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This is the rest no. This is a test and a regular program. Or scheduled program. He has studios in downtown Fresno and transmitter. At point near Badger California. Oh and operated by an incorporated a nonprofit organization based in Fresno. But they really were incorporated. Holds. A construction permit from the Federal Communications Commission and Washington D.C.. We just finished listening to school because they got it because they're going to school. Because they know it when I went there you know if there's any of that. But I do that why you feel that way isn't working. When you notice that in most of it.
You're still missing a lady. Is that almost like you know that goal. There's a haka. Elizabeth has. Become something. Like you. Might actually want to get it together. Almost like music Okie who was a highly school. This is the first no as they like you so me we said with Alice in the top of the. Program a place on us. I get them to those. Around them you go first and THEN WHAT YOU'VE DONE WITH THE ONE THAT. You are you there is to keep them in there by you which will I let me sort
out I mean one has to be a key who is the man you know the. Kids that go to the front and. I just know that Fulton mall gives him to the public or that other willing reportedly isn't working. You know its tackiest. Is on the board. Then most beloved of this one. By. The. TIME When you know. Which images for the Nundle will soon be the gun that you're gonna buy a license for King. Yet another building with a persona is going to Nundle you want that as much
as my skin is old that I just must give you that I will handle the meek on the cheek and I thought I had to do that by years of walking and I mean the name was a Hong Kong is that they have the Olympics leave. You this. You also got it are you sure the Harvard College on the no single day almost a year in Boston Massachusetts. You know with a twist the poignant part of this at all your money but I can read on the bottom beside it is the me sorta. So when you saw him in the winter you know the other. One. To India is to be likely by the end to that why isn't working. I. Was glad of that Mr. Stern was in the latest stones only later so it get better said Mr Sonia's so I'm not really sad
he spit on so that at the maddest Amy soda at the memo so you know how I look at the key there or you know the one thing. Which is in the US is one million the little California i.e. either the lintel. Of the people or the program as soon as we study. He looked at his mother in a seat the other company that is so thought of the look when you respond. He isn't working.
He said this was a Bakersfield low are not your real Porterville and was not on hand for Sanger and was a stardom partier and was a star during orange stardom and dota. There was double there's a low arche in Fresno but then the sort of anything that I said is the logical many of us important to get all of this up but that value concept and will bring in these people this is the key. To Quincy as it is a lot more than the loss may be as a company because you want to be that he ought to be doing with Gary. But I call him this is his but it has to be that is but it is a problem must be as you look at
it you see and think. He is part of this noise looked at the wall. Been there comin to see Ellis is implemented. See look it up or you have said the more the Sooners want it we're going to move you but are you that sorta. So the real key is in walking. In that it most likely Laplace's into that loop or peace with you then why you know that us but he is a key style though. I Uganda thought they learned only that they go to Cuba but I guess that the air soon that only that. Will allow you to see as many as I can if
you say your piece. So you move the music up there we start. Almost O'Conner was the man you know. But I said what I did. He says you on this they me sort of dealing with is. Only human. Go with the coming of Jesus but him pull Kong is only human. So mystical. Yeah. Most of them was a school and was take a look at the number of this will consume for a whopping case of music. Just give alms música nor minimises music and it seems to me but I'm going to stay this particular Yessongs you know song there yeah. Bush is
a pass laws we need in there yeah. Most key. Enemy Sora that our stance. Yes what racist. We know that live almost But I bet it was a miracle. I would list but I could use but ending this. This is rather a community radio for the San Joaquin Valley. We are here for the first time broadcasting to the valley. Our purpose is to. Serves the Spanish speaking the Mexican Americans are kind of a position the Silicon Valley. We are committed to serving the population there for that reason we have gone to meetings tell meetings throughout the Silicon Valley and attempting to ascertain what problems the community has and in what ways can best serve the interest of the community. We have been in the valley from a dare I down to Bakersfield and this is community radio we cannot sell advertising. We are completely committed to service and the way that
it will be able to survive is by. Cooperation the support of. The listeners. We are today we are playing music from many regions of Mexico and parts of Latin America attempted to identify the roots of the Mexican and Chicano people here in the valley. And we began with music from a haka and then we went to a lot of music from school and right now we just finished playing some song is somewhat bungles for. Me talk on the last one who grew up on with the equity. And now we're going to continue with more regional music from ninety one person know. They can see through the theme of their current county. Well you know who you are last season I thought of the head of
Bayer Street Library and Bakersfield. Yeah that other communiques Eunice but. I just wanted this someone you know young to. Semantic you know that lady. It's beyond that but I thought by itself walking. They most don't want to say I'm just but I'm OK you know. Will a chance have a leader based on my nana in. The morgue. Oh I get those then. See Anthony welcome. You know it's on the spot. Hooper What do you think this kind of radio station is needed here in the valley. Well you go there's many reasons I guess you could you could say it's needed It's a
community based radio. We don't have anything like this where I think we have one or two weather stations like this in the California area in the United States. But like I said it's a community based radio it will be informative educational and noncommercial. How do you think this station will be able to help the poor people in the Silicon Valley. Oh it's it will be a vehicle that will bring so many things out to the. Communities the poor communities and everyone in general. As far as information educational information service is all this will be able to be brought to the people via this vehicle. And I think it's a very important. Like I said vehicle. You were with me in the meeting and by cell the last week in which many of the community people from there came people from the low riders to
administration people in the Department of Health and so on. And what did you what was your impression from them as to what they see you'd rather be doing was being able to do. It. When I was really impressed. Like you say because. There was representation there from the lower rider community the community in general and the administrator or the director of the public health. Office and to Larry as far as a public health officer until there was concern the public health director he was a very enthused about this program because it would be able to to to give the people information about the decentralization of health decentralization in the community and that in the county of Tulare which is very very important right now they've closed down the. The county hospital and the people in some of the people feel really lost and they don't know what to do in this. This will be able to give them information as to health services et cetera as far as the
community in general is concerned low riders whatever you know there was questions asked in regards to everything from the penal system what can we do for people who are ex-convicts to the community. And this is another way. Like I said before that we can help. We can assist the community by informing them of people's rights. Things that are happening in the vicinity in the valley in the country. When to which other women that piece. You know what I said Inglis Yes more like the writers being the last program a lot of humanity. But
everybody cilia the other you embody cilia either. When I ask what Mostly I think I'm not going to live by the mentalist. It is tougher than I want to see as most august is to provide a program of your own porker also is. Giving us an opportunity there move around the block only there are pockets of in Quenta. Lucas you want to live for most young people and there is oil up all the this was a Louis that are going down all. The diversity systemone wearables is their market with an then N must inform us beyond their home or receive you said resource in LA in a condo that elavil you or are you willing give up or are you the innocent in this the
more. Represent them physically there. They like only the low riders that minister in Yemen is the one million to see as models they care about most of all that are set out on and for this underwater informal public one hit until August up on Sunday. Say I start than the battle or Internacional the arche the step by East they make equal in America the door or even sit on. But I mean as soon. As only they are killed in your system. Impulse always to the second won't resign you'll see. Almost almost but the commonest at home than animals into a boiler only eat animals who just don't like it all over so you be in course terms only. That means you're part of them and tell them what I was accusing sort of put on like you know that allows you to have thought of the company that this game will be to get the most with the impulse
but I started but they got a hold that was dealing with our current understanding of that. I knew God so I could have done this with the ample sun the token as long as you and I ski well most of it going to become a theme of that was Adam which was it got a canal which are music places and a lot of these who say they want a style of unity but. This Nonito gang is a little pretty little girl most known to Katie that know that about that as you all know that I like you mucho Dave almost. Because I'm not going to get it as bruises but as a racist. Yes just like I said was that this is the first night I stay sit him in there you know.
Like you that you're going to use in or has some event scheduled for the month of July starting with a potluck picnic at the little park in Corcoran July 6. Everybody's invited. July 10th there is sponsoring a skating party for 50 use roller tone from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. for more information call them at 4 5 1770 6 NG asked for Cindy or. That you're going to use and is also sponsoring the Chicano Gong Show and fashion show other suns a community center on July 11 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.. The show will feature fashions from the nine hundred twenty erupted today styles admission for adults. $1. You're going to use it or do you know what is likely without this keying of bias and working part luck. CS The Who do you call this thing you've done this but I must inform assume a little or just see it this hit the cities. So you was going to put on the key thing brother bidding with. If Im an inventor you
know. A lot of them are. Probably really if anyone but you know nobody isn't working. And I know when we saw a key but as I read at the gun with your gun or your thank you that why you said walking again though there's a lot of other things in the queue of these deaths. NORTH The mayor said. That I Got that he is going to stay. So the middle classes of Amer said did you get most of these guys used to this being I was going to be when I got to the thing I want them all to become the most interesting switch on the. Middle into the downtown because the middle simply because his career has been a scary those things which on the giving must live Was this the slightest hope for them about what they've done. Is they me sorra is look at the of ocular if you can
open them most and almost gaily went into the monsoon is. That or like going to school I just get this thing that I saw go into how to kill him is what I do you all see whether you're that going on what they said I came if you see no let me sort of key. The a squat and take what little he in Fresno. He is remembered that is. See it there. Those that is getting up yet and all support implement the most common to see a list of some sort us liking and what you think of that it was cooked up and it was this close to switch on the Butterball that either is there or you know the line thing is that almost be the end. So you the oil most of us in the bottle. That is well done yes. Better want is it up to this
movement because you know what I said even when I went there you know. Yes so you gossoon not only that or you and. I can only see you know muscle you almost none of that is me. Almost that that isn't the end of school was this. So we went to get him was a little bit of the whole you could almost do so this is you know when I was at least still young as a month as a study almost. Least was about us letting a lady in beside us in those among us border last. No interest but I had listened to this bill that I see on the local money that. Yes this place when we saw he was. It will get more pussy when you coming and he's almost a bore you. There are correspondents. He's going to give him an event that you know. Gong us play here and.
Go on with this which are also fairly common is gone there's a very welcome you know they want to know what the. President is still looks young is that he got the littles. Grounders leaders and most of us are some he gunna. Out then if they need him which influence Yeah. He also knew this but his bottom and allow him to come to seem like you that is why it isn't working. Don't goggle algal gun and you're gonna also need those. Yes it was really that Gunny that says that a child is a compass you know when he was less universally soon as they go. You top of the must feel. That it was good to consider it on the whole are going to confuse you. Jani mother why would those be. I want the new one in which
you see good to see good to see you. The guillotine to Silex you busted. Yes wind gusts in think yeah they'll you're going to assume you know. You are likely because there's a building up I said is the hymn the compass in either the little Mikey. Let me smoke on soon so must be good. We gotta go one of the well. Because I chose. Her. Sure. Sure.
Sure sure sure sure sure sure sure sure sure. Sure
sure. Sure. Sure sure. Sure sure. My name is George.
Primera transmision de Radio Bilingue/First Broadcast of Radio Bilingue
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This first broadcast on KSJV in Fresno starts with a test broadcast. The test is followed by an explanation of the public community radio station. A woman is interviewed on the importance of this radio service for the community. The program is in both Spanish and English.
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