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Is he eating. Right.
My name's Danny. I am. Gonna. Miss it. And. At the. Moment. And the and the. And the and the and. But here's a zoom Bell idea scented by Nancy
Brennan of Fairport New York. Can you do this. Put the palm of your right hand on your right ear and the palm of your left hand on your nose. Try and slip your right hand your right elbow to the B of your left arm. Good luck. Yes. You read on here right now are you going to do what you do is wrong with me and I'm you know what I hear you right here right now and you don't know and I. Let him live and she is making. How do you like to sleep and really do it. Thanks for what you write you are right here I understand your point John. Calmly I know. You mean I think. I can I do it the minute.
I get it right. I get it. I can't get out. Yet look. Here's a doodle scented by marring Cutler of me cry on Wisconsin. Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's a skier stuck in a snow ball. My name is Rachel Bornstein. You know I've lived most of my life in New Orleans.
In the end it's my favorite place to be it's my home. It's hard to figure out why it's my favorite place but because it's my friends and because I lived here all my life and I'm used to everything. I live in a part of New Orleans. It's a special part it's called the French Quarter. And a lot of tourists come here because they're different than any place else I can think of. Whenever I need a little bit of extra money or something I can just go over to the flea market and sell my stuff. Sure. You'll. Thank you. Lou. She's just an old friend of the family. She used to be a gypsy will just take my stuff and sell it. But the
junky stuff. It's hard to feel good stuff in a very. Hands on all of them. Are you going to want to buy donor by donor French Quarter saying you might be. In the French Quarter only they have drawn buggies. It's mostly for the tourists. It's really fun to ride in. Jackson Square the Pigeon Place has got more pigeons there than any place. I don't know why they all come to Jackson Square. They like to sit on Andrew Jackson statue. The French Quarter is special to me because it's my home and it's where all my friends live and. It's just it's just we have always been. Like I've noticed that in some places where I go children are allowed to go but three
blocks around the house in the French Quarter do you know where everything is in it. You can't get lost in Bridgeport. The alleged abuser asked. If. You like the fact that I bring to you every night and. Yet it. Rots your. Brain all over the Mississippi River goes through New Orleans and it's like two blocks away from my house. So I go over a lot. Like. Yesterday I was down by the river. And it was so foggy couldn't you could barely studio other side. All right piped up. And they go It's FREE. Sometimes Bonnie and I would
just get on it just to ride back and forth like the top part the best. We get that went on and I treat him with money down the drain. You want me to take my might say I told her I'd give the rest of my money if she'd let me climb a tree. Another mother would love it closer that day because I'd run with you know how mothers are good just how I met my best friend. Robin. Are you kidding. No thanks my best friend. Oh you know he thinks
we got to know who oh you know. From. Here's a doodle sent in by Vic Summers of St. James New York. Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's germs. Avoiding a friend who caught penicillin. Doesn't if you say mean for the rest of stained glass cookie. Well we made a mistake. We forgot to tell you how many eggs to use. Well here's the answer you've been waiting for. You need one day and two kids got me. Remember if you're going to make stained glass
cookie use one day. And to shade SCOTT POWELL me. Sally me make a mistake. Why I people started wearing clogs. Sent in by Debbie Macaulay of met for mass. In Holland before people wore wooden shoes. Everyone wore cobblestones shoes. Even the king. Everything in the city was made of cobblestone except the streets. Which were made of logs. One day the kings that Frizer Peter told the king about a day when the TARP beneath the streets were boiled and overrun the city. The king was deeply troubled. Yest always wise men what to do. But none of them had any answer. The next day the king ordered all the men in the city dream of the logs from the streets. Day after day they worked until one day they found the tar beneath the logs was bubbling.
The king heard about this and ordered that every one must throw the shoes into the street. Everyone did and when the tar dried all the shoes were stuck in the street and since no one had any shoes. People started making clogs from the rods and that's how the cobblestone streets and the wooden clogs came to be. How life Robbins savvy that this that is opposite I will be ready. I counted five it finding obvious I wore Talos but the cab as I come in I would just have been of the sunrise sabi oben of its Wagner Army Private every taboo out and you have a cover job. I mean you have a cabin. Just love it. Here's a doodle sent in by Kevin Brown of Linton Indiana. Can you guess what it is. What is it.
It's a ghost with fat girls. Was it. Was it. Good. True enough. But. Right. Now. That's. About. Right. Good. Luck Lisa. Monson aren't there. Yet. But I think another many years.
Yeah. Wonder what it'd be like when it dries.
If you'd like to make a stand counted like we did just write and send you instructions on how to do it. Here's a story sent in by all of Houston Texas. Two boys on a bicycle built for two we're having a hard time getting to the top of the hill. Finally they made it. Through said one. I thought I would never make it to the top the other one said yes. And it's a good thing I kept the brakes on. We would've ruled that don't. You think it is I sound. Like a. PENCIL. In what's called the food bowl. Kind of boat.
I think I like the most from. You can break down below and you don't even have to can look at this and read your book if you please. That's right like most of all. That's good. Yes and I'm going to call you sent in by Mary surface of Saga's mass. Mary Had A Little Lamb a little pork a little jam a little egg on toast a little potted rose a little stew stew with dumplings. Right. Too bad Mary didn't have much of an appetite. Here's a special bulletin sent in by the Cooper family Corona California. Dear zoom. I've got to tell you about Zoom itis. It's when you watch Truman you love it. Millions of people all over the room of the probably kitchen you're right this minute the symptoms are watching sending in cards or letters or plays or poems that you've made up and you go all around and you go all around the town telling everyone how good you feel about having
rightists. So my this is something my whole family hears and it's catchy. So watch out you might get it. I don't. Know. This is. Like a flame and feeds being poor thing. Man you are what you are. It doesn't matter what color you are black or white. It doesn't matter what nationality you are. You meet Italian Swedish as families you have. For us. That's all I know. Is a riddle sent in by Mary McNamara a village in the morning. What I do which is why I am rooms. Somewhere so I don't have to pay for. Heat. Because vacuum clean is a too heavy. He's a do it all sounded by Michelle Epstein of Avon Park Florida. Can you guess what
it is. What is it. It's a clumsy typo Clocker. The dog name Clogg written by Tanya Draper of Cleveland Ohio. There was a dog named Clogg and he loved the little girl hog. But one night it was a terrible sight because he burps so hard that he made terrible smog. So was girlfriend Hogg said. I hate you claw you dirty dog. Then Claude was very very sad. He said to himself I have to find a way to clean up that smog so that my lovely girlfriend hog will love me again. Suddenly Claude got an idea. He found that Claude and picked it up and sneezed so hard that the cloud of Smaug floated away. That night the girlfriend in Hog sat on a bench together arm
in arm. And the girl friend said Haug I love you. The end. Yes.
He. Put a good. Start. Him chores.
Appear. Creaks. Screw you for your area mayor.
He can't own. You. My own small way or pay you right. When I get older I'm going to move. Here's a doodle sent in by Carlos Conrad of Mineola New York. Can you guess what this is. What is it. It's a comb for a bob. And. If you have a doodle sencha zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 0 2 1 3 4. 1.
Right. That ain't never.
Going. To get. The. Thing. Right. You told. Me What You.
Think. It. Became. Clear. To him that when it's. Frightening. It was. That day.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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