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Ier. Soon the 6 0 5 WGBH TV Boston die Nov. 1977. Bill. A. Major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding is provided by this station and by other public television stations. Oh. I see.
Hard metal I. Think.
Right now what is little that I do you know.
Who. I. Was let go. I don't want to know something about. That. Only being Elvis are about 12 feet high way about six and a half. Heard that me they weigh about. A hundred eighty six kids all together in the one I know it's not. Big They have the biggest. And they can you keep a life like that. It's a thing
themselves. Do you know why it has it's wrong. They don't know how to roll up on their back. Hit me so I can drink water. So I can pick up things. What. Do you. Think it. Was. Really. Young.
What you do. Get. That. What you. Want you. To get. Flipper just young baby just caught last year in the ocean in the Pacific Ocean but now he's about two and a half years old.
I'm just now the reason I do like it. Yeah you're very happy here. Jump in here before we did a show like a book with you would be careful the run from Dad line right. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. Right right. I don't know you that do it like that. I didn't know you the good lady. Wait wait right there and that right there didn't catch all three rings around the neck. They already let go of the first one. Well that was another one coming up right here like it too. Very good. One more. Three are right. There is a California ceiling they come from around the Santa Barbara Island. Go for it.
How much how much. Well a lot more when you get to be full grown but right now of course today he's about to implode the fish. Are you happy. All right well we'll start out here and I get paid to disappear. There's a beer at the magic a bar. Yes. I've trained seals now all my life. My father trained seals before me my grandfather drainfield before me my grandfather did do in Buffalo buffalo New York he went to the vision one day and saw the SEALs women in the book you say you'd like to have one like that so we get one as a pet put it in his backyard and that's how we have to start training seals a good time. He doesn't eat dad. OK. I heard our good a right time. You're right you're.
Right you're right. Right I want to bring back to Earth. But go ahead. One like that. They. Know that ahead right here. But I don't mind the. Airline ticket right there. All right here's one more way down here. Right there. Right there. All right. Look at it right there. We don't like that. Right wondering about. Right. OK. At first they don't know what anything is about even a ball they're afraid of a ball when it first and then you after they gradually get used to it they become accustomed to it and then you can start you
know to. Talk to someone or some other natural reaction. They had lived a life. But everything they do has to be taught. But they're just like we are some of us can do is good some of us can't you know to find out what their ability is to do things he does that people do. Did you do anything like. You know you clowns around you I think you're who you do it I don't assume. Hold it hold it right there. You make that right there. Right right there. Good i hope. Yeah yeah you're right. Landlords are OK but hey wait a minute. Now.
They are going to be a white guy you know at a Mr. white guy whatever. You're on top and do where I thought a deal a clear cut or what for a guy therefore no way are you going to get a really good gravel over it over your about your mark on your record to look very very carefully. Christy when I can drive Houston Texas and I think tank just banters Take think pickles. But I want to think pickles parenting think Pickle's parenting think that is in the pink pink purple and then take think part of the purple pink pink purple. I think.
You. Want. To. Do you see about this plank. It's fine.
If I am now the proud to be. The bride of tiny. Teeny tiny. Print. Right. It's called traveling out. And then the big. Do you can get through the night. Then you make. A teaspoon of Maine. And about the tables you like more you
like. And then you take. It in there. And then. Why not yet. And then stick to it. And stick it to you. And. Top state. You can. Do it at the store and you look cool if you make them ahead of time. And there it is. Travelling up. Now if. You're honest what are. You so. What do you do. Some people think you're good
because they can't hear. In feet of. Other people. Because. I think you're good because our children will be able to proceed. What do you think. I think this is a good like and if it is. Like song on. Some or all they've put them in such small places. That's cruel because the bigger animals. Are put in smaller places than small. And I think. When you do you ever wonder what it's like.
I would like better. Right.
Now. She knows a lot about work.
Here. Thank. You.
I have. Really to tell you about camels. First. This fetus shaped like snow shoes. And they don't sweat and they don't use the food very well. So I don't know why. Well. They see a ship like that so they don't sink down into the desert sands. And they don't sweat because they don't want to lose any water because they really need it. They swallow their food without much chewing because then later they bring it back up into it someone just like a cow tipping its head. Well why do you think you also have. To. Know can.
Carry water. Carry no water so the guy will fall off. I can. Soon as a fan it sounds. And then I could go for 30 my health care and. 500 pounds and then use that fast food. And that way they don't have to eat for a long time. And since they don't do it. They don't have to drink for a long time. I think a lot cheaper. For. Pants. Purple Panthers think pickles purple Panthers think pickles. I do. These are some of them when our lives are in danger. There's a good chance that they might become extinct endangered animals are in trouble because people we hunt because of pollution. And we build
highways in buildings where. There are only about 10000 pool of is left in the whole world. Oh I was hiking with Siberian tigers. No I wouldn't want to be 10000 Colby's. I sure wouldn't want to see them die out. Camels. Were making a book about endangered animals. If you want to know more about them celebrate that. I. Think I know. Get a game. We got this dragon. Dragon.
I am. Doing great. Where do you think we should go. Right.
3 5 0 0 0 0 2 1 3. Now. There. Was.
Major funding for has been provided by a grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding has been provided by this station and by other public television stations.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
#605 Zoom Rebroadcast Master from 2"
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