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Any. Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. Man mining. Film is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants
Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Do you know how do we know in Spanish about our hair on fire. OK. I. Was. Going to that there. Was a. Young girl. Was. Like yeah. I can't. Call it off.
And dammit what a lovely family that would be. Almost everybody but lots of people are going to show you. First you take a call. I knew it was cold water. And bring it out. Yeah the center looks like this. Take a break. I like.
Two or three. Take a military spray. And double it. And go about it inch inch and a half or so. By the. Kite again then keep on top of it until you have five or six dots that looks like this bed you dip it in the lightest I first. Leave it until it starts to the do you want it because when you take it out you read so with power and. The reason you rinse it is to get out all the excess die because if you don't fill Rudd with the next call you to put it there take off to Craigs and put out two other ones in a different place.
They could explain the stuff I. Put on the hot plate keep it warm. Make sure that it doesn't boil. As if it doesn't do the same thing. Rinse it take off and put on new strings. You usually do three dies because if you use more than three it usually gets too dark and if you use less. Light. The hardest things about taking the strain. After you take up. Phenomenon. What's. Going on. Hang on. You all say. OK do you think that you can slice a banana
cleanly in half without it. OK you're right. I know you probably just don't want to just just just watch this. Was precut home on this show you don't want a piece of banana. Yeah OK let me get with what you do is take it a little bit in yours so it. Doesn't just just just not calling. And what you do. Is you take the needle and you know like the ridges here Michael and you put the needle through one.
To the other day. And see. If you have to do so. Yeah. To get it. Right. Don't. Want this. Can. We assume. That's how you do it. If it was that was ok years ago sent in by Peter Pan as of
Newark New Jersey and he says there's no. Here's something called card on the head to do it. You have to have a string and a card tied to the string. Now what would the end of the string in your mouth. Swing your head to the left and right and try to make the car that way and stay on your head. Can anyone do it. I don't know I got it from the card on the string wrapped around. Me. You have yet to catch on yet. Yeah it is. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my just not. Anything like a. Book. For a good
school like kids. Oh you should think you should. Know your risk. But. When I. Think about stuff I think I know why. You know I just feel like you. Have to. Another way to tie dye is to what I call the paper airplane. First of all you bring the cornerstone like you
up and. Back an inch. What are your top three. Make sure they're very tight. With the strings about an inch apart so that they don't run together. Your design looks a lot better right. Than you do the same thing as before. Rinse it straight and put under strips in different places other than the neck stuff. Even though I folded like a paper airplane I bet it will look like one.
That's better than expected with the fall pelicans and elephants are one thing. What a lovely profit that would be. Here's a goodie that's called banana on a stick and what you need is a banana or some popsicle sticks and chocolates or an either or some coconut or some you know or or some chopped nuts. What you do is oh and you better. Put down some paper towels or some wax paper or something like that because this is a messy one. What you do is you take it in there and you peel it close though.
Then you take a knife and you couldn't have. It there. Then you take a popsicle stick and you sticking stick it in the flat and of the banana or the half then you take it and you stick it in your chocolate syrup. Then you let it trip there a little while. So Jack several fall into the bucket. Then if I love you pop a popsicle stick. You just hold it when you think yours and you take it in you can put it right in the coconut. Oh good Noah. Or the chopped nuts. But put it in there because I like that the best. In you rather. They take it out and you put back on your popsicle stick.
Then you and that's it you often end up on a stick. Of all ants and elephant to one saying what a home plate and to fans that would be. Another way to do time I used to learn this is a very simple way because all you have produced. But it's also hard because it's hard to. Take it. You can turn the dogs anywhere you want. But be sure that you told them very tight. It doesn't matter how many dots you put in. It's really up to you how you want to. Take all the looks like this.
If you want to learn how to make a sunburst or an airplane or not time write back 3 5 0 0 2 1 3 4 and don't forget. To include a self or just stand and a lot. Here's a letter sent to him by Callan of New York New York. She lights tears. I noticed that you always say to get a sound card. Send us a soft addressed stamped envelope. Well I don't think some kids understand what that is. So why don't you explain what you mean. OK. Saying this is your letter addressed before you seal it up. Take another note below joy name your address and a stamp on it. What do you do with your letter. It's on the whole works to sell. So we can send you assume God.
I. Knew. You. Didn't have to say. Come on. Board. Don't be afraid of the part. Where I can. Let it go. You know. I don't know much about. That yet. Some people think girls play rough sports but we're all on the girl's hockey team Nashville Massachusetts. My people used to laugh. Playing hockey couple one of. The first. Usually we sometimes. Forget.
What it. Is. We get it. Mind. Game to the park. Let's get out there and have a good. Boy.
Wow. I think. The way it. Played. That. Role for girls in the house. I don't think it's a family for the girls to play. They should too if they want to. I am. Alone a while but then so are the boys. It's a good thing you know what a betting. Man.
I am. I don't. Think in the summer when you play hockey I think you just have to forget about that and just play hockey. My sister used to go early and the boys. Don't want to hear and I think that if we. Were moved by force.
You must feel. Proud. I think when we play the boys we do play action not just to win the game but to show that we can play wanting to. Pass. On the warning to the boys of course. Don't tell them we don't want don't call don't want full Don't let them. Think. You know yeah don't ever go play football against boys. I mean like. Yeah I want I get so mad I know what the man would be a man with I mean really. They'd kill him. I mean really I mean you know.
Boys are really rough. Yes I am. I like in some schools I think they make the boys you know the boys but the boys sports are more important than the girl's voice and like if two people have like. In the same gym or something probably let the boys play because you know what I do anything I don't have anymore things that happen there my eldest girl the girls in my school play a whole different sports from what you like I hear X you have a little fight the boys play. We're going to play football hockey basketball whatever you want a boy stuff like softball and volleyball more like so I just want to live oh yeah oh it's rough I know. You see the Japanese woman for the Olympics comes down on the ID smash you through the last claim of Paul I don't like to kill themselves just just when I was I think soccer girls a better idea. They know it's real hard. Phil talk to you I did a playfield talk in my life to get those wooden sticks. They came through
yes. I'm thinking of feel like a good laugh here right. And the kids are pretty I mean they're really good I want to see them fly down to guard. The building pretty good you know. Girls are pretty good that they're. Good pretty good and we really don't get it. Girls are just as good as boys so we took the boys on in a game called hockey. Like. I might. Actually. Get your.
Goat. What can I do. Times. Are good.
You would see every day. The boys. Said to me Are you starting. Out. Only.
What Ruth. Told. Us. To. Kelly. Just what to do. Just getting sick. Was. On. FaceTime. Why did you do it. And
why. Zoom is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurant songs. Than the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
The presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. Me.
ZOOM, Series I
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Series Description: Weekly half-hour programs which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each program, cast changed over run of series. Premiered locally as "Summer-Do" in 1970, nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM. NOTE: Several episodes re-aired JUN-SEP 1994.
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