we are competent to fathom at the moment what impressions are left of these thirty seven days of hearings for one peter carey's been in or near the hearing room all this time and jim lehrer and i haven't done in the studio worked are what your feelings after this marathon robin i felt oppressed table and struggle to post and seven the hot lights for thirty seven days ran up and down the heart chasing stammer and sam there's usually sam donaldson of abc gender anatomy
for unilateral cameron do something relevant it's not wise and attorney the truth along with a two hundred other reporters from norman mailer to marry mccarthy did mary mcgrory i love that if it made her cynical comments in and everything it was one hell of a story and we enjoyed doing it but you know somehow in the course of these hearings that they can't on a life of their own and they were more than just a big news turin and then beyond the original big players the bourbons and the bakers in the same question of other people would emerge as i'm sure the television audience some of their own judgement free and voters will like her really embarrassing we understand in a way and so i wonder i wonder if these hearings today in a way blow everything out of proportion for instance the caucus room itself became the world's biggest perhaps or moved you certainly television studio everybody used that not only us for a day and night hearings and that works for their version but the dick cavett show the today show the cbs morning news
and the first night they lose they are used and the hearings themselves are were blown up maybe too much of a proportionate look at the nightly news for instance mike after night after night fifteen seventeen minutes of each half hour program are devoted to watergate surely all of the news in the world put together must have been at least as important or more so than watergate it just doesn't make sense and i think finally commit you realize that i think the idea that the second third phase is maybe before sub committees out of the bright lights of television and maybe the committee members got their mail and figure that too far enough ocean the couple years the country is coming up to the two hundredth anniversary which must be clear an american are not must be one of the most important dates in the history of the development of human social organization and they have the evolution of
democracy in nineteen seventy six or junior high as self congratulation by politicians of all parties and at all levels who didn't have a great deal to congratulate themselves for really in terms of having carried the constitution for through their brief span and i think our we have we're going to have an entirely different note another anniversary comes up because of the fantastic educative process of these hearings and it's rusty there is very important it's forced the nation even those who may want a little bit more you can read about them in the news paper is its force them to consider the kind of fundamental things on which this country based on rule of law the constitutional protections for that for the individual limitations of executive power the separation of powers the freedom of the press the proper functioning of the institutions of the country and all that stemming from excesses in something of the constitution ever envisioned that all are never mentions
and that is political life and i think thats a terrifically healthy thing even an end very good to one of the points that was considered in the hearings not as the cynicism of young people about the processes by which this country runs and even if only if everybody picks up on me a little bit and very hopeful that that is a healthy thing to re focus on the essentials of what made the country unique in the first place and i don't know how healthy this drop on the dow would carry another step in terms of the educated process and i'm sure this may be limited to those who watched it to gavel to gavel love but what he did in exposing humans that is coming from rome the first witness up too through and including henry peterson the last when all these people were human beings and there were little garrison there were big ass and most powerful people in government and you know they were all have to come to grips with questions of loyalty and come to grips with questions of what's right and what's wrong one level it was when this man agreed to live this man agreed not to live this man
gave and a prayer service men didn't and the whole question that kept going through my mind is here we are talking the talk we know are listening to people who were involved in government been involved in political campaigning but the kinds of questions that a lot of these people had to come to grips with the questions all set to come to grips with what we work for a public television outfit with and we worked for a grocery store where we work with them and they're testing that these people had to go through some past some failed some are recalls at home but that was safe it's a kind of a kind of extended morality play and the way in which the values that have always been rooted in the country but which of his cornea now there's to iran about good bird could be uttered dr white in a proper context where people like sam irving who could say things like i love my country and this is why i love it because it's based on these ideas and richard kleindienst could say the same thing today mary peterson couldn't end up and many of the other people couldn't end of that they were they were asked about the
stines and i was all there for all of us to not only see how they reacted with wonder and secretly to ourselves on what i've done you know i've been confronted with that ok fine i appreciate your ideal of life very nice feel that i still get back to the pragmatic question maybe i'm not constantly having a liar of telling the truth i say also are you know the same visceral feeling that peterson's are the very measure and we all had a each in our own way each of the ruins of the missile flew it's good for either didn't do much good in uganda rhetoric part or pass legislation i've heard some point in time if a name is an old phrase return an indictment or so does a juror in the trial seems to me even in this age of marshall mcluhan the media being a message in our hand with all the great contribution of television were still back to the only time the only parents really have come to life in the last month or so that we have something very concrete
say for instance a doctrine bob holman southern feel of those questions and look like after milk toast mr bob holman you return his eyes glazed over the only time you're part about it the years is when somebody had a lot of documents said mr howland this is what you know the committee one of those not one of those tapes because when you've got something hard and fast to decide who say but then you have maybe sure was the perry mason aspects of this thing and that's what made it a good show on one level it was the search for the true figure is trying to find out whether the highest person in this country is guilty or not and that was a drama and dirty like a very extended trial atmosphere to like all i want is that these other things are important to the other side effects of the night that's my point i'm not saying that the hearings are justified just so would give us all inside and then what lousy are good human beings we are non scientists also side
effects that you mention the perry mason then as you said a couple times during the course of all this that the one dramatic element that has been here over all geared watching the trials on television is that nobody stopped the back literally stood up to date it didn't raise anything but do you get a way because then opens a melody and that's the frustration nobody's done that you know we're here before all you wanted addicts resume your normal lives we'd like to thank you will encourage them through these thirty seven days of hearings during the first through a few weeks of hearings you wrote us more than seventy thousand letters supporting this kind of primetime gavel to gavel coverage it's been carried you might be interested to know by more than ninety percent of the two hundred and thirty seven public television stations across the country and many of those stations were not yours has enjoyed increased financial contributions and new memberships due to interest and this coverage public television's coverage of the senate hearings will continue when the hearings resume in
september we'll probably watches them and then i would like to point out that this is robert macneil is last night after two years on on public television on behalf of all of us and public television and i'm sure on behalf of the of your audience here i would like to wish him well you sir are going to england and joining the bbc and we wish you well and good luck in september it's really nice the kingston site
i mean it's like because clinton please wait that you've been watching gavel to gavel that yielded coverage of hearing about the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities as
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 37 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Richard Kleindienst and Henry E. Petersen testify.
Broadcast Date
Asset type
Event Coverage
Politics and Government
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
Media type
Moving Image
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Anchor: MacNeil, Robert
Anchor: Lehrer, James
Producing Organization: WETA-TV
AAPB Contributor Holdings
Library of Congress
Identifier: 2322397-1-6 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Preservation
Color: Color
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