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Presentation to zoom is made possible in part by General Foods corporation. Me. Anything. David. This program is funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation Donald's restaurants
and by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Which. You do not know you. You would need a piece of paper a pin a washable tape in your typing paper to you and try to write your name or the one with the nice writing is when you think. You.
Know. It's mines OK BUT IT'S OK. Yes. Hello. Let's. See you got me. You're. Welcome. What's wrong with you.
I've been reading have to delay. Hold on. It'll come down. Are you sure that it will come down. Well it can go sideways very funny you know. I just don't understand how the elevator gets stuck in the dirt. Floor. Was there. Nobody lives here somebody says stop there I think you're right. So what can you do take the stairs. I mean about fixing the elevator. That's one dumb cop it's his job. Thank you professor. What. Are you. Doing. I'm looking for my dog. How do you expect to find a flashlight. Professor if you've lost your invisible dog why don't you just put a note in the paper. There's no point that my dog can't read. Why do you think you're going to fix a yell of the rootstock again. Yes it is isn't it. I guess it is an IT professional. You Please fix. I would like to go up to my room.
Take the stairs. They aren't very funny. Everybody said to come meet me today. I'll fix it I'll fix it. By the way has anybody seen the story I have to tell him something was. I forgot. Oh what could be wrong. Stuck on the third. Floor. I don't know if they're. Brilliant. Do. You think so. Perhaps. Well anyhow. This could take. Place review. X taken years already. Looky. Loo. Sure you are right. I think. You get. That. Song. Down to the first floor of. The. Body. You're. Right.
What. Do you want that. I think. Sure thing. Will you be sure you get a first drink I remember that. What do you know of it. Because it's. Good. News nice people do the lying on the floor.
Find out just the next episode. If you want to do it. Again. I'm. Not. Then. I remembered to include a safety that's a sop address stamped on below. If you come home one day after school and your parents aren't home and there's nothing in the house to eat but hard boiled eggs why you have hard boiled eggs with salt. Have them deviled eggs. Now I'll show you how to make deviled eggs. First you take a hard boiled egg and you cut it in half like this. So then when you have them in half like that you put them in the bowl.
With the fork. You scoop it and try to get as much as you can. Still you go then you set the words to the side. Then you have the yokes in motion. So there are big hunks because it's hard to mix it up with three comics. So you get them into little tiny pieces so it looks like this. Then. Oh you take lunch and you get a scoop. That's about it. And. Then you take Emily and just a little more less than the many days you take of mustard and you put it in. Because too much must taste good. Then you mix it up in the bowl. I think it's just turns nice and
creamy they want to have that done. It's such a fork to the side. Then you take another spoon in get a scoop of this the bear and put it back into the egg. Like that. You do the same thing. There get them when they have their turn for a little seasoning. Just taste if you like pepper you can put it on and it's really good. You put it on. You can put all of Senator or partially flakes or so reflex. Then. There you have it. Deviled eggs. That's pretty good was out of two ears. But it's criminal not sure.
How long I'll hold the top just tickling died. I don't know who might. Oh. Oh. Oh. It's always been a fighter ever since she was three years old. One day this man come to the house and my husband from Chase and his son all the way home from school. We play football together we played baseball together we did everything to get my brother boxed all his friends so soon. I want to box him. So. Here. You go.
When I saw Lisa gun walking and I knew right off that I had a champion in the making. That's good. What's one of those when you. Want to Love. I started boxing about a year ago as a coach and he's there will tell you everything I know you love and come back but you're right. I'm sure that's going to draw through combinations like that. Inside inside. That's good good good. Oh good. That's a. Good. Good you can offer your books into the body. That's good yeah. Good advice. Get him. To become a good boxer. You gotta go to the gym every day without Go put off you have to go to bed and you have to really work all. Three.
Days. People I don't know how much there really is a box and I just think it's a lot of heat and they draw on your body when you don't win by hurting somebody. He will buy you good technique and that's why I work as hard as that because if I ever get a fight I want to go to to win. Not to hurt somebody. Do you feel like your movements are coming naturally to you no point in you getting on this story and you've got to exercise a little bit more about a tournament would you be game to go into to go into competition a fight against another girl in the tournament. They get to. Confide
but fight because they want to chant. They get to live in boxing. Presentation the first the lady and myself the coach. Thank you very much. Thousand. Thanks. To our thousand thousand thousand. One thousand hate when. Its all become a famous boxer.
I feel happy. That we have got the only longed for. On. Was. Was. Was am. I willing to put mobile. I will. Be checking. Wasn't. What's going to cause I think I don't know what deep to go oh my oh my. Kids. That have moments when they are writing to me except John. John E.. Yes John. Was sure I was. What's wrong with me. That's wrong with me. I mean yeah. I mean look at my socks. My socks he's socks my socks I mean your socks. Why John do you have. That saw. And one girl. One woman
one red. And one. Real. Want to blow my nose red. I mean ones will and ones read. That's funny. What's funny what's funny. I was. I never planned just like them I thought. Oh no you are leaving out that money can't you. Yeah it takes a long time just to do something like a five minute thing might take half an hour because there's one mistake. You gotta try to do it again and try and make it come out right. It's hard sometimes it isn't the kids fault sometimes it's true. Directors like Keith. Smart directors sometimes he doesn't get the cameras in the right and. We have to do over four measures are to do it again. Yes and that's our fault he says like
so many called our fault. But that's not us. He's nothing it's our fault but it's the fault. You know sometimes an airplane goes by. Said Mrs. Somebody goes a camera like nothing like the people inside fall for like sometimes we get to learn a lot. We don't get blamed. But they are pretty nice and I know how Keith must be you know. He sent all these kids pretty good right. So. And you know what. And with it. The whole ceiling. Half went bowling lights and it's. Then it's beaming down on our eyes you know now packing everything away as. Well. Half of us went in everything we're trying to get. You know you have all we wish they would turn down a light. Like it isn't doing zoom isn't just you know doing the hard stuff isn't just for the kids. LAWRENCE But I'm you know people in the control booth like it too because I was doing that back type thing remember and I fell out of the door. So as I fell I heard everybody in the control room laughing.
Oh I know you were trying to meet not only you're trying to make each other laugh and I was making fun of me goldfish faces. Everyone was cracking up. You know and that is anything was funny so. I guess I'm a group. Yelling. Like sometimes like in like some of the cameraman are really nice and sometimes they can help you would not help you with your lines but you know sometimes they cheer you up with a good word or something like. Do you have a subject that you feel would be good rap. If you do send your suggestion to some box 3 5 0 fast in mass 0 2 1 3 4. I thought you were at the shoe store there bright sunny day. You once were white but now you agree. You made me happy. I sing a song no less. Your train is gone. Do not fear my love I'll not refuse I'll always care for you. My tennis shoes. Thank you for my treat today. I'm going to produce an
egg out of my hat. Yeah. Yes I can. Now we have an ordinary black handkerchief and we place it right now. Hocus Pocus sing and beg. Into my hat. Well roll on it. Let's do the. Magic. Oh. My name is Michael to. Undo a lot of rafting and kayaking on the shore to the river in northeast Georgia. I really enjoy a raft in kayaking as a sport but I also do it because of the
business my father runs. He runs a resting operational machine too. Greg you want to roll up that spare after only going to need to Deliverance was shot only into the river. We do most of our I think I do. My father's rafting company started during this movie. We bought a raft and the people who were filming the movie. The two rivers located between Georgia and South Carolina forms the boundary between the states. Almost every single person I've talked to who's run this river says it's one of the better ones they've ever run. OK. I get your helmets on let's get in. My role in the family ratting business is to be the experienced person with the groups going down.
Most of the people who go down the river with us are RAF troops know pretty well what they're getting into. A lot of them been down before and others have talked to people who. Have been going down to the for about four years now. I feel like I know it really will. Still every once in a while it does surprise you. Comes up with something that wasn't there before like a fallen tree or a rock that's moved. My father was one of the first people to get a. Border. And. There was no one really to help teach us. After he got started he told me everything you learned. And then we worked together a lot. And both of us learned
together. Him. Come. One of the better things about me is that you're by yourself and if anything goes wrong with your phone whenever
you something right it's also because of you. Only. We've taken root out the time so go through rapid first in the set up at the bottom to get near them I haven't for one of their over a war with Iraq. Don't yell and scream everything just til way there's a rock. One person will probably set up with a line a rope that can be thrown to anyone who might happen to fall out of a round. Only. When we come to one of these harder Rafa's time it is kind of scary at first. And when you come out the bottom. It's like you're beating something but you can't really be
that. But it's like you've really done something right. Now. That we.
Know where. Good.
Thing. It's coming. Right down
and down. Alan Then something. New true. And I'm going to state a moment 470 times in two minutes and I'm going to set a new record I think up to number guitar something to get. What I want to show my special best manager in the world. I'm going to sing a nice romantic one. I've got it. I'll crack a See thing is a story I watched on the mall when I jast to the phone booth and change. What shirt. My gal is. Letting people know who I am yet. None of my friends it's a believe. Damn icon. I.
Mean. Are you. Yellow they get. Ousted. This program was funded by grants from the corporation and going to restaurants going public television school before going to a separation for Public Broadcasting. Presentation. Zoom was made possible in part by granting General Foods corporation. A.
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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