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see what i mean there has been if baron cohen thank you and now today's adventure of our script
to landing at the seaport oh yeah the deal that's
right thank you
thank you thank you i do nina
thanks this week in egypt
has been the peak no way we
can win and the next time for the picking so
ally as queen look alike content via bitcoin pj unfortunately colleges and when but fortunately color is everywhere ers and today seeing more fun
than you ever won the moment we'll read an unusual mueller who has a meaning language in the world could be in paris p keim were purely only be everywhere redstone to stop greenspan to go and had given meaning to different people have sometimes in movies and plays in this country where natalie is black he used the room the stands have achievement the white tent
the talk that we don't always unique to the book he will try to attach meaning jewish even humans didn't say that and she's added another just doesn't make sense that they might as well say they like light squares and dark colored rocks a better than like oh you can't appreciate you know me it
is b he says the police station she says
it's been this is the place to be fb singles be the point he says since the
peaks boy scouts when when anna their views been selling lines mutts who long and motionless about it you are looking at three main not
sleep and chains and the short lived freedom that will be remembered in nineteen eighty he is shaken up how does it feel to be a cat please don't do anything you want if you want your life to spit you will guide us to a friendly port and from there we saw get help and we get
back to africa and if we can rise up my brother's passing know people like animals in some strange country for him as the map it is i asked it's been it's been a
nice beat it i'm ready and i'm visiting in tennessee today i'll get my pit pro nine to rest and golf with cousin lena and uncle jim ok choose stores where you can listen to the radio waves that to be about his seven cows all things yes we are and eleanor you're
there you go it's been it's big this is
going to be crowley says the pension very how do at what indian wedding and securing my head is the same seat and the boxes and the latest un has put in a
box and we could take an act of fielding and go or you think jeremy rob thanks find out how at nothing beats ginsberg i don't know if it was the cia like that city is no worse now know
i mean it's bleak money money you
know i'm renee montagne anyway nina thanks or
go into a venture in tennessee continues next town and will be less indeed you do yeah right i did
that's right thank god anyway i'm kenny that's right
the city anything you remember that i can't stay distance that i've written about person they how you feel if you were the only one of the parties who was
different that person i try my friends the best i could i went to anything of that time people produce you it is things i mean
ers i'm willing emily green there's been no things
and no today's adventure of our school to the crew aboard the picking out but i got to you that's me
and and you actually are all these years of those jobs are in may and that's julian that's when mr gallaga go find jobs and yet remember oh you do
is being spent this is true excuse me
i was lost watermelon for all know but he had an old old battalion and chain and we wondered if anything might have been recorded about that after he was lost to see oh it's an old thing to do for a world that's going to force the institutions will soon no mistake brides well
say well why was i knew she had been going to china he and i don't feel it's made good fix is allowed it's yours he is sue
two and two now that way fyi he's chinese
mr thank you jerry lee lewis
we had trouble talk about a family the family getting timely who lived here sixty five years ago they only sixty five years ago and that's a move that's been at the circus it
come come sounds we're split politically it's an island a thousand
miles from miami florida and nearly two thousand miles from new york city who are the vehicles as far as we know lilacs and later the tiny nose were among the first inhabited he's opposed the recall the time those were the first to plant crops on the island they grew and use sugar cane tobacco corn and rubber trees the tiny knows how relaxed productive life on their green island which they called bleep in the piece a lot of that kind of if they'll celebrate it in the national anthem as well looking for indiana columbus landed on the
island of brody can without asking the tiny nose columbus claimed for spain the spanish looked upon but the people as a source of rich is mainly called up to take back to spain but even change the name of the island the carbon footprint to go which in spanish means rich court the spanish term the time now is tobacco and sugar cane farmers into large food factories called plantation african slaves to help uncover the gold but there was very little gold to be found in puerto rico south africans also worked on the plantation we're going to put the vehicle parts of the world and i'm madeleine brand with the tying was the spanish to form of many different cultures and shades of skin color that we see what we've got today
trade between spain and the united states but the us and many people are attracted to the one in green island oliver industry slowed down and work became hard to find these newcomers feel by plane of your arms i want your family you have lots of teachers lined with life for many centuries in harmony with
physical and cultural variety yet if the conviction and i thought of the victim and that of the convention years it's
bleak well going into the gaudy be ashamed of yourself and sorry that was what the way who are you need a name that should belong with her husband this whole life eels and not
for money do any more significant revolutionary left to rescue us what you have seen before with your children had been asking why the island children always hungry if they think he's saddened by the quiet one john halder helping me do what you say is true of an image of asking why we are spaniards i knew you were a reasonable man unintelligible this primal jeff
bridges what we put up with his family in saying i'm imam waited on evolutionary i mean i wanted to tell you i mean i'm really doing that you have twenty nine why you can't leave
you i only go in announcing that i have lived in the year at sixty eight right in egypt a piece of the pie sign it or in the fight against the spaniards i still going to have plenty of nineteen eighteen you
are not that men and women economists drive out of the city is really great it's been nice but many eyes many communities in a vacation with my boy i you into seasons to
be a bill simmons thousands of bats and he's late he's taken no right now and i do think that
thank you jones says bikini kill thank you come on now it's really messy
now i know yes oh animals are of course men can take place on a bitterly cold and it was my favorite he pares down sometime in the new year and we navigate know i don't know whether he drank one of them there's a vacancy until now
i've seen and you're really anything that seemed the only conscious human artifact see in iraq we've seen it you're insane nice that's
right thank you maybe i was here about a slight and i was like yes that would be patient i'll disagree with him until he they just lands that as a classic
weight of the slang of the alabama mississippi as gaping yeah that was they used the harder he acted on these bushes and you see around here that are you know he's just letting their slaves over other slaves that somebody you get when you have these cells please
now what is that the plan
the pope
Vegetable Soup
Episode Number
13 & 14
Season 2
Producing Organization
New York State Archives
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New York State Archives (Albany, New York)
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Episode Description
Each episode is 30-minutes in length and consisted of a variety of regular segments that varied from show to show.
Episode Description
Episode 14 includes an Outerscope II segment The Clue Aboard the Peking; a look at the culture and history of Puerto Rico; the story of Puerto Rican activist Mariana Bracetti from 1868; a story about Eddie and his boa Nigel; and Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings about pecan pie.
Episode Description
Episode 13 includes an Outerscope II segment Landing at the Seaport; a lesson about color and its meaning; the story of Cinque and his 1839 slave rebellion on the Amistad; a story about Eddie and his pet snake Nigel about his time in Tennessee; Woody the Spoon (voiced by Bette Midler) sings about bread; and a lesson about being different.
New York State Archives. New York State Education Department Office of Educational Television and Public Broadcasting educational programming videos and associated paperwork, 1977-2005. Series B2623-18.
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