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Me meaning me.
This program is funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation down with restaurants run by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The. Man has a game called Doctor Doctor. One person was called the doctor so he can't see the other people all the rest of the players by joining hands. Then like by going over or under each other's arms until everybody twisted around. But the main thing is that nobody's allowed to drive to the circle around anybody. I think that's good right. Oh I think.
Yeah. Yeah yeah. I know it might. Be good. I see. You know you gotta go. I see. I think how we.
Can't. Forget that. I know Michael. I know that. You can you do it. All right. We got. It. Can this be the man. You want to see.
You. How do you. Know. What. Did I hear someone mention. That. Someone mentions. A. Player someone. I know someone.
You did. You. I let. The clerk. Oh oh oh oh oh oh. Service. Frank. Bad luck. Help to set things straight. But.
Not by. Me. Watch this. That's not. Anything. Maybe next time. Do you want. I just. Might. That. I. Know you. Want to know. Now. My get. Did you say to me. I work. Yes. Do you.
Think that everything's white. Oh. Me. Well. That's it. Can I get it all right. That's what I call good. Luck. But. I. Will never return to this woman. Tonight's performance be a success and for our sakes will the professor ever teach you some manners next episode. And you probably won't. Find out. If you want to help us right. We'll send you a card that tells you how to do it. All you need to do is write to Boston Mass 0 2 1 before but remember to include a safety that's a self
addressed stamped on. I'm Renee Burke and I live in strong through Nebraska. I've lived on the farm all my life. And I knew. My book that I was in Japan. And it's. Very much. To live on a song you have to work very hard and you have different job years later once or twice or even three times a day. When it's been really hot it's not too good of a day to day but it would be
cool but not too cold. To get. Around. Today. Even hundred thirty read a latte for breakfast dinner supper midnight snack. I have never read anything story eggs right when you know what they look like. Is kind of a special summer for me because Im a girl is here I have something to do all summer while she's here with a family that I just I do it all by myself. George. In Polk County it's been really dry and hot this year that they've called Polk County disaster area because there's a big drought going on. Most people around here use irrigation. From. Their. Crops from burning my father's irrigation comes from that well underneath the ground irrigates a hundred and sixty.
Acres from just one well. Once we get the pipes set down. We turn on the gates so that every row. Will be able to get water. And the water is going 24 hours a day this summer since there's such a big drought. I hope that we'll be able to save three fourths of the crop. Because we live on fire I think. The family life. Closer. Yet. And if they. Did. Dad would have to go and. Work someplace and I think I'd really miss it. How many will we need. Heard. Somewhere. Here's my. Dad Byron. You and me so well need God. We didn't get enough. Why does this this is all burn up. Most Oh my God this cop is feed corn for pigs and
cattle. But we have a 16 rows of people corn that is sweet corn. This is just for people it's not for animals. So when you have to put your finger in it. Stuff squirts out. It's easy for me to go to understand them a bit it's hard for her to talk to somebody because you don't know the words. Do you have any animals on your farm in Japan. Oh yeah. Or you know dogs yes. What is your dog's name. I don't know. And one way or the another we understand each other I think it's time for me go to eat.
It was places which betrayed us history with history. We see these things and she says it's nice to have a maid go around because if I get a sister and a friend also and she's living with me instead of just saying what you think of your life do you like best. I'm just yellow. You sure. Yes. Dancing tonight. The room where dance dresses on you so that daddy can teach you how to square dance.
Whoa. Maybe in a few years or do you go back and see how many go. At her own home in Japan.
To be here. Well you know. Sometimes I don't. We walked out on the porch right across the street you know she likes a street bunch of things. She thinks she barks have it. The porch and she was looking around saw the kids playing around. So I walked her down the steps. She was everything I
command you know. So we were at the bottom of the steps. I kill kids. And then she gets really jumpy. You know we got big driveway runs down the driveway so fast. In Florida everything is great. Yeah I don't know what happened she just looked like there. Slow down but then she speeded up again and then up a ridge like our driveway. Right. So the car was coming by about 45 miles an hour to see the car in the car to join us today. I got a rock star walk in the running and she just fell. She just fell so I called our friend that was in the house and we put her in the car drove her to a vet. You know the doctor wasn't there. I ran across the street to my mother's
shop and told her she get nervous as much as I do because I was really close to her. She was a nice pet she was a Doberman now and she a friend that was working there with her she shot her friend. He showed her friend place. Treat her when she died. Well you just. It's not say our friends or listen to your problems like losing a pet. I bet you have problems that other people might be interested in. Did you feel bad when you moved to another neighborhood. Let us know so there can come from you.
This time of night. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right right.
And. That's what I did. My name is Chris. A special program this village. Is in town in the 18th century.
On the program I do the kids in the 18th century might have done. This. Five thousand people here today. It's amazing. John tells him to do something. You know gets in the know we're going to we're going to do that or you take it off that pile where we would clean out the barn put it there. But you can't put a green menorah like that on
a field or a pastor. You put it on real heavy and it will kill the grass. Still we do as we pile it and we let it rot for about a year. And then it's crumbly and dark and you can spread it and it'll fertilize the pasture and I think I will kill it smother the grass as somebody edges away. You can't miss that. Hundreds of men had to know how to work on the farm in. Making. Now it. Takes hours to make a mallet to make its head in.
The right of the. Market. All. Right. I liked him. Can you chop. I work with the laser is a machine that runs by a footballer. You put a piece of wood into it and then you shape it what you want the shape you want it to be much more. It was fun to work with the leaves because you chipped off the wooden and I like the sound of the leaves mixed with metals rubbing up against the wood. Today we're having a lunch called a new meaning. I like to cook over the fire rather than over the stove like cooking over you
have to use your own sense of time because you don't have a time of the stone. You really have to just use your own judgment. Right. Right. Game would have done back in the hundreds well look to work here to do more with my hands and with my power.
You know I can always go back to the 20th century again. Yes. Do you know what. Round Green is covered with. Nothing.
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