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How I could catch him. So that good boys and girls can read what we say. We hope you like it. The presentation of this program is made possible in current by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. Thank you. He thinks yeah it's a matter of fact. You do know that a
parrot and four toed and decide to point forward and to point back were two. Years. I've got a couple one for you sit down and put your knee up to your stomach and put your hands around your knee and forward on your feet. Don't let your feet touch the ground. You can go I go this more with playing you dizzy. You're like yes I see you. You can't run like oh oh oh you don't
like Canada you like them or I'm like You're not enough. Here let me give you let me know I'm here for you. Ha. Why do people do that running on ice before. Yeah yeah. As a matter of fact you do know 2000 thunderstorms are happening in this world at this moment. The great art all around this subject. Let's.
Start number one. You aren't going to be our number three star number for you. He's three. Yeah yeah. And you matter of fact you ever bake. How many white 2600 might have. And we had no thank you by Mike Long of Charleston Missouri in a small town there lived a man can know. Yeah I said no. And he would often say I wish that God would stop showing up a place that.
You know you say no no no you want a dog. You handed over who get along so well. So I don't know. That's right. Thomas Ludlow never seen again. Why don't you write a play yourself and send it through because we might do it. Going to the box 3 5 0 0 2 1 3 4 5 6. Yeah yeah. Never did you CAN YOU can we turn holy Brown. Oh.
My friends and I are learning how to make use of. This is going to be probably the hardest thing I have tried. They were made together with two people working on that big it takes about 10 days to. Get from the bark of the. Bottom of the basket is big is your right and then you just as high as you like to. Yeah.
Oh. Danielle Smith of The Bronx New York goes another way to play concentration. It is called concentration. This is my eye. OK. OK. I think that. Nice. Yeah that's it. Why yes I love it.
I don't know only I have not exactly. No duty. You keep the time. And you feel like getting caught. And you have. Yes yes yes. What do you think Will. Some things. Aren't you guys nice.
He was really good. Yeah. Ice cream. Oh yeah. Right. Sure I couldn't. I did. She goes. Right through. I do not argue with the young. She writes me your out there.
Before you one year as a matter of fact you know that it would take four hundred and eighty three world islands to cover Alaska. Wow that's a lot of snow. You bet. How by then I bomb by the cutting out of that heat death of the body and if you have a wild and terrible love on how to have a bike out of every dollar that they welcome that then you have a weapon of that BS that other sellers rather than them come back to get it while then that kind of a stab of a dread and doubt and am in the Love Boat tell level box that I be father that low Bob a debonair that I go on gravity. I am deaf.
I communicate with sign language and voice. During the summer. I go to camp I saw the deaf children. There are four boys in my cabin and I've known them since I was 5 years old. I grew up with them and played sports with football basketball and track and field. We are very good friends. Mr. Cooler than is the director of camp I saw.
He's a very easy cabin inspector. He caught only a little bit as day and you forgot the other places. Maybe the fans of the cobwebs and might have come off. For a cabin inspection this morning was very very exciting and right for me to pick first place. Two Cabins I found some dust on the floor under the bed and found some straying webs to so Third place goes to DP
and all the boys didn't do very well in the morning having clean up so the last inspection cleaning is boring. Besides it's the last day of camp so we wanted to rest on. My basketball team plays camp one. We beat them easily because they played very weakly they can even block me out and it's easy to do a lamp. I am going to put in some substance. Are you going to rest OK. Or are holding my world record OK as a break you're going to win this hole. OK you can be appalling. Guy on
the basketball team can bloom and we beat them twice. We won two games are no Russell number one tonight. We have a special program for the boys and the girls each cabin has to think up idea yours or get like if you have like any ideas you know tell me now what you want to be father all you need grandfather you want to be the baby. OK now how about the clothes. The prime pantyhose from the girls. I know you're ok now. Ok baby clothes has a good idea. The story about the family got so that we decided to do a skit about a policeman was bad.
When I go back OK let's go away we go. Feeling no pain when I did it Miles. You imagine there was actually when is the police officer again. This is the second time throws down a window. I can't understand you one death. I told you that. In the stand me remember that. Will you measure twice he let us go away to go again to sleep. I can't drive anymore. OK let's change places to get a shape to drive this car. OK Danny says no accident. Twice you grab this can you imagine. Nothing happened. You must be a real stupid policeman. Just those areas where rated. 100 hundred police officer arrives
again. My parents and I can say. OK now it's time to tell you about this.
You know you have to send us a letter inside. You must put in with a stamp your name and address. If you don't send us a stamp we may not be. Yeah as a matter of fact what do you do when it loses it. Sounds. Like a. Lot Will. OK. Want to try to pick up this provides this piece of string. Yeah. How could someone let me get this straight you have to get would be able to put
pick it up. But you can do what you cannot. Now the secret I'm going to put just a pinch not too much just a Pinterest top of the hour. You know you go like this with just about a second one you know. Right. I could see. OK. Slowly slowly slowly. Although you know you got to think. I know we can clone that.
Would. Why. Why. That's why you get. What is those whom phenomena. If you think you know one man right. Don't forget to send the envelope so we can send you was it good. Night good night. It's ok to know you can write. Me.
What I really do wrong. Why did you. I am I
am. I am. To eat.
As a matter of fact you know we need matter facts. If you have a matter of fact that nobody else knows. So just as soon clocks 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4 0 0 0. Why don't you get it now. Why. Why do you put on. Oh yeah. Oh. Yeah. Thank you
so much made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation of McDonald's restaurants Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. With funds for captioning this program were provided by the Bureau of Education for the handicapped U.S. O.E.. Presentation of this program was made possible to unbind by a grant from General Foods cooperation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation with.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
Zoom - Program # 301 Dubbed from 2 Master.
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