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Presentation to zoom is made. This program is funded by grants from McDonald's book aeration Donald's restaurant run
by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Home. She could go home with her. Walt. Wait. Wait I want water. WALTER Yes radio water. Walter wants water. OK you. Got. Me. I know.
Why do you carry. It For You. Very. Well. Oh yeah and so I say. Did you ever want to you bet I do. Oh yeah. Yeah. Very hungry. What do we want to we. Beans of course. You know Mike Green's 0 6. Being spread out one being spread out that's a sprout. You can spot almost any kind of B. Give me some beads and I show you
right now until bees know to spot these lines. You need one Jar Jar Jar. Quote Of course. All those beings. And softer for 24 hours give me the water plant. Yes. You saw these beans for 24 hours. OK. Where you saw this time. Downstairs in the basement the furnace is good. OK time's up. OK so now you have to install how you rinse. Come. Up. You need a screen and a rubber band. Hold on to the band. Put on wrist. No no.
Thank God this way you can get the parents. Once you watch them twice a day every day for a few days. Poor Yes. OK. Get someone. Here. OK. OK thanks again. Yes. Now you. Twice a day for three days but I'm not. Pretty good yeah. Try anything. Let's go. These are. If you are brought just. To me.
And. You know what. Do you. Mean by you. Know how would.
I get a. Chance to look. At this. What happened. To you. Right. After this. How about that this
or that. And it was just a little bit of a big double. You're so I'll try the other day. People are smart and that means you know here's a letter from. The servant I want you show all the time thank you very much Martin.
OK. This is a letter sent in Mandy Metzger plummets Indiana. It's one of the longest records. The word is for you. It is an old for. It. Here's a letter from Carrie of Kalamazoo Michigan. We are a small club called the Concerned kids. We are concerned about the world and we're trying to do something about it for example. You know getting up a petition from St.. Why don't you step closer and try to. Don't you think you know.
What makeup can be dangerous. Case again. That's a long word. Let me try for them. To get it. And to our eyes are. All that terrible. It's. The single crawled out of the play. You think I'm so bad. Scared to crawl so much at the brawl. Oh no. Oh yeah. And that is why I was in Iraq. Oh no. And this guy has that. Right. Yes. You. Got a problem. Sorry.
These are good we can play to next party. Each person gets two pieces of paper on each one. Each person writes down a stack for another player to do you guessed anything sensible such as singing a certain song or doing something you know the person is especially Townes Annette collect all the slips of paper put them into a hat and then have each person choose one. Of course when you're asked to do something it's time to do your own thing so don't be embarrassed. Try me. Get on your knees and tell Tracy that you love her. Now. That. I. Was. Next in line to the only one to do it you know it's a big house. Me OK. You might.
Try me. Try to do it. You know. He did it he did it. OK read. It. I think. We mean by come on give it a try. And he works in a circus. I think he knows exactly what we need. Watch this.
You have to go.
And you can do it right. People can take and fight.
Now my first trip to Tommy you don't
happen to have another trick today do you. Just so happens I do know the trick. First we're taking ordinary strip of paper and fold wandering into the sand. Then you take a paper clip and you connect it. Like so then you take the other side and. On like this you take another paperclip and acted it. But don't connect three sides. But the trick won't work. Then you grab both sides of the paper. And there you have it. The magic paperclip trick the paperclip actually hooked. Very good. What are these drumsticks. Nice foreclosures.
Yeah just like my little brother he threw the thing that you know I mean these people eat with chopsticks. They're not really very hard to handle you know you have to do is put this one in between your family your forefinger and then just like a pencil and put the other one the same way and you kind of folded on to you know leave it with your feeling. Yes you're right. Oh yeah and then you yes go get it and you got all the fruit. So sometimes you can't even read your mouth I think it read the German little brother eating with his fingers and staff. At. That age. Not. That.
Much. Many of you have written about pollution. We're going to pollution. Thank. You. There. We.
Have it. Finally. You Miley. Now here's a poem by Martin from Houston Texas. Lucian that. Solution. I do and do you think something. Has no mind. Please say we created it so let's make it. A man style. Diary. I mean.
Anything. Me. And. Friends like people like before. You know I think like you know I thought they were great friends and are fighting but we don't always friends. It just hurts other people. It's good but not all of. The moments right now but I got some like to.
Get along so nicely. My tour was really friendly and everything in that room you know just got me needin. It wasn't like we got you know something. So we started talking about people you know that's a good. Thing to have you know something like this should be said to say we you know we were talking behind each other's backs make good friends and we are but we sometimes we talk about each other behind their backs just really stupid if you have something to say say it to their face. Yeah.
This program was funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants and by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Presentation was made possible in part by Grant and General Foods corporation. Me.
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