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A. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods cooperation by public television stations. And by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. So. Sue. Sue. Sue. Sue. Me. It's. A neat.
This comes from Hannah Twaddell of West Chester Pennsylvania. She writes Happy leap day. I think the happiest I've been in a month was when I learned how to stand on my head. Maybe try had stairs together. Would you please. You know. You guessed it. You guessed it they buy it now. So you want to go right on. This if you're still a virgin. I don't believe you can put
your feet up. I get that my only. Structural change. Have you figured out the secret of what Danny Dooley likes and dislikes. Nancy enjoy manner of Greenwich Connecticut did they want to play about her. Oh Fanny. Hi Sally. I came over because my husband Timmy doesn't understand anything I like or dislike. I know what you mean.
Why don't you sit on a chair they're more comfortable. Because I love stalls but I hate you. Did you hear about Suzy's cat. She's going to have kittens. Really that's wonderful. I love kittens but I hate dance and really like Susie or any Sometimes I'm beginning to think youre crazy. Oh well here have some candy. Don't you have any cookies. I now like candy. I like cookies. Who did you read. I hate to read but you love books I don't. Well I gotta go now bye. Most kids get to school. Why. Would.
We go on a boat. Because we live on our own. My friends are. Nice and. Take lots of walks and. Live. We would still flee in. A time.
Two tiny fish. And a baby. I have. I think. I can. Come. Here.
We have. A He he. I have to play well do. You find. It.
Except. It. I would live on the mainland. Do you want to know how to do. Well I'm going to show you. 1.
0. 0. 0 will resume after this important message. How by folks that is up is up a gabi gabi flyby spreading double as yet won't fly spray rubber lobby couple bugs dead. Up if not by yahoos about the double blow before by spreading the buffler by spreading that cut BIL's bugs dubbing for best. Now back to zoom. Yes. Gene Cranston says that perhaps but she does not like.
I think it's a it's from Nebraska. We use the dual. Glastonbury Connecticut is still jungle. So is right this track. From Michael Frank the California coast. And once was a boy you made a toast by putting on. Speed sold in China. And I found to my mouth.
Thank you. Here's a little riddle sent in by Mark Karr real Brunswick Ohio. There was a lady and her name was Mrs. Biddle and she was going to have a baby who is big and Mrs. big was a baby. Maybe this is a big year. The baby was the baby was she was just a little bigger. Get it. Yes. The mother's name is Mrs. bigger. Is a little bigger. One year from. WESTERN. Connecticut. Why did the what did the paper say to the pencil was right on her. Why did the doctor put his bandages in the refrigerator when it ends.
Here's one from Evelyn Bemis of Portland ME. If you copy the picture you will know you'll learn how to make a happy face. And there you. Are you are two different faces. That's very good. Wow. I mean I try to make the most for. Me. Do your friends always keep secrets you tell them. We had a zoom rep about it and re-adding a friend a friend makes like he's
got to be honest to you like. Somebody. Well like sometimes it's not good to tell Secret Santa told something else told about you. But it's also good because then you can know what they think about you and having a good friend just like when they're honest to you and the thing that happens is if you tell them and finally they find out if you really you know that you know then you know you have to know I have a friend and she used to be my really really best friend and I just tell her everything and then. She fell in love with this guy who is. So anyway I think I've told her lots of secrets before and one of them was that I didn't like this guy. She had somebody from local right. And she still she told this guy that right. And he has a lot of power because he's got so many friends. Right right. And she got OK school and so she got really mad at me and he got really mad and they got all their friends to visit to get really mad at me and i absolutely no one to turn to and
everybody hated me. And then so this group started making up lies about me and I was I don't know what to do because everywhere I turn somebody would say ah you know. And they you know television I learned along the way to write stuff like that it was really terrible. And I kept trying to talk to her and ask her why she did this to me. Right she could say I didn't do anything I'm your best friend you know I won't do this and then she turned right around and run it's all small lies about me I couldn't do anything. It was absolutely pathetic that finally I got her up against the wall and I said OK not start but you know you're going to be sorry and so should you get mad when I was getting really really mad and she said I didn't do it it was all this kid's fault you know her boyfriend now this. So he forced me to do it. And so she says well you know. And so she said OK let's let's make friends I said not before you tell everybody you know that that wasn't true. And so she had to go and say I'm with you. And so that's how it ended finally because really this kid doesn't want it started right. She you can't stop you I have no passively killers. It's really
terrible. I mean it when you get inside chummy of best friends you really don't feel right until you get that phone with them again. Yeah. It. Was. Too much. To build a tree limb you need two sticks two stones some string and a low branch. First thing you do throw the string over the branch. Then you tie one of the sticks to the top and while the sticks to the bottom. Then you put the two stones on the string that soft over to weight it down. The next thing you do is warp the Loom the warp of the strings that run up and down.
You make a loop over the top branch and bring the two ends through it and pull. And then you tied around the string that came down. After filling this warp to ready do we. Start waving you take a ball string and you go under one string and over the other all the way across. One of the things I like about tree Louis is you can even more things than just yarn. When the string was out. And you can start a new one I just the thing you can think of.
If you want to know how to make a tree loom in your own backyard send us a stamp self-addressed envelope. That's an envelope with your name address and a stamp on it. Right I saw was a bus. Yes. Then we all know. And. Suzanne still the scene of Hudson New York writes Fanny Dooley love streets but she hates roads. Doesn't anybody understand what I like or dislike. If you do please why does OMH box me fart all Boston Mass on two
three four. I hate to cry. But I'd love to see a. New. New. New. Suppose you had three wishes when would you like to live. Who would you like to be and where would you like to live. First of all where would you like to live. Past. Century right now because this is the time when almost about I'd like to.
Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat.
Eat. Eat. Right. Where would you like. Would you like to. Would you like to see me. To night. Nurse. Because he plays hockey hockey. Please me.
I don't know yet. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Because is about the smartest person I know. I mean Billy the Kid Barbra Streisand. I probably want to be a grown up lady I'm. Just a person like. You. Oh. My. God. Would you like to like to be in Canada
here in Florida because it's warm. That's how I like. It.
We are. Man. Boy. That was based on ideas sent in by 28 viewers from 25 states. What are the things you wish. Write us and let us know. I will cut a friend's. Then it's obvious what week. Robert I'll buy nothing small the taboo let me you know banned from behind them out. So I'm setting up a novel 7am shadow.
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