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We're. Having this week's show has a lot of stuff from the other shows that you said you wanted to see again in a few weeks. Some news almost will be working on more material for new shows and they all need your help just like we did. So keep on writing. And now on with the show. Oh. No. No. No. Right. Look at me. With. Me.
that. Man. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It. Was. Yeah. Right.
That I think. Let. Me know. Yes I can go here. Very good. DD Here we go. You didn't say I don't know you need to do that you know you want it. She's. Right. Oh yeah. Such. People. Right.
I did. That I let you know right. Now lies it does no man shall know thing. That's it. People that. Hear Chris Geneva now. Yes. If you. Sell you a lovely night. I did. Look around you you got to write it down and send it. That one cool. Guy. You know. Give me something you would call it dip your
toe you know what. Time. You put it down. Take your time try a pencil or pen and if you make a mistake you can hide something and stain. Me my name is Dave parent and I live in Lewiston ME and I go to my high school and I mean it's great that this used to typewriter a pencil and so it's the same thing. And you wouldn't know. But he started it 10 times. Then he types if you type suit and then he wrote it in pencil and then he writes you know and if you followed the song so I'm going to
take your typewriter pencil or pen and you make the mistake. I can't thank you. Ride sounds easy. Take. A. Good evening. Tonight nautical narrative is 5 pool Sergio's of. Fort Lauderdale Florida. Join us as we take a voyage on the sea of turmoil. The Atlantic Ocean a sea of a brave sea captain was going to set out on a voyage some of the
neighbors had done scuba diving and they never returned. Their wives were. This is just us. Do you ever think the husbands will return. Well this is Cali pool. I just thought Mark and Brad can rescue them from what I don't know. Mark and Brad in the boat by night sky. Mark do you think we'll ever find out what they did. Because I hold so the next night the fog cleared and there in the middle of the water was a big dark Black Castle rather marked dock their boat. Suddenly after the consul came a walkway.
Mark and Brad went in and they soon found out they were in the Casa love Dr Weaver a man of scientists right now. I'm well thank you for that. I thought you were the cause of the disappearance of the townspeople. I am I put in interviews were poisonous red liquid that would attack them here when they got here. Like you I fought to take over all of the East Coast. If you ponder what I'm doing I must feel. How are you going to do that and I told you I'm a doctor we've put them in a giant last June in a room far away from the consul so that when the bomb that was attached to it just blew all it would not blow up the castle. Dr Weaver was clever but the men were clever.
Doctor we would put us in the same tomb. So if you stand I'd tippy toe I'll be able to press a button. Open the glass door. Will be free. Brad did it first the buck they were free. Then they took the ball and threw it into the castle and went away in the boat. In a few minutes. When Mockingbird a medal of courage and they will live. We hope you have enjoyed our little playing. If you have a story that
you have written. I would like to see televised to send it in. Box 3 5 0 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4 0. Thank you. What's a spiral staircase. Sure go. Wherever you want to go to.
School. Crystal spiral staircase. It's goes around and goes up and down. Like a wheel. I think it looks like a caterpillar. It's a staircase. They go now like that. I know my next door neighbor. It's usually in like it's like a. And here are some drawings that lots of you said did you. Eat. Eat. Eat.
Eat. Like.
I said every time I go I'm just shocked. Just wait do you have if you if that's something you're quite getting round me. I remember when I was much annoyed I don't remember back. In the sauce but you don't remember missing about a year ago and I was semi unconscious semiconscious when you read this and I can see is your right. Yeah sure I'm sure that the next thing I know I'm in this hospital.
I can't move my arm. Go ahead. Feel this your whole life changes and the guys in your face and then my face is bleeding. I said I know what he said. There's gloss in your face he says. And then I think again it was it's really weird because when you fall down and you don't feel anything you know something's wrong. And one time when I was. Something happened to me you know I wasn't conscious then did I wake up. He's my mother my father my sister and me. My older brother around the sides I'm like this and I just stare at him like we have him in my. And they have faces and long faces and skin. This is kind of what we were wondering arts and crafts are always really bad.
You said you like to spray paint and all stuff and I fainted and all you can see is like I saw a whole bunch of cars on this colored highway. And then you know you wake up and you can't for a minute you can't see. And you look around you know and then everybody staring at you and it's really frightening because you look up you know you're just waking up and you look up in all these faces come out you know it's still in here again. But usually like when I'm when I feel something strange in my back but there's a pain when I go to the doctor again Sociedad that it goes away. And that's happened to me so many times when I get the feeling that you know I don't see what the doctor said. I don't see I think you know $5 please that I. Know one time when I was little I was when my friends that I saw at the front of that is this is on the third floor of Venice just in a better off. So Man I get the get you know I tripped on the bad stuff. Thank you.
You hear all the way that I didn't feel a thing but I got out when that doesn't come out of it. That's what he was saying when you see something happen to you and your son. I am. I am. I am. If I.
You. Know. I like working with tools. I think when I grew up I meant even be a craft teacher. I like to feel like you were just going touch it. I would really like to try to
tell them apart because of the smell. And for this game I used pine and Pine has its own smell. It's very soft warden very easy to work with. Well I like to work with tools a lion. That has a big tool chest down cellar. And he lets me work around with different tools all the time. I really like really I like working with. It. Thank you just once more. I'm printing numbers with the Brill label maker to put on
each side of the spinner to play a game. OK now. One hundred twenty five 50 and 75. OK here we go. If you want to know how to make this game and what some of the rules are sent to Zune watch 3 5 0 0 0 Boston. Now send you some instructions on how to do it. Good to. See it's so many for you now on this number. On my mind I thought I was in the temple of what I call becoming public. Why then did that for you Bill. Why don't I have a 7.
Thank you. I was as you know us member of our little too far to you. Why did you sing a song for us. But I don't know any songs. You don't even know Twinkle twinkle little bat. I think I'm very good. Oh. My. My. My. My.
Yes. Think A.
Lot. Why am. I.
In. My. Way as yet. Yeah right they. Do. Any. I mean you know. Thank you. Right. Nancy. No. Answer.
At. All.
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