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I assume by Don W. J The t he bought stuff in. Mass. Major funding for a zoo is provided by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. And. That might. Have made. That.
So let's do. This Now.
I'd like some words. Most certainly. What kind do you have. I don't have one. I want to grow one. Man this is an elimination game. There are four words you can use to pass the chart. You can cast the turn to anyone you want by looking at that person and saying the past the present you're right. You say no pass it to the person on your left. You say he said that the person who said you say Schwartz but the only time you have to look at the person you're sending it to is when you say you are. Reading. Why do you.
Think the government should want. Zoom. You. Can always rely. Are you sure. You meant. Do you think. Why. Don't. You. Be a man. What. Oh yeah. Yeah. So I started anyway. You know.
Yeah. You're at. Work.
Try to find ways to grow your food without wasting a little oil and all the retro resources we have. Putting something on the ground. Keep out the weeds and the keepin the moisture. Since we're so close to the ocean moved out of that we should use the wood and the working really well for us. Three main things we're concerned about is. Energy and shelters. Triangle so the reason why is because the sun get in from the direction. That the triangle's strongest electrical shape. Things that were experimenting with this fish. People think that you can get fish to go take your rod and go fish in the stream. Like Going to the ocean.
People don't really realize that you can also grow fish. If you can get babies and put them in a pond and I'm growing tall they get real big and we have called Tubes and we set them up and they'll get warmed up by the sun and we have fish going out there in the back because if you do it quickly they'll be there. And they're. Going to take someone with them in the. Room. OK that should be enough one for one. Hour they'll be ready. Something like I'm. So completely. Divided and just sort of so that we could have some experience
with our gardens that are just like gardens. Like that's Rob's garden. My garden and and it's like everything is just fun to give us the garden. Our sources are going to be trending in the future. People are probably going to have to have their own gardens. So that's really why we're working on it so hard. Because of the garden growing stuff. But it's experiments and so what you can stuff out of. Like with fish. You can't really pick anything from the garden or unless you weigh and measure it that will know how much we've got.
To. It was like a hundred years ago. I. Think that's weird. Just the energy. Just weird because I
got an idea for turns out to be good writing about it. You're about to find out how to clean up your environment. Presume a call to zoom straight for the mouse. For. Me I. Was once a strangely ant colony. There was a sea all around this but the strange thing about it was that there were no fish in the water. This made. Quite. Funny. However. In the town were very proud people who didn't care about this
in which they lived. This was with everyone all except a professor named salt. I want to build a machine that will be able to produce fish to fill the empty sea and so he did. Do you salt built the machine that was able to produce fish. He named it the incredible fish machine. It was named this because it could produce fish of many sizes colors and shapes. It was the greatest invention that anybody ever built. The people all proud salt. Right. But the machine could only be run by the professor because
by anyone else it would produce too many and it could be damage. Mine's past it's time to take the sea is full of them. And so with the pet shops and food stores professes not to take my window and. All of us. Exploded fish flying from side to side. My grid. Yeah the music was. Called to his level. Even he could never work again. The whole town outside of it.
But he didn't feel bad because I did feel the sea with the fish. I didn't quite unusual fish. He also told the people a good thing can't wait forever. I like a nice cold please. Yes I do like the whole way. I'm fine. Here's a real Hello. I watch your show all the time. The name is the marble cross. First you put a six foot in front of you spin around and put a spoon in your mouth by the handle. Now try to walk straight. Sincerely yours
and me. You got me in my hands. You know you know you want to stop. There it is. I. Threw it out. OK. Yeah. Yeah. Right right. OK. Don't try to make him laugh. You have to also slow down. You
can. You have to but you're right I'm wondering if one is. My. Girl when I speak. But you know who you are. Because my time is running an honest that's been your time. Oh yeah he's on it. Oh man. Welcome to News and Weather. Today's story comes from Samantha Allison of Ames Iowa. She writes Dear. Last year my family had to move from the city to the country. My dad got transferred from his job. It was hard to move to a different place. The people talk differently here too so everybody makes fun of
me at school. I like our new house and the new space to play in. But I still miss my friends and all the things we did in the city which. Think is best the city or the country. Samantha I talked with all the others rumors about that very question. I lived in the city New York City when I was real when I was growing up. But on the country for years you know I was well used to when I came and lived in Cambridge and you know it's hard to imagine just going to the country you know you feel like getting friends in the country because the country people talk different from in this city and like they say time to time it is time to. Just use class. We went on a trip to a place called Elba not
Scots like you. It's likely that camp but different right. So when we when we came back here for a while it was just I started sneezing. Oh you get a lot and I am I what I used to worry and and I am I was unused to. I wasn't used to the squirrels when you could hear the pitter patter on the top of the roof. I love to be in the country and you know see I don't think God have a different you know because over there you get up in the morning you know units for more for more things to explore. You know I want people like me like as Mason City says because to change the country you know it's if you move from the city to the country you're going to find good things in his place and if something bad happened the country writes in You say oh I wish I was back in the city but you know you blame it on different things but it's really really I mean Israelis will live with it.
And now the weather today is whether you would like to live in the city or country. The country because it's quieter and I'm used to living there. And I love nature. I guess I'm more of a city person. I don't know I like to be close to like where a lot of things going on and you have a choice so what you want to do in the country is FRESH AIR. Well the country because it's well quiet sometimes the city and because like I since I live in New York I miss the street noises and stuff. I guess there are some times the city because there's a lot going on sometimes the country kids. It's more a place to roam around. That's today's views and weather wherever you live. Send your letters to walks 3 5 all Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. And don't forget your stop addressed stamped envelope.
Thank you. Right the Humane Society and he taught me a lot. If it was.
For sale she was probably about to. Play. This. Past summer. Kind of a caretaker for. Us. We give it a shot. Temper is a contagious disease for cats and dogs. I. Just know.
Just one. Of the kids there make up her mind for a. Time. When kids showed her how to be patient with this puppy. Because you see. Sometimes animals and people. And the fact I get. Passed through high school so long time I know I can make.
Because I want to be a. Champ. Yet. You. Are for. Her cool. What.
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