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0 5 0 3. 0 would be GBH to Boston. Oh. Major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. On and. On.
When you have a starting place it at the signal the first person he puts on the pill and then you run the next person. I have good luck. The best. Are you ready.
I used to get around. The kids. What can I do.
Be careful going too fast my dear boy the book its an all time hit a book A Time. In your heart. Keep trying and.
Like. This is a view from you that demands to be heard. Today's view comes from Missouri and here with the story Karen Karen. Thank you Chris. Lisa Tremont St. Louis Missouri has warning for all kids. She writes My mother always said skateboarding in the city is too dangerous. But I didn't think so until one day three weeks ago when I was skateboarding down the sidewalk on our block
my skateboard hit a lamppost and I went out the lamppost into the street. I broke my car broke the skateboard. So now everybody skateboard in cities don't mix skateboards are too dangerous. Back to you Chris. Thank you Karen. And that's the way it was with Lisa three weeks ago. What do you think. Right. And don't forget your self addressed stamped envelope. That was.
This is a story sent in by Rubin to Ford and then to Pella didn't send an address to future. It was 1999 when tragedy struck. The earth was crumbling. Little by little. Scientists predicted in 10 days the big that each family had a rocket in case an emergency like this to go through. As each family took off the earth crumbled more and more from the force. Everyone was safely on statues when the earth blew out. One of those colors. Now that they were all say it was about time to start rebuilding. Yeah Sachin was like Earth. You can just dream up the building and it would appear. After everyone got finished building this is what statue looks like show.
Number two change room. There were so many buildings popping up all around. There was no place to relax so the people built another statue went searching for work and one for relaxing a play. This is what the two looked like show picture number three. Thank you for that. It was about a mile between the two planets. So instead of busts the rockets going from one place to another the people were kind of glad the earth grew up because they liked Saturn much more. The people like Sachin very much. And heres some proof just which number for. You and you can bet they all lived happily ever after. You know thats good.
He is right now. Here. He. Will speak. Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship janitor a five minute mission to explore strange new trash can is to seek out new garbage dumps.
We are. The bank who didn't like my. Once upon a time there lived a pig who did it. My my. You lived on a farm near a mart. Whenever you look at Apollo what he she made that. Comment. One day the pain in his family went to the city. He looked at the building and said This is where I belong in this city. One day the pair woke up looked out the window said he was full of smoke. He started to smell you then. And we said that you sneeze. And then he decided that he liked the model better than the
city. Oh. Car C'mon 12 years old. New York City. I spin the country from our camp. I CAN'T WE HAVE A LIFE. And also the people around me.
I. Mean we shake hands. And shake hands when the person you have the feeling that we're mixing with the other person. You have to sell. Things to teach me. And I depend on myself. We've been exploring Earth and we've been looking at it.
And this time we're going to do is we're going to kind of return we're one. There we're going to put everything over Oz. You know the people have a much greater awareness of the things around them because they're missing. And that's what we want you to do you want your hearing we want you to taste one that you're really to explore like because that's what you're going to hear. It's sometimes it's fun sometimes. Do you sing this is because you are you know what happened to you. But the reason is that. You sense is. At. A. Loss.
So I care. Just to be honest. When I first came to camp. Pretty surprised because it was a different scene than in the city. The place people do things to keep up with everything that changes. Like night. And night you should be like like like right like the books and you stick into the water.
I think. Time to doubt. My friend. If people are nice they make the place right. Now.
Nature. You make water flow. You make trees grow from it. So why can't you have that. 12 plant 20 acres of land and Umbrello. Colorado by Charleston. Winters. When I want and when I tried to phone you your mom says you're practicing a play. Oh I have a bad cold. My only stay home from school.
Yes a bit of chilling New York. Why did time have a great deal to make up for a rotten summer. This is a Friday. We follow the birds and the site. The Kankakee Illinois. I had a little bit of paper so I could keep it overnight. All right.
From what. It's called Ok the world is like laughter sometimes like a seagull. Our time in the world is there. Together. I.
Am. I am. I think. That. The. Major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Additional support is provided by
ZOOM, Series I
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