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A. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods cooperation. By public television stations. And by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Soon. Soon. At the.
End and. I. Think. That. Was it. Nothing. That. Says. Anything. At.
All. They only want to see me spell zoom with my hands. Sure why not. Oh oh oh oh. I am right. I. Here's a game sent in by Kelly McCarthy of Manchester New Hampshire. See if you can figure out the rules as we play the minister's cat. This cat is an amazing. I just want to get
a.. Ministers are awful. Yes and the ministers cat is an animal. And I live on hearsay. Oh I know I said that's OK. I know you know I just I guess that is begins with me. I. Like the. Character. Like they are ready. For. Knowledge just. Concrete. Goals.
No no I was wrong. This cat is a discontent I think is that right now.
The way it was it. Was. Too much. I. Know. Lots of kids wrote in ideas on how to make hand puppets and I'm going to show you one way to make them. All you need is some young some tape and a couple of magic markers. For a shoot and I'm going to draw the lips. I like my guy. Now the eyes. Now the eyebrows.
Now I need for some here some yarn and some tape. And you just stick that on. And that's all you have to do. You can make it laugh and you can make funny faces with. See you can make it happy. Say that again you do that. I. Tried it at home. Right you know you're a girl. Right. Dear zoom I have a sister Beth who has been writing Morgan horses since she was about five years old. CHENEY You know those. Morgans which came from New England are the first American breed of horses to the white. House staff I think would make a great soon guest sign
Jackson. Who for lack looks like a mess. OK let's go. When I trained Charlie for a show I have to work not only on how he performs but also on how I handle him. So the training period is really for both of us. When I'm training chali to do it feels great I need to use my commands of my hands my legs very accurately so the heat said to do is surf will see you nice and rounded
so they're usually about the same size. Good boy very good. For you. Take. Me. Through the post. With Charlie I have to work on the stretching exercises because when we're in the shelling you line up and the judge comes to look at you. You want your horse to look is best. Good. Good boy. Nice easy Jim. OK good. I feel proud of bad training Charlie because when he goes to a show and does well even if he doesn't get a ribbon as long as he pleases me it does make me feel good because I think that I have done something to make him a good horse. After working with Charlie for an afternoon I loved this going up in the
woods and letting him go and yelping up the road. Sometimes Charlie and I are just in our own will because nobody's theory. I can just sit back on him and let him take me for. Just. He's my friend because if I get him in a war I want tox out more with somebody but it's not something that go until my sister or my parents or my friends or anything but I want to tell somebody that won't repeat it to anybody. Then I go out and I can attack you championing the way I'll never tell anybody. 6 ft.
Zoom will resume after this important message. How by 5 blokes. Double double double. Are By Yeah boozed up a body double will be trouble. Trouble to publish a small bio. Now back to zero. That. Was Johnny Polk of Brooklyn New York sent us a story in verse about a girl and her boyfriend. It's called late date. Poor little Mildred sat in her chair waiting for her boyfriend pulling on her hair. Oh where oh where is Tommy. It's the third time he didn't come. He's probably out with
another girl where I stay boy home all these nights while standing me up Peter in the time of his life. By the time I get to him he'll probably have a wife not far from there another house is no good boyfriend Tommy mouse. Where is Mildred. She's late again. My anger is getting worse. If she doesn't come in a few more minutes I'm going to start to curse. But before my anger makes me fall I think I'll give her a little call. While Tom is having a ball I think I'll give him a little car. This is a busy busy day I can't get through a busy signal that sign is bare. Now I'm getting really name. He's probably calling a girl with a real nice name. By the time I get to him he'll be
free. So my understanding to our Loverboy. There really makes me mad when I see her shake will be real sad. So it's boyfriend Tommy mouse so they're off to go to Mildred's house. How long was marking at my door. It's me time. You've made me very sore. Come and come then what took you so long. I thought you were coming for me but now I see I'm on what you supposed to cover me. Isn't that true. I don't know a bit about there. But I'm going to the movies. Would you like to come along too. Of course did tell me. I do I do right. That's our little story the two of them left friends were out of time and out of rhymes so I guess this is the end.
If you have a story or play you'd like to see on TV right zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 0 2 1 3 4. Can you do this. It's called step through the stick. First you put your leg around your arm like this without letting go of the stick. Put this stick around your back like this. Then take your legs out. You should end up like this. It's not as easy as it looks. Try it at home. Aqua's city by Catherine Otterson over a Hole Massachusetts you knew it was nineteen eighty six although men had been fighting pollution for many years. It had finally become so great that he was forced to take refuge beneath the sea. There he built. These underwater. Apas cities and huge bubble shaped domes to
keep oxygen in the air was pumped from the surface through a filter to keep out the pollution. The people inside were colored a glowing blue knew. To get from house to house. The ride on conveyor belts. In when you're hungry you can get it. Recourse may not be automatic. With the push of your finger. And at night. When you're sleepy you go to bed after every last. Filled with heated water and Dagg nice. Restful colors. It was a bitch. These are huge screens coming. To. India at school on the books. The stereo records inside begins on.
Grass. And nuclear. Blast. In the middle. Gallery. Aqua cities kept in touch with each other through special. I says on the outside
of the domes. The sound waves from the cold tap are of a city were recorded on tape to be cracked by the people who surround the city. The big explosion cracked in the 16th. Street poured into the city. The question I did just for the broken just in time. They evacuated all the people from the city. They had a leak under control but it was a long time before anyone could return to the city. A tiny computer help scientists solve problems but they hadn't yet solved the problem. By 1986 they still thought they needed a few hundred years more. But in the mean time them for one.
That's recast meant that the world will look like in 1986. How do you think you will look right Sumi tell us. Adams probably coming up about the double bubble about language that you have to cover love burn up if you will want trouble. Seven others are in a band bubble about whether if you're born in a big rubber subpanel it our band our bus stop amp covered while bitching about other instructions Zabul Baba Baba stubborn mother asked about throw before bore a bowl cut away. Thank you thank you. And. Today's new mail idea comes from Lynn Wilson of Winder Georgia who says here's
a game called cracker whistle cracker. Each person gets four crackers stuffed them into his mouth. All Once meets them. Then you try to whistle whoever whistles first wins. Okay Dave nine I'm trying this. Yes. I'm going to see this. Oh you funny home don't you know I can't. You can't read. Back I was like. Don't make me cry. And. There was about 1 1 2 3. 0 0. 0 0. 0. 1 and 1. Let me. Take you got a chance. Anyway.
Do you ever get lonely. We all do. Timmy does sometimes. And he told us about it. When my cat got killed I felt really full that. We. Because. You know that I saw the cat and I picked it out. He was really little. I picked up my mother's to see if it's a. Girl like you to keep it so. It was the school I kept it. A cat for by a year in a car. I'm hit hit.
Hit and fractured skull. Pray for. My mother brought to the hospital who she. Took it. Took it inside it was dead. I just ran upstairs and started her. I've got a lot of attention. Still. I still was all marine side about my cat and you know like I did. Yeah so like I didn't have any friends in the world because. I. Will buy you a like day care. But I got another kid that looked exactly like today except it didn't have a brown. Do you have a feeling you'd like to share with us. Right Zalman tell us about them and. How the frog got his job. By Andrew Slater of Western
Mass the elephant invited a fraud to the Tea Party. The frog say what the elephant said. The frog said OK so the frog comes. The elephant said. It's. Only the frog and asked Am I the only one coming. To help. So then they go into the living room and they had some tea. Just as the Fry gets the elephant accidentally steps on him and the frog went up in the frog says do it again so the elephant did it again and then the frog went up in the air again. Then the frog try to pry himself and it worked. And that's how the frog got his chum. Who is fear you need to really. Make. Up the land of.
The land. He. Wants To Be Funny. There's nothing. That man. Was going. To do. Funny.
Thing. Just. Like.
You name it. You. Know in my. Case if you make a mistake to do. The. Presentation of this programme was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods cooperation
and by public television stations.
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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