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It wasn't always that this was the scene a scene yesterday. The Dakota compass you know he says them will say I've also used to use but up we got a look at that I was in the business that we sell into a lot of people going to get a bit of a seat in the US by let us call us on this planet in the skin the stomach and the little thing about you know what he needs to be in the piano but it was a good program as you know to get L.A. even to know that he knew. It's been a career in Hollywood is this going to get in a car you get an invite your values and in a Human Supremacy of unsound of looking and quality going and I think you know the body is reacting as it happened on even to suspect of the levy that he thought I would up it had given myself
to it we have the money and any money and if you don't know. It's now going to be silent. You know what a classic he had to put in complicity to the name on your model Carl Orff. He set out then simple as many valid Zillah's that it may be valid Regina given a corner and I've even aware that this is key about when up to speak people Chicana and I mean it was we neither side is to look into us in a few modern record and industry a David Bowie is a rock n roll. Isn't he better oh come on he will push humanly stammers Garzon has to spit in chicken we buy unless you can or a restaurant or a uses in with your minister spit into it look at me afresh I mean not that spic Frisco stick with would obey or an authorized by law doesn't know that I quit his gift or yes he endured point Lou MV
is India and he found to do that. Then he said it is but is it at their level. Must you mustn't move up with no war no know what he can of course point yet he can when he kind of knows that there is a little yellow heap of money that move by you and by you. This is so you can look on the wall. It looks a little pale as I would and only when I mean you can go and process OK movies to sort of mistrust the impulse which a political tool really than a whistle in a given new phenomenon when I was in town do not so long as he can use you know noble meal a new Is he going to you know he said to me you know there is a torrid moon do
you know about it if you know a lot of it is generally on in the hour. He can also print on teleport to me in the clinical trials and in a sort of communication of which or for him to look at that maybe as he's promised. What can we spun off from which must cause he in the in thinking that unless you're not there to night in a political it's your availability your novio And when you hear only on that that he had to say you have it I mean what are you a threat does any you know can we push muscle money must complete them. What isn't to stop the leak will not give us a bruise on the nearest internationalist police to read up on Hollywood. It's a school phenomenal ministers impulse he. You're too much economy you can maybe get a nuke was a story in the book of course but this present a list of what I must say the Democrat I mean up with a sitter who says it's not being he said
that it was Sunni on Sunni said there's a lot of concern is provided for some concern at some point mosque is key you don't monkeys. SIEGEL Cutler see it didn't get a comedy the way they love eating with the muscle they collect I mean up to a hundred or let up just your you know what a chicken and you know no bailout bless me because if you've been to him it will weaken our Eunice Yoon to knock one data in or make equal e you croaking a percent of the economy nobody said in two separate that of course he would you know couldn't they don't couldn't they do it. If we could meet up or to vote for now young Nicky thought of a morsel is in the army. Apt I live with interesting story going astray. This took me into the most and it just saw that he quit and that he's more or less picked the speed of the issue so that i give us a love affair to whistle yet in the body of Mr. 100 or is it people you know secret police would get if he only got a
loping eat them included Produkt or more just missed by a second way to prove their little Beanfield War on Robert Redford. Get them going. The more divided and will make them be in it. Yeah but if you simply must say yes we can a 100 times per year inclusive and I spit in a compass you know when we mean to the day this is a challenge. Let them be and look at it in a pretty good ok to give a stuff where the not is as simple as he is a suspension about more than a day at the spectum what I'll be equal then we mean to accomplish you know get it we did it by using the police. Don Luis do you see I will not live at the Post essay in Delhi sandal label experimental test or you seem
to know record comments already. As soon as it comes along to see Missy moderately genius you equal up a common interest in middle concepts in order to be at 3 percent in a movie game is going to be Dale. Your article three hundred of us are and if you want to ski but if you know but I'm DO YOU KNOW WHAT UP and seen it and being focused around on the saluting continue to Super this unit is an American I would hope I can look at the Ambien and didn't as you know because you're on the last train but he left the school at that point to be to make I know you have been a certain rules committee God knows only indigenous Committee says he and I don't buy this from strain do you cloche interlocking magic is a commune to intone sitting in a commune we put on the them was a that. OK Mr. Cool
down Mr. pootle they're very new resort and of course they can of course point gentle sort to see look at all said oh man oh what a good person wasn't even a salad he was damn was it having tacos you know the Messiah is a virus even he you look at your career OK your story not should not be counted in California with a guy like Dean or look at the other two there's another thousand evil so they may cause you know this will not be done to their movement data useful you said manual. The audacity. A Storm says he wouldn't look you skinny will look at you in equal IQ. You may want to sit in a given corner money though this is one day to kill me a minority but a person with a ritual to get into a sort of settlement. Yes for the Lotus who when he was on this at those shocked to see my little impetus to see it is what it was but
he won't get it. Get a scene they mean to say so they Edward James Olmos. When I mean what do you want an innocent than deal with me when Lester Oh but we're not using the pick up at the ER you could get him anything which he not only not sure but I knew he was pretty village are important to us he would of course you know impossible to probe into stink it. Almost immune to it would James almost listen like almost immune to it or not even look I mean you don't have a disability interesting to Syrians who this is a.. He was going insane and it literally tore me up or you know you could you know you can you see any other must be crazy no matter if it is he your cooking. It's a time when Monica we have times he's younger sister London Hollywood our
mission out there and they are confident that if you were to ask this question or part of the minerals and of course penniless You can then don't want to sit I think in in a sort of amusing little get the name was a couple. You got a list brothers must Altos but the nearest was actually to us but I would tell him to give it to me to give him your lease unopenable into the Hollywood Poconos bin dam was invented I'd look at Hollywood it's a little complicated but a little too close. Yeah I can proudly contrived Dynasty conferred upon fiancee I think of for the most people but I'd have to say key to skin and then he would continue to look at us. He Edward James Olmos says there's little bitty middles in reflection in US you import a menace up with evil. Popped out of a cop out of line for when she's planning to keep Hollywood out without his having to resign your sprinklers when you're ready and wind up a cinch up that I mean I let be known to make a comment Opus and Hollywood got there would be at a distance call their orders into the
bottom indictees he immediately knew Fernandez is really kind of a month and the new queen three second it was on us and we're told solution it would be a horse so I mean I don't. One way this was carried out. The regiment. No no no I mean or what passes for going to Syria was you know little saying sorry for to me that I would have gone. Edward James Olmos or run with him as your own in a telegram to Norman has a Buddy Holly. Not that I want the river to give me up I'm interested in a sort of a disease will and those who thumb being the keeper tell him to go the Grammys is that they want to consume in this plan you look at it with a Linda Ronstadt. This boy's USA YOU PUT ME IN THIS MINUTE IS STILL them using illicit that I'm being
totally lost in the Hollywood they love us. It is good so let me be I will sleep if you see it and it will be you. Yeah look importantly I cannot link to steer the scene in the movie go look a certain Hollywood image I mean yes because looking for a human no portentious again and has his head in the middle. He I want to look at the most. Linda Ronstadt wasn't going to was already an illegal i love arm but the whistle in case of North Korea is a place to put in here as you know to put this as a computer in reality don't consider first Yahoo and I can be appreciate getting a seat. All right Eric honestly mean to consider around a Linda Ronstadt and tosses positivity. Mr. Musi kind of concern is the sabbatical he couldn't continue on with the ballot he voted as an escort evolution of romance is an eternal instinct on his
committee said even if it then yes you know the Orkin I mean the point that the labia but you see I read he's dangerous. You know I love Lucy in tones of Alice by noon he and I just I don't get any more skinny don't have to levy a contest or what are the better your cooking and the Western secular styles and you also are committed by believing this is ARDA really well Iris panted nor do you understand your you be you know psyop and then look at what I'm going to live it is important to preventing glance he said I'm not a lawyer. The intercom get going to trespass on Oculus I mean this but you're just been phenomenal that being well he's more you know if you know mental phenomena. Then we went in Dealey and the spec to rally the Mossad London East and then to lesson
of history you know like it or that it was out of the Senate out of the school already. There no money. Reason which I guess is politicize comment that is can also though but I'm not D.C. to Latino and to the conclusion that he had a kid. If I were to guess will mean sacking me and then lost which I lost I lost her in this game a cyclist in the USA use window you get a credit and when I'm you know stealing to clear and doodle B.M. in theory and in Yemen and suspense I mean two since who see they US you can OK. It turns you Ramos in this discourse on a sinister mentis in a unit. Someone must my own influential Cinquanta has to do and who to petition you know pretty much united you know who've been to persist on and in my order. Gotta put up or there are the enemy
not Aquinas it once was Venus and it didn't as he will be futile I could create in a sort of means most. I cannot in all security to the I care not to merely takes you to a kid that he had a lengthy e you say can we change to possess a speech or sight he communes and up and said good he will let you know Nikita was yes I have indeed will let you do this year to do you want to know means more you are going on with this prophecy or interaction or sort of but I mean was he not brawled us who apostle for media a possible many if you don't mean to but I can t e inclusion of when to with. I just have more than yours where he'd just profess unity and I thought if anybody thought it was because Dr already several rather was or that he had already I could add an equal dollar than apathy not gross income beyond a rapid I mean the you know sort of state it wasn't there at all so I think I'm sure you said a part of this if we look instead at those they would a good woman
psyche. It is intended on the status quo in this woman is likely the main thing I think to say Windows has been adamant that if any the less because you. I would like to say to all young people actually would you know especially young Chicanos young age by those Latinos that there's nothing that can hold us back but ourselves you know we have total confidence that we can achieve whatever we believe we can you know because things are created out of beliefs. It is good you know to believe is to create and we have the same magic we have the same power of imagination that anyone else has We're no different. We're all equal and the Creator lives in all of us and we can create our own future. If we believe we can make it. The time has come for a tremendous change around the world. We have the tools to change our own lives right in your fingertips right in our own minds and so education is one of the race to achieve it you've got to know something about the world that we live in. I would suggest that you know our young people just concentrated two things get to know numbers
and get to know letters get to know reading and writing. And from there I mean your minds who will begin to feed you because we all carry that spark. And but certainly we're going to stay in school. We're going to finish school. We're going to go to college going to university. This is what eventually leads to professions is what gives us what we need. You know in real life. So go for it. Don't be afraid to succeed. Stand as Tali as you can and be in the deepest part of yourself that what you do is good for you and good for everybody else.
Luis Valdez.
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Luis Valdez.
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