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the pen that's when i wanted to write and once i wanted there was to write once i knew that it existed then i began to try and summit began to work some of it began to be recognized by some teachers as being worthwhile and then later in college i wrote a more and some of it would come down almost like huge like a dance i caught up in my head and my hands put down in the paper and what it was like that i picture antique thing knew that it was something magic and is the potential potential everywhere in the it's world what life could be been the closest to anything of importance beyond my and what it is own life beyond my own being beyond my own people sometimes think you know sure the lightness and the time at which have created black it's lack of material goods something that slowed down it has been like i'm a position like a powerful glock of so many the time in my life i have been most aligned its a things that's not where the flag
time i treasure most any good times i have sung in a kind of do is black is in the variance the discrepancy it with people who also love poetry it was then that i between what the world of the child and the developing child and the felt most live and what new adele and the new age human being set the senate what that world a new world propose things so that i always ask a whole different myself when crew really changes there's tunes so when you say that it was writing so he says he's a democrat who which is write about continuity sega's to the public today there are two voices in my work no one is quite clear there is brown
i think maybe it is the brown girl that sang and that hasn't changed the things i valued as a child i value still but the central emotional core of my work is exactly the same but the white or the one with the name spelled with a y instead of an eye of my real name that white girl writes differently it is getting tighter it is more dependent on the idea because that person has read more or absorb more help alexi and clicks and clicks as convoluted turned back on it so it's geometric puzzles worked over and over again and a redoubled
that aspect of the work it's more intricate this more complicated it's you but from the standpoint of skill it's much better than when i wrote that in the beginning it was simpler there were simple songs you see of the two published books that exist in libraries there have been now two full length collections unpublished and two shorter collections the last thing i wrote was two christmases ago furlong from chappell quaint manuscript about the child the unborn child and the terrible tragic way in which we are defrauding him over and over again right now in our present world as we know but the bulk of my work and the
changes in my work have not been heard have not been published so that all that people have or obese since their songs a brown voice emotional rawness an important voice but all these later complexities are something that person that are largely unpublished but i guess what i'm saying is the reader yes she's changed greatly the center the question for all these years do you mean why do i continue to write poetry even though
it hasn't been published much less on cruise goes into writing poetry because poetry this is what is what is it for parties clearly pointed to him to play today i go this guy and i worked hard
at the two ports maybe it's again that in my heart of hearts hurt believe that it is the song up and i would never defraud that other part of the song from its right to insert if i can remain
alive west out there you see people of poetry is about a job or money it has been made
i can no longer talk about it ahead and poland and everything everything such a small place but it's too important and it's too important needs to admit i can't talk about it anymore i can only write it and maybe read it i can't take it maybe once i began to read again and to work again if i were ever in the work at it hasn't blown to anyone for so many years in the
sense that it's been like a long chamber the wreckage and suddenly go out someplace and talk about it and be social about it in the academic about it it's been on it's been the only place why is the peak yes it's going to pay you know to take advantage
of emotional weakness that i have him speaking of these things after so many years and make me look ridiculous or foolish when you use these words dick the places that reflects trained and used those were the crime record of ego when a woman it's not anything that could be said about me or about my life or how ive lived on any of these things it home itself is not of word a beauty nothing you can say about me or my life can make it beautiful or worthwhile or or are
there sorry i think a vowel and turn said had tried to reach out to someone and bring them back into the circle a kit was a circle i had anything to do and then only
aware when so many al qaeda you say what it is but and he'd have a place where i could talk about people like me and so now say it loud an open wound up so that
this terrible division of children can still you know doing what i do that is
big idea about what they did a distance it's about
the last eight to ten years thinking about the changes that are needed and the true heir is between what is now what people call well what people call now it's what people call this rich world in which we live this modern world this and they use all the brave new world of attitudes but the difference between the world in which we live and the way the world could be their sweat like is that that's the world i want all right how we get from here to there
to unlocking they're worried that the mets are oliver hill is just really don't know what my face so at my face then an allied schooler on his way to face new light schoolgirl in a welcome mike kelly is here wasn't that four or five years ago and i
can do it again i can go anywhere talk about the work talk about anything they want to talk about never break never cry never be emotional voice remaining saying they can be that way again just right now make it right that you can't use a lot more than just make and it is he's been in the news
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Interview with poet Marina Rivera
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Poet Marina Rivera answers questions from an interviewer about her life and work.
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