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Santoshi. Right. I'm. Tracy. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. This program is funded by grants from the donors book raise funds restaurants Fund and by public television station with the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by. The. Court.
Thank you. Can we please have the first prisoner. Let. You. Peanuts off the bridge saw the bridge. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury as the prisoner's defense attorney which one with throwing peanuts over the place for. The jury please the verdict guilty or not guilty. Reasonable. To me. OK. I don't mean it's tough to break. All right ladies and gentlemen of the jury why don't I ask you what's wrong with someone over there. How. Do. You what's wrong with want people over the bridge and they tell you we have peanuts on the
page. Rage. Over the bridge. It's. The big bad blood bags the big bag the big brown bear but the big black bag the big big brown bear pit the big black bun. But big brown bear but the big black bag. Remember we don't remember the big break with me but it is Big Brown Bobby Brown big big round with me. OK. Engine engine number nine. Yes. Just a draft. You get your money back. Engine engine number nine yes the engine jumps the track you get your money back. Say my name is from him.
My name is cheekier burger. There's an auction she started two years ago are practicing. She knew before gosh. OK. Well On. I'm going to up here where the tipper mean there's a lot of farms in here more you have the option to force a firm machine auction machine auction is an auction or Firmage can bring a used in new equipment and for other buyers and sell it. What do you go by tomorrow. Or forward for the auction at 9. You started that side of adulthood here with my wife. All right folks you get a puppy for legs and a tail. Well give me five or six point zero hundred forty four gappy either 4 5 5 5. 3 10. What number two through pressure.
Richard. 10 feet. The day before the next one. Tomorrow is the auction house. And all has to be done right. This has been a real big massive if we didn't have at least 40 50 pieces he just got some explores more people kind of thing messy here. OK. And when you're selling what are you going to be talking about this morning. Well the point I was on PTO good film most missed most of the most. Ferguson good looking. What do you think we can get up to $300 for this. OK. I don't know which one he was selling it. What would you call for an opening bid on up. To 300. What would you do from their brother if you
can get three and a drop down to her. OK then take the 5 1. 4 4 4 4. Or 5 4 5. I. Don't know anything at all. Yes you do. I'm so happy. I'm ago. I was coming from all over to bring their equipment first are they getting all kinds of things. Everything is fine. Thirty five thirty five or thirty dollars. Thirty five. Thirty dollars over there. Number two. In 92 was arrested only when he got to work today. OK here we go. If I would had
all been arrested for what he would try to 300 all 300 out. I don't know what to think of me too. What do you want it all right for the remainder What is the catch have been no go from the British authorities a lot of other countries there are three auctions pretty fast keep moving all the time for three to four hundred thirty three half and you're auctioneering get to keep talking the whole time because he keeps the crowd interesting and it keeps a beer while he just sat there and in saying anything he might just think he's bought it in that song too. So you have to keep going so he'll know what's going on and everybody else will well what about a. Former head of a quarter. Five hundred. What about 5 1 0 1 7 5 5 0 0.
0. My favorite part of the whole thing is actually standing up there actually really feel proud. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. First of all saying I used to be just a little shy about the death toll that says nothing be scared of anyway. Not real mean that you are real mad at you for it you don't mean there's nothing to be shy about. That. Finally after last night Shyamalan now we just
we can auction off anything. Not at all. So the began the Big Bad blood. Now the big round by the big black brown bear bit by bit the big bear the big big big big big. Book no. But what do you say. And also been going on. Well deal on you could skip it. Oh I just can't wait to the Browns come the last time I saw them was in 1950. It must be. I forgot my key so I notice but I forgot to tell you that the Browns are coming tonight. You said all right. But I promise I go
tonight. We'll have to call them and tell them you can't. Yes I guess. Hello. Yes yes I understand. OK goodbye. Well he couldn't go many ways but he had a meeting scheduled for tonight. I have to go to him. Well I'll just have to call the Browns. Decide to say OK goodbye. Party Zaw I couldn't. Do. It. Hello. Hello. This is Miss tapioca. Terry. Yes. He's off. To. A great quote from.
Chris. Jones again. The party is on the. Brink of. Tapioca. SECRETARY Yes. I mean he's on. Me again. Well I'm going to Florida. Make yourselves at home. I. Can't stand on. My. Special. Was right. Sanjay. Now. The. Way. It does. OH MY. GOD. Thank.
You. I'll read you back now. Why don't you say my. Name and address. Hi hi. Hi. Hi hi. I know that peaceful dinner. Tell me and my sister we're friends but now the decision is. To decide because my sister wanting to die she says it's my turn I say to her. Actually there's no way to be sure. I cried. And. She was lying but
didn't show it. But. My mother quite against my wishes. What you want us to do the dishes. I said it was sort of a soft. Crummy job. And. I was so upset from my chin. My sister. And. I. Would just say that Scott came in the courtroom All right. Yes. Yes. I quit. When. We took the wife and I train. Here's a letter sent in by Bill Richie. I want to be a
zoom guest. I work at a gas station in Topsfield Massachusetts with my father. We meet lots of nice people and it's really fun. Chicken oil and giving people gas. OK. Here's your chance. What. A Kardashian. What.
You. Want. JOHNSON BROTHER Can I just. Put it. On the back. Let's go on with this. I. Don't. Want to take it out. I don't know what to do. I don't know I forgot. To. Put it on the desk would. You. Want it filled up right. Now. All right. Go away and check out those restrooms. Any day. By ADX. Where it you ready.
That's all we got. Not much. All right. All right give me a chair. What do you. Do. To. You. Wow. All. Right.
All right. Now coming. Up what come my way now not all the world was. Down here. You couldn't get. Anyone. Older. So that's how you hear that. All right so. Long. As. They all. Want. Money. Way. Way Down. Oh.
Yeah. My dad it was stolen. By. Somebody so still get to that. So. The third way. We. Start out tonight to get this up tonight.
The. Other day. Have you heard about the Boy Scout who did so many good turns he got dizzy. You're causing trouble all the Puerto Ricans to try I guess not me so I guess it all started because we're all different but just because we're all different doesn't mean we have to like each other like stupid. If I went up to you and I said I hate you i hate you we hate you we hate you i hate you it's stupid. Same difference. We are the same in God's way. But you know like well we know we wouldn't have any experience of any other color. I think that the Blache is saying it's a black and white issue white portrayed him to say. Or you can do so and so forth. And you can say why would you see the same
my baseline get instead. No it's not. Most of the try you can try you know like why can't I. I never. I've never had a friend a black friend when I can't find my black friends. Same with government. I've never had. One. I mean I think black white Puerto Rican should be mixed because I. Want go to war is hatred and everything is going to show how they can get together with me. I don't like the idea of getting better. You know I want them to get. I want us to get up if we can fight trying to know who we're just going to make it peacefully. I know it's ridiculous. I mean they're all the same color is just wrong. They're all the same inside just different color. It's where I used to live I used to think you know everybody.
Well some kids probably kids because of course it's not true because other whites across the street you know I walk to school high school in Boston. How would you like to be boss from all this. You don't always get the watch when you hit a ball through the window in. A room with a bunch of nothing. You have a lot of strong views and you have yet to see the fight to me. I have to just sometimes I kind of go to treat people like people like last year. No one got like no would really want to go to school. Kids up the south of where I live the high school. No one goes to school but now they want to go back and that's the only reason I want to go back is to fight stupid with all the going on or what they have to bring up but just to.
Show you. I. Do.
You. Say do. You. See. Me. I. Guess. I. See
for my trip today. We have our knowledgeable volunteer change Andre. Andre. No no no you know Max right. That's good. Now we take this ball and we. We take this one. Those are all nice and tight. Right. Now. When I have one ball. All right well open your. Wandrei and knowledgeable. So do I wanna talk. Yeah. We have two balls right. But take this one take this one opening here. I saw those two balls in your hand nice and tight. Thank you. Now you have two balls right. Yes. How many. So. Right. Very good. Yes. Can you tell me what great event took place in 0 9.
Yes. Now can you tell me what happened in 1912 10 11 12. Sure. I. I.
I. This program was funded by grants from donors Corp. Donald's restaurants and by public television stations the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public
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