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broadcasting live from the Jack Straw studios in the heart of the University District. This is why the CMU ninety point three FM Seattle doing credible variety of live performers every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m.. I'm your host ABC name tonight. Yes a very special show band bad. Whenever you're ready. Go ahead and do that if you do that you do so well. All right. At the.
At the.
Whole Cal Bam-Bam on the live room on K CMU ninety point three have family give you an idea of what we've got coming up down the road on the big show Kilgore Trout will be in the studio. Sibyl Vane Citizens Utility for seed. Here's some tentative dates Pearl Jam Eagles Grateful Dead Meat Loaf those are all tentative for not too sure about those. Well let's just start off with the basics I mean the introductions Tommy. Hey this is Tommy and bass Paul and Clint and I'm simmered. Mike Peterson Wades tell me a little bit about where you're going to be playing around in the area so with everybody who's not a not quite happy enough with with the performance on the radio they can get out see live
next week next Friday at the crocodile were headlining the show with Reuben Kincaid and milking money of course Reuben Kincaid one of my favorite rock managers. Let's get right on with the music and we'll get more interview stuff and the middle of the show. More with Bam-Bam Forrest. Yes.
Ruth who.
You're listening to live rumah Greg Fergal production on K CMU.
We're broadcasting from Jack Straw studios in Seattle's Hugh district each week live room presented live performances of the Clinton Variety thanks to American music and the rocket American music for the studio monitors a pour in the rocket just for being the rocket I suppose. Tommy let's start off the interview segment of the program with a little bit band history I understand you've been around for more than a decade now. Goodness yes. 12 you started with a vocalist named Tina bell. Very very talented. Took it to Europe for a while. When we came back turned it into an instrumental man. Doubt I understand there's there's an interesting story about that though. You weren't exactly expecting to be an instrumental band when you got your first gig that's true. We were set to go record in Portland a dogfish Studios which is the day Tina decided to drop out due to personal reasons so we decided go down a track and then half an hour into the session somebody from Monkey was desperate for an opener for Bob. So we're
like yeah we're an instrumental band. And we pulled it off well and and it's been that way since the rest as they say is history right now. Let's go on to your all really accomplished musicians as I can see you're devastatingly talented and I'm wondering if there's any kind of professional training that was involved or if you're all self-taught We'll start with Tommy. I'm pretty much a slack self-taught talk to Paul about about some schooling. OK on bass as we go to Paul. Yeah I went to the Peterson school of refrigerator repair. And I excelled in naugahyde and recess. And then from there on it was on to nuclear technology and yeah we're very excited about the new weapon system we think it's really going to work well. Well I think the training has served you well as far as is learning the base.
What kind of were you a good student. Only when I wanted to be. I'm kind of I'm self taught and trained because I've been planned since I was about eight or nine I've been in band since I was 12 and then I went I studied privately when I was a teenager and then I went to college later on. So I kind of tried to get a little bit of both worlds that there's there's a lot of talk sometimes about bass players often being frustrated with guitar players but you do some really remarkable stuff on the bass and I'm wondering if there was ever a time when you tried to play guitar. Yeah I do. I'm actually a frustrated bass player and I always I'm always trying to get things to sound a little better than they do. It's great. Oh yeah. I think Tommy has to remind you that often it is only four strings on the bass. No I don't know I just always kind of gravitated toward it and it's just as challenging as anything else I'd want to take out. Another interesting thing lately we had a few weeks back a bass player that I think he had six strings on his bass. Have you ever considered going multiple more strings.
The only thing I've ever thought of doing is when I was when I felt like I could go past four strings I was going to get in a Chapman Stick do something like that it's you know you get four more strings and it costs about half as much so I'm going to try. Plan on that in the future I think. OK we'll move back to Mike on the drums. Tell me about your training. I just took some lessons and shit you know it started in high school doing that kind of shit and I planned to play in a jazz band stuff like that you know. And I took from Gary Williams an awesome teacher in Seattle he's amazing. Taught me so much you know and just stuff like that. Yeah. Rainier you know how to my wife and yeah stuff like that pretty much. Well were you a good student I mean a lot of lot of drummers I mean it's not easy to really carry around your instrument and play it in your spare time really. What did what did you do to get around that. Well I like have a couple drum sets man I kind of got one from my school one time and inherited
it. So I always had an extra one. I could always out my house you know practice and then one of the studio to practice with play. Otherwise you got to have more than one. It's easier. OK now as far as being an instrumental band there's probably some pros and cons to it a pro probably would be. Go ahead Tommy. Yeah good good thing about it being an instrumental band is and it is very fun to play. Now it's always a challenge in headlining rock clubs to win over the audience. I mean obviously if you if you get their attention it's through the emotional changes in the music and not necessarily front person doing tricks on stage. Although I love that we all play in different ensembles and support singers also but more than anything it's just the chance to go through different motions with just the instrument.
Now as far as song titles that's probably you've got a lot of leeway to go because you don't have any words or lyrics getting in the way of telling you what you've got to call your song. And I was wondering earlier about what why how you come about calling songs what you do and then you played the song cracker before the first little break and it seemed fairly obvious. How has that got his titles. It was fast it was fast. Little bit fast. Yeah. Well yeah true true life experiences definitely. Affect our song titles and some Yeah that's true. A lot of my writing is influenced by themes and movies. So I grew up listening to a lot of soundtracks and in a lot of times that's where the names will come from is what what we're thinking about or playing them or we're going to go right back to the music now. We're going to introduce the next song. This is rap monkey putting which is going to be our new CD coming out. Who knows when to look out for it on Casey eMusic live room. Right.
Bambam on the live room case CMU ninety point three FM AM.
In the case that you're interested in getting your own little band on our program the number to call is 5 4 7 1 5 1 0. That's Greg L. Fergal that is a toll call and he's decided not to take a collect call. I don't know what the deal is on that. Tommy I wanted to ask at the last break what you've got recording what's out there now what's coming up. Yes said well we have a cassette called pollywog. It's available in your favorite store. We have a CD coming out called Rat monkey pudding being produced right now with Roger Fisher formerly of that. That other hat had as an art of course. Now I want to talk quickly about your rock here. It's beer fridge rater. You have the beer filters thing is immense and you've got all kinds of electronic equipment and lights beeping around.
It's just the front. It's just to make us look important. It's kind of like the control boards on Star Trek it's just a bunch of beeping lights they don't do anything but I notice you do have a big old tube amp as the sole downall. Awesome amplifier that 0 0 1 in fact. Now now explain what you've got all the electronic equipment then you go to an old fashioned tube amp What's what's the reasoning behind that. Because at the center of the town is an old fashioned vintage amplifier tubes and all the other electronic digital equipment is just for different flavors different variations and it's all hooked up via MIDI musical instrument digital interface. Amazing. Mr. Science amazing but true. We've got more of that musical stuff coming your way right now it's Bam-Bam and I think we're going to have time for one more song this evening. Lee So I'll see you.
A ninety point three CM You were with Bam Bam.
We've got a whole lot of time left in the program. We had about 10 minutes. What would you like to do with it. Let's take our clothes off. Let's play let's play suites. OK I'll put my clothes back on. Our friends on the 16th said Friday. OK thank you. Friday crocodile Bam-Bam be there or. With the.
With the. With the. English. Bambam in the live room thanks so much for coming in tonight guys. It was a
moving experience. Seriously coming up down the road on the show of course Kilgore Trout civil vein Citizens Utility for and. Live room is mixed and recorded live the Jack Straw Productions a nonprofit studio facility of the Jack Straw foundation are a mix engineer this evening. The lovely and talented dog hair with assistance from Steve Dettori and Kevin Weeks special thanks to American music for studio monitors CT and the rocket. Thanks to all the volunteers make ACLU and this program possible. Live room is produced and directed by Greg Fergal productions in conjunction with Kenny CMU I'm your host a beast inviting you to join us next week when we will feature Kilgore Trout and Intel next week. See.
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