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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And. Then why is it. That my name Sandy. Davey. Think. I am.
I an. Athlete. She was. The teacher. Was. Was. Was. I took me on I really didn't even do that when I was going fast. I was 10 15 20. And Sam was not your sort of Asian. I could raise. Him right. You Ian but reduce any end. Yes wait wait.
If you follow me seven times and I'm 63 it's wrench up the paper. Don't you try to time stand on your money. They might turn against her. I'm always learning. Thirty four. No you're out. You have one I was right. There and I did. Sometimes a pretty six. Really perfectly J'aime Various you. Here's again all of you can play and it's called Animal education and it sent in by William man of Glen Falls New York. Everyone gets down on his hands and knees. One person is the referee. He asks each one a mathematical question like the multiplication table. If you can't answer you have to raise either an arm or a
leg. The last person left without following is the winner. So do the challenges. That we have in times every night. Good. And three times nine points at. A time six printed twenty eight. Kids. My main fear answered subject is to be 16. This is. Good but it really did seem to me to do this instead. I am. I didn't. Know that when you. Do that. She's only one leg. If she can do it right here and like season 6 What is it. I mean Bernie to try to answer. Here's a doodle sent in from James River of Medford Mass
Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's a hotdog in a hamburger Oh oh. Running the show you are going to Florida. My dad. We're so we're very clear. And
I have two kids minnows to feed the fish. Every fish in our aquarium. We got while diving on the reef. Because my favorite thing to do is diving. I first got the Russian diving from a good guy. Thank you. If they do pretty good for me dad let me. Look over here for well. Let me kill everything to it to guide.
The. Rascal. All right. Time. Front
yard. No. I'm. Fine. Every day you
should be clean. One of my favorites. Oh my shelf is shiny all over. Why it's a shiny it's because the enemy covers every turn like dirt. Yeah I am right. Sometimes you find them in Iraq. You probably think it's just some old like spying mission. These are very much color. They're very much color really. Yes the doodle sent to him by Janet Bergman of Clifton New Jersey. Can you guess what it was.
What is it. The sig guy asked stares. Help. Help. Save me somebody. Please send. Me. How. Don't worry I'll save you. Help help please save me. The right God said You. Yeah. I asked what you cry for help. I want to get say. Then why were you crying for help. Don't you know that all princesses who are locked in towers always cry for help. Help help please save me some of these say me.
Here I come to. Yet. Get lost don't you want to be say. Oh never. Thought. Don't you know that Princess is locked in towers are supposed to cry for help are true. HELP HELP SAVE ME. Somebody please save me oh yes. We help. You. But I don't. Think. They. Know why. But. Prince is always present. You. Never. Hear of it don't you know that whatever bridges you always were travel. Was it. Was we wanted. To. Set.
You. Free. Yeah. If. Someone. Said they might. Prince's. Line say maybe you don't you know so many. Hours. She's supposed to cry for help. Well we never did get that play right. But if you've written a play send it to zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4 and we'll get it right. Here's a doodle send them by Bobbie Janet's a woman to mass. Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's a lovely ball. But he is a symptom of Port Washington New
York. You can try this one she says. If you want to stand up for Judaism from a year now without learning in school Try stepping in between the space of your arms then back to look. Like you just did. That gives me nightmares. And I think you. Did. Well at that but yeah I'm. Sure I thought it. Was just you know God gave us most the structure himself closing our eyes and a big part but I hate losing. I didn't close my eyes. Oh yeah I did all of them yeah I did I think take them out. Close your eyes with your own eyes. I believe you would.
Do that right now you know. All right. Nothing serious son was created. MISTY. Would do anything that you know anything like. This. So after this little message have I got guys gave us what both of us have as I have it some I'm probably doubled up the pub or the pub or that it's got a robin tub naba. I believe I've been I've never said it. Oh I fumbled there with Avatar I'm. Now back to zero. I chew it but they might go off soon. You know of ways to a bull ready. I'm almost vocally and I know it's a Yamaha. Hector won't be up to let me go the liberal God OK but
I don't know so do most animals embody your little bloom and you display your coming not on coming out oh ok you got him to lug a rock and one don't bother move on me don't and don't say use poco here on this boy are we going to move to Nebraska mode do not face a thing of basketball. This boy and I did. This but hey you've got to go but don't nobody know it but it also meant that my goal my goal I salute. Here's a doodle sent in by Collette in silage of how much mess Can you guess what this is. What is it. It's an early bird that caught a very strong
worm. Yeah you know. In. English. And.
Yes. Yes yes. Yes. OK write that. Down. Thank you.
Very much. I'm already done with. That. I feel part in part American. And I like it that. PLEA. Here's a doodle sent in by Andrea be large Ian of Newmarket New Hampshire. Do you know what it is. What is it. It's a fish on a diet. You. Know what.
Rene Lambert of West Hartford Connecticut wrote in and told us how to make a paper basket. This is how you do it. You take two pieces of paper and they should be about a foot long and four inches wide. Fold the paper in half. Then. Round off the open edge. Turn it around. And from the fold. Cut three strips. They should end right about where the Randy dance begins. Then you should have four different strips. They should each be about an inch wide. Take a chill pieces of paper on a red and white. You can use any two colors she wants. Put the first read in between the first wife. And. Push the. Person over the second fight. In between the third fight. Over the force. Then pushed it in between first. When you take the second fret.
Over. Then between. Then. And in between. It should look like you we've been. Through the same thing for the next two scripts. When you're done. It should look like this. And you should be able to open it. If you watch Ill take another piece of paper and glue the two ends on to the insides and it's for a handle and you have it. Your paper have basket. Barbara of San Jose California writes I have a suggestion. I think you would be so neat if you guys sing some of the old time oldies such as flats for Fuji. So we did but. I know it to be can. Be.
And still a. Great deal. Now there's nothing crazy like. This. 0 and 0 0 0 0. 0. 5 things. When I was. A little bit jumbled I. Don't. Need to. Thank you. I think. Good into. Mine. Not today that's.
Good for you then it. Isn't very pretty. It's pretty silly but. It is so. Tough. Oh it was tough to leave. You with the following. I thought I was I was a. Loser. I don't know what he was. Doing. I don't like. The way. 6.
6. 6 6. 6 0. 6. 6. 6. 5000 it would sound. To you a little bit. Of a six by.
That. Scrutiny. Shall. See. Related to promote yourself. The reason. That no one can get. Something for the. Show's success. You guys. Are still there. And it just kills. Me. Wait a. Minute. The reason. Why. You. Feel. The.
Presentation of this programme was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Woman. LAURA.
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