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Major funding for Zoom is provided by a grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding is provided by this station and by other public television stations and by the Bureau of Education for the handicapped. By the.
Time. That. We. Have from Heather Keating should Park Alberta Canada. It's called Have You can take you right him
spread it apart and put it on the top you head to the horizontal position then have somebody try to lift your hand on the head. And then what doing that keep lifting your elbows. And if you do it right you were a great relay race. The first person on each team puts a rubber band around these two big toes like this. They run the race. They pass from the rubber band to the next person on the team without using their hands. If the rubber band falls off pick it up put it back on keep going. You ready. OK. Go. Go.
Go. Go. Good things come in all shapes sizes taste and smell. We want the rest to be happy.
Good. Know. I know why. We received a letter sharing of Dayton Ohio. This is what it said. Do you have a recipe for Zoom's it's close ended in Dayton Ohio. We have an energy with this recipe you do not need to make. All you need is to try this system. Boy is it here. I hope you like it too. First thing you do is come up two packages of crackers for their seed. They had two scoops of peanut butter to put too much to get rich people and you are one cup of sugar.
Then you have orange juice you can use either orange juice or turtle. We're using orange to judge from them. You mix it with it has to do with mud and water because you so then you roll it up. It's a Small World. You put sugar in your wallet and your powdered sugar
and that is an energy cookie if you like you can see instructions on how to make energy because he's right. But 3 5 0 0 2 1 3 4. And don't forget it's easy to just put it. On. Our ideal John. We know what we want to lose weight on that island. So we look at them
all around what we can buy the trees are going to work on the big one. How can they go. Oh yes. Could you go that way. OK. Got you. We're going to be coming. Hi hi hi
hi hi hi hi. You wouldn't want to give up on that. Jennifer Ereli anything Gilbert from deck in the way of getting rid of one thing you have to do is pretend you're on a desert island all alone. You know the main thing you don't want to be and three things you wouldn't want to bring I would bring up a
pen or something and get me company and I'd bring a scene. I mean I think radio is everything. I know what I need for that. I wouldn't want any insects to be you know. You don't know. Yeah. And I wouldn't bring it down to the prices here. I would bring a good long run to keep it just in case I have to deal with it. Oh wait. I don't want to get in trouble. You know. That was the worst thing I don't want I
don't want the pain. You know I would I want to bring it plain view and take off. Please do be good to get on an island have a radio cloud submarine. My. Friends some. Girl. And a boat can't let go. This is a barrel we learned from the Children's Museum of Boston. What you do is take an index card and put it on your forehead. Now write the numbers 1 to 5 on the card.
You. And she. Goes right. So I give her the pill. To me this is the point right.
I get it. Yes. I got this one right. You look right up there and get. When I see one. It was a long time poor fool came to. Came to his hospital. 14 now and we've been told. Now that I'm in junior high they call my reading disability. I mean you. Know. I don't hide
my feet from you but. I don't go around telling you what he says. It doesn't mean anything is just. Something that holds you back. Just be cool. Be cool. Stuff. Sometimes when I'm reading these things get screwed up somewhere between my eyes and my brain. Went out to get it. OK paragraph ramble you changed a little word. I want to go back to here. It was very good. Just mistakes. I am a poor substitute is taking the word. Put another one in something that's going to change the meaning of the sentence. Just choose. Which few questions you start reading something you can't read it anymore because he wants to put words in the midst of it doesn't make any more sense. Just to.
Work. Through the thing. People learn differently. It isn't like putting a book in front of the song on TV. But they learn something different. Now what do you do if you don't want the dog getting a bottle of wine while discovering the boy. Why do you go like that. Why do you use that funnel cloud. I use this look to see how some of it is not just that right now if you're
down for then you don't use any. I feel like you have one hand on the ladder. One way down. Learning Disability runs in my family as I have three brothers and one sister and two of them have been with us. All and like nothing. My father knows would like to me his I guess he wants the same thing himself when he was in school. To be called upon to stand up and to be able to read in front of 30 40 kids. You know one side that you just did not have this ability and you just cannot read it is just no way this was enough to make you want to pack your book and pencil and walk out and quit school day by the windows.
I was like Could you hold off on for everyone to do just anything. He's having mostly. He works as a teacher and as a. We're going to have to get one on another channel. She was breaking up a little bit for a minute or. Am I talking hours. I wasn't afraid to say thanks to come back come back again if I ever tell you because they are great. Let's see if we can compare the sound. Of miracle crime scene with you don't kids. You know the only reason the reading I did was to eat and stimulate could. Communicate. With people who didn't
watch the beginning. The one thing you would get no reason to try and figure out what each student can do and can't do the whole thing together. Reputed great too to a kid a little boy in elementary school. His name's Tommy and he has a reading problem just like mine. And I like helping him. I know me making him feel better every time I go there and soon he's going to be back up to where we should be. You want to avoid things that I had to do. Snowless sure looks grace. All right. Just look around. You read if you we're like you're not going to get through life without being able to read. So get help now if you can.
So. Confidence yourself. No one can do. It would help you out a lot if you think you can do it. And since you don't do my kids do that there is some work to do. This is a stalking racket and I'm going to show you how you make money. All you need is a coat hanger some tape all my stocking or yours. Take the coat hanger
like so. Bend it Like a diamond shape and pack. It over the hanger on both sides. Right. You got excess fat there. And then the hook. SS Rapido so be you handle. OK. So you got have you got it
right. Yeah right. You. In years. Did you ever feel like you have to be home for some reason. I have. And I wrote a poem. Oh I want to fly away. Oh I want to get away from the world. So I just have to get away from it all. You know there's a
big difference between what you think when you're lonely. You're not occupied you're not doing anything you know. But when you're alone you can you can be thinking about all you can your mind will be somewhere else even when it just doesn't wash dishes Bibi-Ri doesn't matter what you're doing. You would really be lonely if you were a hundred people you can be you know only you're lonely because you were just like you won't go out maybe like there's a big party people doing sitting you know you really you don't know in person.
You need to be warm. It's. For me it's when I just think it is totally different. You might be in a lot of confusion just all the time that I feel like I should be alone and I want to be alone. Sometimes when I get really mad I want to be around other people I know and make it my. And then after a while from Rome I get lonely. I stop thinking about what I know what I was being lonely for like a lonely you can play myself but it was just you know just and you know a big difference from
your whole life depends on how you feel about what you do. You have to be lonely you feel lonely you know we both know you want to get to the most sadness happiness because you know that's true. Part of it but you know what. Oh nothing nothing for me. I got me going. I got no love no way to be
the things that I park my God oh my god my mind down. No diamond. No thank. God no mention. No. I'm happy with the morning and the night. Guys like me
just no thanks. Bye bye. Bye bye. Bye. Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay I'm right back. Hi
hi hi hi. Hi. Hi hi hi hi hi. I made your funding for Zoom and been
provided by grants from General Foods corporation. Additional funding has been provided by this station and by other public television stations and by the Bureau of Education for the handicapped. In
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